Planned Family Vacation

I have a friend who is planning to have a vacation with her family – her three cousins and her aunt.

Family VacationFamily Vacation (image from

In fact, she also invited me to go with them. In as much as I wanted to enjoy the island where they are planning to spend a week there, I still can’t because of my schedule. That plan was actually two months ago and was supposed to realize this long weekend of August 2012.

I was surprised when I asked my friend on Saturday about the planned trip sharing that they weren’t able to pursue with the previous plan because her cousin doesn’t have a prepaid cards for teenagers or something like that to use for online booking for their trip. I was kind of feeling guilt also because my friend also added that if I confirmed myself to go with them, they might borrow or use my card for online ticketing. I felt sorry for them and for myself. But my friend also added that still the planned vacation wouldn’t go through because of other stuff her cousins are having.

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