The Bermuda Triangle and its terrible secrets

Secrets, myths and facts about the Bermuda Triangle. The history of the anomalous zone

Did you know that the Bermuda Triangle is not just a place on a map? And what happens there only by the press and popular word of mouth is described as mysticism. In fact, everything is a little different and almost all the phenomena that are considered abnormal, have a perfectly logical explanation. Still people want to believe in something mystical and build theories about the mysticism that sometimes happens in the world. As a result, they ignore all the arguments of scientists and build theories about how someone disappeared and appeared on the other side of the Earth. That’s how they are – people. We also like to discuss different versions of events, so let’s try to understand the facts, myths and events that took place on this mysterious territory. And let’s also take a brief look at some of the movies that have added to the Bermuda Triangle’s notoriety and mystery.

Should we overestimate the dangers of the Bermuda Triangle?

Where is the Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle on the world map is an area in the Sargasso Sea (Atlantic Ocean). According to legends, many anomalous phenomena occur in it, including missing ships and airplanes.

Since it is a triangle, it must have peaks. Where on the map are they? They are the points that coincide with the location of geographic locations such as Miami, Bermuda, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

This is what the Bermuda Triangle looks like.

The area of this area is quite large and is about 700,000 square kilometers. If you haven’t been interested in this topic before, you would probably like to know what the Bermuda Triangle looks like. In fact, you won’t see anything unusual in the picture. Almost the entire area is an ocean. Because of the fact that it is in the Atlantic Ocean, many people gravitate to stories about it as Atlantis.

The anomalous zone of the Bermuda Triangle

The best-known ways to explain the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle are aliens and Atlanteans, the inhabitants of the missing Atlantis.

Is it really true that Atlantis takes its victims?

That is, objects and people encounter either a gap in space and time, or are simply carried away by incredible forces. For example, many believe that ships end up in a parallel world or simply get stuck in time. That’s how they disappear and never return. This also explains why their wreckage is never found.

Many people remember the legend of the Kraken, a giant cephalopod mollusk, which, although known more from the descriptions of Icelandic sailors, but may well live in these waters and sink ships that happen to be near it.

This mythical monster has long been a major legend for sailors.

It is all very interesting to discuss and fantasize about it, but modern science, although not completely solved the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, can still tell why mysterious things happen in it without popular folklore and horror stories about monsters.

And at the same time science can tell us why, according to statistics, ships in the Bermuda Triangle do not go missing more often than in other parts of the ocean. This, by the way, is confirmed by the U.S. Coast Guard and various insurance companies that pay compensation for lost ships and their cargo.

The Bermuda Triangle – photo from space

Why Ships Go Missing in the Bermuda Triangle

Despite the fact that science does not recognize the appearance of aliens and Atlanteans in the area of the Bermuda Triangle, this does not mean that there are no anomalies in it. But first of all, we must understand that the world’s oceans are extremely heterogeneous. It has both vast areas where the depth exceeds several kilometers and shoals.

Ocean reefs.

Bermuda Triangle just belongs to the second category. There are a lot of shoals and reefs there. They can be the cause of a large number of shipwrecks. Especially at a time when sailors had no echo sounders and satellite navigation systems. Ships back then were wooden, and when they ran aground, they were soon destroyed.

Silent Zone in Mexico, all the truth about the anomaly

This underwater serenity could easily sink a swooping ship.

Infrasound on the surface of the water

Another anomaly described by scientists is infrasound. According to this version, the surface of the ocean can somehow generate an inaudible sound that drives people crazy and makes them do strange things. For example, deliberately sinking a ship or simply jumping overboard. Similar sonic anomalies are found elsewhere on our planet. Two participants of our Telegram-chat even told how they encountered such phenomenon. We’ll come back to this in separate articles.

Methane Emissions in the Ocean

Methane emissions are another cause of strange ocean behavior around the Bermuda Triangle and potential danger to ships. The cause of the emission could be the decay reaction of methane hydrate on sea days.

