Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow

Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

The entrance ticket to the main building of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts: 500 rubles – adults; 250 rubles – discount. Children under 16 years old and students of art schools – free of charge.

The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts is situated on Volkhonka street in front of the Glazunov Art Gallery. This is one of the largest and most significant art museums of Russia.

The museum was opened on May 31 (June 13), 1912, its collections were based on copies of antique sculptures and mosaics, and also the collection of original antiquities bought by the state from the Egyptologist Golenischev. Today the museum’s exposition, occupies several buildings, and numbers over 3,000 unique works of painting and sculpture from ancient times to the present day.

The periods of antiquity, Middle Ages and Renaissance are the most fully represented. Among the most valuable paintings in the Pushkin Museum of Moscow are works by Rubens, Van Dyck, Rembrandt and Poussin.

A separate Gallery of European and American Art of the 19th-20th centuries has a thematic exposition. In this gallery you can get acquainted with different trends of European art and see the works of Delacroix, Goya, Courbet, Millais, Claude Monet, Renoir, Degas, Cezanne, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec, Picasso, Kandinsky, Chagall, etc.

Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

The departments of the Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow also include: The Department of Personal Collections (currently only as a temporary exhibition space), the Museion CEV, the Tsvetaev Educational Art Museum, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow. I. V. Tsvetaev, S. T. Richter’s memorial apartment.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, the museum holds temporary thematic exhibitions, events and anniversaries.

Visitors are provided with audio guides in Russian, English, German, French and Italian.

Pushkin Museum: ticket price and opening hours

The opening hours of the Pushkin Museum depend on the day of the week:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday : from 11:00 to 20:00. The ticket office closes at 19:00.
  • Thursday and Friday: from 11:00 to 21:00. The ticket office closes at 20:00.

On Mondays the Pushkin Museum is closed.

The cost of tickets depends on the Pushkin Museum exhibits:

  • The permanent exhibition in the Museum’s Main Building or a visit to the Gallery of Art of Europe and America (your choice): 500 rubles – adult ticket; 250 rubles – ticket for privileged categories of citizens; for children under 16 years old – free of charge.
  • Complex ticket is temporarily not available. For the latest information see the official website. Tickets for 2 exhibitions – Main Building and Gallery of European and American Art: 600 rubles – adult ticket; 300 rubles – ticket for privileged categories of citizens; free for children under 16 years old.
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Privileged categories of citizens include: visitors under 18 years old; full-time students of Russian universities; Russian pensioners and members of large families; holders of international ISIC cards; members of the Russian Union of Designers and Architects.

Members of large families can visit the museum for free every Tuesday and the first Sunday of the month.

Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

Attendance at temporary exhibitions is usually included in the price of the standard admission ticket. But for some exhibitions it is necessary to buy a separate ticket. You can check the information on the official website of the Pushkin Museum before the visit.

To buy a ticket

On the official website of the museum online purchase is available. This is the only place where you can buy tickets to the Pushkin Museum without leaving home, the museum has no Internet intermediaries.

On the site you can only buy tickets in advance – on the day of the visit tickets are purchased only at the museum ticket offices on site.

An electronic ticket gives the right to enter without queuing at a special entrance. Purchase on the site no earlier than one month before the visit.

Exhibitions at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

Temporary exhibitions in the museum are considered some of the best in Moscow and in Russia.

Within the walls of the museum works of famous artists from all over the world are exhibited; often exhibits are provided by major museums of France, the Netherlands and other countries.

You can follow the news of exhibitions and update the program of the museum’s own events on the official site.

The Fridays at Pushkinsky deserve special attention: events are held in a format of creative meetings, lectures, performances and concerts.

Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

Museum collections

Collections of the Pushkin Museum are divided into 9 groups by genre:

