Recreation places in Spokoynaya Bay in Primorsky Krai

Spokoynaya Bay on the map of Primorsky Krai

Spokoynoy Bay in the Sea of Japan near Nakhodka, its natural and climatic features create favorable conditions for recreation of families.

Spokoy Bay justifies its name. There is peace, no storms, high waves. Until 1972 it was called Taz-Gow.

Location and its natural and climatic features create the preconditions for a variety of recreation.

  • Clear sea water, lack of waves and storms contribute to the organization of family holidays with children, the possibility of learning to swim, catamaran rides on a calm water surface.
  • The diversity of the underwater world is also a favorable factor for diving enthusiasts.
  • Those fond of fishing can catch both from the shore and from the watercraft.
  • Those who prefer an active holiday can do rock climbing, cross-country running (trail running), mountain biking.
  • Many settle in tent camps.

An interesting fact. “Devil’s Finger”, which has another name “Pirate’s Castle”, is a natural landmark. This is a pile of boulders, the top of which is decorated with a huge boulder hanging down. It gives the impression that the stone is about to fall. But it does not happen. There is a hypothesis that this stone composition is created by prehistoric people, that is megalithic.

The bay is a recreation center with the same name, a tent camp, and Aquamax diving club.

Where is the bay

The waters of the Sea of Japan formed a picturesque bay near the village of Vrangel in Primorsky Krai. “Quiet” is located at a distance of:

  • 200 kilometers from Vladivostok,
  • 30 kilometers from Nakhodka.

How to get to the bay

Tourists can take an intercity bus №506 to Nakhodka or №536 to the village of Wrangel from Vladivostok.

From the bus or train station you can get to the base. There is a minibus with 8 seats. The ticket price is 500 rubles. Children under 7 years old enjoy free transportation.

Climate of Khabarovsk region: weather by months

If you want to travel by car, go from Nakhodka to the Wrangel settlement and then to the Pervostroiteley settlement. Then you will need to take a country road all the way to the bay. You will need to follow the roadside signs.

Important. The unpaved road through the pass in rainy weather is an obstacle for cars. It is better to travel by off-road vehicles.


The Spokoynaya Bay has preserved its natural purity thanks to two circumstances:

  • for a long time it was part of the border zone, access was closed;
  • industrial facilities are far from the bay.

Distance from the sea is 50 meters. The coast is covered with white fine sand. The beach is clean. On the land side of the bay is surrounded by mountains, covered with shrubs, grass and protect from the wind.

The western and eastern shores are rocky, there are many small bays. The western part is crossed by a stream with clear natural water. The northern shore is low.


Summer in the bay begins in July and is characterized by a large amount of precipitation. The autumn climate is the most attractive for vacationers: warm, sunny, almost no precipitation.

The air temperature reaches +25-32 ° C. The water gets warm up to +22-25 ° C.

The most suitable months for recreation are August – September.

Prices for accommodation in Tranquil Bay

The territory of the resort is divided into two parts: the beach part and the forest part.

Accommodation (coastal zone)

Name Number of facilities Features Cost per day Extra bed (folding bed), per day
Double houses, including 2 rooms 3 Each of the 2 rooms has a double bed, refrigerator, TV, bathroom, shower cabin with hot water, kitchen 2 persons. – 4300 RUR 1 pers. – 800 RUR
One-Bedroom Houses 10 2 separate rooms for 2 beds (single), common WC and shower room, hot water, veranda 4 pers. – 6150 RUR Not foreseen
Two-bed wooden houses 25 Veranda, toilet and washstand, outside shower 2 pers. – 3450 RUR 1 pers. – 800 RUR
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Accommodation (forest zone)

Name Number of facilities Features Cost per day Extra bed (folding bed), per day
Two-room wooden houses 2 Without facilities, separate entrances 4 pers. – 4900 RUR 1 pers. – 800 RUR
Two-room wooden houses 2 Toilet, separate entrances 4 pers. – 5700 RUR 1 pers. – 800 RUR
Two-bed wooden houses 6 Toilet, washstand 2 pers. – 3300 RUR Not foreseen
Guest house 1 2 rooms, each having 3 double rooms, refrigerator, kitchen, dining area, TV, balcony, shower and WC, hot water 1 room (6 persons) – 13200 RUR Not foreseen

Costs for meals are not included in the total price.

  • Meals at the coastal cafe are paid for separately.
  • You are allowed to cook food by yourself on your own gas camping stove.
  • There is a grocery shop on the territory.
  • Refrigerators for holidaymakers are in the shop or the administrative staff.

For leisure and entertainment are available:

  • a children’s playground,
  • playground,
  • sauna, steam room,
  • covered dance floor with evening and night club events, bar,
  • Rental of tourist and sports equipment.
  • Sea fishing with a boat trip, accommodating up to 7 fishermen; you can catch mullet, pelengas, pollack, redfin, flounder;
  • underwater hunting at depths that depend on training and equipment; prey can be tuna, Pacific garfish, Japanese garfish, cod, yellowfin paddlefish, shrimp chilisks, trepangs, scallops.

