Rope Park Sky Town on VDNKh in Moscow

High rope park “Skytown” (Russia, Moscow) – reviews

This entertainment is not for the faint of heart! It is exclusively for fans of active lifestyles, extreme and thrill-seekers, for athletes, as well as for those who seek to overcome the fear of heights and establish themselves in their own eyes. To the rope park “Skytown”.

Such a paradise for kids, and for adults as well.

Good day to all! Here is such a wonderful entertainment we absolutely accidentally found at VDNH! I hurry to share my impressions. So. There is a rope park at VDNKh. It is situated in the back part of the fairgrounds. One had to go straight along the main road.

Great, but extreme.

Went for a walk around VDNH and came to the farthest corners of it and saw the sky town on the way back from the side of the huge swing that is lifted with the winch and then you have to pull the safety ring and let the swing in free.

The coolest rope park in Moscow.

I was in it, or on it for free. Chose to go here as an encouragement from Active Citizen. Located at the end of the VDNH territory, but you can’t go past it. You’ll see and hear it. I didn’t like that they don’t give protective gloves, in.

The best rope park in Moscow! A variety of challenges that not everyone will pass!

When we talk about rope parks, many people have heard of Panda Park. But very few people know about the park “Skytown”. The park is located on the territory of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre, so to speak “at the end”, for Michurinskiy garden, many people simply do not go there.

A good place

Good time. I want to share my impressions about the rope park Skytown. I got a lot of adrenaline and good memories. It was a great place to spend time. Nice, friendly staff, creating all the conditions for a good rest. I want to say a special thank you.

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It was a great place for kids and teens.

A variety of obstacles, different age routes, a lot of instructors. Discounts for families with many children and students.

I really liked the attitude toward visitors – my daughter talked me into buying a ticket, but after she walked into the park, she realized she was scared. We had already gone to the box office to turn in our equipment, then she was.

An exciting adventure!

In spring a high-rise rope park opened at VDNH: a large-scale sixteen-meter open-air construction. Moscow is a big city, so such discoveries do not go unnoticed, and there are always queues of people who want to be the first to try everything. Who has no desire to push.

It’s horrible. Rude and rude people. A “sovok” cashier.

We planned to spend time together as a class at VDNH. Active and fun. Called in advance, an appointment was denied with the words “there was no one in the daytime anyway. We came. and got the answer “We are all booked up to.

To conquer the fear of heights, to tickle the nerves

Hi all! Our family loved going to VDNH. With great pleasure we visit the City Farm. We like to just wander around the many alleys. And we also discovered Sky town rope park. Even last year. I was a pioneer.

Great fun from 5 years old and up.

My 15 year old son and I decided to go to Moscow for a day trip. We made a plan, where the first item was the Sky Town rope park, which is located at VDNKh. Entertainment, of course, is not for me, went for the sake of my son, oh.

It’s a great place for youth and teens!

Some time ago I went with my son to the Sky Town Rope Park. We came to Sky Town on a weekday, in the second half of the day. The ticket price was 700 rubles for 3 hours (on a weekday). Initially it was crowded.

Beaches of Vietnam.

For the thrill seekers

We were going to visit Sky Town for a long time, we wanted it very much, but we couldn’t decide, because both my husband and I are afraid of heights. However, the result of the visit surpassed all expectations in a good way. The first half an hour, then.

Amazing fun.

I will be thrilled to visit this attraction for a long time to come. And will definitely go back there again and again until I have passed absolutely every obstacle. In general, the entire rope park consists of three levels. To be exact, of four.

On the whole, it is not bad.

A small park with several levels of height and with trails of varying difficulty. 1 minus. Cabins to store things do NOT recommend even the employees themselves. Offer instead storage in their safe for extra 250 rubles.

Interesting fun, a little scary.

Nice staff, trainers, and increasingly difficult rides up the floors, in general, is a novelty for me.

This is where we wandered in, having chosen this attraction as a P.S. BOX gift. Honestly, I have not read what it is, had no idea how it is a rope park, took the choice of gift rather frivolous. Attracted by the fact that it is new.

The kids loved it, my husband is upstairs with the kids calmer than I am downstairs looking at them.

Zero safety, sometimes the kids are at a loss for an obstacle, don’t know what to do. No instructor around.

Turns out there is nothing wrong with the safety hooks. One of the two keeps insuring the moment the kids change obstacle lanes. Instruction was given, right or wrong actions on the playground are monitored all the time. The husband is everything.

The impression of the park was not pleasant.

I won a certificate to visit the park, which was valid until April 30, 2016. We did not notice the note that the visit is only on a weekday. We came with the kids on April 30, a family of many children and we couldn’t get out earlier.

