Thailand. Attractions – description, photos.

Top 30: Thailand’s main sights worth visiting

Brief description Thailand – is an amazing country, where in the middle of Bangkok there are high skyscrapers, and on the island of Phuket there are pagodas of ancient Buddhist temples. Thailand – a country with some of the best beaches in the world, beautiful waterfalls and beautiful mountains. You can praise this beautiful Asian country for a long time, but better to see once than hear a hundred times. When you go to Thailand – the country of the sun, sea and high emotions, do not forget about these sights, which will make your vacation as diverse as possible.

The capital is Bangkok.

Currency – Baht.

Language – Thai.

Time is different from Moscow time by +4 hours.

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Where to go and what to see in Thailand by yourself?

The most beautiful and interesting places, photos with names and descriptions.

The Historic City of Ayutthaya (70 km from Bangkok)

In a small town Ayutthaya there are ruins of Ayutthaya – the ancient capital of Siam, once a powerful state in Indochina. The city was founded in 1350 by King Ramathibodi I, and until the middle of the XVIII century, was considered the largest and most populous city on Earth. This status he lost with the decline of Siam and the destruction of the troops of neighboring Burma – now Myanmar.

The majestic temples of Ayutthaya are still reminders of those times, and one of the most famous and visited is called Phra Mahathat. On its territory there is a very unusual landmark – the head of the Buddha, wrapped in the roots of a huge tree. Legend has it that it grew out of the ground, but historians suggest that the statue was destroyed by the Burmese, and the head just happened to be in place of the growing tree. Other than that, there is much more to see in Ayutthaya, and it can take 2 or even 3 days to fully see it.

The Historic City of Ayutthaya, Thailand

The Historic City of Ayutthaya, Thailand

The Historic City of Ayutthaya, Thailand

2. Royal Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Bangkok)

In 1782 King Rama I moved the capital of Siam from Thonburi to Bangkok. He therefore decided to build a royal residence, which expanded at a rapid pace under other monarchs as well. Thus, from a few wooden structures, the residence gradually grew into a huge palace complex with its temples, luxurious royal chambers, parks, and strong defensive walls.

One of the most beautiful buildings in the palace is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Inside is a statue of Buddha made of solid jadeite, a mineral that resembles an emerald. The statue is also one of the oldest values in the temple, because according to legend, it was found at the beginning of the XV century among the fragments of the pagoda, destroyed by lightning. Depending on when you visit the temple, the Buddha will be in completely different robes, which the monks change several times a year.

Royal Palace (Bangkok), Thailand


The scale and scope of the temple complex Play Laem is amazing, although it was built only 17 years ago. We must pay tribute to the experts who worked on the exterior of the buildings, which are made in bright colors and with the use of fanciful shapes. There are many small temples as well as sculptures of deities and creatures from Buddhist mythology. All the statues are made in a unique manner in relation to each other, so exploring them becomes a kind of interesting quest for visitors. The main attraction of Plai Laem is a huge statue of the goddess Guanin, which has 18 hands. Although the temple complex does not have a rich history, but its architecture and landscapes are quite capable of impressing.

Ko Chang Island - The Emerald Landmark of Thailand

Plai Laem Temple (Koh Samui)

4. Big Buddha on Mount Nakaked (Phuket Island)

Big Buddha statues in Thailand are not at all uncommon, but the 45-meter statue of white marble on top of Mount Nakaked is especially visible even from the remotest corners of Phuket Island. According to legend, the mountain was home to the giant serpent Nagi, a symbol of wisdom among Buddhists. That’s why Nakaked is considered a place of power, where perhaps the Buddha himself meditated and now his followers continue to do so.

To get here will have to climb the mountain on foot for a couple of hours or hire a driver with a tuk-tuk – a small three-wheeled car. It’s worth the trek if only for the magnificent views from the top of Nakakeda. By the way, the temple complex here is still under construction since the beginning of the 20th century. You can also contribute to its development by leaving a wish on a clay plate on the way to the summit for a fee.