According to this theory, methane bubbles rise to the surface, so reducing the density of the water that ships simply can’t hold on to it and sink. Proof that this is possible is the use of such a principle by people. When tower jumpers practice entering the water, a special bubbling is turned on for them. It makes it seem softer so that the athlete doesn’t get hurt if they take a bad fall. The same rarefaction of the air as the gases rise further can prevent airplanes from generating lift and even disrupt engine operation.

In the Bermuda Triangle, it’s not just ships that go missing, but airplanes as well.

There was even a somewhat dubious experiment that proved that a ship could actually go down in a few tens of seconds if it was in the gas bubble release zone. In the end it was found out that the diameter of the bubble must be equal to at least half the length of the ship. The existence of just such bubbles is doubtful, and how dangerous a lot of small ones can be, has not yet been determined.

Ships that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle

One of the most recent examples of a ship going missing in the Bermuda Triangle but then being found is the SS Cotopaxi. It is a merchant ship that left the port of Charleston, South Carolina, on November 29, 1925. A couple of days later the ship disappeared, but, as it turns out, not without a trace. There’s even a documentary on the Science Channel that says that according to insurance companies, on December 1, 1925, the ship transmitted a distress signal and reported that it was tumbling sideways.

Already in 2020 the wreckage of the ship was found near the coast of California. As we can see, there is no mysticism and the ship did not disappear or go somewhere else, as it was shown in the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. In that film the missing SS Cotopaxi was found in the Gobi Desert. According to the script, extraterrestrial forces moved it there from the Bermuda Triangle.

So this ship looked in the movie.

A more mysterious case occurred with the American ship “Rubicon”. On October 21, 1944 it was discovered in the Bermuda Triangle by the U.S. Navy. More than 300 people were supposed to be on board the ship. However, the military was only able to locate the dogfish.

For some reason, there were no people on the ship. The last entry in the logbook was dated September 26, when the Rubicon entered the port of Havana. If the newspaper reports of the time are to be believed, the ship had no visible damage. There was plenty of food and water in the holds. Moreover, even the belongings of the crew members remained in the cabins.

The only thing was that the military did not find any lifeboats on board. In addition, a torn rope, normally used for mooring, was hanging from the bow of the ship. The newspapers at the time speculated that the sudden storm may have frightened the crew, causing people to rush to safety on lifeboats. But, you must agree, such an action is possible only in case of mass insanity. What actually happened to the Rubicon crew is still a mystery.

The Road to Nowhere, a frightening reality

The Rubicon was found in 1944 without a single crew member.

But this is not the only such case. Earlier, a similar situation occurred with the cargo ship Maria Celeste. In December 1872 it was discovered about 650 km from Gibraltar. As in the case of the Rubicon, it too had no crew on board, but the alcohol the ship was carrying was intact. In the captain’s cabin were found bundles of money, as well as a jewelry box belonging to his wife.

But, some things were still missing from the ship – the dinghy, compass, chronometer, sextant, and logbook. Interestingly, as with the Rubicon, an animal was found on the ship. True, it was a cat, not a dog.

The mysterious case was first documented in 1840. It featured the ship “Rosalia”, which also drifted without crew members. Of the living creatures on the ship was only a canary in a cage. Ten years later, in 1850, another ship “Sveabord” was discovered, which surprised the public even more. The fact is that there was dinner waiting for the sailors in the kitchen, but there was not a single person on board. That is, they left the ship suddenly. Those who discovered it were met only by the ship’s dog.

The Cyclops disappeared without a trace in 1918.

There are also ships that have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle without a trace at all. For example, the cargo ship Cyclops, which disappeared in 1918, has not been found to this day.

The most mass disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle

The most mass disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle was the simultaneous disappearance of a flight of five U.S. Air Force aircraft and the plane that went to find them. It happened on December 5, 1945, and these planes were Evenger torpedo bombers. Their wreckage was never found.

“The Bermuda Triangles: mysterious places connected with disappearances.

