Salt City in Poland, Mines in Wieliczka

The Salt Mine (Poland, Wieliczka) – reviews

See the Salt Mine (Poland, Wieliczka)

This story concludes a series of reviews of a New Year’s trip to Krakow this past winter vacation. Actually, when I was planning the trip, at first I was a little surprised that everyone recommends going from Krakow to another city to see.

Fantastic underground city!

Hello all1 I continue, friends, to share with you my impressions of places in Poland that I managed to visit during my spring trip! And today it will be the Salt Mine in Wieliczka. Until Wieliczka we.

Amazing place worth visiting.

The main attraction and perhaps the most interesting place in the Polish city of Wieliczka is the “Salt Mine”. The mine consists of nine levels, more than three hundred meters deep. This is a working salt mine, in which there is a museum, located from the first to the sixth.

A salt multi-story labyrinth!

The salt mine in the Polish town of Wieliczka is a masterpiece, it is a must-see. Impressions – a lot! I share. The first thing he said tour guide – the difference between the cave and mine. The latter is created by human hands, in this case, hands.

Just a must-see.

I had no idea what size the mines would be. To understand the scale, under the ground there are several temples (and active, we got to a wedding ceremony), a hotel (said that the rooms are like asthma treatment), a food court, and.

A place where you can taste the salt of the dried up underground sea

Good day, I decided to share my impressions from visiting the salt mines “Wieliczka” in Poland (Kopalnia Soli “Wieliczka”). I will try to structure my impressions a little bit. 1. What are the salt mines in Wieliczka. It is a mining facility, which has been in operation for over.

The real kingdom of salt.

If you have already been brought to Krakow, you should visit the salt mines in Wieliczka, especially since they are located very close – only 10 km, and it’s easy to get there. We got there by car.

How I saved money on a tour,

One of the best excursions I have ever been on. It’s a lot of tourists, long lines, the ticket price is not cheap either, but it’s definitely worth it. If you want to save money, you can get from Krakow on your own, by shuttle bus.

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Fascinating place, where you want to go back.

Great tour. Excellent guides, good service and safety. Proximity to the major city. It is possible to get by public transport (the final stop is the center of Krakow).

Wieliczka salt mines, which is the name of this tour, we visited in October 2018. We arrived at the place on our own, by local bus. Our hotel was on the outskirts of Krakow, so the trip took no more than 25 minutes.

Who has not been to Wieliczka-Poland has not seen Poland. A unique place

Unique place, a real underground kingdom, very beautiful and healthy, excursion on the RussianAbs

Absolutely on the case the first and main attraction of Poland, which is included in the heritage of Unesco. A real multi-level underground kingdom (I do not know if there is such a place), unique air inside and the unique cleansing of the lungs with salt. In the middle of it all.

The city underground

When my wife suggested taking a tour of the salt mines in Wieliczka, I was skeptical. I imagined that there would be a small mine where children would be shown how salt was produced. How wrong I was. The Wieliczka mines are a giant city underneath.

If you can, it’s a must-see.

Good day, inquisitive tourist! There are detailed reviews, I will add only some details, definitely it is a must see, breathe this air. It is the only mining site in the world that has been operating uninterruptedly since the Middle Ages. We came from Krakow to.

I want to go back again.

One day on one of our trips to Poland, we were walking around Krakow. One of our Polish friends suggested that we go to the salt mines in Wieliczka. Without thinking twice, we went there, thanks to the fact that it is only a car ride from Krakow.

Salty fascinating excursion.

Finding ourselves in wonderful Krakow in winter, we faced one question: what to occupy our children and ourselves, except contemplating the architecture of the ancient city? One of the points of additional acquaintance with the sights of Poland was the Wieliczka salt mine, or Kopalnia soli.

The salt mines keep secrets and legends.

In the famous salt mine, located in the small town of Wieliczka, I had a chance to visit in February 2011. It happened during a business trip to Poland and was one of the highlights of the trip. In fact, the origin of this mine.

Tobolsk and places of interest

An extraordinary system of tunnels at a depth of 300 meters and below.

