Red dunes in Mui Ne in Vietnam, description and photos

Piece of the desert in a surf resort: white and red dunes in Mui Ne

Cape Mui Ne and the fishing village of the same name, located on it, is a couple of kilometers east of the larger Phan Thiet. This place is one of the most popular resorts not only in Vietnam, but also in the whole of Southeast Asia, due to the unique local climate.

The configuration of the wind rose and undercurrents here is such that leads to a strong wind, always blowing in the direction of the coast. This wind creates stable and high waves that are very much appreciated by windsurfers and adrenaline kite surfers.

Also unceasing wind in Mui Ne has created unique natural formations: the Red and White dunes. Tons of sand have been blown off the local beaches for thousands of years and deposited on several sections of the coast, gradually forming two local deserts with high barchans.

Interesting! They look so atypical and amazing among the local jungle vegetation that people who get there for the first time have the impression of finding themselves in the Sahara or the Gobi Desert.

How to get there, how much it costs and what to expect from such a trip in general is described in detail in this article.


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Red Dunes

These dunes have several names: red, pink, gold, orange, yellow and even sunny . But on maps, travel brochures and guidebooks they are referred to as red. They occupy a more modest area than the white dunes, but are no less beautiful.

Tip! It is recommended to combine an excursion there with a visit to the Red Canyon and the White Dunes.

It is worth noting that the local sands are not actually red, but rather orange or deep yellow. But at sunrise or sunset, for half an hour they acquire a bright crimson hue, which can affect even an indifferent person to the natural beauty.

In addition to walking among the dunes, tourists can amuse themselves driving down the sand mountains. Props for such trips in the form of linoleum-covered sleds or basins can be rented from local children who come here every day to have fun.

Payment for the rental of “sports equipment” is modest and amounts to only a couple thousand VND or 0.5-1 $. Although, small “renters” may persistently demand a larger amount.

Important! During riding or photographing is not recommended to leave valuables under the supervision of local kids, because they can steal them from a trusting tourist.

There are a few cafes near the dunes on the city side where you can eat and drink, as well as use a toilet or secure parking (the latter is especially important for owners of rental bikes).

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Where are the locations?

Red Dunes is located in the northeast of Mui Ne, just 3.5 km from the city center, just behind the largest suburban street (freeway): Vo Nguyen Giap. To get there, you just need to cross this road.

How to get there?

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You can get there from Mui Ne by renting a bike, bicycle, bike cab, regular cab or a regular city bus that runs every 20 minutes between Phan Thiet and Mui Ne. If you do not want to spend money on renting machinery or paying for transportation, you can just walk. The way from the center of the village to the dunes will take just half an hour of slow walking.

From Phan Thiet you can get there by city bus or rented motorcycle. Go along Vo Nguyen Giap Street. It begins in the city center and ends at the east side of the dunes.

Please note! When ordering a tour tour operator will provide transfer from the hotel of the customer. Even at any hotel or local travel agencies, as well as entrepreneurs throughout Mui Ne and Phan Thiet, you can rent a jeep with a driver for 4-5 seats, which for $ 27-40 dollars will ride on the Red and White dunes in a comprehensive tour.

Cost to visit

The cost of a visit is completely free. You only have to pay for the fare, and that’s if you’re too lazy to walk there.

Information! In order to fully enjoy the beauty of this place and take beautiful pictures, you should visit it during sunset. But it is recommended to get there at least half an hour before sunset and take a secluded place somewhere on the northern edge of the dunes. Otherwise hundreds of other tourists taking pictures will be caught in the frame. You can also get there before sunrise, but then the color of the sand will be golden instead of crimson.

White Dunes

White dunes is the most famous attraction of Mui Ne and probably the entire province, mainly because its landscape is almost identical to the Sahara landscape.

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A small desert occupies a large area and has a length of over 10 km , and is located far from the resort area of Mui Ne. Therefore, there are no crowds of tourists with cameras that spoil the picture.

Note: Most of them are traveling in their own vehicles, which are inexperienced and does not get to the White Dune, taking for them, the usual sand formations on the way. Up to full-fledged white dunes you have to drive more than 30 km.

If there is no desire to walk around this area, you can take pictures of the dunes from the road, which also offers a great view of nature. But to get more impressions, it is recommended to walk deep into the miniature desert to be amazed at the contrast to the usual evergreen and lush nature of Vietnam.

Also in remote corners of the desert you can make a lot of pictures without unnecessary attention from other tourists.

Note! As in the case of the Red Dunes, it is better to come here before sunset or at dawn, when the sand is colored in unusual colors.

Experienced tourists, who were there and local guides, recommend to leave the rented vehicles at paid parking, which are located in the southern part of the dunes. Otherwise, the vehicle can be found with a flat tire or some hooliganism. Thus paid parking lots with the help of local “teach” thrifty tourists.

It costs about VND20,000 ($1) to enter the parking lot.

