Rublevka in Altai: lake and entertainment center

Rublevka lake is a recreation place for the whole family in the Altai Mountains.

Rublevka lake located in the Chemal area of Altai Mountains is a place of rest for the whole family, in the surrounding of the lake there are comfortable conditions for living and leisure for all tastes.

Lake “Rublevka” is an artificial water body in the Chemalsky district of the Altai Republic on the shore of the Katun river. There is a tourist entertainment complex of the same name around it, and opposite is the village of Elekmonar.

How to get to the lake

The road to Rublevka Lake from the central regions of Russia runs through Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Biysk and Gorno-Altaisk. Transportation between these cities and further to RK “Rublevka” includes:

  • Air flights:
  • Railroads;
  • Bus routes;
  • Highways.

A convenient route of travel by public transport without additional transfers is Barnaul-Elekmonar. From Barnaul bus station there are 4 daily bus lines. The cost of one ticket is 800 RUR – 900 RUR, the distance is 340 km, travel time – 6 hours.

Following by the personal or rented car you leave to the highway R-256 “Chuysky Tract”. Biysk, Gorno-Altaisk, the village of Manzherok are left behind. After the village of Ust-Sema turn to the highway “Chemalsky Route” and go to Elekmonar. The road surface is asphalt concrete, the route is passable for any kind of transport. In Elekmonar settlement there is a suspension bridge across Katun, the passage through it is paid from 50 RUR one way.

You can get to Rublevka complex from the other side along a free road. To do it you have to turn off from Chemalskiy tract by the sign to Anos village, cross Katun river by the capital bridge and go 9 km to the East.

Interesting fact: In the vicinity of Elekmonar village on the Katun river there is a rapids of the same name with high swells during the high water.

Weather and Climate

The climate of the area where the lake “Rublevka” is located, refers to the moderate-continental despite the mountain-steppe location. The environment of the spurs of the ridge Iolo creates a natural barrier to the movement of cold air masses, there are no strong winds. Thus, winter temperatures rarely fall below -30 degrees, and summer temperatures reach +30 degrees. The water of the lake gets up to +20 degrees during the summer.

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When is the best time to go to the entertainment center

Travel to the shore of Lake Rublevka is available all year round and depends on individual preferences of the type of outdoor activities.

In the summer period to the services of tourists are offered:

  • Sandy-pebbly beach length of 700 meters with a developed infrastructure: sunbeds, toilets, showers, pavilions, parking for cars. Entrance is 300 RUR for adults and free for children under 7 years old. The average depth of the pond is 3.5 meters, the total area is 3 hectares, the approaches to the water are paved with tiles. The beach is open from 10:00 to 20:00;
  • Games area for children, located directly in the lake, with all sorts of trampolines, slides, obstacle course, entertainment under the guidance of special staff. Water depth 30-50 cm;
  • Tent camp, equipped with recreation areas, kitchens. Water and electricity are supplied.

In the winter months is available skating, sledding, snowboarding, downhill skiing.

In addition, year-round operate:

  • Recreation bases of varying degrees of comfort;
  • Snack bars, cafes, shopping malls;
  • Restaurant with live music and entertainment programs;
  • Horseback riding, hiking, car tours in the area;
  • Hunting and fishing with instructors;
  • Air walks by helicopter from our own airfield.


Lake Rublevka is located on a vast expanse of meadow. Within a few kilometers begin foothills covered with pine and cedar forests. The content of ozone in the air, formed high in the mountains, makes the air clean and healthy. There are no bogs and swamps in the area, which creates unfavorable conditions for the development of blood-sucking insects – they are virtually absent there.

Interesting fact: the amount of precipitation, sunny days per year, the average temperatures in the area are comparable to the Crimea, which makes it attractive to rest.

Attractions .

The first natural monument you will see on the way through the suspension bridge are rock formations in the center of the Katun river, called “Teeth of the Dragon”.

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There are a lot of interesting places to visit around RK Rublevka, here are some of them:

  • Paleopark. Is an exhibition of archaeological reconstructions from the remains of ancient animals, household items, pagan paraphernalia, minerals. The park is located behind Elekmonar village, the cost of the entrance ticket is 300 RUR;
  • Zoo-rai. A mini zoo where there live marals, turs, mountain camels, goats, several species of birds, pigs, raccoon, Sonja ostrich and many others. The animals like it when guests bring their own treats of vegetables, fruit and bread. Located 5 minutes from the village Elekmonar.
  • Patmos Island. Formed by sheer cliffs, located in the middle of the Katun. It connects to the shoreline by hanging a pedestrian bridge near the village of Chemal. The island is the site of the Church of St. John the Theologian and a nunnery, where church services are held, and a church shop is open.
  • Karakol Lakes. Located 35 km from Elekmonar, at the foot of the western slope of Iolo Ridge. They are a group of 7 reservoirs surrounded by picturesque mountains and forests. There is no access road to the lakes, traveling to them is done on foot or on horseback.
  • Waterfall Che-Chkysh. Another name is “The Valley of Spirits”. It is located 15 km away from the village of Chemal in the Che-Chkysh Gorge. Nearby you can see the waterfall, the rocks and the Katun river valley. You must pay 100 RUR to use the path.

Useful information

It is worth remembering that mobile communication does not work in the mountains and hiking routes are registered in advance. Among the hazards are independent walks deep into the mountains, rafting on rivers without an instructor.

