Ramboda Falls. Sri Lanka. Description, coordinates, photos

Ramboda Falls in Nuwara Eliya

Ramboda Falls, 108 meters high, are among the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka, and definitely the most visited of Nuwara Eliya. It is a triple waterfall, consisting of three: small (lower), medium, and large (upper). Usually, tourists unknowingly take the middle waterfall for both of them and go further from the road. But in fact the upper waterfall from the road to walk up about half a kilometer, which takes 20-30 minutes.

At the foot of the upper waterfall is a large pool in which you can swim, and a large rocky area where you can have a picnic and sunbathe. On weekdays there are very few people, so you can come here to relax and swim at least for the day.

To get to the lower waterfall, you have to go through the cafe, and from his platform you can see it.

Ramboda Falls Nuwara Eliya

Ramboda Falls Nuwara Eliya

Opening hours : 24 hours, visit during daylight hours.

Entrance fee / ticket price : to see the middle or lower waterfall from the road is free, entrance to the upper waterfall is 50 rupees ( 8.37 rubles, see Sri Lankan currency, exchange rate).

How to get there : The waterfall is 24 kilometers from the center of Nuwara Eliya on the road to the town of Ramboda (waterfall on the map). Two kilometers away is the Blue field tea factory, and you can combine the two visits. You can get a tuk-tuk (will cost about 800 rupees), but much cheaper by bus. You need to get on the bus station Nuwara Eliya any bus towards Kandy or Ramboda, they go every 20-30 minutes, cost 55 rupees. The bus stops on the road right next to the waterfall, which offers a nice view. The entrance to the trail to the upper waterfall is on the left.

Panorama of Nuwara Eliya’s Ramboda Falls

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Ramboda is a waterfall on the island of Sri Lanka that is very popular with tourists. Its height is 109 meters, making it the 11th largest waterfall in the country. It is ranked 729th in the world rankings.

Geography and features

The waterfall is located in the suburb of Nuwara Eliya at an elevation of 945 m. It has two separate arms. The left arm of the Ramboda Falls in Sri Lanka is formed by the Puna Oya River. It is a tributary of the Kotmale Oya, which flows through the forest reserve. The right branch is formed by the Pandalu Oya River, another tributary of the Kotmale Oya River, which flows through cultivated farmland. At the point of fall, the two arms merge into a common stream and form a swimming pool.

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For most of the year, the Pandalu Oya River brings the bulk of the water to the Ramboda Falls in Sri Lanka. During droughts, its level decreases significantly. In contrast, the level of the left branch of the Ramboda in Sri Lanka, although small, remains unchanged.

What to do at Ramboda Falls?

This natural landmark is considered one of the most beautiful in the country. It is surrounded by picturesque tea plantations and tropical vegetation, which creates a special tranquil atmosphere here. Ramboda Falls in Sri Lanka operates all year round, so there is no optimal time to visit it. However, during the dry season, which in the country falls in the spring, it slightly decreases in size. In the fall, during the rainy season, there are fogs in the area of Ramboda, Sri Lanka. In general, the attraction is accessible throughout the year.

A visit to Ramboda Falls in Sri Lanka is necessary in order to:

  • appreciate its scale and beauty from the observation deck;
  • Climb to the very top, which requires time and good non-slip shoes;
  • swim in the natural pool formed by the arms of two rivers;
  • walk around and enjoy the beauty of local nature.

Near the nature monument operates hotel Ramboda Falls. Architects have successfully blended it into the surrounding landscape, so it is literally buried in tropical greenery. In this hotel in Sri Lanka you can rent a room with a view of Ramboda Falls, which costs $70 per day. There is a restaurant with a $10 buffet and an observation deck that also overlooks the local landmark.

Hotel Ramboda Falls

There are other waterfalls on the island of Sri Lanka within a 1 km radius of Ramboda Falls. You can reach them directly from the road leading to the hotel. The Blue Field factory, surrounded by tea plantations, is located 2 km from the Ramboda Falls in Sri Lanka. Not only is there tea production, but also all stages of processing and packaging. During a free tour you can learn about each stage of production and for about $30 buy a package of quality white tea.

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Tea Plantations at Ramboda Falls

How to get to Ramboda Falls?

The natural landmark is located in the center of the island 24 km from Nuwara Eliya and 160 km from Colombo. From the capital of Sri Lanka, Ramboda Falls can be reached by road. Following the route Colombo – Kandy Road-A5 in a northeasterly direction, you can reach the site in 5 hours. From Nuwara Eliya, the site can be reached by tuk-tuk or bus in 1 hour and from Kandy city by bus number 47, cab, rented car or motorcycle.

Access to Ramboda on the island of Sri Lanka is through the Ramboda Falls Hotel. You only need to cross the restaurant, behind which is the observation deck. Opposite the hotel you can see other, smaller, waterfalls.

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