Singing fountains in Dubai, video and show schedule

Dubai Fountain: what you need to know before visiting, prices and videos

The Dubai Fountain is the most favorite and popular attraction of the city because it is free . But seriously, also because it is the largest musical fountain in the world.

It is a must see – a must see, if you haven’t seen it, you haven’t been to Dubai.

A few facts

The fountain is located in an artificial lake at the foot of the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. The length of the fountain is 275 meters.

The water jets shoot out to a height of 150 meters, the equivalent of a 50-storey building, and technically their elevation can be increased by at least one hundred meters.

Dubai Fountain and artificial lake.

Dubai fountain and artificial lake.

The fountain in Dubai has no official name. Or rather, it is called that – “Dubai Fountain”. But among tourists it is called either a dancing fountain or a singing one.

If I agree with the first one, then with the “singing” only with the prefix “under the veneer”. It doesn’t sing, it only “dances.

The music that accompanies the performances ranges from modern pop to classics: Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long,” Christopher Tin’s “Baba Yetu,” Elmer Bernstein’s “The Magnificent Seven,” Sarah Brightman’s “Time to Say Goodbye” and Andrea Bocelli.

Periodically, the latest international hits appear on the playlist, which often gets the audience even more excited. It’s impossible to predict which track you’ll hit. And you don’t have to. You can get lost at the fountains for a long time and not get bored – no performance is repeated during the evening.

Fountain schedule in Dubai

The performances are held every day and last 5 minutes:

  • Evening: every half hour from 6:00 p.m. to 00:00 p.m;
  • Daytime: 1:00pm and 1:30pm (Fridays: 1:30pm and 2:00pm).

Punctuality of the Dubai Fountain is not different. The show rarely starts on time. Instead of six, it can start at five or ten past seven. If it is too light, then the first show can start at half past seven.

Note that by 6:30 people start flocking to the quay. In the period from six to seven the density of tourists is maximal.

Regardless of which way you want to see the show, either take the best seats by coming even more in advance, or plan your visit closer to 9:30.

Best places to watch

From either side near the lake, the fountain is great to see. Still, many people will want to be closer to this wonder. So I’ll give a few tips.

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Dubai Mall promenade and bridge to Souk Al Bahar

You can see the performance of the dancing fountain from the promenade by the Dubai Mall. However, just before the performance, all the people walking leisurely around the stores before the show, pour out in thousands of people to the lake and there is no space left at all on the waterfront. So you have to find a good spot on the quay in advance.

Near the fountain by day, evening and night.

Near the fountain during the day, evening and night.

The bridge and the promenade around Souk Al Bahar market are less crowded but you need to be here 10 to 15 minutes before the show.

If you want to capture the fountains on photo/video, it is better to go here – the wide sides of the bridge and the promenade allow you to comfortably position your equipment.

Restaurants and cafes

Numerous restaurants with a view of the lake is a great way to enjoy the show of the dancing fountains in comfort. The pleasure is not cheap, but for a romantic dinner – just right. It is better to book a table, where possible, in advance.

There are several restaurants on the promenade of the Dubai Mall and Al Bahar Market that offer great views of the surrounding area, including the Fountain.

There are several restaurants on the seafront of Dubai Mall and Al Bahar Market offering great views of the surrounding area, including the Fountain.

In Dubai Mall, the restaurants with the best views of the Fountains are: TGI Fridays (American fast food); Wafi Gourmet (Lebanese cuisine); Carluccio’s (Italian); Joe’s Cafe (European); More (international); Madeleine (French); Burj Al Hamam (Lebanese).

Please note that Dubai Mall restaurants do not serve alcohol. You know, there are problems with alcohol in Dubai.

At Souk Al Bahar Market a fantastic view of the fountain opens from the restaurants: Dean&Delukca Cafe (international); Baker&Spice (international); Rivington Grill (English); Urbano (Italian); Margaux Restaurant (French); Mango Tree (Thai); Bice Mare (Italian).

Rivington, Margaux, Mango, Bice serve alcohol.

Burj Khalifa Lookouts

Climbing up the Burj Khalifa in the evening, tourists, one way or another, will catch a couple of fountain performances. Even though you can only see the flat pattern from the top and you can’t hear the music, it still looks amazing!

