Sheregesh ski resort, description and prices

Sheregesh Ski Resort 2022-2023

What is the secret of the ski resort Sheregesh in the Kemerovo region? The unique fluffy snow, the structure of which makes skiing safe and eliminates the possibility of avalanches. A long and comfortable season, which begins in November and ends in May. 15 tracks of a total length of 35 kilometers for athletes of varying skill levels and different types (rope tow elevators, chairlifts, gondola). Great opportunities for freeride – extreme off-piste skiing. Care about the safety of tourists, constantly growing infrastructure, a lot of attractions and entertainment.

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You can stay in any of the 70 hotels of Sheregesh – from the most basic and unpretentious to very luxurious and comfortable. Some people prefer to rent an apartment in the village. Ski resort Sheregesh, in addition to slopes, in 2022 and 2023 offers recreation for every taste: cafes and restaurants, bars and nightclubs, health centers and spa complexes, skating rink and snow park – all the objects that form the image of Sheregesh as one of the best places for fun. You can rent skiing equipment from any of the numerous rental outlets, and a certified instructor will help you get the hang of skiing and snowboarding.

Scheme of trails in Sheregesh

Opening of the skiing season

Ski resort Sheregesh boasts a long season: skiing here is possible from November 2022 to May 2023. The first snow falls as early as late August and September, and often sets a thick snow cover in October. The official opening of the season is in November.

You may go skiing in Sheregesh from November till May. Photo: Konstantin NAGOVITSYN, “KP”-Kemerovo.

High season, when the greatest number of tourists arrives in Sheregesh, lasts from mid-November to mid-December – this time is ideal for skiing because of the abundant snowfall. Then during the New Year vacations and from mid-February to the end of March when the sun is shining and the holiday-makers have an even tan.

After January 1 because of the influx of guests are difficult to book rooms and prices for all services are rising. In addition, this month may be frosts to -40 degrees, which makes it impossible to ski. But you should remember that Siberia is prone to such severe frosts in December and February.

Sheregesh: charter flights are launched to coincide with the start of skiing season

Sheregesh is traditionally the first Russian ski resort to open the season. This year the guests are going to visit already on November 13! Especially for this event tour operator TUI Russia timed the launch of charter program. Learn about the flight schedule, prices on tickets and tours to Sheregesh from TUI Russia, and what surprises are preparing this season at the popular resort.

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Rent of lodging In a hostel – 800 rubles. Economy-class hotel – from 1000 rubles. Hotel – from 3900 rubles.
Average bill in a cafe 600-700 rubles
Single ski pass (for 10 of 20 elevators) 2300 rubles.
Equipment set (skis + poles + boots or snowboard + boots) 1-4 hours – 400 rubles. 4-8 hours – 500 rubles.
Ski or snowboard rent 1-4 hours – 200 rubles. 4-8 hours – 250 rubles.
Rental of accessories (goggles, gloves, helmet, jacket, pants, coveralls) 1 day – 200 rubles per item.
Private lessons with an instructor 1 hour 2500 rubles.

* The prices are for 2022.

Choose the best accommodation in Sheregesh

How to get there

From the beginning of the ski season begins to run an electric train “Sheregesh Express”. It departs from Prokopyevsk Kemerovo region, passes through Novokuznetsk and then goes to the station Chugunash. From there the tourists are taken by bus to the resort of Sheregesh. The total travel time is about 3.5 hours. Also from Novokuznetsk there is an electric train to Tashtagol. From there 20-25 km by cab. There are no electric trains to Sheregesh from Kemerovo.

From Novokuznetsk several times a day leaves by bus to Tashtagol, but only two trips a day with a stop in Sheregesh (departure at 6:40 and 12:00). Travel time is 3-3.5 hours. From Novokuznetsk organized regular (once a week on Fridays there and on Sundays back) private bus transfer. Private companies also offer delivery of tourists in minibuses. From Kemerovo you can take a bus to Tashtagol; your ride will take at least 7.5 hours. You can get to Tashtagol in 20-25 kilometers by cab. A private bus transfer is available from Kemerovo, departing on Friday and returning on Sunday. Private firms offer car and minibus transfers. The traveling time is 6-7 hours; in snowy weather much longer.

