The best beaches of Santorini, white and black sand

All beaches of Santorini, the famous island of Greece

The beaches of Santorini are as popular as the legendary sunsets. On this island of Greece there is always a place to sunbathe, swim, spend time with children, dance and eat – along with the rest of the travelers or as far away from them as possible. It’s worth noting right away that Santorini is not a beach vacation destination.

Sunset on Santorini Island Beach

The local beaches are a reminder of a volcanic eruption that happened long before Christ, plunging the island into the sea and filling up the rest of the surface with ash.

The most famous beaches in Santorini are the Red and Kamari, with black sand, but in addition to these two there are many places in the sun for a nice pastime.

The colorful shorelines of intricate shapes covered with dark gray sand, black pebbles or red volcanic cinder are definitely worth seeing with your eyes, as is the sea – blue, turquoise, green or almost black. If you are going to Santorini for a couple of days, stay at the most accessible beaches, whose visit can be combined with excursions to ancient cities, archaeological sites, churches and monasteries. And if you have enough time, explore the whole coast, following the advice of experienced tourists.

Perissa Beach

Perissa Beach is situated in a small village at the foot of Messa Vouno, 15km from the island capital. You can get there by car, by bus (2-3 euros from Fira) or by water cab. The black sand of the coast, red-hot by the midday sun, extends for about 7 km, and the owners of the numerous taverns, night clubs, amusements and diving centers have taken advantage of it, positioning their establishments along the coastal line.

Perissa Beach

There are practically no winds in Perissa, so the sea is calm and the water is crystal clear, but you should not run in at a run – you risk to slip on slabs of frozen lava. It’s better to enter carefully, feeling the stony bottom. Otherwise, the beach is absolutely safe and comfortable – there are showers, cabins for changing and toilets, paid deck chairs and umbrellas.

Kamari Beach

Kamari – the pride of Santorini, this beach is chosen by most vacationers for its space, clean waters and clear waters. The beach is covered with a mixture of black sand and fine pebbles, it is easy to get a perfect tan and have fun here.

Kamari Beach

The black beach of Kamari is one of the most unique in all of Greece. People come here by shuttle buses, cars and island cabs to spend the day. For adults there is badminton, beach volleyball and mini soccer, restaurants, tavernas and souvenir shops, for children there are animators and attractions in the children’s area. The beach is fully equipped with everything you need, but be careful – the entrance to the sea in some places is not very comfortable because of the volcanic plates.

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Perivolos beach stretches 3 km from Perissa beach, in the south of Santorini. The sand is also black, the water is just as clean and the entrance to the sea is much more comfortable. The wide beachfront meets all standards for a pleasant holiday: changing rooms, showers and toilets, sun loungers and umbrellas, water sports equipment rental, playgrounds. The beach is surrounded by snack bars, luring visitors with the wonderful flavors of Greek cuisine.

On Perivolos Beach

When Santorini is unbearably hot, this black beach offers a dip in the cool waters of the Aegean Sea and then wait until evening and rock out at the discotheques that are held during tourist season.

Vlychada Beach

It is a secluded place near Perivolos, 13 km from Fira, at the southernmost point of Satorini. Everything here resembles the planet Mars, from the rough and rugged rocks, to the black sandy and pebbly beach, to the turquoise water that rises in high waves. Unusual landscape either decorate, or spoil the pipes of the former brickyard.

Vlychada Beach

The advantages of Vlihada – smooth descent into the sea, remoteness from the noisy resort, the availability of necessary infrastructure, including snack bars. The beach, which stretches for 2.5 km, will appeal to romantics and fans to bask in the sun without clothes (nudists usually sunbathe on the right side of the beach). The only disadvantage is a pier for mooring private yachts, which can disturb the rest.

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Red beach

The red beach of Santorini is called Kokkini Paralia by the locals. It is located near the archaeological site and the pavilion-museum of Akrotiri, 8km from Fira. You can reach this part of Santorini by car, after reaching a specific point with a large parking lot. From here it is necessary to walk 200 meters along an unmade path. The beach is wild, but very popular, so there are always a lot of people.