Big Buddha on Mount Nakaked (Phuket Island), Thailand

5. White Temple (Chiang Rai)

The White Sanctuary is a delightful Buddhist structure in the north of the state. The famous Thai artist Chalermchayu Kositpipat began building it in 1997 and has yet to finish his work. Not accepting the resources of sponsors, he uses only his personal savings, excluding anyone else’s influence on the project.

The monastery and the statues in its surroundings are decorated with pieces of mirror and are a pleasant marble color. The path that leads to the entrance is called the road from hell to heaven because of the characteristic design of the statues: the hands of the narakas reaching out of the ground, the fangs of the demon Rahu, the guards, the bridge over the pond that separates the two worlds.

White Temple (Chiang Rai), Thailand

White Temple (Chiang Rai), Thailand

6. Historic Sukhothai Town (15 km from Sukhothai)

Sukhothai or Sukhothai was once the capital of the medieval kingdom of the same name, partly located in present-day Thailand. The city itself was founded in 1238 as a small settlement, which subsequently increased significantly in size. Sukhothai is surrounded by several kilometers of walls, which centuries ago protected from attacks not only inhabitants, but also numerous shrines located inside. The center of the ensemble is the Wat Mahatatat temple, around which are dozens of buildings and hundreds of statues, and next door was once a royal palace. In one of these temples, according to legend, Buddha talked to people, gave advice and helped find happiness. Perhaps that’s why Sukhothai is translated from Pali as “the blossom of happiness.

The Historic City of Ayutthaya, Thailand

The Historic City of Ayutthaya, Thailand

The Historic City of Ayutthaya, Thailand

7. Doi Inthanon National Park (58 kilometers from Chiang Mai)

Doi Inthanon National Park holds two Thai records at once: the highest mountain Doiintanon, at 2,559 meters, and the largest waterfall Mae Ya, the height and width of which are 280 and 100 meters respectively. However, the numbers and size are not as important as the overall experience of visiting Doi Inthanon. On days when there are not so many tourists here, it is easy to feel like Robinson Crusoe, walking along paths as if thousands of kilometers away from civilization. In fact, the civilization is very close, but the local humid climate, dense vegetation and the chorus of thousands of birds create an inexpressible atmosphere of paradise, lost in the thick jungle.

Mount Doyintanon, Thailand

Mount Doyintanon, Thailand

Doi Inthanon National Park, Thailand

Mae Ya waterfall, Thailand

8. Historic Phimai Park (Phimai City)

In the park of Phimai remnants of the temple complex Prasat Khin Phimai, once belonged to the Khmers – a powerful people, whose heyday was more than 1000 years ago. In fact, about the same age as most of the local buildings, but to this day they were able to quite well preserved. Khmer worshipped the Hindu gods, so with the advent of Buddhism temples have undergone some changes to accommodate the new religion. The rebuilding resulted in an architectural mixture of both Hinduism and Buddhism, and Prasat Khin Phimai itself became similar to Cambodia’s more famous temple, Angkor Wat.

Jal Mahal - a palace on the water. India

Afterwards, we recommend a visit to the Phimai National Museum, which has an extensive collection of statues, engravings, tableware, weapons, armor and household items used by Khmers centuries ago. After leaving the museum, head northeast, where an amazing tree, Sai Ngam, will be waiting for you 2 kilometers away. At first it may seem like a whole grove, but in fact it is all one tree, occupying an area the size of half a soccer field.

Thailand. 15 amazing sights.

Thailand – the Land of Smiles. So often called this state, the pearl of Southeast Asia. Thanks to the flourishing tourism industry, Thailand is perfectly developed. It offers all kinds of modern infrastructure. However, at the same time it is still distinctive, bright, wild. This turbulent mix will be remembered forever and give you an unforgettable adventure and experience.

Whether lounging on world-class beaches in the south or visiting remote mountain villages in the north, Thailand does not disappoint.

Bangkok. Thailand

Bangkok and Chiang Mai are the country’s bustling and major cities. They are the centers of business and commerce. But that’s not enough. You won’t see the country until you’ve walked through the mountains, met the elephants and nimble monkeys always ready to steal your food, phone or camera.

