The 100 most beautiful and luxurious villas in the world

Villas of the world

A villa is a country house in the traditional Roman or Italian style. The first villas appeared in Ancient Rome, they belonged to the rich aristocracy and were intended for recreation of owners.

During the Renaissance in Italy was formed a classic type of villa, where the severity of design combined with the splendor of interior decoration and exterior decoration.

Villa Necchi: History of the construction of the Milan house-museum, its architectural features, life and fate of its owners Angelo Campiglio and his sisters Nedda and Gigina Necchi.

Villas and luxury homes – Italy

Villa Adriana is a unique creation, which absorbed not only the culture of the Romans, but also the features of many European countries.

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Abbotsford is an estate in the south of Scotland built by the famous writer and poet Walter Scott in 1811-1824.

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  • UK

The Villa Aldobrandini in Frascati near Rome was built from 1598 to 1603 for a nephew of Pope Clement VIII.

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  • Italy

Villa Medici Poggio-a-Cayano – Province of Prato, located near Florence, is the most beautiful villa of the Medici family.

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  • Italy

Villa Medici in Caredgi, a patrician villa in the hills near Florence, Tuscany, Italy, was the first of the Medici family villas.

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Villa Doria-Pamphili, a palace and park ensemble in Rome, south of the Vatican, the palace was built for the Pamphili family in 1435.

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Villa Borghese is a park complex with various buildings, and the Borghese Art Gallery is located on its grounds.

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The world’s most famous villa and the first private home is Villa Almerico Capra, also called Villa Rotonda.

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The Villa Foscari in Venice was created between 1560 as the residence of the influential Italian Foscari family.

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The Villa d’Este is a famous Italian villa of the 16th century. The architectural style is early Renaissance. The complex of Villa d’Este is a palace and a beautiful garden with fountains.

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Villa Lante in Italy is a villa and unique park in Bagnoia near Viterbo, and also the ancestral estate of the Lante della Rovere family.

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Villa Pisani in Strà, the largest palace and park complex in Venice in the XVIII century, was built for the Venetian ambassador in Paris.

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Honduras country

Villa Barbaro is located in a quiet and green area in the village of Maser, just 45 minutes from the center of Rome.

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Top 25: the most unusual and very expensive mansions from all over the world

As you already know, the richest people in the world love to splurge on real estate. Some of them have far more money than they can spend, resulting in the craziest purchases, including extravagant homes with such frills as heated sidewalks, helipads, and bathtubs costing up to $150,000. Not all of the mansions in this selection, however, made it here because of their price. Some are simply huge, others are quaint, and still others are unique in something else. From upscale homes from Beverly Hills, USA, to mansions on the French Riviera coast, here are 25 of the most extraordinary residences from around the world.

25. The Hearst Mansion Photo: The Agency

In front of you is the former home of William Hearst and the place where the famous horse-head scene from The Godfather was filmed. This mansion occupies almost 20,000 square meters of land. The main building was built back in 1927 and has 28 bedrooms and 38 bathrooms. Price: $195 million.

24. Waterfall Bay Villa Photo: Phucket Villa Rentals

This is just the perfect place to vacation in Thailand. The house has six bedrooms, its own movie theater, spa and a huge swimming pool. The highlight is the breathtaking view of the bay from the terrace. Price: $ 20 million.

23. Dar al-Hajar Palace

Sometimes called the Stone Palace, this residence is as if growing out of the rock on which it was built in the 1930s specifically for the Yemeni Imam Yahya bin Mohammed. The palace and also the Imam’s summer house is famous for its many secret passages. Price unknown.

22. House at 41 Popcorn Lane Photo: Sotheby’s International Realty

In Aspen, America, there is a luxurious mansion with all the typical attributes of such houses. The square footage of the main building is approximately 1,207 square meters, and the grounds of the caretaker’s house is 370 square meters. The location of the estate is a prime example of its luxury, with the Roaring Fork River flowing through the property and the complex being located right in the heart of the ski resort. Price: $ 39.5 million.