With such a dragon I would like to begin the story of our excursion to the Wieliczka salt mines. Somehow, the impressions of the trip are as exhilarating as the fact that a fugitive dragon might be waiting for you in the mines around the corner.

What an amazing experience!

I visited the salt caves in Wieliczka 2 years ago, for Christmas holidays, when I was in Krakow and other cities in Poland. It is an amazing place, an ancient monument and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is worth visiting – the impressions will remain.

Unusual Mine Museum

In Poland, near Krakow, in the small town of Wieliczka there is a famous salt mine, which is a museum and a UNESCO heritage site. The mine is very unusual and interesting. Everything inside is made of salt, except for some wooden steps. Inside.

Not recommended with small children.

This tour was part of our plans. We lived in Krakow, drove around Poland during the day and returned to the hotel in the evening. Wieliczka is a small “mining” town. Not even a small town, but a village. Since ancient times, salt has been mined here. Excavations.

Incredible emotions, the spirit of history is present everywhere!

I was in Cracow a year ago, saw its attractions and went to the Salt Mine. You can get there from Krakow by bus in 15-20 minutes. Upon approaching the mine, I was surprised that it was just a small neat structure. I had no idea at all.

Wieliczka is the only underground town in the world where every element is carved in salt

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An amazing staircase greets visitors to the underground city.

The majestic underground multilevel city, carved entirely out of salt blocks, is located near Krakow, Poland, and was created in the ancient Wieliczka mine. Unremarkable from outside the construction conceals a fantastic city, hidden at a depth of 100 meters and astonishing with its masterpieces of architecture. Each of its elements is made by masters of rock salt, from the pompous chandeliers and charming dwarfs to the amazing temple and palace located on the shore of the underground lake.

All places of interest in Alexandrov, the city in detail

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is the most famous attraction in Poland.

The history of this mine began many centuries ago, at the time when in 1044 a deposit of rock salt was found and King Casimir I issued an order for its extraction. Until the 13th century salt was simply evaporated from protruding salt water, and then the mines were organized.

Salt stalactites in the Wieliczka mine.

Huge salt chandeliers decorate the galleries and grottoes of the entire underground city.

For many centuries salt was considered as white gold and therefore the mine played a very important role in the economic life not only of Poland, but also of the whole of Europe. Over several centuries, such significant salt mines deepened and grew to an impressive size, becoming a real testing ground for the creativity of the people who worked there.

Monument to salt miners in Wieliczka (Poland).

Considering that miners were underground 17 hours a day, and in order to diversify the monotonous work and to make the place of work more beautiful, very creative persons started to make statues of salt blocks.

Azure-colored lakes in the underground city.

During seven centuries of its existence the mine became a huge underground kingdom occupying nine underground levels beginning from 60 meters and going down to 300 meters with a total length of almost 300 kilometers. It became not only a place of extraction, but also an amazing space of artistic creation, unique sculptural and architectural products made of salt, surprising skill not only tunnels and galleries, but also the wooden fastenings created by ordinary carpenters.

Wooden ladders, on which the workers of the mine went down.

Since the 15th century, the Wieliczka salt mines began to be shown to the nobility, respected guests of the royal court, because only the king could give permission to visit the most important object. At first it was a simple interest, as a profitable and grandiose enterprise. Later, when local craftsmen began to create incredible sculptures and entire compositions of stone salt, people were eager to see this man-made beauty.

With these buckets and elevators salt was lifted to the ground.

So gradually the vast underground labyrinth of corridors and chambers began to turn into a wonderful city, which found a place unusual grottos and basilicas, sculptures and bas-reliefs, a real palace and the most incredible temple – the Chapel of St. Kinga, located at a depth of 101 meters.

The labyrinths of the salt grottoes in Wieliczka.

From the sixteenth century onward, the tourist routes were laid out with the utmost care, and the higher the secular status of the guests, the more varied and intense the excursions and the more extreme the entertainment became. In order to emphasize the special beauty of some places they were lit by torches, creating a wonderful atmosphere of unreality of what was happening.

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The guests of the mine were led over bridges hanging over the salt lake.

