Silent Zone in Mexico, all the truth about the anomaly

Silent Zone in Mexico

The Silent Zone or “Sea of Tethys” is an anomalous desert area in Mexico, a mysterious area located 400 miles south of the American city of Zl Paso, on the border of the states of Durango, Chihuahua and Coahuila. In this area, TVs don’t work, and radios begin to malfunction and in some places also go completely silent – hence the name given by the locals. Therein lies the basic mystery of the area.

The Silent Zone is located in Mexico

The silent zone is a flat and gloomy plain. There are almost no plants, only an occasional prickly bush or cactus, but there are plenty of poisonous snakes. Nevertheless, people have settled in this area for a long time – since before the time of the Dark Ages. Settlements were built around springs that were few in number. Some of these springs have not dried up until now. Because of this mystery of the Silent Zone, scientists compare its properties with the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, the mysteries of the pyramids of Egypt and the Buddhist monasteries in the Himalayas. The following fact is striking: all the above-mentioned areas, including the Silent Zone, are located at the same latitude. In the town of Ceballos, on the edge of the Silence Zone, not a single television set works, although the radios still make some sound – but even at full power you can barely hear them.

If you move 50 kilometers from Ceballos into the desert, the radio fades completely and the clock stops.

According to Dr. Santiago Garcia, people knew that mysterious things were happening in this area as early as the middle of the 19th century. Already in those days, farmers living here or nearby often noted how “hot rocks” were falling to the ground out of the clear sky. In the 1930s, an airline pilot from the Mexican state of Coahuila named Francisco Sarabia flew over the Silent Zone. His radio went dead over the zone, for no apparent reason. The pilot notified his superiors of the incident, and he is now believed to be the first person of his time to be “affected” by unusual phenomena in the Silent Zone

The silent zone is characterized by frequent occurrence of unidentified flying objects

In 1964, Harry de la Peña, a chemical engineer, was doing geophysical research in this area, not far from San Ignacio Hill. Suddenly de la Peña’s radio went out. When he returned to the base to fix the radio, he found it to be in perfect working order. Thus, he accidentally found the Zone of Silence. The next time the engineer was in the area again, the same thing happened again. Since then, discoveries in the Silent Zone have followed one after another. In particular, it turned out that meteorites fall here very often. This anomalous zone is located in close proximity to the United States, which, logically, should have immediately sent here experts to conduct the necessary research. However, this did not happen – no one has ever engaged seriously in the study of this mysterious zone. This behavior of the U.S. government has led some to believe that somewhere nearby (perhaps underground) is a secret military base that uses high-power devices, which are the cause of the strange behavior of the Zone. In principle it is logical, but there is one small detail – in 1964 neither Americans nor anyone else could have equipment of such power. Nevertheless, for several years the anomalous zone was safely forgotten, but in the 70’s it had to be recalled. Then an American experimental ballistic missile Athena, launched from the White Sands test site, suddenly veered off course and headed toward the zone and exploded there. A few years later one of the Saturn rocket stages flashed over the Zone. That is when everyone paid attention to the Silence Zone. The U.S. military department has sent a special group to the Silent Zone for detailed study of the mysterious features of the anomalous territory. One of the first researchers who studied the Silence Zone was Harry de la Peña, known to us, and his group confirmed that in this area communication with walkie-talkies and portable radios is impossible. The researchers suggested that some “magnetic force that suppresses radio waves” was at work in the area.

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Since then, experts from all over the world have come here to explore the area. At the same time as a base camp they use the scientific town built in the heart of the Silence Zone. Scientists working here gave the name of the Silent Zone “Thetis Sea” – the name of the ancient ocean, which, according to scientists, was in this place in ancient times. In the center of this town is a research laboratory called “Biosphere,” designated to study the amazing forms of biological life and anomalous phenomena found here