The sights of Thailand are incredibly diverse. Each in its own way interesting and unique. It is impossible to tell about all of them in one article. We only offer you a list of the 15 best (in our opinion) tourist attractions in Thailand.

Raleigh Beach

The famous province of Krabi offers you some of the most appealing beach resorts in Thailand.

Raleigh Beach

Raleigh Beach

Railay Beach tops the list as one of the most stunning. Many travelers and locals consider this beach one of the best in the country. It has beautiful white sand, turquoise sea, and an enduring feeling that this is where paradise is.

Raleigh Beach

It is noteworthy that in addition to the beach here you can even do a little mountain climbing. This is a good place for climbing to the karst peaks and finding caves and hidden lagoons. A prime example would be Princess Cave and Princess Lagoon at the southern end of the Cape. Or Diamond Cave, 700 meters to the east.

Raleigh Beach is famous for rafting and kayaking, snorkeling and diving. And of course you will have the opportunity to enjoy a massage.

Phi Phi Islands

Extremely popular resort area of Thailand. And it is quite understandable – the clear blue water, pleasant sand, stunning views that you will remember forever.

Try to visit Phi Phi Don – the largest of the islands. By the way, it is the only island with a permanent population.

Islands Phi Phi

One of the attractions of Phi Phi is the Monkey Beach. Here you will meet a lot of macaques. Themselves, who are just trying to steal from you everything that “bad lying”.

Long Beach is another iconic spot on the island. It’s hardly a secluded spot. Usually lots of people gather here by sunset, as it offers stunning views of the setting sun.

An interesting fact – on Phi Phi Islands (more precisely on Phi Phi Le Island) in Maya Bay, the movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio was shot.

Of course, tour operators will certainly offer you to visit Maya Bay, as well as the islands of Phuket, Ko Chang and Ko Lanta.

Grand Palace in Bangkok

Even if you come to Thailand just to lie on the beach, be sure to visit Bangkok, the capital city. There are quite a few attractions here, too. But first on the list should be the Grand Palace. It is the main attraction of the city.

Sagano Bamboo Forest. Sightseeing in Japan

Grand Palace in Bangkok

In the palace you will see a whole labyrinth of halls and temples. And of the ancient relics, the Wat Phra Keo (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) temple is worth mentioning. It is rumored that here is stored bundle of hair (according to others a fragment of bone) of the enlightened Buddha.

Take a few hours to see the Great Palace. If you still have time, check out the famous temples of Wat Pho and Wat Arun.

Sunday Walking Street Night Market in Chiang Mai

Tasty and cheap food is exactly what you can find here in abundance. There’s a gastronomic insanity going on at night on this pedestrianised street in Chiang Mai. Roasted bananas, popular Thai salads, fruit cocktails, and more are sold on every corner.

Sunday Walking Street Night Market in Chiang Mai

But that’s not all. In addition to a variety of food, an incredible array of unique goods are sold here. Paintings, essential oils, natural handmade soaps, carpets and an unreal amount of other necessary and not so necessary things.

If you suddenly couldn’t make it here on Sunday, but you want to see the fun chaos, visit the Saturday market on Wua Lai (Saturday Night Walking Street) or the night market on Chang Klang Street. By the way, it’s a daily event here. Or just visit the usual day market at Warorot, near the Ping River.

Pai City.

As a rule, most tourists go to the southern part of Thailand for the beautiful scenery and beaches. But few people know that the north of the country also has something to see. And in fact in the northern part of the country you will find no less breathtaking scenery.

The northwest area of the country, near the border with Burma, has a mountainous terrain covered with dense jungle.

Pai City

The town of Pai in Mae Hong Son Province is a great starting point for a hike inland. You will have the opportunity to see almost pristine natural beauty. You will experience the famous Thai hospitality and exotic cuisine.

This small town has become a magnet for hippies and many tourists. From here you can get to several Buddhist temples, waterfalls and the impressive Pai Canyon.

Khao Yai National Park.

