The cost of housing in Cambodia, rent

About Cambodia real estate for foreigners: details

Cambodia real estate

Today Cambodia is developing rapidly. The wars are over, the fields are almost completely cleared of mines, and outright poverty, accompanied by hunger, is already yesterday. And foreign real estate experts now say with one voice that buying property in the Kingdom is now – a good investment.

Why buying property in Cambodia can be profitable

There are several reasons that may interest a different audience – and boring, mercantile investors, and romantics moving here, and looking for a comfortable place for winter holidays.

  1. There are no earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis, or any other natural disasters typical, for example, of the Philippines, Indonesia, or the southern islands of Thailand.
  2. Long visas compared to Thailand or Vietnam, not to mention Bali and other desirable Asian countries, are pennies.
  3. Starting your own legal business, again, is not difficult.
  4. After observing the swiftness of local construction – to build hotels, stores, restore infrastructure – it is clear that in 5-10 years Sihanoukville will become a truly attractive seaside resort and begin to compete fully with worn-out tourists Pattaya. So far we can not call Kampongsay attractive, and charter flights or at least regular flights to Russia, for example, will not be established. However, it is a matter of time. Together with the development of the city, prices for apartments, houses, commercial space will also grow.

In addition to investors, a lot of people come here in search of a permanent residence by the warm sea under the generous sun of Southeast Asia, winter residents and travelers on their own. And so relevant today is the question of how to correctly buy or rent a house: do not overpay and not to be deceived, hungry for easy money barangays natives.

Let’s try to clarify the situation.

Cities in Cambodia, where to look for lodging

Expats and winterers often choose from the following locations.

Phnom Penh capital of Cambodia

    ь. The most developed infrastructure: parks and malls, offices and stores, schools, kindergartens, offices of foreign companies, banks, local startups, etc. The capital’s new buildings

So far, only the capital can boast large modern condominiums – with swimming pools, private parking, gyms, security and other comfortable things, which in Vietnam and Thailand, for example, there are usually even in small towns.

Cambodia real estate

The windows of the houses.

And the primary and secondary – a great many. Although life turns out quite a bit more expensive than the provincial, but leisure and education of children here will not be a problem. In addition to get a job if you want and good spoken, at least in English with a salary of 700 – 1000 $ is not so difficult.

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Cambodia real estate

Another fragment of the secondary housing market in the capital

The undeniable disadvantage of Phnom Penh – the lack of sea and beaches. The Sisowat waterfront and the confluence of three rivers, although it adds to the heartiness of the budding metropolis, but overall it is dusty, hot and not very clean.

Sihanoukville reviews

No embellishments, filters, etc.

First of all, a good sea and relatively (Pattaya and Nha Trang) clean beaches. There are a lot of one-two-three-story private houses and modest gesthouses. Sprawling condominiums are just beginning to be built now, in the spring of 2017, and all two of them are at the stage of excavations.

One of the most comfortable gesthouses in the city is a favorite of Russian-speaking expats, BS Holiday.

Quite developed tourist business, Russian speaking tourists can fly here even on connecting flights, so there is always a possibility to find a job even without knowledge of languages, though not the most highly paid

budding metropolis

The hall of one of the houses in the BS Holiday

Prices for food and housing are lower than in the capital.

Cambodia real estate

View from the balcony of the same house

The following areas are less popular among the barangays, but they also like to settle the foreigners. Although, rather from the category of downshifters.

  • Quiet, serene, dreamy and photogenic Kampot. All of its colonial style. The sea is far away, but there is a river of the same name. And a lot of durians – even a monument built to them.
  • Sleepy, brooding Kep with its famous blue crabs. Place is more visited than Kampot, because there is the sea and even if not the most prominent, and on weekends, unkempt because of the invasion of local people, but the beach. Prices are high, as in all tourist areas.
  • Battambang – the cultural capital of northern Kampuchea, the second largest in population, incidentally, after the administrative center. There are no high-rises here at all, but there are several art galleries and similar themed cafes. Nearby is Dhamma Latthika – the center of Vipassana. People come to the city for a very relaxed, measured life.
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There is practically nowhere for the expats to work in small “towns”, so they choose to live those who have the opportunity to earn an income, regardless of their location: freelancers, European and American retirees with established businesses at home, or the usual apartment is not on the outskirts of Moscow. Ordinary workers, especially those without good English, have almost no work in these philosophical abodes.

