The 5 scariest rides in the world

Top 10 scariest rides in the world

Everyone fights stress in their own way, but not everyone knows that the scariest rides in the world are a good helper in this business. Top 10, which include falling from a great height, breakneck speed, dead loop. This method, along with extreme sports, is one of the most effective in solving problems of a psychological nature. That is why adults are attracted like a magnet to amusement parks – there you can get a good portion of adrenaline, which will make you stronger, more energetic, will help to cope with any adversity in life.

10. Giant Canyon. Colorado (USA)


At the top of the list of the 10 most terrifying attractions in the world, an attraction located in Colorado. It is a swing for 4 people, swinging at a speed of 80 km over the precipice of 400 meters deep. The duration of the session is only 1 minute, but the experience will be enough for the rest of his life. Before using the swings each visitor signs a document that he/she is warned about the possible consequences – injuries or even death, and the organizers don’t take responsibility for any incident.

9. Formula Rossa. Abu Dhabi (UAE).

Formula Rossa. Abu Dhabi

The fastest roller coaster, made on the type of American, has a height of 52 meters. It is located in Abu Dhabi. Trolley reaches 240 km speed in less than 5 seconds, which is not possible for every sports car. One of the most dangerous rides in the world, one of the top 10, imitates the world-famous Monza racetrack. Visitors will have to test their courage through various ascents and descents. Because of the high speed “racers” are required to wear special goggles to protect their eyes from small particles hovering in the air. The duration of the trip is a minute and a half.

8. Kingda Ka. New Jersey (USA)

Kingda Ka. New Jersey

Kingda Ka is another scary attraction that takes eighth place in our top 10 list. The construction is almost 140 meters high and is located in New Jersey, USA. In 4 seconds the car accelerates to 200 km. After the ride each visitor will have an unforgettable experience, because it is not for nothing that this attraction is called “Fear Machine”.

7. Colossus. Cherpsie (England).

Colossus. Cherpsy (England)

The most convoluted large-scale attraction, which occupies the 7th position among the top 10 most frightening entertainments, is located in a park in the English city of Cherpsy. The height of the construction is 30 meters, the travel speed is 60 km. During the movement along the track (length 850 meters) visitors turn upside down ten times, after which some of them lose their orientation in space.

6. Furius Baco. Salou (Spain).

Furius Baco.

One of the most extreme attractions in the world rightfully takes 6th place in the top 10 most frightening rides, located in the park Port Aventura in Spain. For a few seconds the capsule with passengers accelerates to a huge speed – 135 km. Originally designed armchairs, located on each side of the rail, add a thrill to the experience. Such seats deprive the legs of any support, which creates the impression of free flight. Before the end of the track the carriage rides over the surface of the water. Length of the route is 850 meters.

5. Steel Dragon. Nagashima (Japan)

Steel Dragon. Japan

The longest “roller coaster”, almost 2.5 km long, is located in Japan – it is a worthy contender for the top 5 place of the top 10 scariest rides in the world. The structure reaches a height of almost 100 meters, the duration of the ride is about 4 minutes at a speed of 150 km. The ride, created at the beginning of this century, for a long time was considered the highest and fastest, but today it is inferior to analogues in other countries. Thanks to the huge amount of steel used, the structure is resistant to earthquakes.

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4. Catapult “Flying Dutchman”. Ust-Kamenogorsk (Kazakhstan)

Flying Dutchman Catapult

Dynamically illuminated by multicolored lights, the height of 35 meters, which corresponds to 10 – 15-storey building, allowed for this attraction to take 4 place among the top 10 most terrifying attractions around the world. The booth with the passengers goes up in just a few seconds, then flies down and up again. The whole process can be filmed with a video camera to show your friends later.

3. Catapult. St. Petersburg (Russia)

Catapult. St. Petersburg (Russia)

The height of catapult, located on “Divo island”, is more than 50 meters, which allowed it to take the third place in the top 10 of the most extreme attractions in the world. The structure consists of 3 huge columns with firmly fixed metal ropes, under the tension of which the capsule with the passengers instantly rises up, and then descends. During the session the cabins are constantly rotating around their axis, which adds to the spice of the experience.