Perhaps the most impressive inhabitants of Khao Yai National Park are the elephants. These powerful giants are highly revered in Thailand. Images of elephants and statues can be seen everywhere, even in temples and royal palaces. However, at Khao Yai Park you will not only see elephants but also get to know them better.

Khao Yai National Park

This is about as close as you can get to elephants.

Besides the elephants walking by the river, you will meet exotic birds, monkeys, and many other tropical animals for which the park has become a home.

There are also many waterfalls within the Park. For example, the waterfall Hugh Narok total height of 150 meters and even more famous Hugh Suwata, from which Leonardo DiCaprio’s character jumped in the same movie “The Beach”.

Ancient City of Sukhothai

This ancient city will delight fans of history and beautiful photos. The ruins of this city still stand proudly surrounded by the jungle, despite centuries of battles and the effects of the elements.

Ancient City of Sukhothai

The ancient city of Sukhothai is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The government has invested heavily in the restoration of this historic monument of the country.

Wat Makhatthat

Wat Mahathat

Wat Mahathat is the most impressive temple in Sukhothai. It was founded in the 13th century. The temple was built to preserve relics of the Buddha and is surrounded by sculptures and massive images of the Buddha.

The Historic City of Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is the former capital of the country. This city will help you feel the former glory of ancient Thailand. Here you can walk leisurely through the ruins of the former capital. By the way, around the ancient city is located quite modern town.

Hitachi Seaside Park - Sea of flowers and kohia balls. Japan

Historic City of Ayutthaya


Once upon a time Ayutthaya the most important city in Thailand. The ancient temples and palaces are a beautiful confirmation of this. Here are more than a hundred temples, chedis (Thai stupas), prangs and thousands of statues of Buddha.

Buddha Statues of Ayutthaya

Buddha statues in Ayutthaya

Don’t miss the temple with the 12-meter-high reclining Buddha. See how the roots of the trees encircle the head of one of the Buddha statues.

Ayutthaya Buddha City

One of the Buddha statues in Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is only a short bus or train ride from Bangkok. It is possible to visit here with a day tour. However, it is better to set aside a few days to explore the ancient capital. Rent a bicycle and visit important sights in both the old and new parts of the city.

Doi Suthep.

Perhaps the most famous temple in Chiang Mai is atop Doi Suthep Mountain. It towers over Thailand’s second largest city.

Doi Suthep. Thailand

Doi Suthep is a favorite destination for devout Buddhist followers and travelers from around the world. Here you can see the monks’ prayers and various religious rituals.

Doi Suthep

To get to the temple, you have to climb steep stairs. So, stock up on water and wear only hiking shoes.

At the beginning of the stairs, numerous vendors offer almost everything from delicious local treats to handmade goods by villagers from the surrounding villages. There’s also a store selling masks, carved elephant figurines, and household items. You will not be left without a souvenir.

You can combine your trip to Doi Suthep with excursions to Doi Pui. It is a small Hmong village in the mountains. It will give you an insight into the Hmong culture, and allow you to learn more about the mountain tribal communities in the region. From the Hmong you can buy beautiful handmade textiles.

Floating Markets

Thailand’s floating markets are an equally interesting attraction in the country. It is an absolutely amazing way to shop and eat. Not only can you support local food producers, but you can also get a closer look at the traditional Thai way of life.

Floating markets

Some of these markets are more tourist-oriented. But others are designed for locals. They will create a pleasant experience for your trip. Get on a boat and travel along the canals with a guide. Here you will find classic houses on stilts and vendors offering various goods right from their boats.

Try to get up early, as most of the vendors leave in the morning in their long wooden boats loaded with the freshest fruits, vegetables, spices and delicious food.

Floating markets in Thailand

There are several floating markets in Bangkok. The most popular are Amphawa and Damnoen Saduak. You can visit the markets on your own or with a tour, which usually includes visits to both the floating markets and other local attractions.

Climbing on Tonsai Beach

Tonsai Beach is not far from Raleigh Beach. It is notable because it is surrounded by stunning limestone cliffs. Therefore, here you can not only swim, but also climb the cliffs.

