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Poland: things to know before you travel

This way you can save on travel and see a lot of interesting things on the way. Small Polish towns have neat houses with trimmed bushes, and storks nest right on lampposts.

We have collected the main things about sights, prices, road and parking in Poland. Read more in the full article.

What you’ll learn


What to see in Poland.

Gdańsk. The main attraction in Gdańsk is the city itself: red tiled roofs, cobblestone streets, and Gothic churches all around. The old city was destroyed during the war and then rebuilt, but the pastel-colored houses don’t look like new models.

Warsaw. If you can not decide what you prefer: the old Europe or modern cities, go to the capital of Poland. There are glass skyscrapers, and green parks, and buildings under the old times. The first thing tourists see in Warsaw is the Palace Square with the Royal Castle, the quiet Lazienki Park and Stare Mesto – the old city.

Krakow is the former capital of Poland, somewhat reminiscent of St. Petersburg. The main attraction is Wawel Castle. There is a good place to walk through the market square and the Jewish quarter. On the promenade – a free open-air cinema, Frisbee, dancing and rides.

There are caves at the top of one of the cliffs of the Tatras. The climb is equipped with chains that you can hold on to, but sometimes it’s more convenient to lean on trekking poles.

According to travelers on the forums, the most popular trekking route in the Tatras is the Eagle Path. But it requires good preparation

How to make a visa to Poland

Along with the basic package of documents for traveling by car, they ask to submit a driver’s license, vehicle registration certificate, green card – which is an international insurance policy for the car, and a route plan with dates and points of stops. The plan can be drawn up in the form of a table.

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There are currency exchangers in shopping malls and on the streets of the city. Zloty is sold for both euros and rubles. There are many ATMs in cities that may charge a fee. The percentage depends on the bank.

Everywhere accept cards, papass, too, is almost everywhere. Cashless is hard to pay only away from big cities, for example in a village in the Tatras.

How to get to Poland via Belarus

It takes an average of 16 to 24 hours to get from Moscow to Poland, depending on the number of stops and queues at the border. It is 1100 km to the border. On the way one can have a night in the Polish city of Lublin 100 km far from the border.

There are 6 customs points at the border between Poland and Belarus. The closest to Lublin are Brest and Domachevo. In Brest there are long lines, but you can book a place in them for 25 Belarusian rubles (760 P ). Time is booked 90 days in advance or no later than 3 hours of arrival at the border.

It takes 2-3 hours to cross the border. Faster travel is usually possible only in the off-season: autumn or early spring. After entering Poland, the road becomes twice as narrow, and deer, foxes and hares can come out of the woods on the side of the road.

️ Roads in Poland

From Domaczewo to Warsaw is 200 km, to the Tatras 440 km. If you’re going to the mountains, it’s convenient to go through Lublin and Krakow. From Lublin to Krakow is 283 km. The offline Maps.me application leads through Polish villages and serpentines to the ferry across the Vistula River. This road is 54 km shorter than the route directly on the S7 highway. But according to the time it takes two hours longer to cross the ferry because of the winding roads. On the way you can see a lot of beautiful landscapes with rape fields.

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The ferry across the Vistula goes near the town of Zawihost once every 30 minutes. It costs 12 zł (204 P ) to carry a car and all passengers. Tickets for the ferry are sold to its captain. The crossing takes 10 minutes.

There are a lot of accidents on the Zakopane-Krakow route, so you could be stuck in a traffic jam for hours.

⛽ Gasoline

A liter of gasoline costs 45 R on average in Russia, 43 R in Belarus and 77 R in Poland. It’s better to fill up your tank full before the border.


Lodging in Poland is not expensive: hostel costs 500 R, hotel in the mountains 1200 R per night. For example, a night in Królewska Hostel in Lublin costs 26,5 zł (451 P ) per person. Four nights in a guesthouse in the Tatras costs on average 250 zł (4254 P ). For 8 zł (136 P ) they serve breakfast: cheeses, porridge, yogurts, sandwiches and toast.

️ Parking.

How to pay In large cities, such as Krakow, you pay for parking at parking meters. They accept 1, 2 and 5 zloty coins and do not give change. The old parking meters don’t accept cards, but the new ones even have paypasses. Check whether you can pay by bank transfer and learn how to pay for parking on the Krakow city infrastructure website. In small localities like Zakopane you can meet parking attendants. They ask when you plan to come back for your car, take the money and give you a receipt.