The red beach of Santorini

On the observation deck in front of the rocky slope (bring sports shoes) is worth taking a photo – this is where an unparalleled view of Red Beach opens. A fantastic combination of brick-colored rocks and greenish sea waves can be seen only in Santorini, Greece. The beach, studded with porous pebbles and rocky shores, is landscaped in season, but has a deep entrance to the sea, so be careful.

And remember – it’s better not to come to Red Beach in light-colored clothes for swimming, because they can get a reddish hue.

Eros Beach

The beach Eros, 6 kilometers long and 35 meters wide, is located in the south and is considered one of the most glamorous places of relaxation in Santorini.

It is said that there are often nudists here, but they are quite difficult to find – apparently they prefer to remain unnoticed.

The quiet and tranquil beach, protected from strong winds by a high hill, disposes to relaxation. Noisy restaurants and bars – only huge umbrellas, comfortable deck chairs, dark gray sand, unusual topography of rocks and reconnection with nature. If you want to eat, you can go up a little higher and look in the tavern treating dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. The water is blue, clean and clear, but the sharp rocks near the shore spoil the impression of swimming. To get to Eros you can only rent a car and leave it at the parking lot next to the beach.

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White Beach

White Beach is 14 km away from Fira and is “hidden” in a small cove, accessible only to those who are ready for the sea journey by boat or boat – they regularly depart from Red Beach, dropping off passengers directly in the water, as there is no berth on the beach.

White Beach

It is shallow here, there are natural stone slabs by the shore, there is a rental of sun loungers and umbrellas, and a food tent. The most romantic beach of Santorini, the photos of which can not reflect the grandeur of the white rocks and blue water, will be appreciated by couples in love. Choose comfortable shoes to explore the caves of White Beach and simply walk effortlessly on the sand and large rocks that cover the coast.


Caldera Beach

Caldera Beach bears a name reminiscent of the disaster that changed the face of Santorini. The biggest eruption of the volcano Santorini caused the crater to collapse, creating a crater (caldera) that was immediately filled with seawater. Caldera Beach is a rare beach of Santorini, facing the caldera of the volcano. It is near the village of Akrotiri, near which there are archaeological excavations. Black sand and pebbles, easy entrance to the sea, a few taverns – the infrastructure is modest, but enough for an unpretentious holiday.

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Mesa Pigadia

Mesa Pigadia beach

Mesa Pigadia beach in the southwest of Santorini attracts by its seclusion and silence. Located in the Akrotiri area, near the lighthouse, it is accessible for boats, cars and ATVs – from the main road about one kilometer along the dirt road to the compact parking lot. The small beach, surrounded by sheer white rocks with caves and “lodges”, is divided into two parts by the type of surface – sand and pebbles. The water is clean, there are few people, and in winter fishing boats stop at Mesa Pigadia, so the doors of nearby restaurants and taverns are open year-round.

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Kataros beach

Katharos is close to the town of Ia (aka Oia and Oia), making it an ideal choice for those staying in the northwestern part of Santorini who don’t want to travel long distances to swim. The black pebble beach of Kataros, surrounded by high cliffs, cannot boast of amenities. The beach has only a smooth entrance to the sea, but many people come here for the Katharos Lounge restaurant.

They say that this institution on the beach offers the best food not only in Santorini, but also in all Greece.


Monolithos Beach is located in the village of the same name on the southeast side of the island, just behind Santorini Airport, so the beach is a great place to pass the time while waiting for your flight. It is ideal for parents with children, due to the gentle and long entrance to the sea, as well as the fine and soft sand, on which it is sheer pleasure to walk barefoot.

Monolithos Beach

Monolithos has everything you need for convenience – clear water, sun loungers and umbrellas, playground for children, cafes and taverns. The perfection of Monolithos is disturbed only by the occasional strong wind, which whirls the clouds of sand.

Please note! The ranking of the best beaches in the whole of Greece is presented on this page.