The most popular attractions included a ride in a horse-drawn carriage down a horse-drawn road, over an abyss over a narrow bridge, a boat ride on a salt lake, and a special “hellish ride” show showing the most dangerous descent of miners into a mine and listening to the echo of a gunshot.

Figurines of the salt dwarfs greet the guests of the mine (Wieliczka, Poland).

Naturally, access to these incredible underground labyrinths was granted to a narrow circle of highly respected people, and only in the XX century it became possible for everyone to see this magnificence with their own eyes.

Chamber of Nicholas Copernicus with a sculpture installed in 1875.

This unusual place at all times was visited by famous historical figures, whose names can be found in the memorial book, which goes back to the first visits to the salt mine. They included Nicolaus Copernicus, to whom they even dedicated a chamber in which they installed a majestic salt sculpture, and J. W. von Goethe, and F. Chopin, and Jan Matejka, D. I. Mendelejev and many other famous figures.

A large number of salt figures decorate the underground city.

Also visited these unusual mines royalty, from the ruling dynasty of Polish kings to the French King Francis I and the Russian Emperor Alexander I.

Wax figures in the underground salt city.

A very interesting fact (some say it was a joke of the guides): visitors were allowed to touch the exhibits with their hands and even lick the salt, but no more than . 2 kg and it was strictly monitored.

There is still a sanatorium in the Wieliczka salt mine.

In addition, beginning in the 16th century, Polish doctors convinced the king that the mine could cure many ailments of the respiratory system and various infectious diseases. After all, even at that time they knew that there were no bacteria or dangerous viruses or even fungi in it. But the air contains a large number of elements that are useful for human respiratory tract. Therefore, in one of the galleries, they opened baths that are still in use today. Danilovich’s trunk, is the oldest preserved, because it was cut in the middle of the XVII century.

Statue of St. Anthony in the oldest chapel in Wieliczka.

Miners were very pious people, so they created churches and chapels underground, so that at any time you could kneel before the Holy Face. Until now, the chapel of St. Anthony, created at the end of the XVII century in a huge block of salt. It is famous for its unusual sculptures of the Crucified Christ, Our Lady with the Child and, of course, Anthony himself.

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The Chapel of St. Anthony in the underground city.

All carved sculptures in the temple have a greenish tint due to the very structure of the rock salt and, unfortunately, have a tendency to melt, because the humidity in the cave is very high.

The bust of Casimir the Great in the salt mine.

On one of the levels in the first half of the XVIII century there was created a Chamber of Casimir the Great with a bust of the king, created in honor of the monarch who issued a decree regulating the extraction and trade of salt,

The majestic temple of St. Kinga in the underground city.

The sculpture of Princess Kingi, who is given her ring by the salt miners.

Of particular note is the only church in the world, created at such an impressive depth (101 m) in one of the formed grottoes back in 1895 and named after the Polish princess Kinga.

The incredible interior of the Chapel of St. Kinga.

In this unique church, everything is made of rock salt, from the parquet floor to the unique bas-reliefs and sculptures, the altar and the incredible beauty of the salt chandeliers. This extraordinary church still holds celebratory liturgies, and newlyweds tend to get married there.

Scheme of the underground city of the Wieliczka salt mine.

Now Wieliczka is considered one of the popular tourist destinations in Poland. To see the most amazing salt mine on the planet attracts tourists from all over the world. The fantastic tour of the underground salt world begins with the descent by 380 steps, which lead to the first underground level, which is located at a depth of 64 meters.

The mine has its own concert hall.

There is even a restaurant in the underground city.

Visitors are shown a total of three levels, the last of which reached a depth of 134 meters. During the existence of the mine cut more than three thousand chambers, but tourists visit only 20, the most impressive. Already from the descent into the mines, the delight and amazement of visitors has no limits, to see such splendor in the mine.

For extreme tourists there is a special route.

For fans of more extreme trips underground created a special route “Roads of new adventures”, which does not pass through the excursion stairs, and the most real mine workings and reaches six levels of depth.

Since ancient times people have an overwhelming desire to go deep into the bowels of the earth, and it does not matter if it is a mine, cave, catacomb or palace underground passage. For many centuries of human existence a huge number of underground shelters were created which still cause enormous interest and excite imagination.

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