Popcorn Beach in the Canary Islands. Description photo coordinates

Popcorn Beach in the Canary Islands

In the Canary Islands there is a beach with popcorn on the shore. This is what gave rise to the eponymous name. 300 meters of coastline is covered with snow-white popcorn, which attracts tourists from all over the world.


The beach is located on the northern side of the island of Fuertevetura. From the city of Corralejo to Popcorn Beach stretches 5 kilometers to the northwest.

It is only 100 kilometers from the African coast to this location.

The main feature of the beach

Of course, the popcorn on the beach is not real, but it is a natural wonder. When you look closely you can see small porcelain pieces, similar in shape to the favorite product of movie buffs. These particles are formed from pieces of white coral washed ashore from the sea.

As a result, they cover the surface of the beach along with volcanic black rocks and ordinary sand. The scenery here is amazing! It is the geological features that have become the main advantage.


A significant drawback of the beach is the lack of entertainment and amenities. There is only a private surf shack nearby, as you can often spot big raging waves on this beach.

How to get to Popcorn Beach

In the Canary Islands, you can get to the beach from two points – the town of Corralejo or Playa de Majanicho. The arrival point is just between these two places. You can walk here in one hour. Cab or rental car will cut the journey to 20 minutes. But note that the beach is not paved, and the road is unpaved.

Tourists also observe a sign along the way that indicates that the beach is included in a bicycle or hiking route and also serves as one part of the Rutas Ciclistas de Fuerteventura.

Nearby hotels

Tourists who decide to visit Popcorn Beach in the Canary Islands are offered several hotel options located near this location.

Among them are:

  • Atlantic Garden Beach Mate (Atlantic Garden) – 200 meters;
  • Lobosol Paradise Apartments – 250 meters;
  • Playa Park Club – 210 meters;
  • Oasis Village – 230 meters.


In the winter and spring season, daytime temperatures range from 20 degrees and above. In summer, it may reach 35 degrees. At night and in the evening there is a light breeze.

On the beach itself the humidity is good. Therefore, acclimatization is quite easy and simple. You can plan a vacation with your family, children or a group of friends.

What to visit

Not far from the beach you can find a lot of interesting sights. For example:

  • Fuerte Bootcamp – a sports camp;
  • Mercado Canario – a market where you can buy local souvenirs, handicrafts, and handmade items;
  • Centro Comercial El Campanario – a shopping center with open-air cafes, kiosks, boutiques, and other entertainment;
  • Pirates and Dolls – Here you can take pictures in the form of pirate characters and dolls, leaving an incredible memory of your holiday in the Canary Islands.
House between the rocks in France. Description, photos, coordinates.

The original Popcorn Beach in the Canary Islands will not leave anyone indifferent. And the photos taken here can surprise both friends and acquaintances.

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Top 8 best beaches in Tenerife, review, photos

Beach El Duque on Tenerife

The best beaches of Tenerife, Canary Islands according to our version. Photo, description and location, review, and how to get to the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Some like noisy beach party with promenade, bars and restaurants, some prefer beautiful sparsely populated beaches against a backdrop of nature, some like long and wide, some like cozy bays and beaches surrounded by rocks, some prefer black beaches with volcanic sand, others like the traditional light sandy beaches.

We are for diversity. For three weeks in the Canary Islands, visited and rested on all the most beautiful beaches of Tenerife. Ready to share with you information and emotions.

Rialto Bridge. Venice. Description, coordinates, photos

The island was so wonderful that we are seriously considering it for a longer stay.

The beaches of our ranking are on the southern part of Tenerife . There are also a lot of beautiful places in the north of Tenerife. But if the main goal is a beach vacation, then you are in the south of Tenerife. Even the best beaches of Porto Cruz – the main city of the north of Tenerife – will not compete with the south of the island.

All beaches Top 8 are different and beautiful in their own way. That’s why I arrange them geographically along the coast – from the southeast to the southwest of Tenerife. Using the map, you can make a nice car itinerary for about 4-5 days with a rest on each.