The Aquamax center conducts diving education in accordance with international standards.

  • Programs courses Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver in the group cost 14000 RUR – 16000 RUR, individually – 17000 RUR – 18000 RUR.
  • Among additional programs there is an introductory diving at the cost of 2500 RUR.
  • Specialties for certified divers are held (8000 RUR)
  • Diving cost 1400 RUR – 1500 RUR.
  • Rent of an equipment set costs 1200 RUR.

On the official website listed contact information which can be used to book accommodation.

(Russian Federation, Primorsky krai) – Stop supporting Crimea, come to Primorsky krai))

Today I want to tell you about one of the most picturesque and interesting places to rest in Primorsky Krai bay “Spokoynaya”. I emphasize – one of the most, because we have a lot of “most” in Primorsky Krai).

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Believe me, your humble servant in his past profession has visited all continents except Antarctica, and he has something to compare it with. The richness of flora and fauna of Primorye is incomparable, and the relief with unique mountain systems is a paradise for lovers of outdoor activities, or just lazybones like me)).

The main natural attraction of the bay is a cluster of rock outcrops called “Devil’s Finger” or “Pirate’s Castle. You can see it well in the photo.

Rest in Spokoynaya Bay (Russia, Primorsky Krai) photo

Spokoynaya Bay is located on the coast of the Sea of Japan, 30 km from Nakhodka. To get there you must go through Wrangel and turn to the village of “Pervostroiteley”. Then all the way through the village go out on a terrible) dirt track and just a few miles straight until you see the sign – the bay “Spokojnaya”.

Now pay attention, to visit the bay requires only four-wheel drive transport, the bay is a high mountain ridge and it’s easy to enter, but to go up the hill at a steep angle is very simple, but if suddenly the rain is a total cramp. So only 4WD and do not listen to anyone!

The photo above shows that we stayed at the tourist base, its name is the same as the bay), but it is absolutely unremarkable, so I recommend going with a tent. The place for a tent camp is, it will be on the order of cheaper and more interesting and even quieter if you with children. As on the resort disco flourishes) and drunken holidaymakers inspired by alcohol order irritate))).

In most Internet sources write that the bay is warm water – nonsense, “Quiet” is one of the cleanest and coldest bays of Primorye, keep this in mind, the sand on the beach belenyki, just a fairy tale.

Well, we are going to the castle of pirates).

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Rest in Spokoynaya Bay (Russia, Primorsky Krai) photo

To climb do not need to be an athlete, but also be fat-bars do not need to be, I say so nine-year son with a rise cope, but he was heavy, tired strongly. No equipment is required, except, preferably, waterproof clothes and good shoes.

Rest in Spokoynaya Bay (Russia, Primorsky Krai) photo

Until recently, the Spokojnaya was the location of a frontier outpost and therefore the bay was closed to the public. This allowed it to preserve its pristine appearance and not to be polluted by homo sapiens. Now, on the site of the outpost recreation center.

Rest in Spokoynaya Bay (Russia, Primorsky Krai) photo

My son tired). The whole way up the mountain will take about an hour, the climbs are steep, in a state of doping climb extremely do not recommend.

Rest in Spokoynaya Bay (Russia, Primorsky Krai) photo

Rest in Spokoynaya Bay (Russia, Primorsky Krai) photo

But after ascending you will see such a view! In my opinion – Wow! A light haze of mist, fresh sea breeze, stunning vegetation, mountains, sea – it’s a fairy tale!)))

Rest in Spokoynaya Bay (Russia, Primorsky Krai) photo

Rest in Spokoynaya Bay (Russia, Primorsky Krai) photo

This boulder at the very top of the “Pirate’s Castle” is the subject of debate in academia. Some luminaries argue that it is a megalithic structure, that is, created by man, while others are against this theory. But I do not care, because just beautiful!) Many have tried to bring the boulder down, but no one could, including me, no matter how hard I tried. Although on closer inspection just can not believe why the stone does not fall, standing at a negative angle, the area of contact with the rock miserable, must fall – but no)). I am glad that there are no curse words on it apart from one “Natasha”).

Rest in Spokoynaya Bay (Russia, Primorsky Krai) photo

In general, friends, I say so, enough to go to the Crimea, Turkey, etc., etc. Come to the Primorsky region, here you will find everything and even more, except perhaps the system “all inclusive”))).

As for the bay “Spokoynaya”, and it is also called “Tazgow”, it is the perfect place to rest.

Cons: – Cold water. – Need to have a four-wheel drive vehicle.

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-Pureest beach. -Pristine water. -Chic fishing, with a boat in general. -Great diving, rent available, the sea is very rich in all sorts of wildlife. -The absence of wind in the bay, the water is always quiet, hence the name. – Devil’s Finger.

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