The Dead Sea in Israel, Taki Deception of the Sea

Response: Dead Sea (Israel) – The first impression is deceptive

Like many others, most likely most of our tourists, got to the Dead Sea from Egypt, passing through Jerusalem. The first impression was terrific, because we arrived there early in the morning (about 7 am), respectively, it was not so hot, swam (if you can say so about the Dead Sea) in the sea, rinsed in the shower, mud, photos, shopping from the category of “only here and now a super offer” in general, the typical tourist program for anyone who travels to the Dead Sea by hastening, passing. The impression, as well as the majority is very positive, I wanted to come back and not for a couple of hours. A couple of years later, I am already booking for myself and my wife, 4 stars for 10 days with two pools, Jacuzzi and a pool with water directly from the Dead Sea, at a price equal to a trip to not the worst islands in the world, but health is one, the money is not sorry. The flight, the airports, transfer, and we in hotel Isrotel Ganim, it was Sunday and consequently at Russian-speaking personnel of hotel was day off (as we were told), but knowledge of English for check-in basically suffices, one trouble – in English they there that too ni especially hello. for fun passing on Spanish (I do not know it absolutely – literally a pair of phrases), but eyes pregnant mermaid behind a rack forced me to smile and think that to do further.

As luck would have it, an immigrant from the former Soviet Union (let’s remember her, we will return to her more than once), who was offering tourist trips to Israel, speaking Russian, was next to us. By trial and error, the cherished keys lay on the counter in front of us. Then the emigrant began persistently vparivat travel and jewelry buying only the best prices and only us so good. The room to put it mildly unimpressive – bed, table and a separate shower and toilet. Having been before a lot of places, the first thing I do – I start clicking all the switches, turn on and off all appliances to check their serviceability, air conditioning when you turn on tiredly hung cold, quickly catching a comfortable temperature, then I did not even realize that I will not turn it off around the clock. The next day was something that went on from day to day throughout the entire vacation, except for a tour of Jerusalem – morning, breakfast, Dead Sea “swim” for half an hour, then the hotel pool, Jacuzzi, pool, Dead Sea, steam room (yes, there was something like a steam room in the corner, And when I was there alone constantly tried to “stoke” this passion for the usual Russian bathing spirit and temperature, but I have never managed to raise above 60 C), then dinner, the Dead Sea, the pool, an evening stroll around the area. And everything would be fine only where to walk there. stupid rocks, sand, hotels and the Dead Sea – ALL. nothing else. One day, our emigrant woman still persuaded us to go to the jewelry store, located directly at the Dead Sea resort, such that the transfer there and back for free. There we really got for free, “anyway not far, if anything we can walk,” we decided when we realized that nothing at these prices will not buy. It is clear that the color of gold is not usual for our brother, not the color of the copper ginger – the standard natural yellow. But that’s not what I was going there for – you can buy metal anywhere and at normal prices, but the stones are another matter, “I charge” immediately a large carat with a pinkish hue, orthodox guy with braids and a pile on his head slyly squinted immediately asking how I will pay. I smile, say the word “cash” I turn away and we go, surprisingly the driver stood waiting for us, but we really decided to go on foot. I will not even write about the trip to Jerusalem – there’s everything like everyone else, and nothing special. And here about service it is necessary to write especially, may be Egypt, Europe or the same Thailand, so it affected me, but I got used to when tourists and especially hotel guests, at least smile, and when asked, if they can not help, then lead those who can. forget about this commonplace truth of tourist alphabet of good service, there is nothing of that! You just get screwed. There are a bunch of examples, I do not even know where to start – during dinner, at the buffet trying to ask the two “cooks” talking to each other, what fish was on the plate (I have an allergy to some types of fish), the guys look at me quickly, and without saying a word continue talking to each other. I am fazed. I will not even talk about towels at the pool, I never got through to anyone, when they were over.

