The 100 most unusual and private museums around the world

20 of the world’s strangest and most unusual museums

The 20 strangest and most unusual museums in the world

What you can see in the strangest and most unusual museums around the world, from mutants and lawnmowers to marijuana and phalluses.

1. The Muse Underwater Museum. Cancun City, Mexico

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This incredible underwater museum with dozens of life-size sculptures is used as artificial coral reefs for local flora and fauna.

2. Hermann Burgave Museum. City of Leiden, The Netherlands

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Before it became a museum dedicated to human mutations, before mutations were a great discovery in medicine, botany, and physiology, this building was a simple hospital. Now, however, you can view the Sebald Justinus Brugmans collection, which includes jars, test tubes, and all sorts of mutations in them.

3. the Momofuku Ando instant noodle museum. Osaka City, Japan.

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This is a tunnel-shaped instant noodle museum with over 800 different packs of noodles on its hemispherical walls. In the 2000 Japanese public opinion survey, Momofuku Ando’s invention of instant noodles was cited as the greatest Japanese invention of the 20th century.

4. Meguro Museum of Parasitology. Tokyo, Japan

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This museum includes more than 45,000 exhibits from the world of parasites. For example, a monkey brain riddled with brainworms and a 792 centimeter long tapeworm, a parasite that lives in the intestines of 3 out of 10 people on earth.

5. Divorce Museum. City of Zagreb, Croatia.

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Every item in this collection, whether it’s a wedding dress or even an axe, has a story in the final stages of a failed relationship.

6. Museum of Bad Art. City of Beston, Massachusetts.

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This museum features works by famous artists who have had things go wrong, as well as strange copies of paintings by other artists.

7. Paris Sewer Museum. City of Paris, France.

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Believe it or not. But this museum dedicated to the sewers of Paris was founded in the Paris sewerage in 1800 and it is still in operation. It features many historical exhibits and not necessarily on the subject of its name.

Country The Bahamas

8. Mütter Museum. City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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This museum boasts hundreds of specimens of skulls and skeletons showing the many pathologies in human structure.

9. Dog Collar Museum. City of Kent, England.

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This museum contains accessories for man’s best friend for five centuries.

10. Museum of Death. City of Los Angeles, California, city of New Orleans, Louisiana

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According to its founders, the museum was founded in 1995 “so that visitors could learn all the truth hidden from them in the media concerning certain events involving the death or murder of people.” The museum does not offer tours. Each visitor can look around on his or her own, which will take about an hour.

The museum itself also contains the head of Bluebeard, the French serial killer, in addition to numerous autopsy documents, videos and photos from crime scenes.

11. the Went-Haven Museum. City of Fort Haven, Kentucky

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This museum has an incredible collection of posters and photographs that describe the history of talking dolls. It is worth a visit only if you are not confused by the sight of hundreds of puppets following you from the beginning to the end of the entire time you visit the museum.

12. the Cat’s House Museum of Paintings. City of Amsterdam, Netherlands

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This museum has an incredible collection of sculptures, paintings, and other utensils about cats. They all testify to the fact that these lumps of fur are an integral part of human life.

13. Museum of Bread Culture. City of Ulm, Germany

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Despite the fact that this museum has collected 16,000 relics related to baking, there are almost no examples of baking or recipes themselves in this museum.

14. The Winchester House. City of San Jose, California.

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In 1884 the house was purchased by Sarah Winchester, widow of William Winchester, son of Oliver Winchester, inventor of the famous rifle.

Sierra Leone. Travel and vacations in Sierra Leone.

After her husband’s death, Sarah was granted an audience with a medium in Boston who “communed with the spirit of her late husband.” The spirit of the deceased allegedly said that Sarah’s misfortunes (the death of her only daughter shortly after birth, William’s relatively early death) are related to the fact that the family is under the curse of the dead from the rifle, created by his father. To avoid further problems, the woman must build a special house in which the spirits cannot harm her. The widow acquired this house and spent almost all her millions to rebuild it.

15. British Lawnmower Museum. The town of Southport, England.

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Not only does this museum have 200-year-old examples of lawnmowers, but visitors are also allowed to try out lawnmowers used by Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

16. Jurassic Museum of Technology. City of Los Angeles, California

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The name of the museum has nothing to do with dinosaurs. There is an entire collection of scientific and artistic rarities on display here.