But I don’t recommend limiting yourself to that, be sure to take some time and see the fountain show from the ground.

From a traditional Arabian boat

You can purchase the Dubai Fountain Lake Ride on the official Sputnik8 website. This is an almost 30 minute ride on a wooden boat on an artificial lake during the dancing fountains show.

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The cost is AED 68 per tourist from 3 years old. Children under that age are not allowed to ride in the boat.

In addition to the website, tickets can also be purchased at the pier of these boats on the waterfront of Dubai Mall.

Note that the boat comes close to the fountain, so keep your cameras and phones away – there will be splashing.

Dubai Fountain Boardwalk.

You can buy a ticket for the Dubai Fountain Boardwalk on the Burj Khalifa website, as well as at the ticket office.

The cost of the pleasure is AED 20 per entry. No one cares how long you will stay on it, even if you sit the whole evening between shows, arranging the races, because the length of the pontoon is 272 meters!

Dubai Fountain.

Dubai Fountain.

It is sparsely populated even in high season – only ten people on the whole platform.

In my opinion this is the best way to enjoy the show. The fountains look much better than from the promenade. It is only 9 meters from the platform to the fountain.

Broadwalk is open from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Small children and women in heels are not allowed on the platform. Also do not expect to leave there dry.

Dubai Fountain: video

How to get to the Dubai Fountain

Getting to the Dubai Fountain in Dubai is very easy:

    Burj Khalifa/ Dubai Mall on the red line, take the overpass to Dubai Mall; , the Dubai Mall stop directly opposite the Mall;
  • Car: Underground parking Dubai Mall (25°11.922, 55°16.805), enter from Financial Centre Road; .

The main landmark is Burj Khalifa, almost a kilometer long tower is difficult to see. On the waterfront you need to go through Dubai Mall.

The Singing Fountain in Dubai

The Singing Fountain in Dubai.

The Singing Fountain in Dubai is located in the heart of the largest city of the UAE, surrounded by skyscrapers, restaurants and shopping centers belonging to the modern mixed-use complex of Downtown Dubai. The fountain is rightfully considered one of the highest and most unusual in the world. Its shooters and movable jets so spectacularly throw out and gracefully curve the water jets, that everyone without exception come to the delight of the show.

Several times in the evening originally illuminated by special searchlights Dancing Dubai Fountains turn into a light and music complex, creating a stunning composition. Complex structure, controlled by automation, is located in the borders of an artificial lake spread out at the foot of the Burj Khalifa (or Khalifa Tower). On its facade during the grand performances you can often see fascinating laser projections.

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Dancing Fountain of Dubai show

Creation history

The project was developed by the American company WET Design, which specializes in the creation of unusual fountains. Its elegantly moving to the music of the masterpieces of water entertainment can be found in Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Tokyo, and a theme park by Walt Disney. The singing fountains in Dubai managed to eclipse all the previous projects of the company, both in scale and brilliance, elegance, splendor.

Emaar Properties PJSC, an investment company known in Dubai since 1997, acted as the customer and at the same time the developer. Construction of the Singing and Dancing Fountain started in 2008, and less than a year later – in May 2009 – the musical and water show was presented to the public. In a short period of time an artificial lake appeared in Downtown, covering an area of more than 12 hectares, to which the communications were connected, the most complex control and filtering systems were created, and the music and light accompaniment was selected and synchronized.

Construction work is estimated at $218 million. There is an opinion that the officially announced figure does not correspond to reality. In fact, the financial investment turned out to be somewhat higher.

The test activation of the Singing Fountains in Dubai was held in February 2009. The official opening ceremony took place on May 8, 2009. On the same day the shopping and entertainment complex Dubai Mall opened its doors.

Bird's eye view of the singing fountain in Dubai

Proposals for the name of the Dubai Fountain were considered by a special committee. The preference was given to the most simple option – “The Dubai Fountain”. The results of the contest organized by Emaar were announced on October 26, 2009.

The mechanism of work

A lot of water cannons are arranged in a loop-shaped curved line, consisting of two smooth elements, uniting five circles of different diameters into a single complex. To the accompaniment of famous music performed by famous performers water jets are thrown to different heights, depict running paths, smoothly changing levels, creating a dance effect, tilting in different directions.