In summer on a tourist trip in the Altai Mountains to the shore of Lake Rublevka will not be superfluous to take such items with you:

  • Navigation aids – maps, GPS;
  • Travel first-aid kit, bug repellent, sunscreen and sunglasses;
  • A beach umbrella and bathing accessories;
  • comfortable shoes, closed clothes for hiking.

Important: Accommodation with pets is prohibited in the territory of RK Rublevka.

Favorable weather in the summer, warm water, hot sun make vacation at the shore of the lake “Rublevka” like a sea resort. Developed infrastructure removes the problem of everyday life, food, leisure time with children. A presence in the area of natural monuments and tourist attractions complement the rest of the mass of new experiences.

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Recreation area “Rublevka” (Russia, Altai Republic) – reviews

Good afternoon! Yesterday, my husband and son decided to enjoy themselves – to go to the Altai Mountains, which are relatively close to us. This time we decided to visit the Rublevka recreation area, about which we’ve heard a lot, but ourselves.

Rublyovka in Chemal is very good.

Were already repeatedly, service is simply super, everywhere rescuers, watching everyone, with such it is not terrible to go into the water. Weather every time was different, sometimes all day heat, and sometimes with rain, then just went away.

It is possible to have a rest with all family

In Altai we got in July heat, therefore there was an irresistible desire to bathe. It is cold in Katun, and we are not hardened Siberians. We searched for information and found an interesting place not far from Chemal. A cab left us at the bridge (fare.

Nice place

We vacationed with our large family in the Chemal region of the Altai Republic. Incredibly beautiful places, we often go there. Well and on Rublyovka we go to the lake to bathe. There are no other normal places for swimming and sunbathing there, so.

It’s a nice name, but in fact it is nothing unusual.

We went to Rublevka in the summer of 2019. A lot about it talked and good and not so good and we decided to go there, the more we vacationed in Chemal. To get there from the side of the highway leading to Chemal.

Expectations were a little unrealized.

So we came this summer on the rublyovka in photos and video all seems so beautiful. On the day before the weekend we really did not like that there was no place to put the car, but that’s half the trouble. Paid for the admission of 500.

If it was not for the staff, it would have been fine.

When I and my brother who is 8 years old got to the trampoline on the water and a lifeguard asked how old I and my brother, I said I was 16 (last time I was told that with a child only with.

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Great place with artificial pond and beach

Every summer my family goes to Altai, and every year we visit new places, and this year we went to Rublevka recreation center, a very beautiful place, near the river Katun, in the base of rest.

What a horrible holiday.

If you want to spoil your mood – this place is for you. Gave for 4 people 1800 rubles. The price might be acceptable, if all was well in the recreation area itself. There is everything.

A great place to stay with the kids

This summer I discovered a great place to relax in the Altai Mountains – is *RUBLEVKA*. To the 6 years old son the pass is free, from the adult only 350 and you can be there all day. Chic children’s area, with a large and.

Trampoline country for children.

Visited this recreation area in 2018. On the territory there is an artificial lake with sun loungers around, it is possible to rent catamarans, next to the lake there is a cafe and a large screen on which cartoons for children are broadcast. Near the lake.

For a change you can

We vacationed in the summer of 2018 with a child of 3 years, there is no sense to come for a couple of hours, you can rest all day! But. Cafe. The obscenely expensive, terribly badly prepared everything, except for the morsel! Guys, well it is simply impossible to eat, remained.

Beautiful nature around the artificial lake.

Heard a lot about rest in the complex “Rublevka”. but have got themselves only this year, though the complex opened in 2014. To reach the lake is not difficult, there are signs on the road. I have the name of the complex itself.

Go! At least look at the view around the lake. will not regret it!

28.06.18 Were in the entertainment complex Rublevka 22.06.18. Price 350 rubles per adult. Child 200 rubles. PLUSES: 1. Welcoming employees at the entrance, helped me put on bracelets. And do not let in with liquor. That’s right. There are cafes on the territory.

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Wonderful vacation.

We visited Rublevka with our family from 04 to 05 July 2020. Wonderful place! Huge thanks from our family to the owners and all staff! That rare case where they invest and develop both service and infrastructure. Thank you.

A comfortable place to stay with kids.

Heard a lot about Chemalskaya Rublevka, passing by every time we go to Gorno-Altaisk, we see the signs to turn, even passing, literally 50 meters away, but all somehow did not have time to look. Last year (2017) we had to.

The best places for swimming in the Altai Mountains

Every trip with the family to the Altai Mountains, and we always come here. Large area, a lot of gazebos, sun loungers, there is a shower, sauna, a large cafe with different food, reasonable prices. Across the entire width of the pond is an inflatable structure.

Beautiful, but expensive.

The nature is very beautiful, Rublevka is located on a “glade” surrounded by majestic mountains in a circle. A beautiful artificial lake. And that’s probably all. From Rublevka only the name and price 0_o. zero service. You take a small house for 3000 with all.

We have been vacationing here for the third year already.

The children’s mini aqua-park, all sights within walking distance, a tent camp with all conveniences, new recreation centers, inexpensive.

Entertainment Complex Rublevka my wife and I discovered on our honeymoon back in 2015. And so he operates since 2013, but really untwisted and settled infra structure only in recent years.

If you’re thinking of going to Rublevka, come to your senses, spare your money and nerves.

The overpriced, 350 rubles, and even with children from 7 years, the water is green, muddy, smells of chlorine. At the entrance said that the water is warm, bought it, paid for a family of 4 people – 1400! Went in and it was a bit cold to swim in.

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