Vourvoulos is located in the northeastern part of Satorini, 7 km from Fira. The sand and pebble coastal strip of dark gray (sometimes deep black), the turquoise water and complete isolation contribute to relaxation from the hustle and bustle. It is nice to stroll along the coast and have picnics at a safe distance from the surf line – due to the winds, the sea sometimes storms and waves are raised. The rest of the time, Vourvoulos is a quiet surfing beach without sun loungers and umbrellas, but with a small restaurant.

Vourvoulos Beach


Kambia Beach is located in the southwest of Santorini, between Mesa Pigadia and Red Beach. It can be reached by car – good if it is an SUV, as the road to the beach is quite difficult. Not far from the beach there are two churches and a picturesque cave.

Kambia Beach

Kambia is securely hidden from the winds by coastal cliffs and strewn with large pebbles. You can take shelter from the crowds of tourists on the thoughtfully installed beach beds, in the shade of large umbrellas, and try simple but delicious food in a typical Greek tavern.


Baxedes Beach

Baxedes Beach is ideal for those who want to avoid the overly busy beaches, take lots of beautiful photos and fully enjoy the atmosphere of Santorini and Greece. Baxedes, with its narrow coastal strip, a mixture of black sand, fine pebbles and large stones, is located 3 km from Iya.

Entrance to the sea is comfortable, but the depth starts immediately from the shore, and due to the northern winds have high waves, so the beach is not recommended for older people and families with children. The rest of us can enjoy unspoiled nature, rent all the necessary things for recreation and spend a pleasant time in the local tavern.


Koloumbos is a small beach a ten-minute walk from Baxedes. The road to the “secret” place is surrounded by cliffs and bottomless gorges. On the way you can see a small church – white, with a blue dome, like many others on Santorini.

Columbus Beach

Columbus, with its dark pebbles and underwater volcano, used to be undividedly owned by nudists – today the beach is a holiday destination for everyone, but it remains sparsely populated due to its underdeveloped infrastructure, which only adds to its natural charm.


Paradisos Beach

Paradisos Beach, or Paradise Beach, is located a short drive from Iya. It will appeal to those who are looking for tranquility and are willing to give up some of the benefits of civilization for the sake of it. During the season, the coastal strip, covered with black and gray sand with flecks of fine pebbles, installed sun loungers and umbrellas. The sea is shallow near the shore, but large rocks make it difficult to enter the clear water. Like other beaches in Santorini, Paradissos is surrounded by restaurants, eateries and tavernas.

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Map of Santorini with beaches in Russian.

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The 7 best beaches of the island of Santorini: photos and reviews. Beaches of Santorini on the map

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The beaches of Santorini are different: black, white, red. And all equally want to take the time. But even if you come here for a long time, to bypass all the beaches of Santorini is absolutely for nothing, because not every one of them is worthy of your attention.

In our article today you will find photos of the best beaches of Santorini island in Greece and reviews of tourists (that is us). Choose according to your taste and color! At the end of the article there is a detailed map of Santorini beaches in Russian .

I do not know if it will make you happy or sad, but all the beaches of Santorini are quite unusual. Santorini – it is an island volcano, so there is no usual beaches with yellow sand. The beaches of Santorini island in Greece are mostly black, but there are also white and red beaches.

But, as said, not all of them are equally interesting. And choosing a beach on the island of Santorini, it is very important not to make a mistake, otherwise you risk losing at least half a day of your precious vacation. In today’s article we will tell you in detail about the most popular beaches of Santorini. Here you will also find information on how to get to these beaches, as well as their photos and tourist reviews to help you decide on your choice.

Best beaches in Santorini, Greece: photos, reviews, description and map

Black sand beaches of Santorini Island:

Other “colored” beaches of Santorini:

More information:

  • Map of Santorini beaches in Russian and how to get to them
  • Everything you wanted to know about Santorini

Black Beach Perissa

Perissa is the longest of Santorini’s beaches, stretching for more than three kilometers along the southern coast of the island. However, many people divide it into two parts: the western part is called Perivolos and the eastern part is called Perissa. Let’s talk about Perivolos below and the eastern part of the beach.

