Quick Visit at Antequera, Bohol

I was very ecstatic to visit Ate Pinx and her family in Antequera, Bohol. Bohol is just a 2-hour jet ride from Cebu City, where I am at now, but stealing even a day or two to travel there is very difficult for me. I really have hard time inserting an unnecessary travel in terms of academic stuff. So when the school administration has announced that November 30, 2011 is an official non-working holiday, I really grabbed that opportunity to go and visit Bohol — Ate Pinx and her family.

I arrived at Tagbilaran Port around 12 noon of November 29, 2011. Ate Pinx, together with her family – Doc Noynoy, Bogs and Baby Job, brought me to Tagbilaran Island City Mall (ICM) where we also had our lunch. We just had an hour of roaming inside the mall and immediately went to Antequera, their hometown.

Antequera BoholA street in Antequera, Bohol

On the next day, Nov. 30, I woke up late — if am not mistaken, that was already around 9 o’clock in the morning since dokie has left already to the hospital. Enough to wait Badat Genevive to arrive in Bohol and get done with their important transactions in Tagbiliran City, Ate Pinx’s family and I headed back to Tagbiliranan City and fetch Badat for our lunch. But before we decided to try the delicious treats at The Buzzzz, a food and restaurant, we first had a site-seeing in Alona’s resorts in Panglao.

Alonakew Resort, Alona, Panglao Island, BoholAte Pinx while taking a supposed to be candid shots of me and Badat Genevive. LOL!

Alonakew Resort, Alona, Panglao Island, BoholI and Badat Genevive; image owned and taken by Ate Pinx at Alonakew, Alona, Panglao Island, Bohol

Alonakew Resort, Alona, Panglao Island, BoholAte Pinx and I; image owned by Ate Pinx

Not too long after we dine, past 3 o’clock in the afternoon, we went to the Tagbilaran City port for my ride back here in Cebu City by 4:10 in the afternoon.

Though we didn’t really tour the whole Panglao island or any other parts of Bohol, being with Ate Pinx’s family, and Badat too, were enough for me. Even as little as those number of hours to stay and be with them, we were all happy and enjoy knowing and sharing each others company.

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2 Responses to Quick Visit at Antequera, Bohol

  1. genny says:

    lotsa fun indeed….it was one of my memorable “laag” outside the city of Davao badat..:-)

  2. Pinx says:

    OMG!!!! i am so tambok pa diha.. hehehe… nipayat na ko karon ba… hehehe… thanks for this Gay… ngano, why, just now lang nako ni nabasa… gi-tag unta ko nimo ani… hehehe

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