2. the Tower of Terror. Queensland (Australia).

Tower of Terror. Queensland (Australia)

This attraction, which is ranked #2 among the scariest in the world, is located in the Australian city of Queensland. In a matter of seconds the passengers ascend to a height of over 100 meters and after a sudden stop at the top they abruptly drop down and have time to experience the state of weightlessness. The ascent – descent is repeated two times. During the session, many adventurers lose the power of speech.

1. The unique “Stratosphere”. Las Vegas (USA)

The American observation tower, which is the 2nd highest in the world (350 meters) is remarkable for the fact that on its roof there are three scariest rides, each of which deserves to hold the first position in our top 10:

The Big Shot Catapult – the tallest structure in the world that allows visitors to climb to a height of more than 300 meters (speed – 70 km), followed by a free fall. Some fans of extreme entertainment have time to admire the opening view.

Carousel Madness is the highest ride on the planet. During the ride, passengers are located above the 300-meter abyss face down. After visiting the carousel everyone has an unforgettable experience.

The “X Scream” carousel accelerates very fast and travels on a short track with a steep incline, exceeding the edge of the roof by 8 meters. When braking, the front part of the capsule is suspended above the abyss, which is sure to cause an inexpressible sensation. Among all the attractions located in the Stratosphere, X Scream is visited only by the most daring adventurers.

Despite the danger, lovers of tickling their nerves around the world are lining up to get to the scary, from the point of view of the average person, rides that raise the level of adrenaline in the blood. After all, this type of entertainment is sure to give the unique emotions associated with genuine fear – a real compromise between thrill and safety.

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A lifetime in front of your eyes: Top 10 most thrilling and dangerous rides in the world

Mankind demands entertainment and thrills. One of the easiest ways to get a dose of adrenaline without risking your life (in 99.9% of cases) is to take a ride on an extreme attraction. Today we will tell you about the ones that will make Gorky Park and Chelyuskintsev Park together blush and pale.

10. High Roller, Las Vegas

On March 31, 2014, the vivacious and vicious Las Vegas gave a gift not only to gamblers and all kinds of dubious adventurers, but also to high rollers. At 3545 Las Vegas Blvd South, The Linq Promenade is home to a huge and ultra-modern Ferris wheel. This non-hazardous but breathtaking ride is 167.6 meters high (by comparison, its counterpart in Gorky Park is only 54 meters above the ground) and 158.5 meters in diameter.

The High Roller literally snatched the palm from the famous Singapore Ferris wheel, leaving it only two meters tall. However, the progenitor of both rides is essentially the same. Erection of a giant wheel cost $550 million, and the preparatory work and actual construction was conducted since 2011.

You can travel around the circle and admire the neighborhoods of Las Vegas in any of the 28 air-conditioned glass booths. Tickets range from $25 to $35, depending on the time of day. The area of one “capsule” is comparable to a room in the Belarusian “one-room” – 17 square meters. A half-hour trip (the iron “sun” makes a complete revolution for exactly this amount of time) is accompanied by music and continuous, though very slow rotation around its axis – thus achieving the best visibility.

However, the universe does not tolerate emptiness – the High Roller will not be able to remain the leader for long: the construction of the 192-meter-high Ferris wheel in New York is coming to an end. But even this is not the limit – Dubai loving everything beyond the limits is working on the creation of a 210-meter-high ride.

9. Giant Canyon Swing, USA.

In faraway Colorado extreme lovers can find their own thrill – a giant swing over a chasm. The bright white and yellow metal construction is located on the edge of a precipice at the height of 400 meters. A movable part with a “cradle” designed for four people is attached to the colossus-like supports.

Already not seemingly harmless ride impresses even more when you find out that it swings to 112 degrees and moves at 80 kilometers per hour. The Giant Canyon Swing is so awful, they say, that even its creator Steve Beckley dared to ride it just once.

Anyone who dares to step on the moving platform must remember that he is fully responsible for his life and health – before the “session” testers sign a paper that clearly states: the consequences can be serious and even fatal.

“If you are brave enough to open your eyes, you will be infinitely impressed by the local scenery,” says the official website of the amusement park. It’s pretty hard to argue with that truth – far below you’ll see the Colorado River and other delights of the American landscape. – You’ll be soaring through the air at 50 miles per hour, sharing the adrenaline with your friends.”