The black beach of Perissa is located at the foot of the mountain, so the winds here are very rare, which not all beaches in Santorini can boast. The beach infrastructure is at your service: there are cafes, hotels and most of the nightclubs. Two sun beds and an umbrella on Perissa cost 5 euros. The water is very clean and the bottom is stony in some places. Hotels in Perissa are the most budget hotels in Santorini.

Good hotels near Perissa beach

For each of the best beaches in Santorini, we’ve compiled a selection of hotels with good reviews on Bookings that we could stay in ourselves.

  • Roula Villa : great price, close to the beach
  • Villa Dimitris : not expensive, rooms with kitchenette
  • Aqua Blue Beach Hotel : snow-white hotel near the sea
  • Villa Clio : if you don’t want to pay too much for the location

Best beaches in Santorini: Perissa.

The most famous black sand beaches of Santorini are Perissa (pictured), Perivolos and Kamari. The beach of Perissa is safely sheltered from the winds by a high rock.

Black beach of Perivolos

As already mentioned, Perivolos is a beach line of one and a half kilometers long at the western end of Perissa beach. In fact, Perivolos is not much different from Perissa – the same black sand, the same clean and clear water. Only the atmosphere here is more secluded: there are fewer hotels and clubs along the beach. There are not so many beach beds, and the depth starts more sharply than on Perissa.

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Since there is more “space”, Perivolos has several courts for beach games – volleyball and mini-football. At high season, there are also a lot of water attractions: bananas, parachutes and jet skis.

Perivolos Hotels we recommend
  • Santo Miramare Beach Resort : 4 stars, 4 pools
  • Smaragdi Hotel: with private section on the beach
  • Athina Villa: A great value for money apartment hotel
  • Nostos Studios : quiet, with a pool

Best beaches in Santorini: Perivolos.

The beach of Perivolos is an extension of Perissa. The sand here is the same black, but there are fewer hotels and fewer tourists.

The black beach of Kamari

Kamari beach (emphasis on the second syllable) is located east of Perissa, on the opposite side of the very mountain that closes it from the wind.

Kamari is the most popular beach of Santorini for holidays with children. For them, this is equipped with a separate area with attractions, where professional animators work with children. You can even leave your child with them for half a day and go somewhere to have fun or go to the ruins of the ancient city of Fira, which is located on the top of the local mountain, which in addition offers a wonderful view of the sea and beaches of Santorini.

Many hotels in Kamari also have animators who work with the younger tourists. However, the children can swim at Kamari beach only if accompanied by their parents: the depths start after a few meters.

There are also many activities for adults: from water fun and mini soccer to diving club. The beach of Kamari can also boast a Blue Flag for its cleanliness and beauty.

Good Hotels near Kamari Beach
  • Blue Sea Hotel : A great value for money apartment hotel.
  • Sea Side Beach : Excellent 3 stars front line
  • Alexandra Hotel : Cheap, with swimming pool
  • Santorini Crystal Blue : Clean and white like the picture

All beaches in Santorini: Kamari.

Best beaches in Santorini: The black beach of Kamari is one of the most popular beaches on the island. There are plenty of activities for adults and children, from swings and table tennis to soccer and diving. Photo of Santorini Reflexions Sea Hotel .

Monolithos Black Beach

Monolithos is another Santorini beach popular for holidays with children. There is also a playground for kids, and the sea is much more comfortable for children than in Kamari: the sand is soft, the entrance to the water is shallow, and to the depths go more than a dozen meters.

By the way, the beach of Monolithos is also near Santorini airport. Therefore, another attraction popular with tourists on this beach is watching the planes landing and taking off.

The main minus of this beach of Santorini, which noted many tourists – if the wind rises, it is very uncomfortable to be here, clouds of sand fly in the air. It is good that it happens not so often.

Hotels in Monolithos with good reviews
  • Anamar Santorini : 4 stars with a pool
  • Memories Beach : inexpensive, near the beach
  • Rooms to let Rena : a small, cozy guesthouse
  • Artemis Village : not expensive, great reviews

Best beaches in Santorini: Monolithos.