It should be noted that unidentified flying objects and humanoids have repeatedly been encountered here. At the beginning of the XX century local residents encountered intelligent creatures of bizarre appearance and behavior. One such unusual encounter in the Silent Zone happened to the spouses Ernesto and Josefina Diaz, entrepreneurs and amateur archaeologists, on October 3, 1975. They visited the zone with the purpose of searching there for interesting stones, fossils and remains of ancient animals. They were so engrossed that they noticed an approaching thunderstorm late. Not wanting to get caught in the rain, they put everything they found into the car and drove away. But they were caught up in the storm and the dirt road became a continuous bog. The car stalled and they were stuck. The Díaz couple tried to keep the car from getting irrevocably stuck in the mud, but to no avail. Suddenly they saw two human figures walking toward the car through the torrents of rain, waving their hands affectionately. They were two very tall men, with unusual but friendly faces. They offered to help Ernesto and Josephine and told the couple to get back into the car. The mysterious strangers moved to the back of the body, and before Ernesto and Josephine realized what was happening, the car, to their immense amazement, was on solid ground out of the impassable swamp. As soon as Ernesto recovered, he got out of the cabin to thank his amazing helpers, but no one was there.

Magnetic Mountain.

desert of the Silent Zone

Travelers who systematically pass through the Silent Zone claim that at night you can see strange lights or fireballs moving over the ground here. For some time they just hang motionless in the air, changing their color from time to time, and then suddenly break away and disappear at the speed of lightning. There are credible eyewitnesses who have seen more than just lights, who have returned to the site in the morning to find grass clumps and stunted bushes burned or scorched. And some even claim to have seen unidentified flying objects.

For example, two farmers returning home from a party said they had seen an unidentified flying object of very large size. It was a brightly glowing ball that descended from the dark sky to the ground, and from it emerged aliens who were glowing with the same strange light. The humanoids headed toward the frightened farmers, but they came to their senses and fled.

There is another attraction in the Silent Zone – the so-called Magnetic Mountain. In 1976 there were made the first photos of unidentified flying object, which landed near it. The pictures show a glowing silver object. The journalist taking the pictures managed to photograph the unidentified object during takeoff as it soared upwards with a loud rumble and almost instantly disappeared from view in a westerly direction.

There is a small ranch near the borders of the Silence Zone. Its owners described three people who, they said, regularly visited the homestead. They described them as tall, blond, long-haired people: two men and one woman, unusually polite and very beautiful. They were dressed somehow unusually. They spoke perfect Spanish, with no accent at all, but there was an unusual musical ring to their voices. These men came to the ranch for water, and only for water. They politely asked permission to fill their own canteens with water from the well. They never asked for anything but water. When asked where they came from, the strange guests smiled and replied, “From above.”

Versions and facts of the death of the group of Dyatlov Pass

Sea of Thetis

Silence Zone rock constructions complex

In November 1978, Luis Ramirez Reyes came to the Zone of Silence as part of a group of journalists. Ramirez wanted to outrun the rest of the group. Ramirez and his photographer drove into the desert to get to the Biosphere first. They were still very far from the laboratory, and it suddenly occurred to the journalist that they had no supplies with them-no water or food-and that they would probably die of thirst and starvation if they got lost in the harsh desert. After a while they came to a fork in the road, and they took a wrong turn – they were lost, as Ramírez had feared. Soon the journalist saw three figures ahead, walking toward them. Ramirez got excited, thinking they were locals who would help them find their way to the Biosphere, and asked the photographer to stop the car near the people. But for some reason, the photographer drove past them and didn’t even slow down. Ramirez was very surprised and asked the photographer the reasons for this strange behavior. The photographer, equally surprised, replied that there were no people on the road. Ramirez thought that the desert was playing tricks on him and he was already hallucinating. The car drove some more, and suddenly Ramirez saw the same three “locals” on the road ahead. This time, as the car neared them, Ramirez again asked the photographer, who never saw anyone, to stop. He obeyed, and Ramirez got out of the car and asked the men how to get to the laboratory. They explained that you had to turn aside and drive along the mountainous part of the “Sea of Tethys”. In addition, they actually identified themselves as locals and said that their sheep and goats had wandered off somewhere around here, so they were looking for them. The journalist was surprised that these “natives” had neither water nor provisions, nor any special equipment for traveling through the desert, although it was not safe to travel light in this bleak desert. Nonetheless, Ramirez thanked them and returned to the car to the astonished photographer. They took the route they had been instructed to take and in a short time they did indeed reach the Biosphere. The rest of the group was already there. Upon meeting them, Ramirez recounted an unusual occurrence. Laboratory supervisor Harry de la Peña remarked in amazement that there were no locals or anyone else in the desert except the group of correspondents who had arrived and were in the Biosphere. And certainly no sheep or goats to look for here, de la Peña said. In the days that followed, the group made a thorough survey of the area, and found with certainty that for many kilometers around, the desert was completely uninhabited.