Buy an apartment or house in Kampuchea: Details

Interestingly, until recently it was forbidden for foreigners to buy Cambodian real estate. However, in 2010 a law came out, under which it became possible to buy any apartment, those located above the first floor. But the purchase of land and housing on the first floor is still prohibited. Nor can you buy more than 30 percent of the apartments in a condo.

You can read the text of the aforementioned law on granting foreigners the right of co-ownership of buildings in English here.

real estate in cambodia

How’s that for housing in paradise?

In practice, the following schemes are used when buying ground floor apartments and houses.

  1. Long-term lease agreement. Cambodian law allows the lease of land for up to 99 years. With the help of lawyers an agreement is made whereby all rights to the land, including its sale, are transferred to the tenant.
  2. Purchase in the name of a firm. At least 51% of its shares must be owned by Cambodians. Companies with foreign capital undergo a lengthy registration process of up to a year. As a result, local companions sign a waiver of claims on the property and you become its sole owner.
  3. Purchase in the name of a Cambodian citizen. Here you should pay special attention to the legal side of the issue, to avoid possible claims from the natives in the future.
  4. The acceptance of citizenship, which, as usual, is guaranteed to very large investors. There is also talk about the possibility of obtaining a Kampuchean passport for certain services to the Kingdom or a formal marriage of more than 3 years.

The legal procedure for registration of ownership is as simple as possible. The buyer and seller “sign” with their fingerprints. The same is done by a witness. The transaction is registered at the local administration, after which the documents are handed to the new owner of the property.

The contract is made in Khmer, so without an interpreter does not do.

Advice: Before buying a house you like, carefully examine it, or better yet, live in it for a while, renting. For example, experience the rainy season and make sure that the roof does not leak, and do not open up other shortcomings of the outwardly reliable home.

How to rent a property in Cambodia

Booking a hotel for a tourist is simple – through services Booking, Agoda, etc. Therefore we will not dwell on short-term options and move on to the long-term rental.

There is another taboo for barangays – they are not allowed to buy property within 30 km from the state border and closer.

Almost always they ask for a deposit – payment one or two months in advance. Often it is very difficult to get the money back, even if the term of the contract is over, and the renter has not left any damage.

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You can rent an apartment, house or room in several ways:

real estate in cambodia

  1. Using the service AirBnb. The prepayment is 100%, but before you get to the seller, the money goes through the site. From the many reviews, the reputation of the homeowners is clearly visible, treasured as a guarantee of income. Properties are rented directly from the owner, which allows you to save up to 50% of the amount you would have to lay out by booking through Bucking and similar resources. Of the disadvantages – not all details can be found online, and you can find a cheaper one on the spot. Read more about AirBnB
  2. Through real estate agencies. A cluster of real estate offices in Sihanoukville, for example, can be seen in the Golden Lions area and nearby on Serendipiti and Ekarichi streets. You choose an apartment, house or room, saving time on random independent searches. Realtors speak English, and through the Russian-speaking groups in social networks you can find Russian-speaking agents, while the Khmers are rarely strong in foreign languages. Significant detail: In Khmer Land commission is usually paid by the landlord, and the tenant receives the same price as if he had found it without intermediaries. It makes sense! You can google contacts of real estate agencies in advance, so that when you arrive you can start methodically to bypass the necessary addresses.
  3. The most troublesome way is your own search. You can come and stay in a pre-booked hotel or hostel for a short period through the same AirBnB, find a suitable option for further accommodation. The advantage of this is that you can see as much real estate as the duration of the hotel reservation and the strength of your nerves will allow. Plus for the found houses no one will take a riel of commission – an obvious advantage over the remote method of search. But this requires English, although it may be useless, because not every Khmer is strong in it. And running around on the Kampuchean off-road in the hot sun is unlikely to please.
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The cost of renting and buying housing

Approximate rates for real estate are as follows:

  • A room to rent in Sihanoukville hostels from $ 100;
  • house for rent here – from 200, if you are very lucky, up to 1000 dollars;
  • Apartments in Phnom Penh from $ 200;
  • Buy a “two bedroom” in the capital will cost from $ 50,000;
  • In Sihanoukville, a similar from $ 40,000, and a studio of 20 m 2 from 16 000.
  • In smaller towns – Kampot, Battambang, prices are lower. Here you can rent a good house from $ 200. In Sihanoukville for that amount could rent a house only by happy accident, and not in the best area.

