Synevyr Lake. Ukraine. Carpathians

Synevyr Sea Eye

Synevyr is the largest mountain lake in Ukraine. It is surrounded by legends and mysteries. Tourists from all over Europe come to the Carpathian Mountains to admire its blue waves.

Lake Synevyr is literally the legend of the Carpathians. It is the largest and most mysterious lake in the mountainous Ukraine. You have to look for this pearl among the rocks and forests of the Inner Gorgany mountain range, in the lands of the national park of the same name.

Lake Synevyr

Lake Synevyr, photo by Dmytro Kosmenko

Sea Eye of the Carpathians is located at an altitude of about a thousand meters above sea level, its maximum depth is 24 meters. Synevyr is located high in the mountains and its waters are so deep that the lake is not warm even in summer. On the hottest days only a meter or two of water is warm, but you should dive deeper – and you will be burnt by icy cold.

When you dive deeper into the lake, you’ll get burnt by the icy cold. The lake was created by an earthquake, and three mountain streams flow into it, keeping the water level high at all times of the year. The smooth surface of the lake sparkles with blue, but a small island protrudes from the water exactly in the middle. This picture looks like a blue eye with a dark pupil in the center, so Synevyr got its second, very romantic name: the Sea Eye.

Lake Synevyr

Lake Synevyr

Synevyr is a cult place for tourists. Here come hikers with backpacks and tents. They go to the lake by cars and buses to admire the beauty of the Sea Oka. Arrange excursions from nearby villages. Therefore, the area around Synevyr is well equipped: built viewing platforms, installed decorative sculptures. But all these “signs of civilization” are so skillfully integrated into the landscape that they do not spoil it.

The lake is surrounded by old Carpathian firs – Smerek, it is very easy to breathe here due to the scent of pine, which fills the air. Although the surroundings of this tourist gem are always crowded, it is quite possible to meet wild animals here. The territory of the nature park is under protection, hunting, logging and any other interference with wildlife is prohibited in this area.

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Tears of Love

The sculpture that adorns the lake depicts two lovers: a boy named Vir and a girl Xin – according to the legend, it is from their names that the name of the lake was formed. The height of the monument is 13 meters. Who are the legendary lovers, in whose honor was named the large Carpathian lake?

The sculpture at Lake Synevyr

The sculpture at the lake Synevyr

Legend tells of the daughter of a local count, whose eyes were blue and deep as the sky. One day while gathering flowers in the forest, she met a shepherd who played the flute and fell in love with him. The count’s daughter began to come into the woods more and more often to listen to the shepherd play the flute. The lovers continued to meet even after the count’s explicit prohibition – and then the enraged father ordered the shepherd to be killed by throwing a stone over him from a mountain. When Xing learned of her lover’s tragic fate, she embraced the stone and wept bitterly. Her tears formed an entire lake that still hugs that ill-fated rock to this day.

How to get to Sea Eye

If you come to one of the local villages to ski or just relax with your family, you are likely to be offered a day trip. In the village of Nizhny Studeny it’s easy to take an excursion to Synevyr – you’ll be taken to the lake and shown where you can have a picnic and where it’s better to just admire the views.

It is not difficult to get to the lake by your own car – you just need to get to Mezhigorie, and then turn to the village Synevyrska Polyana. The lake will appear a few kilometers to the north. You shouldn’t rely on public transportation, because the bus goes to Synevyr Glade only once a day. However, there is a hotel with a restaurant near the lake, so if you won’t manage to get out of the woods before dark, you will have a tasty dinner and a warm bed.

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Lake Synevyr

Lake Synevyr

Hiking Routes

Synevyr attracts hikers, but there is one huge problem: camping around the lake is not allowed, not to mention making a fire – an attempt to get in the protected forest fire will turn out to you a huge fine. That is why you can come to Synevyr only to admire it, to dream and leave without littering. However, there are many ecological trails leading to the lake, and you can include it in your hike plan. But you should take into account that you are going to spend several hours on Snevir.

To get to the lake is not difficult from Gicha mountain valley – from there you should go down to Sloboda village and find a blessed spring with drinking water – and from the spring to the Sea Eye of the Carpathians will not be far at all. If you don’t plan to go back to Sloboda, you can draw drinking water from the spring. Where you can stay for the night? From the lake it is easy to get to the Ozirna meadow, it’s a beautiful view and no one will stop you from making a fire. In addition, from the meadow you can see Synevyr – photo lovers can make some impressive shots.

Synevyr Lake (Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine) – reviews

What about Lake Synevyr (Ukraine, Carpathians)

Good day my subscribers and guests of this review. In it we will talk about a unique place in Ukraine the lake Synevir in the Transcarpathian region. The opportunity to go fell out when one of our outlets for work invited us to.

