Road Trip to Ilocos Norte

Ilocos Norte is one of the famous and highly-visited provinces in the Philippines which offers a very satisfying vacation for both local and international tourists and travelers. It doesn’t only offers sumptuous foods, but it also explains some histories of the country and also provides exciting and momentous adventures.

Ilocos Norte Bangui Wind Farm in Ilocos Norte (image from

Ilocos Norte is located almost at the topmost of the Philippines, specifically in the Northwest area of the country. And since I am just here in Metro Manila, some of my close friends planned, though no definite dates mentioned yet, to have us a road trip to Ilocos Norte which is just more or less 8-hour drive from the metropolitan.

So, as early as now, I am already thinking of what to bring since they asked me to list down what we need to prepare like foods, stuff to enjoy along the way, and everything we could carry on. One thing which reminds me of road trips is song-trips as well. In this circle of friends, we all love music, we all love to sing though songs don’t obviously love us. Off course, we won’t be too trying hard to impress everybody on the road having a microphone, mic stand and all the musical instruments to pack our enjoyment. Maybe, we’ll just make use of iPods, iPads or any musical gadgets that are just handy.

But again, as I have said earlier, these are not yet well-planned and well-decided so things might changed in a wink, who knows. However, we still all hoping and trying our best to have this road trip to Ilocos Norte realized.

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