8. Catapult, Russia

The next extreme attraction is much closer. We are talking about a huge catapult located in St. Petersburg in the Divo Ostrov amusement park. Some visitors to the park and other than the infernal machine and did not call this machine.

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“Not everyone dares to experience the real overload of breakneck acceleration. But there are those who will accept the challenge and soar to a height of 80 meters in just 4 seconds, and then fall into the centrifuge of rotation at a directly paralyzing height, experiencing sensations that are impossible to forget under any circumstances,” the park management seems to describe what is happening, but also instills fear and awe in the soul.

The height of the construction, located in the southern part of the park, is 54 meters, and the “slingshot” shoots at the full 75-80 meters. Soar on the “winged swing” will not work for those who are still not tall – you have to grow to at least 120 cm. “Scary, but the adrenaline rush is guaranteed,” park visitors agree. However, in the news you can read about other events – in May of this year, just a few minutes after the catapult flight in the park, a man died.

7. Giant Drop, Australia.

Australia is not a bit behind the rest of the honest-to-goodness extreme world. Dreamworld Theme Park is home to one of the world’s most exhilarating rides, allowing anyone to be in a state of free fall for five seconds.

The attraction is nothing more than a bench, which, however, has no room for grannies. This carriage creepingly rises to a height of 119 meters and then without any hesitation plummets down with a staggering speed of 135 km/h. But the adventures of adrenaline junkies do not end there – the “gondola” again rises and falls again, only after that each of the 14 tourists can consider himself free.

The ride was born in 1998 and now its record height is surpassed by its American counterpart, but we couldn’t help paying tribute to the classics.

6. Insano, Brazil

The Insano waterslide is an oldie: it was built by some visionary Brazilians in a water park near Fortaleza back in 1989. If you plunge into the depths of linguistics and translate the word Insano from Portuguese, it all starts to fall into place – “crazy”, as they called the ride.

The height of the attraction is an inconceivable 41 meters and the slide descends almost vertically. A sharp change of body position allows the one who risks a ride to reach speeds of up to 105 km/hour. In this case, all four dozen meters are overcome in just 4-5 seconds.

Despite the fact that the ride is clearly not for the faint-hearted, there are still those who want to take a ride, and during the season one can even observe the queues of courageous people. The way to the madness is open almost for everyone – only heart patients, pregnant women and owners of overly bodacious forms will be turned around (though, these people usually do not want to get a sharp adrenaline rush). Not lucky and those whose height is less than 140 centimeters. A visit to the water park Fortaleza Beach Park with an opportunity to test themselves on the Insano slide will cost about 45 euros for an adult.

For 15 years Insano was the highest and scariest waterslide in the world, giving way only in 2005 to its sister, Kilimanjaro (49.9 m), located in Aquas Quentes Country Club in Brazil.

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5. Zip World at Penrhyn Quarry, UK

One can hardly be surprised by flying on metal cables these days. But you don’t think so until you hear about the existence of Zip World at Penrhyn Quarry in North Wales. Skydiver and desperate daredevil Sean Taylor decided to give a second life to an old British quarry, which for two centuries mined slate and safely forgotten as soon as all the resources have been exhausted.

Today the quarry employs about 200 people (as opposed to two thousand in its industrial heyday), who ensure that the two metal cables connecting the different banks were always in good working order and delivered daredevils in one piece.

Unlike many similar rides, the Zip World at Penrhyn Quarry keeps people horizontal rather than vertical, allowing for an even fuller sense of flight. The length of the “track” is more than 1.6 kilometers, and the speed of gliding can reach 160 km/h. It is assumed that during the two-minute flight you can admire the beautiful scenery.

“You will certainly be dressed in a special suit – a kind of mixture of spacesuit and overalls, more reminiscent of the clothes worn by prisoners. The first thing you’ll feel as you leave for the flight is an exhilarating whistling in your ears. The speed and the experience made me practically stop breathing. I flew over a quarry, over a beautiful bright blue lake, it seemed that I could describe my impressions forever, but it was better to feel it yourself.