  • Masterpieces. The group of masterpieces of the Pushkin Museum includes outstanding paintings of Russian (Serov, Vrubel) and foreign artists (Matisse, Rembrandt), sculptures of ancient times and the Renaissance (Michelangelo Buanarotti)
  • Graphics. The collection of graphic art contains about 400 thousand pieces, among them woodcuts of Japanese authors, medieval engravings, drawings of Vrubel, Dali and many other artists.
  • Painting. The number of paintings in the museum reaches 4,900 pieces: from Byzantine icons and mosaics to masterpieces by Kandinsky, European Fauvists and Impressionists.
  • Sculpture. More than 6,000 exhibits represent the widest collection of sculpture from different times: from ancient Egyptian statues to Rodin and Bourdelle.
  • Archaeology. In archeological department there are more than 8 thousand exhibits from Assyria, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and Egypt.
  • Applied art. Everyday life objects of different peoples and their applied art make 22 thousand exhibits. Among them there are furniture, embroidery, glass and porcelain ware of different epochs.
  • Collection of casts of the Tsvetayevs. The collection is only partially exhibited in the Pushkin Museum, most of it is in the Tsvetaev Museum. The collection includes: casts of world masterpieces – from statues to portraits.
  • Numismatics. The numismatics collection is one of the largest in the museum – 175,000 items.
  • Documents and photographs. There are 1700 photographs and negatives of different times and 229 important historical documents in the museum.
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Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

How to get to the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts is located in the center of the Russian capital, a 15-20 minute walk from the Moscow Kremlin and a 5 minute walk from the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Prechistenskaya Embankment is 7 minutes on foot.

Map of the walking route from the Red Square to the Pushkin Museum on Google maps. Maps

You can get to the bus stop Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts by taking city bus 255, which goes by the route: metro Taganskaya – Luzhniki Stadium. The stop is located a few meters from the main entrance to the museum.

On the opposite side of the street is the exit from the metro station “Kropotkinskaya” (Sokolnicheskaya line), near which buses number 15, 255, m3, A stop.

You can also use cab services. In Moscow there are Uber, Gett, RuTaxi, Maxim and Yandex. Cab.

Video from Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

Panoramic view of Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow: ticket price and opening hours 2022

Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow

The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow (GMII) was founded at the height of the patronage of art at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The museum building was built and filled with exhibits in 1912 with private donations, including those from art connoisseurs Nechaev-Maltsev, Morozov, Shekhtel, Khomyakov and Tretyakov.

Today it is a large museum complex, possessing the Trojan treasures of Schliemann, copies of Michelangelo’s David carved, paintings by Botticelli, Rembrandt, Rubens, El Greco, Watteau, Picasso and other 700,000 works of art from different eras.

The museum has kept the original idea and remains an educational and outreach institution. It positions itself as an interactive space for learning and communication. Vernissages and concerts are held on its premises.

Mode of operation of the museum in 2022

The main building at 12, Volkhonka St., and the Gallery of European and American Art of the 19th-20th Centuries at 14, Volkhonka St., work with the same schedule:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm;
  • Thursday and Friday from 11:00 to 21:00;
  • The day off is Monday.
Museum of art of stone-cutting and jewelry art.

Due to health and safety regulations, COVID-19 will be required to show a QR code and ID at the entrance. Children must be accompanied by an adult with a QR code to visit.

Ticket prices for the Pushkin Museum in Moscow

Ticket prices at Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow.

To visit on your own you will need to buy an entrance ticket.

The cost in rubles per person:

  • Children 7-17 years old
  • Adults 18-24 years old
  • Pensioners over 60
  • Conscripts
  • Employees of state museums.

There are long lines to this museum at any time of the year. The e-ticket allows visitors to enter the museum from the entrance on Kolymazhny Lane without queuing.

Museum exhibits are constantly updated. Therefore, some rooms are periodically closed. Before buying a ticket check the information about current exhibitions on the website of the museum.

How to buy tickets

Sale of tickets at the ticket offices is temporarily suspended in order to avoid unnecessary contacts. Buy tickets to the Pushkin Museum in Moscow you can online on its official website.

For your convenience you can buy tickets to the museum with the audio tour in a mobile app.

Excursions and prices

If you do not have special knowledge in the field of fine art, it is best to resort to the services of a tour guide. A specialist with a specialized education will help you appreciate the works by understanding the intricacies.

Buying a tour is also possible through the Internet. To do this, buy tickets to the Pushkin Museum in Moscow with a guide.

Walk around the Pushkin Museum: masterpieces of the main exhibition

Excursions to Moscow Museum of Fine Arts.

No more than two people are invited to this excursion. There are two routes to choose from.

Route 1: Ancient civilizations and Italian Renaissance.

You will be introduced to Egyptian, Assyrian, Greek and Roman civilizations. You will see the papyrus of the Ancient Nile and the armor of medieval knights, visit the famous Italian courtyard and be photographed next to a five-meter tall statue of David. At the paintings of Renaissance masters you will be taught the basics of painting analysis.