The beauty of nature never ceases to amaze.

Good time to all my fellow subscribers and casual readers of my reviews! My family and I had planned a trip to the mountains for a couple of days, but all the time something prevented these plans to come true. And now, finally, the stars aligned, and we.

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The magic of nature Carpathian Lake Seneyvir!

Greetings, dear friends! In continuation of my notes about the excursions in the Carpathian region, I can’t help but write a review about a really magic place, a place with great ergetic power – Senivir lake! I went on excursion in May!

The lake in the mountains, beautiful mountain passes on the way

Lake Synevir is located in Transcarpathia and is the pearl of the Carpathians. It is surrounded on all sides by mountains and conifers. According to legend it was formed by the undivided love of a boy and a girl, but so naturally it is quite a beautiful nature.

We will come back here for sure, it is a place that attracts people again and again.

It is a very beautiful, informative, picturesque Carpathian landscapes, clean air, ecology, infrastructure, a lot of original places for recreation around the lake, accessibility

For the past few months I could only travel virtually, looking through photos from previous trips. But the long-awaited vacation came, and my soul asked to Carpathians. Our small but rich Carpathian voyage also included a visit.

The beauty of nature is mesmerizing!

Greetings to all who have glanced on my page! I already wrote a review about the excursion to the rehabilitation center of brown bears, and the continuation of this excursion was a trip to the lake Synevyr. We went on excursion from the sanatorium-tourist complex.

The road to Synevyr is priceless.

Even if you’ll have a rest not in the Carpathians themselves, but somewhere – somewhere in the foothills (as we did), still a lot of travel agencies will offer you to visit the unique mountain lake Synevyr. We were going for it.

Beautiful clear lake, nature, clean air.

Good time dear readers of the site Otzovik! Lake Synevyr is a unique lake, which is located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level in the National Natural Park Synevyr. Geographically the lake is located in Transcarpathia, Mezhgorje. The lake.

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Interesting place

Lake Synevyr is a unique creation of nature. High in the mountains (989 meters above sea level), among the Smerek forests is the largest and deepest high-altitude lake of Ukraine. In the center of the lake is a small island and from the height of everything.

The place is legendary, but boring, with good infrastructure. Beautiful nature.

The lake itself is small, it is realistic to go around in a circle in 30-40 minutes. For this purpose there are paths, bridges, pavilions and places for rest. You can also take a ferry, but it’s a long trip and there is nothing to look at.

Beautiful Carpathians. The mountains, the sun, the air and a wonderful lake. Van Love from me.

I want to share my wonderful trip to the Carpathians this summer in August. A little background: for the third year in a row my parents choose the Carpathians as a place of vacation. The trip is by car. The mountains, the sun, romance. В.

Fascinating wild untouched nature and colorful taverns with national dishes nearby.

I have long dreamed of going to this alluring, legend-shrouded place – Lake Synevyr in Transcarpathia. The dream came true in 2019 in May. As observant and educated people can see – the lake has no island in the middle.

A magical place

Zakarpattya is one of the most picturesque areas in Ukraine. One of the highlights is Synevir lake. It is beautiful in any season. My sister-in-law lives near it, so I often go there.

Well. I won’t go a second time.

I’ve been dreaming about Synevyr ever since I heard about it for the first time. The lake in the mountains. This year we decided to meet it.

A beautiful place with a beautiful history

The lake Synevyr or as it is also called Sea eye is the deepest and the largest in area mountain lake in Ukraine. Sinivir is the most famous lake in the Ukrainian Carpathians, which is located in the headwaters of the river Terebly and has an area of 7 hectares.

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I liked it very much.

Went in the spring with children. Kraevid just conquered for life, you want to go there and go. Fresh air and detachment from the stuffy metropolis is what is needed to relieve depression and productive work for office workers. Rates.

Breathtaking Lake

I have long wanted to visit this lake. And here my husband and I have got to the Carpathians and ordered a tour to Synevyr. We stayed in Slavske village, and though the road was not close at all, but to have mercy on our favorite mountains.

A mysterious and beautiful place.

Why mysterious? There are a lot of legends around this lake. It is not thoroughly explored. Sometimes unusual things happen there. And the beauty of this lake, the nature around – words simply can’t describe. It’s really worth seeing. As someone who.

Fascinating Nature

Hello dear readers. I love outdoor activities. I love the mountains. Recently went on a fascinating excursion to the lake Synevyr. I want to share my impressions. Was in many beautiful places, but the Carpathians took a special place in my heart. The mountains are majestic.

A beautiful place, but only for walking.

Greetings to all readers of this review. Today I want to share my impressions from my trip to the lake Synevyr. I was there four years ago (summer 2013). But the memories remained. Synevyr is located high in the mountains and is on.

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