According to the head of the Smithsonian Institution, “Museums like this one, unlike most others, are very important because they show the history of scientific technology than ignite people’s interest in science.”

Although some of the exhibits, such as the decomposing bones of Russian dogs Belka and Strelka, are fake, the guides still display them as authentic. Visitors have much to discuss among themselves.

17. Barney Smith Art Museum. City of San Antonio, Texas

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Retired plumber Barney Smith created more than 1,000 works of art on toilet lids. At first for 10 years he collected his work in his old garage, but when journalists learned about his collection and crowds of people began to come to him, the garage was rebuilt into a real museum.

18. Museum of Hash, Marijuana and Hemp

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This museum contains relics and artifacts that showcase the culture and history concerning one of the world’s most famous plants.

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19. PEZ Memorial Toy Museum. City of Burlingame, CA.

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This museum contains every piece of candy dispenser from the Berlin-based PEZ company, starting with their first production in 1948.

20. Icelandic Phallus Museum. Reykjavík, Iceland.

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Visitors can see the male genitals of all animal species in this one-of-a-kind museum. From gigantic whale penises and various bovine scrotal handicrafts to (most recently) an amputated human penis.

Private museums of the world

Private museums are a type of museums whose collections are assembled by private owners and reflect their tastes, aesthetic views, or scientific interests. The transformation of private collections into museums is the result of the owners’ desire to make them available to the general public. Such museums are the oldest form of museums and have recently been given a new lease on life.

Rocca al Mare is a famous ethnographic museum on the Kopli River. An irresistible magnet for every visitor whose goal is to learn about the history and culture of Tallinn.

Private museums and collections – Estonia

In the heart of Vienna in a three-story palace is located the Clock Museum (Uhrenmuseum). A visit to this attraction is an important part of any sightseeing program.

  • Private museums and collections
  • Austria

Private museum in a nineteenth century mansion in Milan. Collections of knight’s armor, weapons, tapestries, paintings, inventions – preserved by generations of the Bagatti-Valsecchi family.

  • Private museums and collections
  • Italy

Museum of musical instruments in Berlin – it’s unique exhibits with history and beautiful music. All this attracts tourists to this famous museum.

  • Private museums and collections
  • Germany

Pasta is a favorite dish in Italy and has become a symbol of the country. In 1889 in Rome was created the National Pasta Museum (Museo Nazionale delle Paste Alimentari).

  • Private museums and collections
  • Italy

In Moscow there is an unusual museum devoted to the history of alcoholic beverage – cognac, where you can learn the history, varieties and enjoy this drink.

  • Private museums and collections
  • Russia
Liberia - The Republic of Liberia is a state in West Africa

There is an interesting museum in Barnaul, where there are many curious exhibits, somehow related to the theft of cars.

  • Private museums and collections
  • Russia

Museum “Tula samovars” in Tula offers everyone to get acquainted with examples of samovar products, buy a real samovar and of course – a magnet.

  • Private museums and collections
  • Russia

It is hard to imagine anywhere else in the world a museum like the Fallology Museum in Reykjavik. No, there is no typo here, this is really a museum of phalluses.

  • Private museums and collections
  • Iceland

There is a museum in Moscow whose visitors have the opportunity to learn more about such a seemingly ordinary article of clothing as valenki.

  • Private museums and collections
  • Russia

It is impossible to imagine India without this amazing woman, Indira Gandhi is a famous politician who managed to turn a backward country into a pearl of the East.

  • Private museums and collections
  • India

As many articles have been written about museums in this or that continent of the world, yes, it costs a lot to visit them, but few people know that there is a sala museum.

  • Private museums and collections
  • Ukraine

There is a museum in the city of Pereslavl-Zalessky, where you can see exhibits showing the ingenuity of our ancestors, which they showed in everyday life.

  • Private museums and collections
  • Russia

There is an interesting museum in Moscow where visitors can see a collection of exhibits related to Apple in one way or another.

  • Private museums and collections
  • Russia

There is a museum in Krasnodar where visitors can enrich their knowledge – the Samson Museum of Bodybuilding.

  • Private museums and collections
  • Russia

The Museum of Happiness in Novosibirsk, where visitors have the opportunity to view a mass of exhibits related to happiness in one way or another.

  • Private museums and collections
  • Russia

There is a museum in Kazan where visitors can learn more about the eastern dessert dish, chak-chak.

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