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Route 2: The Northern Renaissance and the Golden Age of Dutch Painting.

If you are interested in the “golden age” of European art, then the second route is fine. You’ll understand the symbols of still lifes, and the mysteries of Bruegel’s, Rubens’ and Rembrandt’s masterpieces.

Duration of the routes: 2 hours.

Cost: 5000 rubles per tour, regardless the number of participants.

On the site you pay 23% of the cost, and the rest of the guide on the spot. Entrance fees are not included in the price. You need to buy them additionally on the museum site in the section “Permanent exposition”.

Guided tour with admission tickets: Labyrinths of the Minotaur

Italian Yard at Pushkin Museum in Moscow

The group quest is interesting for both younger and older children. A group of up to 10 people travel through the halls of ancient Greece with a guide in the guise of the Princess Ariadne. Her guiding thread is the riddles of the gods of Olympus and mythical heroes. Correct answers will help to get out of the “labyrinth” and even get a prize to commemorate their exploits during the quest – a gift made of natural stone.

While your child is at the event, you can explore the exhibitions of the Museum of Fine Arts on your own. You will have common topics of discussion in the family circle. An adult needs to buy an admission ticket to accompany your child.

Duration: 1 hour.

Cost: 1690 rubles per person. An entrance ticket to the Pushkin Museum and a souvenir gift are included in the price.

Pre-payment is not required. You pay on site using a confirmation, which will come to you by sms or email after booking.

Virtual tour of the museum

You can take a walk through the halls and see the exhibits of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow without leaving your home online.

Exposition, exhibitions and museum halls

The hall of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow

The ancient temple in the center of Moscow, which has become a temple of art, was designed by Academician of the Imperial Academy of Arts Roman Klein. The basis for the collection of sculptures, paintings and drawings was copies of ancient statues and mosaics, as well as a collection of Egyptian antiquities.

However, at the stage of building the collection it was decided not to limit itself to the Greek and Roman periods. Thus collections of foreign art of the 15th-19th centuries were formed.

Museum of Radio named after Popov in St. Petersburg

The decoration of the halls corresponds to each epoch of the exhibits. It is impossible to see all the rooms in one day: there are 31 of them. A map of the location of exhibition halls is available on the official website of the museum. The core of any exhibition is famous exhibits. Let us mention the gems that are impossible to pass by.

The Art of Ancient Egypt room features a Fayumian portrait of a young man in a golden wreath. Sacrificial gifts from the tombs of the pharaohs are also widely represented.

The Art of Ancient Egypt” hall.

In the “Ancient Troy” thematic section, the most valuable object from Schliemann’s excavated treasures is the Great Golden Diadem.

The Pushkin Museum has over 1,000 exhibits of Ancient Greece and Rome. Sculptural portraits of consuls, emperors and other historical figures are worth a meticulous look.

Several halls are devoted to the art of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. There are copies of the famous mosaics of the V-XIII centuries, as well as a copy of the world-famous sculpture “Pieta” (Mourning of Christ) by the great Michelangelo.

Pushkin Museum exposition in Moscow

The halls of Flemish painters display canvases by Van Dyck, Jan Brueghel, and Rubens. A special place is reserved for six works by the great Dutchman Rembrandt.

French, Spanish and German schools of painting and sculpture are represented in the thematic halls by the names of Watteau, Fragonard, Murillo, Pereda and Cranach. Four halls of the museum are devoted to temporary exhibitions.

The gallery of European and American art is an extension of the Main Building. The museum is proud of the collection of impressionists, postimpressionists and avant-gardists exhibited here. It is here that guests of the museum admire the originals of paintings by Claude Monet, Renoir, Degas, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Matisse, Picasso and sculptures by Rodin.

Branches of the Pushkin Museum in Moscow

  • Gallery of European and American Art of the 19th-20th Centuries.
  • Department of private collections. Forty collections from eighty donors.
  • Center for Aesthetic Education of Children and Youth “Museion
  • Ivan Tsvetaev Art Museum for student activities.
  • Memorial apartment of the world famous pianist Svyatoslav Richter.
  • Vyazemsky-Dolgorukov estate. Under reconstruction.
  • House of text with an exhibition of printing.

How to get there

Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts is located in the center of Moscow, a 20 minute walk from Red Square.

The nearest station is Kropotkinskaya.

Address of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts (main building): 12, Volkhonka street, Moscow.

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