The Chla River in the Stavropol Territory, Shpakovsky District

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In order to solve this problem we have set the following tasks:

* to study the qualitative composition of algae of the Chla river, flowing through the territory of the city of Mikhailovsk;

* to make a systematic list of algae species occurring here;

* to make a photographic survey, attach pictures and photos of the most typical or interesting species;

* to study dependence of distribution of different genera and species of algae along the river channel, to analyze changes in species and quantitative composition in different points in connection with seasonal rhythms and ecological condition of specific points.

We took for the study of algae the river Chla, which runs the entire length of the city of Mikhailovsk, in a northeastern direction, the source of the river is located at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level, near the store “Technics”, located on Gagarin Street.

Analysis of algoflora was conducted in 8 points selected by us and located at approximately equal distances from each other (900-1000 m). Particular emphasis was placed on 3 sampling locations: before the gas station with a car wash (approximately 200 meters), after it (50 meters), and in the spring flowing into the Chlu River. This was done because it is of particular interest to study the influence of oil products and surface-active substances contained in waste water on the qualitative and quantitative composition of algoflora and the possibility of using algae as indicators of natural water pollution by these substances.

Preservation was carried out with a fixing reagent (solution of Lugol and acetic acid). Lomo-Biolam microscope was used for algae observation. Algae were sketched; determination was made according to the following literature: “Identifier of Lower Plants” (I.A. Kiselev, A.D. Zinova, M, 1953); “Identifier of Diatom Algae” (I.A. Kiselev, A.I. Proshkina, V.S. Sheshukova); “Algae, Lichens and Mosses of the USSR” (L.V. Garabova et al.). Images of algae were taken at the Laboratory of Bioresources, Biologically Active Substances, and New Materials, Stavropol State University (head of the laboratory, Dr. N.G. Likhovid) using an Austrian Micros microscope equipped with a camera and computer visualization tool.

Kalaus river in Stavropol region: source, fishing, where it flows in

During the study the species composition of algae of the Chla River water area was studied, a systematic list of detected taxa was made, chemical analyses were carried out, the degree of pollution in 8 selected points of the river was assessed, phenological changes in algoflora were analyzed. We found 17 genera of algae, belonging to 14 families, 7 classes and 4 divisions, nonuniformly distributed in the water area. In sample No. 1 we found 6 genera of algae: Oscillatoria, Navicyla, Synedra, Gomphonema, Cymatopleura, Rhizoclonium; No. 2 – 4: Oscillatoria, Euglena, Cladophora, Spyrogira, Nitzschia; #3 – 3: Oscillatoria, Navicyla, Melosira; #4A – 2: Melosira, Pinnularia viridis; #4B – 6: Oscillatoria, Spyrogira, Cymatopleura, Anabaena, Caloneis, Navicyla, Euglena, Nitzschia; #5 – 3: Cymbella, Cladophora, Oscillatoria; #6 – 3: Oscillatoria, Cladophora, Melosira; #7 – 2: Oscillatoria, Cymatopleura, Nitzschia; #8 – 3: Monoraphidium, Cymbella, Oscillatoria. Analysis of the frequency of occurrence allows identifying the most widely spread species in the water area (7 species – 100% of sampling locations, 7 – 88%, 2 – 77%, 1 – 22%).

Cell counts in samples and phenological observations revealed the presence of two algae abundance peaks – in June-July and September-October. Chemical analysis of water showed pH increase after the gas station to 8.9, the areas before the gas station (pH 8.4) and in the spring (pH 8.1) are typical algae habitats. Before the gas station there were only traces of phosphates, after the gas station their amount was increased to 0.05 mg/l. BOD (at 200C) before and after the gas station was determined, an increase in the content of petroleum products was noted. Species diversity of algoflora after wastewater pollution decreases from 16 to 9 taxa, the number of cells – from 23 to 14. The greatest species diversity is characteristic of the spring water, highly mineralized, hard, but clean.

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Cleaning the banks of the Chla River. Stavropol city administration press service

First of all, the eco-volunteers removed fallen trees to get to the household garbage.

The Seine River in Paris, location and description

Cleaning the banks of the river Chly. Press service of Stavropol city administration

From the banks of the river Chly in Stavropol took out 20 cubic meters of garbage

Mayor Ivan Ulyanchenko instructed employees of the local forestry in mid-April to clean the coastal strip from fallen trees and debris.

Cleaning the Chla river. Photo by Administration of Stavropol

The coastal area of the river Chla will be cleaned up in Stavropol

The mayor instructed to develop a plan for the sanitary cleaning of the channel from fallen trees and household garbage.

Photo: Instagram of Ivan Ulyanchenko

In Stavropol cleaned up Chlinsky forest near the dead end of Monastyrsky

Spontaneous dumping in the area occupied almost two thousand square meters.

Photo: Administration of Stavropol

In Stavropol set up a fence to protect the river Chla from garbage dumps along Monastyrsky side street

The city authorities decided the problem of pollution of the river.

Photo: Administration of Stavropol.

The cleaning of the Chla riverbed continues in Stavropol

Currently, the main task of employees of the “Stavropol Forestry” is the removal of garbage, which is collected in huge quantities.

Photo from the press service of the Stavropol City Administration.

The sanitary cleaning of the rivers of Stavropol on the control of the mayor

Work on cleaning the shoreline of the Chla River, located near the spring of St. Seraphim of Sarov in Stavropol continues.

A still from a video posted in the Instagram account of Ivan Ulyanchenko.

In Stavropol continues to work on the sanitary purification of the river Chla

From dead wood already cleared more than 250 meters of the shoreline.

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