Utility bills are paid separately. The approximate cost of electricity – 25 cents or 1,000 riel per kW of electricity and cubic meter of water. In rubles today it is about 15 wooden domestic denominations.

Dry roofs and solid walls to all. Loving Southeast Asia so far at a distance, Julia. March 2017.

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Apartments and condos in Cambodia

Your home away from home – choose the most suitable apartments or apartments for you.

Check information about travel restrictions. Only travel for a specific purpose may be permitted, in particular travel for tourism purposes may be prohibited. Learn more

Finding great apartments/apartments with is easy. More options, more destinations.

Siem Reap 21 apartments / condos

Siem Reap

21 apartments/apartments

Phnom Penh 46 apartments/apartments

Phnom Penh

46 apartments/apartments

Search apartments/apartments – best regions in Cambodia

Phnom Penh municipality 46 apartments/apartments

Phnom Penh municipality

46 apartments/apartments

Siem Reap province 23 apartments / apartments

Siem Reap province

23 apartments / apartments

Top 10 Apartments/Apartments in Cambodia

Check out our selection of great apartments in Cambodia

PTH Residence

Apartment/Apartment in Chamkar Mon District, Phnom Penh

9.5 Great 8 reviews

India's best roads, worth a drive

PTH Residence, a property with an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center and a bar, is located in Phnom Penh, 300 meters from Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, 1.5 km from Aeon Mall Phnom Penh, as well as.

AMATA Residence

Apartments/apartments in Tuol Kouk, Phnom Penh

9.6 Brilliant 35 reviews

Located in Phnom Penh, 2.4 km from Vattanac Capital, AMATA Residence features accommodation with an outdoor swimming pool, free private parking, a fitness center and a garden.

Fame Stay 2 King Size Beds plus Free Wifi

Fame Stay 2 King Size Beds plus Free Wifi

Apartment in Siem Reap

9.7 Great 6 reviews

Fame Stay 2 King Size Beds plus Free Wifi, a property with a garden and a terrace, is located in Siem Reap, 3.5 km from King’s Road Angkor, 6 km from Angkor Wat, as well as less than 1 km from.

Khun Pich Apartments

Khun Pich Apartments

Apartment in Siem Reap

9.5 Great 6 reviews

With a balcony and a terrace, Khun Pich Apartments is located 2.5 km from Pab Street.



Apartments/apartments at National Road 6, Siem Reap

9.0 Excellent 7 reviews

ANGKOR DINO HOME is located 1.9 km from Pab Street. It offers a garden, a terrace and room service.

2N Residence

Apartments/apartments in Sok San Road, Siem Reap

9.4 Excellent 11 reviews

Located in Siem Reap, 2N Residence Apartments is 400 m from Pab Street and less than 1 km from King’s Road Angkor Shopping Centre.

Ptas Tauch Residence

Ptas Tauch Residence

Apartment/Apartment in Chamkar Mon District, Phnom Penh

9.0 Excellent 9 reviews

Located in Phnom Penh, Ptas Tauch Residence is 1.4 km from Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and 1.7 km from Aeon Mall Phnom Penh.

Panhanita Apartment and Villa

Panhanita Apartment and Villa

Apartment in Siem Reap

9.0 Excellent 19 reviews.

Panhanita Apartment and Villa is located in Siem Reap in Siem Reap province, close to Wat Tmei and Angkor National Museum.

GRANFERTE Phnom Penh Hotel & Service Apartment

GRANFERTE Phnom Penh Hotel & Service Apartment

Apartments/apartments in Tuol Kouk, Phnom Penh

9.0 Excellent 35 reviews

GRANFERTE Phnom Penh is a serviced apartment complex located in Phnom Penh. It features a restaurant, a fitness center, a shared lounge, a garden and a terrace. It offers views of the city.

La Belle Residence

La Belle Residence

Apartments/apartments in Mean Chey, Phnom Penh

9.1 Excellent 84 reviews

La Belle Residence is located in Phnom Penh’s Meantey district. It offers an outdoor mini-pool with city views, a restaurant and free Wi-Fi throughout.

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