The country of Bermuda or Bermuda Islands

21. Alan Jackson Real Estate Photo:

Country singer Alan Jackson’s former home can be found in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee. The property is about 546,000 square feet and features a huge 20-car garage, beer bar, game room, 3 ponds, a boat house, a barn with a residential addition, a tennis court and a basketball court. Price: $28 million.

20. Acqua Liana Mansion Photo: Curbed Miami

Florida is known for its upscale real estate, but this residence is clearly different from most others. Frank McKinney, of real estate sales fame, built this huge eco-house (1,400 square meters) after being inspired to build it after trips to Fiji and Tahiti. The building features multiple solar panels, a rainwater harvesting system for the pool, and so much reclaimed wood was used in its construction that nearly 40,000 square meters of rainforest was avoided. The house also has a separate room with glass wine racks and a 7,500-liter aquarium. Price: $26.5 million.

19. Balmoral Castle Photo: Stuart Yeates

Scottish Balmoral Castle is just one of the many possessions of the royal family. Construction of the castle was begun by order of Queen Victoria, and in 1853 it was completely finished. The territory of the castle is so vast that it even contains entire herds of deer, cattle and ponies. In the spring, visitors to the residence can take part in a real safari through the lands of the estate. Price: $140 million.

18. Fair Field Photo: Cfijames

This residence belongs to billionaire Ira Rennert. The giant house stands on land with an area of 255,000 square meters, and the area of all its rooms is about 5,760 square meters. The residence is built in the village of Sagaponack on the Long Island resort coast, where the wealthiest Americans live and vacation. In the best tradition of the most luxurious homes, the opulence of this estate is not limited to the interior alone. There’s an entire separate playhouse with a bowling alley and basketball court, two buildings with swimming pools, and a 164-seat theater. This mansion is so big that its garage can hold up to 100 cars! Price: $248 million.

17. Villa Elena Franchuck Photo: Google Maps

Located in London, this five-story, 10-bedroom Victorian villa combines the best of Old World style with the sophistication of a modern British residence. Formerly a school, the house now has its own pool in the basement of the building, a sauna, gym and movie theater, not to mention other furnishings that took millions of dollars to put together. Price: $127 million.

The country of Afghanistan

16. Poronui Station Manor, New Zealand Photo: Sporting Classics Daily

Poronui Station stands right by the river, and it’s hard to call this place just a mansion, because an entire complex of buildings was built here. The residence includes a gym, swimming pool, wine cellar with as much as 10,000 bottles of the noble beverage, Olympic standard skeet shooting range, fishing area, and even a private airfield. There is literally everything you need for the most discerning guests! Price: $ 23.5 million.

15. Toprak or Royal Mansion Photo: Hidden London

You’ve probably noticed by now that London is full of expensive homes, and living there is quite expensive. This mansion with a green copper roof was built by Turkish entrepreneur Halis Toprak in the northern part of the capital, and the former owner in the best tradition of the house equipped with a Turkish bath. The upper floors are accessed by a magnificent double staircase and glass elevator. There are many other incredible amenities in this chic house. According to rumors, the new owner of this property, who bought the mansion in 2008, is currently renovating the building, and the cost of these works was estimated at 38 million dollars. Price: $65 million.

14. Shaquille O’Neal Mansion (Shaquille O’Neal) Photo: Uneek Luxury Tours

This Florida estate is all Shaq, because the legendary basketball player furnished his home in the most unusual way. For example, there’s a life-size wall panel depicting a truck rushing toward a viewer, an Egyptian-inspired room, an aquarium hall, an indoor basketball court with bleachers, a 17-car garage, a recording studio, and more. Price: $28 million.

13. Mount Lavinia Hotel Photo: Mount Lavinia

Today this mansion has become a hotel, but originally it was the residence of the Governor of Ceylon. Built in 1806 right on the waterfront, it has 275 private rooms and bears testimony to the heyday of the colonial era in the 19th century. Price unknown.

12. Bran Castle (Bran) Photo: Simbotin

In Romania there are several places where the legend says Count Dracula lived or stayed. This castle has changed owners many times throughout its long history, but eventually, in the early 21st century, it passed into the hands of the descendants of the Habsburg royal family again. Price: 80 million dollars.