The small rental station at the southern end of the dunes has several cafes and tourist offices. Here you can rent an ATV, enduro bike, or even a buggy to ride them on the sand dunes.

The cost for a 20 minute ride on a small ATV starts at VND200,000 ($17), and the cost for a large ATV starts at VND400,000. If there is not much excitement at the rental station, you can bargain with the renter, knocking down the price, or ask for a discount on the condition of a longer rental time.

There is one of the lotus lakes not far from the station. It is also worth a visit.

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Where are the locations?

The White Dunes are located North East of Mui Ne, 30 km from the village. It is not possible to walk or take a cheap bus to get there, unlike with Red Dunes.

How to get there?

There is one highway from Mui Ne along the coast to the White Dunes. If you plan to drive there on your own, you should use a navigator or a map of the area purchased at any local gas station during the trip.

Ignorant people may not get to the dunes at all, mistaking them for ordinary sand hills that are visible from the highway. To get to the White Dunes, turn right at a certain point off the highway onto an unpaved road that leads to the rental base.

You can also take a $10 tour in a Minivan or a $30 trip from Mui Ne in an open-top jeep. In the latter case, the SUV will ride the passengers on the barchans for a couple of hours.

Cost to visit

Access to the dunes is completely free, but you will have to pay for parking at the rental base.

Synopsis. The entire coastline along the White Dunes consists of dozens of miles of wild sandy beaches, where you usually don’t encounter a single living soul. This is a great place for a wild vacation away from civilization or nudism.

Tourist reviews – is it worth the trip?

Reviews of tourists about these places in the mass positive, although among them there are negative comments from disappointed travelers who spent money on the tour, but did not see anything special.

It is worth going there for two reasons:

  • To diversify the resort everyday life;
  • For the sake of an unusual photo shoot.

White and Red dunes are a great way to visit the desert, while in Vietnam.

Red Dunes in Mui Ne

There are many interesting places in Vietnam, there are places that only aesthetes will like, such sights were the red dunes and red canyon.

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Vietnam is famous for its beautiful natural sights. Some people like to travel on their own, and some people find it easier to buy a guided tour. However, tours have a lot of nuances. The most important of them is the high price. All the guides are only trying to get tourists to open their wallets more often, and the quality of service suffers, and you don’t see the whole scope of attractions. Tour guides like to take tourists to souvenir shops, where the extra charge is up to 80%. Although in reality, you can spend much less and see more.

A similar situation can be found on the way to the red dunes. It is a picturesque place, but you should not take a transfer if you decide to visit it. Some tourists do not know, but you can visit here for free, as the entrances and exits are freely accessible.

Vietnamese red dunes are striking to the eye, surprised by their unusual beauty. These places can be called “for the amateur” as no special entertainment you will not find here. Red dunes are designed more for aesthetic pleasure and beautiful photos. And there is a lot to see: wild and abandoned beaches and endless desert.

The dunes are located along the once small fishing village of Mui Ne. All along its length they have different colors and shades. The sand has a bright, thick red color, shimmering in the sun’s gold. This spectacle looks especially impressive during sunset. Anyone can watch the sunset in the dunes absolutely free and without any time limit. But here, too, was not without numerous tours, which in every way imaginable and unthinkable ways trying to lure tourists. As part of the tour to the dunes you can get on quad bikes, bicycles. But to ride on these types of transport in the intense heat is very difficult, and to see a lot of things you will not be able to. So create your own route and do not forget to take your camera.

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Red dunes even in bad weather is very picturesque. A strong wind creates unimaginable pictures, creating unusual patterns on the sand. That is why each new visit to the dunes is not like the previous one. During bad weather is not recommended to come here, but it does not stop anyone.

The excursion program includes one entertainment. It consists of the fact that on arrival in the village, for a fee, kids offer to roll down from the dunes on white sheets, which they symbolically call a sleigh. It costs money, but the pleasure does not bring much. You will only remember the sand in your hair and all your clothes. Did you have fun? Now you can take pictures, blessing the view before your eyes is quite extraordinary.

To the west of the dunes, there is a small river, although it would be more appropriate to call it a stream. Locals have nicknamed it the Fairy Creek. The water is famous not only for the tourists, but also for the locals. Perhaps that is why almost all tourist videos do not do without an overview of the fairy brook. Some newlyweds often come to the red dunes to shoot a couple of photos against the unusual scenery

In addition to the red dunes, the red canyon is also popular. It is located a little further away, on the way to the white dunes. Many people call it a small replica of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. When you think about it, though, they are nothing alike at all. Red Canyon is a small grain of sand compared to the huge giant.

The unusual shape of the canyon was created by the water. For years it has been rushing toward the sea, washing sand out of the soil. Each year the canyon grew larger and deeper. Since precipitation is not uncommon in Vietnam, the natural formation is periodically subjected to change.

As you walk through the expanse of Mui Ne, you can find wild beaches. The water here is calm and relatively clean. In any case, it is not as murky as Nha Trang. This is due to the fact that the waves on these beaches practically none.

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