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Skytown Rope Park

Rope Park Skytown

“Skytown is a high-rise rope park at VDNKh in Moscow, designed for active and extreme leisure. The entire territory of the amusement park occupies a single structure, equipped for climbing and conquering heights. It is known that “Skytown” in Moscow is visited not only by children, teenagers and their parents, but also by experienced athletes who want to improve their skills. Skytown has many trails with different levels of difficulty, which is why it is almost universal for all categories of visitors.

The highest point of the park “Skytown” is located at a height of 16 meters – the size of the structure is comparable to a five-story house.

Prices in Skytown Park in Moscow in 2022

Rope park “Skytown” at VDNKh works every day from 10:00 to 20:00. Ticket at the park ticket office can be purchased until 19:00. In the period from November to March you can visit the park by appointment only. In 2022 Sky Town Extreme Park has the following price list:

  • Fare “Adult” – 1150 / 1500 rubles
  • Child” tariff – 850 / 1250 rubles
  • Children’s parkour – 600 / 800 rubles
  • Winter” tariff from 300 rubles
  • Route with an instructor – 2500 / 3000 rubles
  • Giant swings – 500 rubles

You can book a session in the park “Skytown” on the official website. There you can also find special conditions for events and prices for gift certificates.

Rope Park Skytown

Rope Park Skytown tracks

Rope park “Skytown” is a fairly large-scale design, the uniqueness of which is that the tracks are created using artificial fasteners, and not laid between the trees. The total area of Sky Town Extreme Park is over 2,000 square meters. This area has a huge number of elements for climbing, rope courses and obstacle courses – they are about a hundred in total. Typically, each of the tracks is a line that can be crossed with bridges, swings, ropes and cables. They are all divided into three levels of difficulty: “blue”, “red” and “black”.

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Rope Park Skytown

Most of the locations inside the park are great for extreme sports training – mountain climbing and parkour. However, those visitors who are not specially trained can also try out the tracks and obstacles.

The list of Skytown’s most popular attractions also includes giant swings, a playground for children’s parkour, and a large viewing platform located at the very peak of the structure. A huge plus is that the Skytown is an all-season playground – you can visit it both in hot summer and in cold winter.

It is known that the equipment in the extreme park Sky Town in Moscow is absolutely safe. All the components of the rope park “Sky Town” are made of high-strength material, and the construction itself was made and tested in Germany. All tricks and actions performed on the territory of the rope park “Skytown” are performed only with safety belts. According to the organizers, the “securing” of the visitor is very reliable – he will be held by as many as two carabiners and many other fasteners.

Rope Park Skytown

Additional services

For those visitors who are not planning to conquer heights, in Moscow Extreme Park “Skytown” there is a ground area. It is located next to the structure on a safe rubberized surface. Here you can find large swings for adults and children, as well as other interesting rides. Also one of the popular extras at the rope park is to go on a route with an instructor. During such a session, an experienced climber helps the guest to overcome obstacles and teaches them the correct and safe movement on the territory of the structure.

The organizers of the park “Skytown” pay great attention to group visits. At the box office of the park there are special conditions for large companies, as well as for the organization of team building events. It is known that overcoming obstacles together brings together – that is why Sky Town Park is chosen by many corporate groups. In addition, you can celebrate any event in the park “Sky Town” at VDNH. According to the reviews of the visitors, the extreme experience of such a holiday will be remembered for a long time. It is also known that in the ticket office of the rope park “Skytown” you can buy special certificates to give a visit to the park to a friend or family member.

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Rope Park Skytown

Why you should visit

“Skytown” in Moscow is a unique extreme complex designed for active recreation. It is reported that there are no analogues of the park neither in Moscow nor in other Russian cities. Its special features are its artificial frame and isolation – the whole Sky Town Park is a single structure. The park’s location can also be included in the advantages of the park. VDNH is one of the most popular districts of Moscow, that’s why the way to the park and the continuation of the walk will not be a problem neither for residents of the capital, nor for tourists.

Rope Park Skytown

How to get there

Skytown Rope Park is located in Moscow at 119, Prospekt Mira. This point is located in the sports cluster VDNH in front of pavilion 27. To get to the Sky Town ropes park, you can use public transportation. For example, take the subway to VDNKh station, a half hour walk from the park, or Telecenter – the trip will take no more than 20 minutes. Buses № 172, 244, 496, 544, 834, H6, t14, t76, and streetcars № 11, 17, 25 – all of them go to the stop “VDNH.

Within the city you can use cab services, such as Yandex.Taxi, Uber or Citimobile. The coordinates for the navigator in a personal car are 55.835156, 37.614421.

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