Every second up to 83 tons of water rises into the air, illuminated by 6,600 spotlights WET Superlights, 25 of which emit colored light. 50 projectors extend the visual experience to the full color spectrum. Unique shooter, super-shooter and extra-shooter nozzles, pushing water under high pressure in one or different directions, allow creating unique water compositions, rapidly changing each other. There are more than 1,000 of them.

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Singing Fountain in action

The glass branch is suddenly shattered by a sudden explosion of powerful jets, the jumping streams turn into a thick fog, and the enchanting water dance harmonizes with the musical accompaniment. Rotating nozzles are adjusted so that the water spray does not fall on the audience coming to see the show. For a few minutes spectators get into a real fairy tale – bright, mesmerizing and fascinating.

The length of the Singing Fountain in Dubai is 275 meters. Jets of water shoot out to a height of 150 meters, the equivalent of a 50-story building. Technically their rise can be increased by at least a hundred meters, as it was declared in 2010, a year after the opening of the object.

At the end of 2010 the fountain got new effects after the installation of smoke generators and gas nozzles. Today viewers can not only enjoy the amazing dance of colored jets accompanied by music, but also admire the suddenly appearing “smoke” and “fire”. Show organizers assure that the glowing beams can be seen far beyond the lake – more than 30 km in diameter.

Effects of the Singing Fountain

The show of singing fountains in Dubai

Dancing fountains move gracefully with music and light accompaniment. The show always features a song sung in honor of the current Emir of Dubai, as well as the Grammy Award-winning song “Our Father” (the original name in Swahali sounds like “Baba Yetu”).

The list includes works in Arabic, Italian and English, music from movies and TV series. The fountain in Dubai necessarily “sings” the anthem of the UAE and a song specially written for the opening day of the Khalifa Tower (Burj Khalifa). The performers include opera singers, pop stars and even a South Korean-Chinese boyband. In between musical tracks, the Dancing Fountains silently demonstrate to guests and residents of Dubai all their power and beauty.

The Dancing Fountain in Dubai

The best places to watch the show

From any shore of the lake, the Singing Fountain in Dubai is superbly visible. But there are some places that offer the best views of the attraction. These are:

  • The Saouk Al Bahar Bridge, which connects the Souk Al Bahar and Dubai Mall – the handy railings allow you to put a camera on them for quality nighttime shots;
  • Restaurants and cafes with terraces overlooking the lake at Souk Al Bahar and Dubai Mall;
  • Kinokuniya bookstore – the open balcony is on the top floor of the Dubai Mall;
  • several waterfront cafes along the shopping complexes – early seating is recommended;
  • viewing platforms on the 124th. 125 and 148 floors of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper; the floating platform “The Boardwalk” – allows you to get up to 9 meters closer to the fountain;
  • The traditional Arabian boat Abra.
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Operating hours of the Singing Fountains in Dubai

The main show can be seen daily in the evening every 20-30 minutes between 18:00 and 23:00. During Ramadan, the start of the show moves to 7:30pm. During the whole month, the fountains will be turned on every 30 minutes until 23:30 (Thu-Sat) and to 23:00 on the rest of the days. Hours of operation may vary depending on the season and religious holidays.

On approach to the singing fountain

You can see the light and music dancing show for free. But there are also paid options that provide an overview of the fountain from unusual angles. First of all, these are numerous cafes and restaurants with views of the lake. You only have to pay for dinner.

  • to Burj Khalifa observation decks: 370 AED – 3 floors from 7:00 pm until closing; 135 AED for adults and 100 AED for children – 2 floors (without level 148) from 6:30 pm until closing. Toddlers under 4 years old are free;
  • to the floating platform from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. – AED 20;
  • on the traditional Abra boat from 5:45 p.m. to 10:45 p.m. – AED 68.25. Children under 3 years old are free.

How to get to the fountain in Dubai

The attraction is located in close proximity to the Dubai Mall, which is a popular place to visit among locals and visitors. Here is also the tallest building on the planet, resembling a huge stalagmite of unearthly origin – the Burj Khalif skyscraper.

You can get to the Singing Fountain by taking the red metro line to the Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall station.

City buses 27, 28, 29, 81 and F13 (express) go to the Dubai Mall stop. The underground parking lot of Dubai Mall can be reached by car from the Financial Centre Road.

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