According to early statements of the command, the machines were operated by experienced pilots, but as it turned out later, novice pilots were at the controls, and only the instructor, Lieutenant Taylor, was experienced. True, he had just recently started flying in the area and could not navigate the terrain well.

At first the reports of radio communications between the pilots and the base saying that they couldn’t find their bearings and the ocean looked different than usual added fuel to the fire. The message ended with “we’re sinking into white water.”

There is a lot resting at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Later it turned out that the recorded conversations did not say anything about mysterious phenomena. On the contrary, everything is clear and understandable. The link simply lost its bearings and, due to compass failure, began to look for a way back to the big land. Eventually they got lost and had to land on the water, but it was dark and the sea was very choppy. The exact location was difficult to determine because there was a lot of interference in the air.

As soon as the command learned that the bomber formation had lost its bearings, several rescue planes, including two Martin Mariners, were dispatched to look for them. One of them was also missing.

The fact is that due to design features, fuel fumes from the tanks could get into the cockpit of these models. As a result, the slightest spark could cause a fire. This is one of the versions of the crash. The captain of the Heine Mills tanker confirmed that he had observed the explosion and the falling debris and then found an oil slick on the sea surface. So again, no mysticism or alien abduction – just a coincidence.

The ocean is dangerous! But not just in the Bermuda Triangle.

Is the Bermuda Triangle Dangerous?

The Bermuda Triangle has attracted the attention of fans of the supernatural for decades. But what is it really, a really dangerous anomalous zone or just the result of human fantasy and folklore?

I don’t want to upset fans of legends, but all indications are that the Bermuda Triangle is no more dangerous than anywhere else in the ocean. Ships and planes go missing everywhere, storms happen everywhere and reefs are everywhere, too. If you travel by the rules, don’t neglect safety, and keep a close eye on technology, the Bermuda Triangle is completely safe.

The Tablets of Georgia and the Ten Commandments

Even stray waves up to 30 meters high, if anything, can happen in many places. So you shouldn’t specifically book a cruise through the Bermuda Triangle, but you shouldn’t be afraid of it either. All mysticism has a reasonable explanation. Although, some eyewitnesses have a different opinion about it.

For example, what the pilot saw in the Bermuda Triangle really defies explanation. In 1970, Bruce Herman flew over the mysterious place in a small single-engine plane. Beside him on board were his father and a business partner.

While flying the Beechcraft Bonanza over the Bermuda Triangle, Bruce Herman encountered an anomalous phenomenon

The plane took off from Andros Island and headed northwest, toward the Florida coast. According to Bruce Herman, he had flown this route dozens of times before and had not seen any mysterious phenomena. The flight usually took an hour and a half.

On December 4, 1970, the flight began as it had on all previous occasions. The passengers and the pilot were no more worried than we are when we get into a cab or public transportation. However, strange things began to happen already at an altitude of 300 meters. The pilot noticed a small cloud that strangely began to grow. As a result, Bruce Herman decided to fly through it.

At an altitude of 3,500 meters the pilot saw another strange cloud. It was gigantic in size, so the pilot had no choice but to go through the cloud again. But, most interestingly, the cloud was not a thunderstorm.

Suddenly there were bright white flashes that lit up everything around it. However, according to the pilot, these were not lightning bolts. After a while, Bruce Herman realized that this was the same cloud he had flown through on takeoff, but this time it was cylindrical. The “tube” was more than one kilometer in diameter, and the length seemed endless.

The pilot was beginning to think he would never get out of it, but after about a minute he saw a light at the end. When he directed the plane toward the light, strange things began to happen again – the walls of the “tunnel” began to narrow and literally enveloped the plane. At the same time, the electronic navigation instruments stopped working, and the arrow of the mechanical compass rotated counterclockwise.

The pilot was determined to get out of this “tunnel” as quickly as possible. As Bruce Herman himself says, the last 20 seconds were the most stressful in his life, but he finally managed to get out of the strange cloud. The pilot had the feeling for a few seconds that he was in weightlessness.