There are many such testimonies. There are also reports of contacts with strange dwarfs, creatures that are only a few tens of centimeters tall. Ruben Lopez, a local businessman was once crossing the Silent Zone on his way to Ceballos. His car suddenly began to malfunction, much to his surprise since he had just passed a routine inspection. And then he saw, thirty meters ahead of him, five short figures on the side of the road. Lopez at first thought they were just children who had lost their way, but suddenly he saw that the “children” were dressed in strange silver jumpsuits and had helmets on their heads, similar to motorcycle helmets. They headed toward Lopez’s car, encircling it, and then he became very frightened. Lopez sharply pressed the throttle in neutral, and the engine howled, shocking the midgets. They scattered and disappeared into the darkness. As soon as the unusual dwarfs disappeared from sight, the car’s engine started up again normally.

As mentioned in the first part of this article, meteorites fall with incredible frequency in the Silent Zone. In the late 1950s, a meteorite fell near the capital of the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Studies conducted showed that it contained substances much older than our entire solar system. As Professor Luis Maeda Villalobos later said, “the material of this meteorite is as old as the universe itself; the solar system is 5 billion years old, and this meteorite is as much as 7 billion years older. There are other mysteries in the Silent Zone – for example, the amazing ruins of the ancient complex of cyclopean stone structures, which experts tend to believe the ancient astronomical observatory. According to the most conservative estimates, it was built several thousand years ago, before the Flood.

The Road to Nowhere, a frightening reality

To explain the appearance of unidentified flying objects and anomalous phenomena a variety of assumptions are put forward. For example, Dr. Santiago Garcia, who spent a considerable part of his life studying this anomalous region, suggested that the U.S. military might have tested a reconnaissance robot here, which was the source of the mysterious glow. During the day its solar panels could automatically replenish the charge, and at night the robot secretly carried out its research. Garcia recalled that when an Air Force team arrived at the site where the Athena rocket exploded to collect its wreckage, the military had also taken several trucks of soil with them, apparently taking it into the desert for analysis. As to why the instruments do not work here, some researchers say that there are abundant deposits of magnetite in the area, which can cause the suppression of electromagnetic waves. In addition, analyses of ridge rocks in this area have shown that they contain significant amounts of uranium.

And, nevertheless, these assumptions with a stretch can explain only a part of the phenomena. The answer to the question, what unidentified objects and mysterious humanoids appear here, why and where from, is still absent.

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Anomalous Silent Zone of the Mexican desert

Our planet may not be very big on a planetary scale, but it has many amazing and wonderful things. Monuments of ancient civilizations complement impressive landscapes of icy tundra and mountain ranges. At the same time, some of our planet’s natural wonders have an eerie reputation – and today we have the Mexican Zone of Silence in front of us.

The Mexican zone of silence scares UFO flights

Mexican zone of silence scares UFO flights

According to a number of characteristics the anomalous zone of Mexico can be compared to the Bermuda Triangle, only located in dry territory. The mysterious place is overgrown with legends that rival the legendary Devil’s Triangle. The Zone of Silence, also known as the Zone of Silence does include a number of anomalous oddities.


