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Koh Samui map – attractions, hotels, beaches and more

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Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui is the second largest island after Phuket and no less popular among tourists. I want to emphasize that it does not matter what purpose you want to travel to this island – to explore the natural attractions (white sandy beaches, coconut palms, coral reefs, etc.) or to fulfill the interests of a sexual nature (such as the beach Chaweng). What’s important is that to travel around this area, you’ll need a Koh Samui map.

To find Koh Samui on a map of Thailand, draw a straight line south from Bangkok. Where the coast of the Malacca Peninsula curves to the southeast, you’ll see several pieces of land – Pangangan, Samui and other small islands.

Interactive map of Koh Samui

Interactive map of Koh Samui showing streets, hotels, beaches, attractions, hospitals, parks, cafes, and other places of interest. To find the route to your point of interest, click on the marker and in the window that will open, click on “Calculate route”. You will go to a new page where you will find your location and automatically select the most convenient way to get to the destination.

Hotels on a map of Koh Samui

Interactive map of hotels on Koh Samui in Russian will help you find suitable options for accommodation on Koh Samui with subsequent booking. To find the right option, click on the hotel icon, you’ll get information about the conditions of accommodation, reservation price, feedback from tourists. It is possible to cut off the offers that do not suit the price at once. To do this, move the slider price selection. Read more about how easy it is to book any hotel in Thailand on and

Digital maps of Koh Samui

On our site we have detailed maps of Koh Samui in JPG format. They are a large size in pixels and therefore presented in small size thumbnails. To download the full size, click on the link “Download Original”. Then wait for the image to fully load on a new page, then right click and click “Save image as. ” . When you open the full-size map, you will see that they are more like schematic plans, allowing you to determine the mutual location of hotels, beaches, to plan a tour route (read more about excursions to Samui). Most of these maps were scanned from those offered for free at the Samui airport, hotels, and stores on the island.

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Big map of Koh Samui

Koh Samui Chaweng Beach Map

Koh Samui Nathan Beach Map

Koh Samui map of Koh Samui Beach

Koh Samui sights on the map

Koh Samui map with attractions in Russian is an exclusive offer for those who do not want to bother learning English on vacation. The names of attractions are the same as mentioned on the internet. So you can easily find what you like on the virtual pages. Everything written in Latin letters are the local names of beaches, bays, islands or marinas.

Koh Samui map with Russian landmarks

Map of Koh Samui with Russian landmarks (Download Original)

Map of the island with hotels

Samui island on the world map is very small. Therefore, on this map the hotel icons are so dense that there is no space between them. Turn the mouse wheel and zoom in, then you can imagine the real distance between the hotels and the beaches near them. The map of Samui with hotels also contains additional information – it shows major shopping centers, hospitals, visual landmarks – hills, temples. This plan makes it clear that the main party and entertainment centers are located on the north and east coast of the island. Those who want a quiet relaxation, however, should go to the west, where there are also good hotels.

Koh Samui map with hotels

Map of Koh Samui with hotels (Download Original)

Map of the island with piers and heights

Map of Koh Samui in Russian , where the piers and heights is the most specific plan. It even shows the golf courses where professional coaches give lessons to beginners. Seeing the piers of Koh Samui on the map , you get an idea of where you are and where to go, just get off the ferry.

Koh Samui in Thailand – description, entertainment, accommodations, hotels

Samui is spread out in the Gulf of Thailand’s Gulf of Thailand. It is not uncommon to hear Ko Samui (Koh Samui) or Koh Samui – the name of the same island, but the prefix “Koh” in Thai means the Russian word for “island”, hence the name, Ko Samui.

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Koh Samui (Thailand)

Ko Samui – is a popular holiday destination for foreign tourists, they come here when at home – a cold winter. Among the tourists can meet anyone: parents with children, vacationers, pensioners and young people.

The size of the island is not so big if you compare it to Phuket. It is 25 km long and only 21 km wide, surrounded by the small islets of Ang Tong Nature Reserve. This island is located from the capital of the country for 700 km to the south.

The total population of the island is 35 thousand people. The pride of every resident of this island is that they have quite a specific culture and mentality.

Tourism on the island began its development only in the 80s of the 20th century, when large-scale road construction began here. To date, tourism has become the main source of income of the island.

See also another island of Ko Chang in Thailand.

How to get to Samui

To get to him is not difficult from Bangkok, it takes no more than an hour by plane if you get from Pattaya, then the airport U Topao not more than 40 minutes. However, you need to fully take into account all the natural features that are directly related to this region.

What is the island?

The island topography can not be called flat, there are mostly mountain hills and dense jungle, low-lying areas are built up with residential areas even along the sea coast. Samui has many classic beaches with white sand and lagoons, a lot of the usual urban infrastructure, and most surprisingly – coconut groves.

Not by chance Samui is called the Island of coconut palms, there are more than 3.5 million species. Coconuts on this island – the best in the world. Local buildings are bungalows and villas are located on the beach and among the palm trees.

Koh Samui island in Thailand - description, entertainment, accommodation, hotels

Popular places are Lamai and Chaweng beaches. Sunrise on this island is considered the most unforgettable spectacle. The two cliffs of Hinta and Hanai rise on the southern extremity of Lamai Beach.

Not only tourists love these places, they are also of interest to locals. The surrounding nature is insanely beautiful, except that the sand is not quite good – coarse and not as white on the beaches of the Big Buddha, Me Nam and Bo Phut.

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Samui on the map

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