How to get to the best beaches in Tenerife

There’s a good bus connection in Tenerife, but we almost always prefer to rent a car – prices for rental cars and fuel are more than moderate in the Canaries.

Playa de las Teresitas – Las Teresitas beach

Beach Las Teresitas, Santa Cruz

Playa de las Teresitas is located near the capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz, and is considered the most beautiful, the most landscaped and the cleanest in the area.

Beach Las Teresitas, Santa Cruz

Like most of the best beaches on the island, Playa de las Teresitas is fenced off from the open ocean with an impressive breakwater, and the colorful village of San Andres serves as a beautiful backdrop.

Beach Las Teresitas, Santa Cruz

The sand on the beach is not native – black, and brought a light yellow, pleasant to the touch, there are no waves at all, the entrance to the water is smooth with a rapid set of depths. There is a free parking, a couple of beach bars, a lot of cafes and restaurants in the village.

How to get there: from the center of Santa Cruz – 15-20 minutes by car

Beach Las Teresitas, Santa Cruz

This beach is a frequent guest of postcards and posters advertising holidays in Tenerife. The best viewing platform is a five-minute drive up the serpentine, and there is very little parking – it is better to arrive early in the morning to shoot the beach.

Rest on this beach mostly residents and guests of the capital of Tenerife – Santa Cruz.

Playa de la Nea – La Neo beach

La Neo Beach, Tenerife

In the town of Radazul we stayed for a few days and from there we visited the surrounding sights of this part of the island. Playade la Nea beach was visible from our balcony.

La Neo Beach, Tenerife

It is a classic Canarian beach with black, coarse, but pleasant to the touch sand, no more than 300 meters long with crystal clear waters and a smooth entrance to the water without stones. The place is not a tourist destination, it is mainly inhabitants of the capital and the Spaniards, who do not like noisy tourist oases like Las Americas. There are no large hotels – mostly apartments, almost all with a sea view.

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The distance from Santa Cruz to Radazul 11 km. or 10 minutes by car.

Playa del Medano – the beaches of Medano

El Medano beach, Tenerife

El Medano is the closest settlement to Tenerife South Airport, there are at least three beaches on either side of a small volcanic peak.

El Medano beach, Tenerife

The place is windy and one hundred percent surfing. In the town itself there is a nice beach for swimming and relaxing, and a little further to the right along the sea is a kite-surfing beach, at the end of which there is a small natural observation deck on the mountain with a beautiful view.

El Medano beach, Tenerife

I can recommend this beach for at least half a day, swimming, sunbathing, walking along the ocean, admiring the flying surfers.

There are a couple of wonderful fish restaurants right by the water on the town’s waterfront. Sitting on the terrace, eating fish and looking at the sea – only active recreation is better, but not for everyone and not always!

Playa Du que – El Duque beach

In the south of Tenerife there are three locations that are sharpened for mass tourism – Los Cristianos, Las Americas and Costa Adeje. The cheapest and the most youthful is Las Americas, the coolest and more expensive is Costa Adeje. The border between them is conditional – these places and a series of beaches actually stretch for several kilometers along the very south of Tenerife.

Duque Beach, Costa Adeje

Just choose what you like – a hotel and one of the beaches in the vicinity. There are practically no locals here, it’s a hundred percent tourist place.

Duque Beach, Costa Adeje

But even in such a “reserve” has its own gem – El Duque beach (Playa Du que) on the outskirts of Costa Adeje. I recommend it as the most beautiful, pleasant for recreation with the best infrastructure, a cozy promenade with first-class restaurants.

Duque Beach, Costa Adeje

This is where the Canaries are – the same Canaries that have been a symbol of luxury and prestigious vacation. Near Duque Beach are the coolest hotels and the best hotel in Tenerife – Bahia del Duque according to those who know what we are talking about.

The length of the beach is 500 meters of cozy bay, closed from the waves by a breakwater from the sea and from the wind by a natural scenic rock, on top of which runs the promenade. The sea here has a beautiful turquoise color, and the beach was awarded the Blue Flag for its cleanliness and infrastructure.

The chalk cliffs of Etretat in France. Description, photos, coordinates.