There is a 50-kilometer area of desert in Mexico that bears the ominous name of the “dead zone. The cities of Chihuahua, Durango and Coahuila meet here, about 650 kilometers south of El Paso, Texas.

satellite image of the silent zone

satellite image of the silent zone

The mysterious location, classified as a “radio silence zone” represents a not-so-distant area of the Mexican desert where the nearest settlement, Queballos, is only 30 kilometers away.

Residents of surrounding towns and villages have been telling frightening stories about the “silent zone” for a long time, and some of them have proof.


The first of the recorded rumors appeared in the 1930s after statements by pilot Francisco Sarabia. He was forced to make an emergency landing due to “radio anomalies” and loss of orientation.

The pilot was in the air when the plane’s instruments behaved strangely, the radio equipment failed altogether, as if something was interfering with the normal operation of the plane.

Then, in 1964, a PEMEX engineer, Harry de la Peña, was surveying the desert for an oil pipeline in Jimenez, Chihuahua (northern Mexico). During the work expedition, the engineer encountered a dead or “silent” zone that completely suppressed radio communications.

It was Harry de la Peña who described the desert area as a “zone of silence,” and the term has since successfully caught on and been quoted by the press.

Fascinated by the mysterious radio anomalies, the engineer returned to the zone several times, trying to study the phenomenon and find out the causes of the anomaly. As a result of his research, he discovered that the dead zones are not fixed in one place. Local pockets of the anomaly were moving from place to place, so Harry de la Peña could not determine the exact locations of the source of the radio interference.

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Reports of radio jamming gave the Mexican Silent Zone an eerie reputation. But what happened a few years after de la Peña’s first expedition into this anomalous zone caused confusion even in the UFO, pseudoscience and conspiracy theory communities!


During the Cold War, a missile base in the “white sands” of New Mexico was conducting a series of tests using Athena RTV (rocket-propelled missiles). The tests were a joint task between the Air Force and the Army, studying the effects of rocket explosions in the atmosphere.

On July 11, 1970, the Athena RTV V123D rocket successfully launched from the Green River Complex in Utah. During the final stage of the flight, the capsule carrying radioactive cobalt-57 was scheduled to drop in the White Sands Desert, New Mexico. However, there was a malfunction in the control module (official explanation) and the capsule, after flying 800 kilometers further, fell exactly in the Silent Zone.

The Mexican government granted the U.S. military’s request to move into the area where the capsule fell to collect debris. The military is said to have worked quickly and stealthily to ensure safety, and to begin the search for the radioactive capsule.

According to the story, when the search parties entered the drop area, the military quickly found out it was impossible to use communications. Without effective communication, coordination between the teams became very difficult.

By the way, it became clear that more than just radios were impossible to use: television and satellite signals also seemed to be “jammed” – the source of the jamming was never found out.

A popular conclusion of theorists is that local magnetic fields somehow created a “rest zone” from modern technology. However, there are no official reports that the U.S. government has actually experienced any problems with radio communications.

A month later, the U.S. government eventually found the capsule, removed the debris and conducted a radioactive cleanup of the area. About 20 tons of radioactive soil, including plants, were removed and transported to the White Sands Desert in Utah.


In addition to stories of lost radio signals, there are countless reports of anomalous events around the Silent Zone. Few of the reports are credible, and the vast majority have not been adequately explained. Stories speak of strange lights in the sky, silent rectangular planes flying, and people appearing out of nowhere.

There have been enough mysteries for ufologists to draw parallels between the Silent Zone and other anomalous areas of the world, such as the Dragon Triangle near Japan and the famous Bermuda Triangle. Researchers may have come to entertaining conclusions because the Silent Zone lies almost longitudinally to the Giza Plateau and the Bermuda Triangle – between latitudes 25 and 29 North.

There are indeed a number of unusual phenomena regarding the Silence Zone, giving the piece of desert a special uniqueness. One of the natural characteristics of the anomalous area highlights the excessive content of magnetite and uranium.

Some researchers who have studied the “zone of silence” and the possible causes of radio communication anomalies believe that it is the high levels of minerals that are responsible for the lack of signals in the depth of the zone.