Ski Resort Sheregesh

Sheregesh Ski Resort

Ski resort Sheregesh, located in the south of the Kemerovo region, is rightly considered one of the best sports facilities not only outside the Urals, but throughout Russia. Let his slopes are no Alpine drops and extreme trails, but here can rest virtually any tourist, thanks to a competent pricing policy. Well, and Siberian flavor and picturesque landscapes of the village, surrounded by impenetrable taiga, leave no one indifferent.

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Weather in Sheregesh is unpredictable – the resort is located in the sharply continental climate, and despite the southern location, the temperature drops are severe. First frosts can fall to -32 degrees centigrade in early December, and then 0 to +3 degrees centigrade the next day. Official season in Sheregesh lasts from November to the end of April, but the decision on the shutdown of elevators is made on the basis of the current weather, it is possible to ski even in May.

Sheregesh Ski Resort

The success story of the ski resort began relatively recently – in 1981, when the Kuzbass mountain was selected for the Spartakiad of the RSFSR peoples on winter sports. Especially for her equipped two tracks – for slalom and downhill, and at the foot of built a few judges’ houses, which later became the base for the first hotel for 70 people, which opened its doors during perestroika.

Difficult 90s began with several years of oblivion, but then, despite the default and other economic turmoil, Sheregesh began to actively develop. In 2000 the first chair elevator firm “Doppelmayr” was brought here by a special order from Switzerland, and four years later the resort territory was divided into several sectors, each of which had its own independent ski lift and cottage hotel base.

Sheregesh Ski Resort

Today Sheregesh is a European-class resort area that is an integral part of the Shorsky National Park. Up to 20,000 skiers can stay on its territory at one time, and this figure increases every year. At the sports base opened several schools of skiing and snowboarding for children and adults, there is a large skating rink, helipad, and the opportunity to rent snowmobiles for self-guided tours around the area.

Since 2013, Sheregesh holds an annual Grelka Fest – a festival dedicated to the closure of the season. Initially it was planned to make a one-day event, where there will be only one event – the mass descent in swimsuits. But after the hot Siberian skiers and snowboarders appeared in the Guinness Book of Records, it was decided to stretch the festival days from the second week of April to 7-8 days. There is a free concert for all participants, for 2022 there were such bands as Leningrad and The Hatters.

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Grelka Fest 2019

You can also go to Sheregesh in the summer – some of the elevators work as viewing platforms. In addition, the village is organized full tourist life – equestrian tours, hiking with overnight stays in the middle of the taiga, or “civilized” vacation at the hotel with pools and tennis courts. For schoolchildren and students created several health and educational camps, including dedicated to learning foreign languages with guest teachers from abroad.

Hotels in Sheregesh

For 2022 hotel base Sheregesh has more than 70 hotels, chalets, cottages and apartments within walking distance of the slopes. You can find hostels at affordable prices for the whole family, or luxurious rooms, the level of strong 4-star, as the class of service and the services offered – swimming pools, gyms, etc.

For those who prefer to rent apartments, there are options in the village. Prices here are much lower, but you will need to walk to the nearest elevator a few kilometers. Another disadvantage – the age and condition of the houses, where the apartments are located. Most – Soviet five-storey buildings without major repairs and with poor soundproofing.

Popular hotels in Sheregesh not far from the elevators:

Sheregesh Ski Resort

Prices in Sheregesh 2022

Prices for elevators in Sheregesh depend on the sector and type of the ropeway. The higher its speed and capacity, the more expensive it is. Entrances are equipped with modern turnstiles, breakdowns are rare, in case of malfunction tourists will be offered to switch to another elevator with a full refund.

The cost of a single lift:

  • Sectors A and B (Cascade) – from 90 rubles (rope tow), from 140 rubles (chair).
  • Sector E – from 800 rubles per day (rope tow), from 250 rubles (gondola).
  • Sector F (Freestyle) – from 150 rubles.
  • Bugel hotel Olga and Sportotel (guests only) – from 50 rubles .

Prices for Ski-Pass:

  • Sector A and B (Cascade) – from 2100 rubles / day.
  • Sector E – from 1750 rubles / day.
  • Sector F (Freestyle) – from 1,200 rubles /day.
  • The trail for tubing – 500 rubles / hour.

Since December 2018 the single ski pass in Sheregesh is CANCELLED! The resort management had to take extreme measures because of the increasing incidence of speculation and fraud. Now to get on all slopes of each of the three main sectors, you must buy a separate card. When passing through the turnstiles, the season ticket is blocked for at least 15-20 minutes, so that in case of loss, it could not be used by someone else.