In Thailand, there are many routes for climbers, but it is the beach Tonsai is considered a paradise for fans of rocks. Here you can climb alone as well as in company. If you need rock climbing lessons, you can easily find them here. There are many climbing schools in the area.

Climbing on Tonsai Beach

Usually the easiest routes are occupied by hikers. So you will have to wait in line. If you are a seasoned climber, you can easily bypass the beginners on the more difficult routes to get to the most popular lookouts.

Kanchanaburi Bridge.

It is actually better known as the “Bridge over the River Kwai.” The Kanchanaburi Bridge is part of the railroad between Thailand and Burma. Although in fact this road never existed.

During World War II, Japanese forces planned to build a railroad connection between Thailand and Burma and even began construction using prisoners of war.

Kanchanaburi Bridge

However, more than 12,000 POW workers died during the one year of bridge construction. In addition, the bridge was constantly bombed and in need of reconstruction. As a result, Kanchanaburi Bridge and its access roads were nicknamed the “Road of Death.

Fanjing Mountain and Mountain Temples of China

For a long time after the war Kanchanaburi Bridge remained closed. But now it has been repaired and is in operation. Today, 130 km of the original 415 km of track is in use.

There is a war cemetery near the bridge where many prisoners of war who died during the construction of the road are buried. The Hellfire Pass and JEATH War Museum in the town of Kanchanaburi present exhibitions devoted to the history of the construction of the railroad, as well as the terrible consequences of the war in Thailand.

By the way, there is an equally interesting museum in Vietnam, devoted to the echoes of the war of the 1960s. We talked about it in the article about the sights of Ho Chi Minh City.

Waterfalls in Erawan National Park

Erawan National Park is an amazing place. A corner of impenetrable jungle, caves and waterfalls. Many animals and birds. But it is the waterfalls that are perhaps the most attractive thing about Erawan.

Erawan waterfall has seven levels and attracts a lot of tourists. It was named after the white elephant. According to Thai mythology, this elephant always travels with the Hindu god Indra. And the tiers of the waterfall are shaped like elephant heads.

Each of the seven tiers has its own name. The ascent to the top of the waterfall becomes more and more difficult with each level. After the fifth level you have to overcome quite slippery steps.

However, there is probably no point in climbing to the very top, because the first three levels are the most impressive. Here you will see emerald pools, a small cave, and cascading water cascades.

Waterfalls in Erawan National Park

Erawan Park

An interesting fact is that the pools are inhabited by small cleaner fish. So you can get a free peeling session.

Palace Mrigadayavan

The palace was built as a summer residence of King Rama VI, who ruled until 1925. This unique teak palace is stunning in every way. The palace is an exquisite blend of traditional Thai architecture with Western motifs.

Mrigdayawan Palace

Mrigdayawan Palace

The King had a palace built here on the advice of his doctor who believed the local climate could alleviate the arthritis of the ruler.

The palace is located in Hua Hin, a quiet seaside town three hours south of Bangkok on the west coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Today the town of Hua Hin has become a popular destination for families and tourists who want to relax in a relaxed setting away from the bustling resorts.

Mrigdayawan stands entirely on stilts. This allows the sea breeze to circulate from all sides and keep the palace cool.

In fact, it is an entire palace complex. It consists of several buildings. It is customary to divide them into three main groups: the formal reception area; the king’s private apartments; and the ladies’ rooms. The ladies’ rooms were for the queen and only the king could enter.

Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok is a unique combination of diverse ecosystems. There is a rainforest here that is older than the Amazon forest. In the park you will find a limestone mountain range covered with karst formations, many kilometers of trails and a river on which you can go canoeing or bamboo rafting.

Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok is home to Malayan sun bears, tigers, and wild elephants. The likelihood of encountering them in the jungle is quite high.

The park is famous for its eco-camps, where the tents even have bathtubs, great beds and great views of the surrounding area.

Of course, in such a colorful and diverse country like Thailand there are still an incredible number of attractions. In this article we have only noted a small part of them.

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