It is possible that meteorites penetrating the Earth’s atmosphere have been accumulating in this area for years. Many celestial bodies are composed of iron and other metals, which are attracted to the magnetic fields, explains one of the hypotheses. However, experts note that the Silent Zone has attracted no more meteors than any other place on the planet.


According to some reports, suspicious personalities sometimes appear in the silent zone: in particular, an interesting trio is often seen here. The trio consists of one woman accompanied by two men, all white-haired.

According to ranchers who have observed the trio more often than others, all members of the group are dressed quite inappropriately for walking in a desert environment.

By all accounts, all three spoke fluent Spanish, and were not only extremely attractive, but polite to a manic extreme.

On each of their visits they have asked for water to fill their flasks from the well, but never once have they asked for food or anything else. When one of the farmer’s assistants dared to ask where they came from, the answer was “from above.

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A report from October 1975, further cemented the legacy of the Silent Zone as a truly strange place on the planet. Fossil mineral hunters Ernesto and Josephine Diaz set out for the Zone to collect samples of any unusual rocks they could find.

While the curiosity seekers were working enthusiastically, a powerful downpour was moving in their direction. Luckily for the couple, they noticed the storm approaching and decided to drive away from the storm.

But no matter how hard they tried to stay ahead of the storm, they failed. The ground around the pickup turned into a veritable swamp, firmly trapping the vehicle. What happened next could be described as an incredible twist of luck, or the involvement of something supernatural.

Two tall men emerged from the cloud of rain and approached the pickup and passengers with the offer to rescue the stranded vehicle. Both rescuers wore the same clothes: a yellow long-sleeved coat and a cap. As the men approached the truck, it somehow inconceivably made its way onto solid ground.

Surprised, Ernesto, wanting to thank the helpers for their efforts, got out of the truck … whoever the men were, they disappeared, leaving not even a trace in the dirt.


Mexico is one of the most active UFO hotspots in the world. The most detailed report of a UFO sighting appeared in September 1976 in Queballos, the closest town to the Zone. Around 9 p.m., concerned residents began calling the police to report a massive rectangular object flying leisurely over their heads.

Witnesses said the UFO was about 300 meters long, with alternating colored lights pulsing around the lower rim of the object. A deep humming sound emanated from inside the flying machine.

The appearance of the UFO seemed to have a detrimental effect on the city’s dogs, as they all howled and barked at the flying vehicle. In the end, the UFO disappeared swiftly within a second or two – right off the bat, assuming tremendous speed. All witnesses expressed the same opinion, the UFO was headed for the Silent Zone.


Although there are paranormal mysteries about the Silent Zone, many people prefer a scientific explanation. The Mexican government and scientific organizations are constantly conducting research in the zone. However, their main goals seem to focus on the rich diversity of flora and fauna in the desert habitat.

The environment of the area is unique, with 31 species of endemic plants, 75 species of protected animals, including the desert tortoise. Fossils and ancient arrowheads can be found here in great numbers, given the paleontological and pre-Hispanic past of the region.

In 1979 the area was declared part of the Mapimí Bolsón Biosphere Reserve, and near Cerro San Ignacio the construction of a scientific laboratory was completed two years ago.

The legends of the Silent Zone are an unlimited realm of the imagination, where anything is possible. Over the years, legends of the Silent Zone have spread around the world, leading to overly exaggerated claims about the danger of the area, scientists believe.

Naturally, any place with a bizarre reputation increases the number of visitors, expanding tourism business opportunities.

There is no evidence of unusual or paranormal phenomena occurring in the Silent Zone. This does not mean, though, that the many stories of radio communication loss are false reports.

In this place there are mountain ranges, which can cause serious interference to radio signals, informs the opinion of scientists working in the area. Therefore, visitors to the silent zone are warned: here communication is lost, satellite navigators fail, be careful.

Of course, the legends of the anomalous zones of the world are criticized by skeptics as “ridiculous” and even “fraudulent”. On the other hand, what could prevent satellite reception in the valley? Besides, history has shown that superstitions and “fairy tales” very often precede scientific reasoning.

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