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Children up to 8 years old are free to enter the elevators, in Sector A teenagers up to 14 years old get a 30% discount. Those who don’t want to stand in the general queue are offered to buy a VIP Ski-Pass. In 2022 it costs 3,150 rubles/day – its owners pass to the lifts through a separate turnstile and are served first.

Rental prices in Sheregesh

Rent equipment in Sheregesh is carried out at several points directly at the elevators and hotels nearest to them. Prices are not regulated, but if you compare with other Russian resorts, the Kuzbass ski base pleasantly surprised – the rates are most democratic, with a discount on the principle: the longer the better.

The cost of renting sports equipment in 2022:

  • Set of skis/snowboard + boots – from 700 rubles /8 hours.
  • Helmet/sticks/gloves/mask (per item) – from 50 rubles /8 hours.
  • Jacket / ski pants – from 100 rubles / 8 hours.

Sheregesh slopes

At present Sheregesh ski resort offers its visitors 15 equipped pistes, each of them has its own elevator, snow park for people who like to perform tricks on board, cross-country skiing and a separate slope for tubing. The maximum height difference is 650 meters, and the average slope is 32-35 degrees.

Two gentle slopes are recommended to beginners and those who are not confident in their abilities:

Slopes of medium (blue and red) complexity include:

  • “Dollar”;
  • “Helena”;
  • “Panorama”;
  • “Sector E.”

There are no black slopes in Sheregesh as such, but the Utuya slope, which is under construction, is of higher complexity. So far there are no elevators, and you can get to the top only on a snowmobile for extra money. The trail is ideal for freeride, it is not serviced by compactors and snow cannon systems.

Sheregesh Ski Resort


As of 2022, there are 17 elevators in Sheregesh:

  • 3 gondola type – Sector E, Panorama and Sky Way;
  • 6 rope tow lifts – the lower levels of Sector E and Cascade, the upper level of Sky Way, as well as small lifts at Sportotel and Hotel Olga;
  • 8 open chairlifts – all other trails.

From time to time ropeways are closed for service, resort guests are warned about it well in advance, so that there are no queues.

Interesting facts

Sheregesh is the first Russian ski resort, where the millionth ski pass was sold. This happened in the 2013-2014 winter season, just a month before the opening of the Sochi Olympics. After that, Rosa Khutor took over the “millionaire” title several times, but the Siberian base won the well-deserved title at least twice. According to these statistics, every fourth skier or snowboarder in Russia at least once visited Sheregesh.

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The snow in the resort area is often called “puhlyak. In the jargon of athletes this word means a soft, loose and dry piste, which almost does not need artificial compaction. The average annual thickness of the snow cover on the slopes is 50 centimeters, which makes the local mountains stable to sudden temperature changes – snow caps on the main tops start melting only by the middle of summer, or even stay white all year long.

The Bigfoot Cave is one of the main attractions in the vicinity of Sheregesh. The karst formation is located in the village of Ust-Kabyrza, and access to it is open all year round. For almost 10 years enthusiasts and venerable scientists are trying to track down the legendary Bigfoot, but the unknown life-form does not want to show itself. Perhaps, someday the master of taiga will be found, and if not – at least be photographed against the background of snow-covered slopes.

Sheregesh Ski Resort

The popular name of the resort was immortalized by the social network Vkontakte. Since 2018, any user can add bright colors to communication by buying a set of stickers Gesh. In the view of the artist, “brought to life” the ski donkey is a playful Siberian Husky puppy breed, which not only demonstrates the natural cheerfulness, but also the willingness to go on adventures and ride on fresh snow on your favorite snowboard.

The area where Sheregesh is located is Gornaya Shoria, so named in tune with the indigenous population. Shorians are one of the small peoples of Siberia, who have lived here in isolation from the outside world for several centuries. Today, colorful “natives” in national costumes are a real decoration of the resort. They mostly sell wooden and fur souvenirs, shamanic amulets and jewelry for women.

Around Sheregesh there are many curious sights with unusual and even strange names. Cliffs Camels and Devil’s Finger are interesting in their own right, and also regularly used as viewing platforms. In Ust-Kabyrza there is an interactive museum of Gulag, where every guest can try on the prisoner’s uniform, and from the Poklonnyi Cross on Zelenaya Mountain freeride skiers constantly start.

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