Micronesia - the islands of Micronesia

11: Enigma House Photo: Location Gallery

This is probably one of the most amazing vacation homes in all of South Africa. Enigma House is located on the Cape Town coast, and everything from the gold candlesticks on the tables to the luxurious pool area speaks volumes about its extravagance. However, the most valuable thing about this place are the ocean views from the windows and terraces of the expensive mansion. Price: $7.3 million.

10. Xanadu 2.0 (Xanadu 2.0) Photo: Jeff Wilcox

This gigantic house (6,131 square meters) belongs to Bill and Melinda Gates, and they have been building this complex for many years. The mansion is equipped with a variety of entertainment attractions, including an indoor ski jump and a huge swimming pool, and it is not without serious technology. For example, each room is equipped with a separate climate control system, and the paintings on the walls can be changed with the touch of a button. Price: 125 million dollars.

9. Versailles, Florida Photo: 350z33

This is the largest residence (8,360 square feet) ever built in all of America. Construction of the Florida Versailles began tycoon David Siegel (David Siegel), and the work on its arrangement was carried out over 10 years. As a result, an estate of 30 bedrooms with 3 swimming pools and a garage that can accommodate up to 20 cars appeared in Florida. Price: $100 million.

8. Fleur de Lys Photo: The Legendary Estates of Beverly Hills

This property was built in Beverly Hills, and in front of you is the second house, which is a replica of the French Versailles. The mansion has 12 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, a two-story library, a large reception hall, a wine cellar (280 square meters), and a whole host of other rooms and amenities both under the roof and outdoors. Price: $102 million.

7. House 2000 Photo: Yakusha.

If you like modern design, then the creation of the interior design studio Yakusha Design will definitely appeal to you. House 2000 was built in Ukraine, and this amazing five-story building was designed specifically for a family with children. That’s why the mansion has a separate section for children with a room stylized as a tree house and an indoor pool. Price unknown.

6. The Gemini Mansion Photo: Sotheby’s International Realty

This place is considered by many to be one of the most luxurious beach houses of all time. The Gemini is located in the municipality of Manapalan, Florida, and the master bedroom in the building covers as much as 557 square meters, while the entire mansion is about 5,850 square meters. Gemini has 33 bedrooms, a professional golf course, a tree house and as many as 47 bathrooms. Price: $135 million.

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5. Villa Leopolda Photo: Miniwark

This villa was built especially for the Belgian monarch, King Leopold II, back in 1902. The huge mansion stands on the Côte d’Azur, with 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, as well as its own tennis court, French garden, swimming pool and much more. The property is spread over almost 202 thousand square meters, and it has often been used for film shoots. Price: $750 million.

4: Updown Court Photo: LordWishanger

According to some connoisseurs Updown Court is one of the most expensive and luxurious private mansions in the history of England since the 19th century. This chic home features heated driveways, an underground garage for 8 limousines, and its own helipad. The Utdown Court estate has been vacant for nearly 6 years, but recently the house finally found its owners, bidding nearly half price for it. The estate originally tried to sell for $91 million. Price: $45.6 million.

3. Penthouse Photo: Leslie J Garfield

The total area of the luxury apartment is 1,500 square meters. The penthouse is located in the prestigious Number One Hyde Park apartment complex with the best view of central London, and it is rumored to be one of the most expensive apartments in the world, and it was sold without furniture. One of the most interesting features of this penthouse is the bulletproof windows. Price: 255 million dollars.

2. Biltmore Estate, North Carolina, USA Photo: timeless_toys

This is the largest privately owned home in the United States. Biltmore has as many as 250 rooms, and the mansion is still owned by one of the descendants of its original founder of the estate, George Vanderbilt (George Vanderbilt). Price: 300 million dollars.

Antilla, Mumbai Photo: Krupasindhu Muduli

Indian businessman Mukesh Ambani is one of the richest men in the world, so it’s no wonder he owns one of the most expensive houses on Earth. The unusual structure was named after the mythical ghost island Antilia. It is said that the skyscraper permanently serves almost 600 people. Price: 1 billion dollars.

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