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The door of the shower cubicle broke – it could hardly close because one of the holders broke in half, I explained my problem to the reception, I asked “Andestand mi?” she said “yes”, shook her head, two days passed, we were sitting in the room waiting for the cleaning lady, when she came in – I explained the problem clearly, tried to explain that the door can absolutely fall off. she also nodded her head, and we ended up leaving without seeing the door fixed. But then everything was explained to us clearly and popularly. While waiting for our transfer to the airport, we were sitting on our suitcases in the lobby, we saw our immigrant girl, and I told her not to come to Israel again, the service was disgusting! I asked her why, saying that maybe we were just unlucky, she says that the inhabitants of this country, a nation of the chosen God, and you’ve come here and want to goy, and that at your request would fix the door in the shower. After that I remember everything that was in those 10 days, especially struck the memory of when we on a tour to Jerusalem crossed the border to Palestine, there was a temple or a church, and we had a Palestinian guide and escort, the Israeli customs officer (if you can say so) to the Palestinian guide, was so contemptuous, that I can not even find a comparison, just contemptuous, perhaps so the Nazis looked at the Jews in 1939. Conclusion: I decided for myself unequivocally not to go to Israel.

In all hotels a lot of people with various skin diseases, therefore sometimes it was possible to lose the appetite for couple of days.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is one of the saltiest bodies of water on earth, located between Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan.

The Dead Sea is the most lifeless and at the same time the most therapeutic body of water on our planet. What nicknames did not give it – Salt Lake, Devil’s Lake, and Asphalt Lake. The lake was named Sodom and Lot because of the biblical story of the destruction by God of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and the salvation of the righteous Lot. Many scholars believe this account and believe that the Dead Sea buried the ruins of these cities in its depths.

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Such a story does not scare the tourists, who every year by the thousands seek to visit this attraction.~ The water level of the Dead Sea is 427 meters below sea level and falls at a rate of

1 meter per year.

The Sea of Salt is located near the borders of Israel, Palestine and Jordan. The reservoir is recognized as the lowest point on earth, located at 418 meters below sea level. It is bounded by the Moab Mountains and the Judean Plateau.

The level of salts and minerals in the reservoir reaches 30%, which is much higher than the concentration in the waters of the ocean, and therefore the sea is considered the most salty in the world.

What explains such high salinity? Every year, the Jordan River carries about 850,000 tons of salts into the sea. The low location of the sea does not allow the water to drain, but only evaporates into the atmosphere. In the course of a day, 7 million tons of water evaporate and disappear, while the minerals and salts remain in place.

Thousands of years ago, people already noted the unique properties of the lake. Aristotle wrote that it was bitter, salty and there were no fish there. Josephus Flavius described the story of how the Roman general Vespasian threw several prisoners into the sea. Thus, he wanted to see for himself the abilities of the miraculous lake. The fact is that because of the high density of water, it is very problematic to drown there.

Even those who do not know how to swim can not worry, the water itself will push them and keep them on the surface. When you dive into the sea, you feel weightless, and the water itself seems to be more like oil.

Why is the sea called the Dead Sea? During the Middle Ages, travelers told of the existence of a lake in which there was nothing living. No plants grew on the shores, and there were no birds or animals in the vicinity. It was suggested that the stinking vapors of the body of water posed a deadly threat to all life, including humans. Indeed, only the most tenacious bacteria could survive in the high concentration of salts there.

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Although the sea is dead, its coastal areas are teeming with life. Tourists can admire the lush tropical vegetation, waterfalls. Among the fauna can be found Arabian wolf, ibex, barkhun cat. Total in the area there are 24 species of mammals and 90 species of birds. Amphibians, fish, reptiles, fill the freshwater reservoirs.

Is there any reason to consider the lake medicinal? In ancient times people used to drink water from the reservoir, believing in its healing power. Today, it is not recommended to drink the water, but the region itself is recognized worldwide as an effective health resort.

Many claim that the salt water cleanses the body and has a soothing effect on the body.

The black mineralized mud and sulfuric hot springs will be useful in treating arthritis and skin diseases. The balsam bush growing in the area is also an effective therapeutic cosmetic remedy. The location of the area in the lowlands, increases the level of oxygen in the atmosphere, which also has a beneficial effect on the body.

Another striking property of the lake is the release of asphalt or bitumen, which periodically floats to the surface.

The largest surfaced layer of natural bitumen, weighing 2,700 pounds, was discovered in 1834. А

sphalt seeps through the crevices and rises from the seabed with the salts. The salt dissolves in the water, but the bitumen remains and floats up. An enterprising local population in ancient times made successful use of the peculiarities of the sea, successfully trading bitumen in many countries.

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