Tatev Monastery in Armenia and the aerial tramway

Wings of Tatev aerial tramway

Wings of Tatev aerial tramway

September, December to February: Tue – Wed 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. October, November and March through April from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. May-July: Mon-Thu from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. August: Fri-Fri from 10:30 to 19:00, Sat-Sun to 20:00. Opening hours subject to change due to weather.

One-way/ round trip: March – November – AMD 5500/7000, December – February – AMD 3500/5000, children under 110 cm tall – 100 (AMD), Annual pass 40000 (AMD).

“Wings of Tatev” is an aerial route that leads to the natural and historical treasures of Armenia’s southern region of Syunik and is the shortest, most picturesque and impressive route to Tatev Monastery. This engineering structure is 5.7 kilometers long and has been recognized as the world’s longest reversible aerial tramway, leading to its inclusion in the Guinness Book of World Records. It is also the only structure of this scale in the world that was erected in only 10 months.

Wings of Tatev aerial tramway

The ropeway was built to create a quick route to the unique monument of medieval architecture – the Tatev monastery. It helped make the ancient structure more accessible and restore its well-deserved recognition and status as a world cultural heritage site. While in the cabin, one can enjoy the view of the deep and picturesque Vorotan River gorge, and the ropeway itself connects two villages: Alidzor, which is next to the Yerevan highway, and Tatev, which is spread out near the monastery. Passing over the picturesque canyon, tourists see all its treasures: many ancient cave villages and hermitages, healing springs and camps of Neanderthals. There is a special energy here, and many unique architectural structures like the swaying Gawazan column enthrall travelers.

Since its opening, the cable car has been visited by more than 250,000 people. Because of the increase in the number of tourists in the region began to develop infrastructure and new jobs began to be created.

Wings of Tatev aerial tramway

The Story of Tatev Wings

In 2009 the government approved the “Tatev Revival” program proposed by the National Competitiveness Foundation. The program’s aim was to restore the destroyed architectural monuments of the monastery within three years and to create the infrastructure for the development of tourism. The project envisioned that the monastery would be restored and the region around it developed as it did 1000 years ago. It is planned to revive the ancient crafts in the village of Tatev, and to build a hotel complex in the village of Alidzor, which will be based on the traditions of ancient architecture. For this reason, the aerial tramway is not just a tourist attraction, but the main link in the revival of history.

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The Austrian-Swiss Dopplemayer/Garaventa company, a world leader in the sphere of ropeway construction, was in charge of the construction of Wings of Tatev. 150 sponsors from 35 countries worldwide donated USD 18 million for the construction, with the largest material contribution coming from Ruben Vardanian, a businessman and philanthropist living in Russia. The ropeway was officially opened in October 2010. All the money raised from ticket sales goes to the medieval monastery revival program.

Wings of Tatev aerial tramway


“Wings of Tatev” is a reversible or pendulum ropeway, which means the movement of the cabins is not in a circle, but back and forth. Departure takes place simultaneously from two stations. From the station “Alidzor” or lower station you can get to the monastery, the whole way takes about 12 minutes, if you get over the steep serpentine Vorotan gorge by car, the road will take about 40 minutes.

The route of the cabins was made taking into account all the peculiarities of the area, allowing tourists to see a large number of historical and natural sights from a height of 320 meters, among which the Satan’s Bridge and the Tatev Desert are especially notable. When the first passenger’s journey ends at Tatev Station, the second one reaches Alidzor Station, then the design is reset and the journey starts in the opposite direction. With the help of powerful supporting pillars the entire road is divided into 4 sections, the longest being the last one, its length is 2.7 kilometers. This is the segment that shows the guests of the cable car monastery in all its glory.

The passenger cabin is designed in a way that allows to seat 25 people and one accompanying operator and gives a possibility to see the surroundings during the traveling. When it begins, the operator gives a short tour in three languages. As you ride, you get a sense of floating in the sky, and this is where the name “Wings of Tatev” was coined. Thanks to the ropeway, the monastery is accessible even in winter, making it possible to extend the tourist season in Armenia.

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The structure of the complex is extremely comfortable for guests. There is a large number of open spaces that allow easy parking and a restaurant where guests can grab a bite to eat while waiting for their flight, or enjoy a cup of coffee while admiring the unforgettable scenery. Also in the hall of the restaurant guests can admire a miniature model of the monastery. The observation deck has observation telescopes overlooking the gorge, and thanks to a convenient ticket office with mobile connection, it’s easy to buy a round-trip ticket. There is a souvenir store with small knitted toys made by local residents and a service center. All processes are well organized at a modern European level.

Wings of Tatev aerial tramway

Safety of the ropeway

For most tourists the moment of safety is important, but there is no need to worry about the trip. According to the engineers, the maximum safety measures were used during the creation of the construction. Each cabin is supported by six cables, which can withstand 10-15 times the nominal load. Even the appearance of strong wind up to 70 meters per second can not interfere with normal operation of the ropeway.

The ropes are distributed according to the formula “three per cabin”: one of them is a drive and two are carriers. The main drives are two powerful electric motors – the main one and a reserve one. All emergency cases are provided for here: if the electric power supply is suddenly interrupted, it is time for the diesel engine to work with an automatic connection.

View from the top of the cabin

How to get to Wings of Tatev in Armenia

The aerial tramway is located in the Syunik region of Armenia, about 250 km south of Yerevan. From there you can get there on your own by car or you can take a cab. The whole way, if you don’t make any stops, will take about 4 hours.

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Public transportation in this area is inconsistent, so it makes no sense to get there by it, however, you can try to get from Goris to Tatev or to Alidzor by bus, in the first case the route leaves daily at 15.00, in the second – twice a day, at 07.30 and 14.30, excluding Sundays.

Those who like comfortable travel should turn to cab calling apps: Yandex.Taxi, Maxim, Uber.

Tatev Monastery in Armenia and the aerial tramway

Discover Southern Armenia!

Here you will find useful information about the ancient monastery of Tatev, the abandoned settlements, the Large Tatev Desert in the Vorotan River Gorge and Armenia’s natural wonder, the Devil’s Bridge.

We are pleased to offer you seven attractive hiking routes in Syunik region and dishes of the traditional Armenian cuisine in “Tatevatun” restaurant.

Audio guides and handmade souvenirs are available at the ticket booths of the Wings of Tatev aerial tramway.

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