Quick Tour to Panama

If given the opportunity to travel in Central America, where would you want to be? If you’re a nature, beach and island tripper type like me, I’d say Panama. It is probably the only rich country that would save you money at the end of your vacation as their cost of living are all well below American, Canadian and European prices. Let me take you to an imaginary short walk through this small yet lovely tropical country situated between Central and South America.

PanamaPanama (image from ppsmeetings.com)

Spanish is the official language in Panama. It has two coasts, the Caribbean and Pacific and over a thousand islands with a wide selection for you to choose from consisting of exotic islands and retreats with full service beach resorts. If you are into underwater activities like diving and snorkeling then you will surely find a place to do it in Panama.

Like I said Panama is a tropical country with dry and rainy seasons. Of course the best tourist season is the dry season which falls from January to mid-April while rainy season comes in after the dry season.

Like anywhere, discounted travel accommodations in Panama hotels are also up for grabs. You can always check on sites that give out travel coupons to save on your hotel bookings. Coupon Chief’s Travel Coupons is one of them. For short rentals, there are places that offer wide range of apartments and houses in Panama City with stunning views that is sure to stir romance if you are traveling with someone special. 😉

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