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Shigaya is a sight you will never see. Japan

A man always longs for the sea. The sand and gentle waves set up a positive and relaxing mood. If there is no sea or ocean nearby, people rush to their artificial substitutes. For example, swimming pools or water parks. Therefore, in many cities you can find such wonderful oases.

Japan, though surrounded on all sides by the ocean and seas, also had such an interesting attraction in its arsenal – an unusual piece of ocean under the roof. This is not quite the standard Seagaia Waterpark, or as it was called the Seagaia Ocean Dome (in the original Seagaia Ocean Dome). It was once located in the city of Miyazaki.

Shigaya Waterpark

As you noticed, this article is written in the past tense. The fact is that at the moment this attraction is not just closed, but practically wiped off the face of the earth. But we still want to tell about it. So to speak, to pay tribute to the builders and designers of this wonder.

Abandoned plane in Bali. Description, photo, coordinates.

Former Sigaya on the map

  • Geographic coordinates 31.955152, 131.468797
  • Distance from Tokyo, the capital of Japan about 900 km
  • The nearest airport in Kagoshima is about 75 km

The Shigaya Dome was part of the Sheraton Seagaia Resort and was perhaps its most striking attraction.

Sigaya was a huge indoor water park measuring 300 by 100 meters. At its center was a real piece of tropical paradise beach with real sand and ocean. The beach was able to accommodate about 10,000 people simultaneously. What, in fact, and used as locals and tourists.

Shigaya Beach

Here, as well as on some paradise islands, also had its own volcano. Of course not as majestic as Fujiyama, but also remarkable (although artificial). The volcano woke up every 15 minutes and shook the neighborhood, thus generating a big wave on the surface of the local “ocean”. This was eagerly awaited by surfers, for whom the wave is the meaning of life. In addition, every hour the volcano spewed tongues of flame, delighting all the other visitors of the park. Naturally, all processes were automated and fine-tuned.

In addition, under the dome of the Sigaya there were all the traditional attributes of a water park and resort. Want a roller coaster? You got it. Want cafes, restaurants, spas? There were plenty of those. Don’t want anything? Then just bask in the sand or swim in the mini-ocean. There were optimal conditions for this. The air temperature was kept at 30 degrees Celsius, and the water about 28. Agree, quite comfortable.

Shigaya. Japan

Sigaya had an interesting feature – a giant sliding four-piece roof. In sunny and clear weather, the roof is spread out, allowing visitors to admire the blue sky. If it is bad weather, raining or simply gloomy outside, the roof is closed but still allows visitors to enjoy the sky, albeit an artificial one. The scenery of the sky was as close to natural as possible. So the bad weather had no effect on the wonderful pastime inside. In general it should be noted that the interior design was very well done and was nearly indistinguishable from a real paradise place somewhere in Bora Bora.

Volcano Sinabung on the island of Sumatra. Indonesia

Rise and Fall

The Sigaya Dome was built in 1993 and in 1995 there was a record of 1.250 million visitors per year. Unfortunately, this monster was unprofitable. According to the project, in order to make Sigaya profitable, it had to be visited by about 2.5 million people.

But visitors were usually no more than 1 million. So the project was declared bankrupt in 2001, then sold. It operated until 2007 and was again officially closed for renovation. But no reconstruction took place. And now there are the pitiful remains of a once gigantic structure in its place.

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