Best hotels near El Duque beach

Playa Hernandez – Hernandez beach

Hernandez beach, Tenerife

On the outskirts of Costa Adeje, just outside the town of La Caleta (LaCaleta) is an elite golf center, and near it if you walk along one of the footpaths from the track to the ocean, you will get to semi-secret beach Hernandez (Playa Hernandez). There are beautiful views of the rocks and not crowded, the beach itself is small besides is actively used by backpackers and nudists, no one disturbs each other – two small beaches separated by rocks. Here you can spend the whole day if the weather is good. At high tide, only a small piece of the beach is left.

Hernandez beach, Tenerife

Hernandez beach is convenient to get to from Las Americas – in the direction of La Caleta by bus, but it is better to go by car, which can be left along the road near the golf club.

Playa Abama – Abama beach

Abama beach, Tenerife

Abama Beach is the beach of one hotel, The Ritz-Carlton Abama . Once a wild and deserted stony place surrounded by rocks was taken for the construction of a luxurious hotel TheRitz-Carlton, poured golden sand, let the elevator from the rocks straight to the beach, broke the golf course and turned an otherwise ordinary place into a luxurious Abama beach.

Abama beach, Tenerife

Demanding travelers know what I mean.

Abama beach, Tenerife

According to the laws of Tenerife beaches belong to the people and are always open and free to visit, so the beach of Abama is allowed to all comers. However, the crowds of holidaymakers are not here. You can get here by car, parking is available near the Ritz Hotel, but space is scarce – come early in the morning. Parking is not allowed on the hotel grounds, but there is immediately at the exit along the road.

Playa de La Arena – Arena Beach

Arena beach, Tenerife

La Arena beach is a natural oval bay with black ash-like sand and is only 120 meters long. The beach is open to waves, it is not always possible to swim here. In case of a big wave, the beach flies a red flag and the entrance to the water is closed with a rope.

Arena beach, Tenerife

La Arena beach is a beach that is fully consistent with the idea of black canary beaches. The place is popular among both independent travelers and package tourists. In the vicinity of many hotels, there is a small promenade with cafes and restaurants.

Atlantic Museum - Underwater sculptures of Lanzarote

Arena beach, Tenerife

Near the beach, La Arena is an observation deck hidden among the rocks, on Google maps this place is called Cueva la Vaca. You can see both the Arenas beach and the majestic Los Gigantes cliffs in the distance.

Playa de los Guios near the cliffs of Los Gigantes

Los Gigantes Beach, Tenerife

Not far from Las Arena Beach, a little further northwest is the iconic Tenerife spot – Los Gigantes Cliffs.

Los Gigantes Beach, Tenerife

At the foot of the cliffs there is a small beach with black sand and stones, the entrance to the water is comfortable, waves are not much due to the fact that the beach is closed on one side by the cliffs, and the other by the yacht marina. Many restaurants and cafes.

Jardin Beach – Puerto de la Cruz

To be fair, I will include Jardin Beach in Puerto de la Cruz in this list. It is the main town in the north of Tenerife. There will be a separate story about the town.

Jardine beach, Porto Cruz

The beach with black sand is located in a beautiful bay, but little suitable for swimming in winter and early spring because of the waves and cold ocean.

Why come here? To admire the waves and the stormy ocean, and to walk around the town, which is one of the most beautiful in Tenerife. Be sure to include both the city and the beach in your trip to the north of Tenerife.

How to save on hotels on your trip

We don’t just search on Bookings . For a wider search I use Hotel Combined (Room Guru) – a search engine that searches through all popular booking systems and picks the best price option. thus I save up to 30% of the cost of accommodation.

Where to buy a cheap ticket for a trip

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I also look for tickets directly on the sites of low-cost airlines – Ryamair, Wizzair, EasyJet and others.

Where to rent a car for a trip to Canary Islands

I pick up a car on Rentalcars – long time tested reliability, quality guarantee and usability, I can safely recommend. I have a card with a credit limit in case I need a deposit for the rental, in this case there are no problems or inconveniences. The price of a rental car in the Canary Islands in the region of 22-25 euros per day for a good new car.

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