Monolithos is probably the most comfortable black beach in Santorini for holidays with children. The sand here is soft and comfortable and the water is quite shallow. Photo of the hotel Rooms to let Rena .

Vlihada Black Beach

Without a doubt, Vlihada is the most beautiful beach of Santorini island in Greece . The wide beach line, the shiny black sand, the minimal number of tourists are not yet the main advantages of this beach. Vlihada has been elevated to the top of our “Best Beaches in Santorini” rating by the sheer cliffs along the shoreline, which have been sculpted for centuries by the great wind sculptor, who has painted them from bottom to top with bizarre patterns in the genre of abstractionism.

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Thanks to these rocks there are no hotels near Vlihada, which is why there are always few people here. There are few hotels just at the beginning of the beach. There are also a few sunbeds with umbrellas. The rest of Vlychada is totally uninvolved with the beach and you are at your complete disposal. The oneness with nature is occasionally disturbed by the nudist cough, which is a side effect of almost all the beautiful beaches in Greece.

Hotels near Vlihada beach
  • Villa Michalis : a good 3 stars with a pool
  • Stella Pension : inexpensive, 5 minutes walk to the beach
  • Porto Villa: inexpensive, with kitchen facilities
  • Notos Therme and Spa: all rooms with sea view

Best beaches in Santorini, Greece: Vlychada black beach.

Vlychada is the most beautiful beach of Santorini. In addition to the unusual scenery, there are very few tourists.

The red beach of Akrotiri

Not all beaches in Santorini are black sand. The Red and White beaches are also here. And the red beach is much more accessible and popular than its “colored” counterpart.

The red beach of Santorini is located near the ruins of the ancient city of Akrotiri, to which it owes its official name. Akrotiri beach is small, covered with bright red sand, above which the rocks of the same color are towering.

But the unusual color is probably the only advantage of this beach. In the low season it constantly rises waves, so that it is just impossible to swim here. And in the summer the coast is covered with sun-beds in such a way that there is no place for an apple to fall: the beach, we should remind, is quite small. In addition, the beach is often closed to visitors because of rockfalls. Therefore, most tourists come here just to take a picture of Red Beach from the top of the mountain and walk back and forth on the sand of unusual color.

Hotels near Red Beach
  • Akrotiri Hotel: conveniently located near the bus stop.
  • Capeland Houses : Fine, spacious apartments
  • Sublime Villa & Caves : 300 meters to the Red Beach, rooms in the rock

All beaches in Santorini: Red Beach.

Red Beach Santorini, photographed during low season. In high season, you wouldn’t see the color of the sand in the photo – everything here is crammed with sunbeds.

White Beach

Almost all of Santorini’s beaches can be reached by bus or rented transportation. The exception is the White Beach of Santorini. You can get here only by boat from Akrotiri port for 5 euros per person. Of course, there are no hotels on this beach. This is why White Beach is the most romantic and secluded beach on the island. Tourists here are few even in the high season, there are no clubs and restaurants, just umbrellas, deck chairs and a kiosk with food. And – snow-white rocks, the coast at the foot of which is strewn with pebbles of the same color.

But the entrance to the sea on the White beach is not very comfortable – the large stones are replaced by stone slabs. But this discomfort is more than compensated by the wonderful scenery, which you won’t see anywhere else.

The most beautiful beaches in Santorini: White Beach.

Many of Santorini’s beaches are just as beautiful. But tourists love White Beach for its seclusion and rocks of unusual color. Photo: Ernest McGray, Jr., .

Map of Santorini beaches in Russian

As mentioned, almost all of the best beaches on the island of Santorini in Greece can be reached by public transportation. The main transportation hub is the bus station of Fira, from here you can get buses to all destinations, including the beaches of Santorini. Learn more in our article:

  • Public transportation in Santorini: bus schedules, routes and prices

And here is where the best beaches of Santorini Island in Greece are located on the map:

Friends, which beaches of Santorini Island in Greece did you like the most? We are waiting for your reviews about the beaches of Santorini! In the following articles we will tell you in detail about the best beaches on this amazing island. Sign up for more articles from, the journey continues!

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