4. White Cyclone, Japan

The roller coaster is rightfully considered one of the most exciting and colorful rides. You can find your own interpretation of the roller coaster in any part of the world. High-tech Japan is no exception, which back in 1995 created a unique wooden slide, which to this day remains one of the longest in the world (1700 m).

When you look at these slides, all prejudices against the material like wood vanish into thin air – the construction is still strong, strong and reliable. From afar, the White Cyclone still looks delicate, like crochet lace. The wood for the roller coaster was imported from Alaska, and the amount of material used for the supporting structures would be enough to build a thousand one-story houses.

The height of the attraction at its peak is about 42 meters (14-15 floors), the elegant trolleys diving into the unknown, speeding up to 100 km / h. Not everyone can feel like a conqueror of the “cyclone” – in trolleys will be allowed for those who have already overcome the mark of 130 centimeters, as well as those who are not older than 54 years. And this despite the fact that the slide has no dead loops, very steep descents and free falls, and the duration of the ride will not exceed 2 minutes 38 seconds.

3. Insanity the Ride, Las Vegas

Surely the feeling of fear is unknown to anyone who dares to ride the carousel located practically atop the 350-meter-high hotel-casino called “Stratosphere” in Las Vegas. “The Stratosphere is the highest observation tower in the United States (which can’t help but cause heart palpitations), and Insanity the Ride is also located outside of it (to be fair, it is still about 280 meters high).

The carousel appeared on the tower in 2005 and is a remote structure. A claw with paired seats is attached to a powerful “squiggle” to which thousands of people entrust their lives. Once tourists have taken their seats, the mechanism comes to life and carries them off the site, positioning them directly above the millions of lights of Las Vegas. The carousel spins over the city at about 60 km/h and occasionally repeats the movements of a blooming flower. In this way, people find themselves face to face with the abyss, and only seat belts keep them from falling.

The lowest point on land, -416 meters

“The ride on Insanity the Ride will be really memorable! A massive mechanical arm will hold you above the city and simultaneously spin you at breakneck speed. If you’re brave enough to keep your eyes open during the ride, you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view of historic downtown Las Vegas,” the owners of the Stratosphere Hotel entice tourists. The new experience of a lifetime will cost the tourist $20-40.

2. Formula Rossa, UAE

Drowning in gold and petrodollars United Arab Emirates could not but excel in the field of extreme recreation. In fabulous Abu Dhabi is located one of the most interesting entertainment centers – Ferrari World (not to be confused with Minsk World). Its integral component is a roller coaster called Formula Rossa.

The track is a little over two kilometers long and is designed in the form of the famous Monza racing circuit. Bright red Ferrari can accelerate to 100 km/h in just two seconds and maximum speed of 239 km/h “cars” reach in five seconds. All this is due to a special hydraulic launch system, which is similar to the launch catapult, used on aircraft carriers. Almost space speeds reduce the trip to a minute and a half, but, as the “experienced” say, it is quite enough to feel the enormous adrenaline release.

Because of the top speeds all “racers” are required to wear special goggles, very similar to those that are used by skydivers – a collision with the accidentally flown to the track of an insect or a speck can be fatal.

“To get to Formula Rossa, it’s best to go on Tuesday or Thursday, these days the probability that the slide is open is maximum, although never 100%. But if you make it to the hill, it’s an unforgettable experience. I myself am a cold-blooded person, have been on roller coasters and other extreme attractions, jumped with a parachute, and therefore, when I sat down for the first time in the chair of the roller coaster, there was no fear at all. No fear at all. But when in a few short seconds the speed goes from 0 to 240 km / h. Then the body, unused to such overloads and speeds, regardless of the mind (which is not afraid) releases adrenaline, and even the calmest mind is forced to react to this adrenaline, and then there is a unique state of mind, when on the one hand the mind is calm, but on the other hand your body makes (forces) it afraid,” Russian Fedor shared his impressions, having been on the ride with a maximum height of 52 meters.

1. Valravn, USA

More recently, in May 2016, the “tricked-out” roller coaster opened at Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio. Valravn is the highest top point, the steepest and longest descent, and the most twisting curves. And all this in complete safety for visitors.

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