Pilot Bruce Herman and his plane

But, the strangest thing awaited him and the passengers ahead. When Bruce Herman radioed ground control, the dispatcher reported that his plane was not on the radar, as if it had become invisible. A short time later, the dispatcher reported that the plane was already in Miami airspace.

The surviving pilot was stunned, as the flight took only 47 minutes, instead of the 90 minutes it was supposed to take. His plane simply was not capable of flying at a higher speed. In addition, there was unspent fuel in the tank. An explanation for this has not yet been found.

The best movies about the Bermuda Triangle

I must say that the Bermuda Triangle is not the only mysterious place on earth, shrouded in mystery. However, it is this place that most arouses our interest. This is largely due to the movies. Some pictures really deserve attention. If you have not yet watched movies about the Bermuda Triangle, the list of the most interesting of them is presented below:

  • “Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle” (TV series, 2005, Craig R. Baxley, IMDb: 6.86) – Billionaire Eric Beniroll hired a team to find out the reason his ships disappeared.While investigating, the specialists encounter an anomalous phenomenon.
  • “The Bermuda Triangle” (2001, Christian McIntyre, IMDb 5.6) – The famous, missing liner “Crown Queen” is discovered in the ocean without a single person on board. Once boarded, experts and journalists have no idea that the ship has been taken over by diabolical forces.
  • “The Bermuda Triangle” (1978, Rene Cardona Jr. IMDb 6.18) – Planes and ships disappear without a trace in the ocean, vanishing into time and space. This time, the tragic events unfold on a yacht, with a group of underwater archaeologists aboard.
  • “The Triangle” (2009, Christopher Smith, IMDb 6.90.) – Having accidentally found themselves on a mysterious ship, a team of friends notices that time has stopped, with no one on board except them. However, it soon becomes clear that someone is following them.
  • “Third Degree Close Encounters” (1977, Steven Spielberg, IMDb: 7.60) – Events begin to unfold with a power failure and the return from nowhere of planes that disappeared in 1945. An electrician who has gone to the scene of the accident encounters a UFO. From that point on, he begins to have strange visions.
Cape Hatteras in the U.S., the whole truth about the dying place

You can also watch about the Bermuda Triangle video from National Geographic. This is a fascinating documentary that contains interesting facts.

The mystery of the disappearance of ships and planes in the Bermuda Triangle

A lot of planes, ships and many thousands of people have disappeared at this place, but the search has not brought any results, strange, isn’t it?

The Bermuda Triangle became known to the public relatively recently. In the 1950s, the world learned about this mystical place from a small booklet, published in Florida. It contained 17 pages with illustrations. However, the pamphlet created no excitement and was safely forgotten.

In 1964, the triangle was recalled. Scientist Vincent Gaddis wrote a major article entitled “The Deadly Bermuda Triangle. It was published in a well-known mystical publication. Later, Gaddis continued to study the issue and wrote a chapter about the Bermuda Triangle in his book Invisible Horizons. Since then, the triangle has become the most famous mystical site, rumors about which have not subsided to this day.

Ten years after the article was written, Americans published facts about the Triangle. John Spencer began to open his eyes. He wrote two books, both with the same title, “Purgatory of the Damned”. From there, it was business as usual.

The real boom came in 1974, when the famous mystic Charles Berlitz was published.

Let’s see, what is this place? The Bermuda Triangle is an anomalous zone. It is estimated to be located between the islands of Puerto Rico, Florida and Miami and has a huge area of over a million square kilometers. The place has been fully explored by scientists. Drills have been made on the bottom in search of black gold and other minerals, water temperature, salinity, movement of currents have been measured. All the data obtained were entered into special catalogs. Surprisingly, it turned out that the area of the triangle was no different from other places on the map. But only here people and machinery kept disappearing.