Average cost for lunch or dinner per person

What to bring from Poland

Gingerbread. Of the sweets in Poland are popular gingerbread “katarzynki”. Mostly they are made for Christmas according to the traditional recipe, but sometimes you can find them at Bidronka. They really taste spicy – you can bring them as a souvenir.

If something happens.

Russian Embassy in Warsaw: Belwederska 25C, 00-761.

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Phone: +48 22 122-10-12.

If there is an emergency or accident, call: +48 601 258-664.

We are looking for people who travel independently. If you have organized a vacation in Russia, near abroad, popular resorts or more exotic places – share your experience with us.

Rest in Poland – reviews

What about Holidays in Poland?

I have long thought to go to the whole family on a trip by car, but never got around to it. And then the end of the summer vacations – visas have only been made, my relatives are right at the border with Poland, and a friend told me.

Accessible neighbor.

Oh, these sanctions. Oh, this euro exchange rate. Ever, they make adjustments to the carefully planned vacation. But to all conditions have to adapt. For such a period, you can turn your attention to our neighbor Poland.

Galloping through Europe! – Hello, land of Poland!

Back in 2012, my husband and I went on a trip to Europe. Now I want to recall in detail how it was, what it was and share interesting facts, but maybe someone will find it useful, because I will try.

European country

In this country we visited during our bus tour through the Baltic countries “Baltic Snow” (Lithuania, Latvia) Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania + Poland and Karlovy Vary. In Poland we had a chance to stay for two days.

Poland in winter, spring and summer. No. 1 in non-swimmering Europe (photos + video)

I’ve been to Poland three times in the past two years (technically even four times, since I passed through the Rzeczpospolita on my way there and back during the Eurotrip in May). I’ve got 2018 under my belt altogether.

New Year’s Eve vacation.

Before the New Year, we still had time to visit Poland. Here everything brings the New Year’s atmosphere of the holiday. Everything breathes with festivity. Now I will tell you in details about our stay in Poland: 1. But by.

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Mixed feelings.

Good day, dear users of this site. I would love to share my impressions of visiting Warsaw with you today. Only went there for a weekend, but it was full of emotions. We stayed in a cheap and unremarkable hotel.

Different years, different cities, different country. But always hospitable!

Hello to all and good mood! It so happened that our city became an island of Russia. And it’s a little over an hour to the Polish border, whereas to Russia’s first city would take much longer. А.

Poland – a world you want to go back to

You want to come back to Poland again and again. Summer trips always add colors and emotions, expand opportunities for communication, and this is the time of year when everything is open for guests and travelers. Every year in this country.

Budget, beautiful, good

Good afternoon everyone, thank you for visiting my review. Due to the geographical location of residence in the tridevyatoe kingdom, namely in region 39 of our immense country, the city of Kaliningrad, which is located between Poland and Lithuania, in.

From sea to sea – on vacation in Poland

Poland is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited. In many ways, my first trip here was to see my second homeland. If I wasn’t ethnically Polish I wouldn’t even.

The beauty is extraordinary.

Top 10 most beautiful castles in Poland Majestic and picturesquely located, serving defensive and residential functions – those that are well preserved and those of which were intriguing ruins – Skyscanner presents a subjective combination of the most beautiful.

Great Country.

Poland is my first country I had to visit (Since I live in Kaliningrad, and he borders with Poland and Lithuania) Well, I was in many cities: Olsztyn, Warsaw, Lidzbark, Stargard.

Poland has surprised and amazed me!

Thank you for the wonderful trip with BON TOUR company. There were magic Tats on the tour. Poland is beautiful and amazing ! Spa and mountains, very memorable for me and my husband. Clean air, excellent accommodation in a villa in Zakopane.

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A cozy country Poland

I have spent not as much time in Poland as I would have liked, but enough to realize that the country is cozy and pleasant. I was in the capital, Warsaw, and in small towns. I would like to highlight in my review.

Everyone goes to Poland!

What is a vacation in Poland? These are beautiful, comfortable cities, built on the principle: the old town and around the new one. Almost every city has old squares with historic buildings. In Sopot you can go to a water park or.


For all the trips to Europe, the most we liked Poland . Wonderful architecture, clean streets, friendly people, beautiful places, we were very surprised by Poland. Affordable prices in restaurants and cafes. The best part is that when we walked in.

We had a great time.

Good day my friends! What is a vacation in Poland? These are beautiful cities, built according to the principle: the old town and around the new one. Almost every city has an old square. You can go to the water park or lie on the couch.

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