The disappearance of the ship Cyclops in the Bermuda Triangle

In March 1918, the American ship Cyclops left the port of Barbados. This huge ship held more than 300 men and was considered one of the largest at the time. The ship took a large shipment of manganese ore from the port and was bound for Baltimore. But it never reached its destination. No disturbance was seen on the radar.

The ship simply disappeared from all screens one day. Since there was a World War at the time, there was an assumption that the Cyclops was attacked by German invaders. But numerous searches and studies of the archives disproved this idea. And if the attack had really taken place, the whole world would have learned about it.

Afterwards the military put forward whole theories, sometimes quite fantastic, but none of them has been proven due to lack of traces.

After several years of futile searches, the U.S. Navy leadership called this disappearance the most intractable in the entire history of the Navy. And it is true, no one knows the details of the disaster, and not a single tiny trace has been found. All the great minds were helpless before the problem of disappearance.

Bald Mountain in Kiev, mysticism and reality

Time has passed. The Cyclops story subsided, but one day a plane went missing. And once again the Bermuda Triangle became the center of attention. Now not only the military, but also scientists from many different fields of knowledge were interested in it.

The mystery of the disappearance of the U.S. Navy’s No. 19 Evangelist Link

In December 1945, the Evenjer aircraft link disappeared from the radar. This disappearance was the largest in the history of the Triangle.

December 5 was a normal day for the U.S. Air Force. There were few incidents in the skies because most of the pilots had a wealth of experience and knowledge. Several excellent pilots, who had flown more than 2,500 hours, gathered for the mission. Only one refused to fly, sensing some kind of anxiety, and it saved his life.

The weather was fine, nothing foreboded trouble. It was the most ordinary day.

Five planes took off, heading east … and disappeared. They were never seen again. Hypotheses abounded. But there was an understatement, because the planes had not been found.

Let’s reconstruct the picture of that day. All data is taken from archives and publications. At 14:10 the plane took off and reached its destination safely. At about 3:30 p.m. they took the course and flew back. A couple of minutes later, very strange reports began to appear.

The first one said that the pilots had lost their target and had to stop. On the radio the dispatchers heard the voice not of an experienced pilot, but of a novice pilot who had sat at the helm for the first time. Everyone was very puzzled by this, and it was decided to keep the course to the west. But the pilots were at a loss, saying that they did not know where west was and where they were, and that there was fog all around. Gradually the voices replaced the interference. Exactly one hour later, the message came that they were over the Gulf of Mexico.

The dispatchers were in a state of shock, for all radar readings put the planes in the exact opposite direction. Then the dispatchers began to notice that the entire crew seemed to have lost their minds. All the pilots were uttering very strange phrases, not typical of pilots of the highest class. That was the end of it. They disappeared without a trace.

More planes were sent to look for the crew, one of which also did not return.

From all the records it was concluded that there had been a collision with some unidentified object in the air. Judging by the utter confusion and even fear, it is not difficult to guess that the encounter was something no one had ever heard of. There are still debates about why the crew panicked, why they did not turn westwards, when the catastrophe could have been avoided. Unfortunately, there are no answers, only guesses.

A couple of years later a military plane with 42 passengers disappeared at this very spot. The searches did not yield anything either.

Cargo ship “Anita”

The Anita, a cargo ship that disappeared with a large coal shipment in 1973, soon added to the list. It was assumed that the ship sank after being caught in a storm. However, no trace of the wreck was found either. All that was left of the ship was a single inflatable circle.

The phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle

Triangle solvers have put forward dozens of theories to explain the mystique of this place. Here you can hear about aliens abducting entire ships, and about black holes sucking in like a quagmire, and other no less fantastic things.

Some have tried to explain the phenomenon scientifically. It has been suggested that the waters of the Bermuda Triangle are rich in methane hydrate. It, dissolving, causes many large bubbles to appear, paralyzing the movement of the ship and the subsequent sinking. Alternatively, the so-called stray waves are to blame. If we go deeper, we find even more interesting theories and assumptions that have not yet been confirmed.

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