The Dead Sea – the lowest point on the planet

Find out where the lowest point on Earth is

Find out where the lowest point on Earth is

You probably know about the deepest depression, the Mariana Trench, and TravelAsk has already told you about it. But did you know that there is a place on the planet that is almost half a kilometer below the level? Yes, Mother Earth constantly surprises us.

The deepest place on the planet

The Dead Sea is the lowest piece of land on Earth. That is, in fact, a person is here on land, but the sea level “says” that he is under water.

Find out where the lowest point on Earth is

The Dead Sea coast is 417.5 meters below world ocean level. It is also called the Sea of Asphalt, the Sea of Sodom, and the Sea of Salt. The lake is located on the border of Jordan and Israel. It is quite understandable that the road around the Dead Sea is also the lowest road on earth.

The sea is 67 kilometers long and only 18 kilometers wide at its widest point. The depth of the body of water can quite boast: the maximum figure is 306 meters, and the average to the bottom from the surface of the water is 200 meters.

Find out where the lowest point on Earth is

That is to say, the lowest point of the Dead Sea sea bed is located at 723 meters from sea level!

And of course the main feature of the Dead Sea is its salinity. It is one of the most salty bodies of water on the planet, the salt level is 300-310%, and in some years it reaches 350%.

Interesting facts about the Dead Sea

Fact #1 . No one lives in the Dead Sea because of its salinity. Or almost no one. There are about 70 species of oomycetes and higher fungi. They don’t care about the salt level.

Find out where the lowest point on Earth is

Fact #2 . The water level in the Dead Sea drops a meter every year. This is very dangerous for the reservoir and threatens an ecological catastrophe. For example, the volume of water has decreased from 325 cubic kilometers to 147. Moreover, the sea is practically divided into two parts due to such drying.

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Find out where the lowest point on Earth is

The main reason is the activity of the plants extracting minerals here and the climatic changes.

Fact #3 . It is near the Dead Sea or even in its place (according to some versions) were the famous Sodom and Gomorrah. However, the search for ancient cities has never been successful. But at the bottom of the sea with a satellite were recorded anomalies, similar to the ruins of the city. And the mountains of rock salt in the south-west of the reservoir are called Sodom mountains, but the origin of the name is not fully determined.

Find out where the lowest point on Earth is

Fact #4 . The mineral content of the Dead Sea is about 30%.

Fact #5 . There is a project to transfer water from the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea to the Dead Sea. The cost of building the canal is estimated at $4 billion.

Fact #6 . It was on the shores of the Dead Sea that the biblical Lot and his daughters found shelter after the destruction of Sodom. You can even see the pillar of salt that Lot’s wife turned into.

Find out where the lowest point on Earth is

Fact #7 . The Qumran manuscripts belonging to the ancient Jewish sect of the Jesse have been found in the vicinity of the Dead Sea. They date from about the second century B.C. Their principles were very similar to the Gospel commandments. They were found by accident by a Bedouin boy in 1947. Scholars believe that it was the teachings of the Jesse that paved the way for the reception of Christianity.

Who is in second and third place

In second place is the coast of Lake Assal in Djibouti, it lies 155 meters below sea level. In third place is the Death Valley Desert in California, which is the lowest point in both Americas, 86 meters below sea level.

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The Dead Sea is the lowest place on the planet. Israel, Jordan

Surely many of you have heard about the Dead Sea. Someone was lucky enough to visit it and bring a lot of positive emotions. Well, those who haven’t been there and haven’t even heard about this attraction, sit back and read.

Dead Sea

In fact, the Dead Sea is not a sea in geographical terms. It is a large salt lake located in the territories of Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority.

Sea this body of water called because of the abundance of salt in its waters. And the salt dissolved in the water is almost 9 times more than in the ocean. More than 330 grams of salt per liter of water. And its size will be larger than that of the Pink Lake of Senegal, which is no less salty than the Dead Sea. So, it is quite possible to call this body of water a sea.

In fact, the Dead Sea is two bodies of water merged into one through an artificial canal.

The Dead Sea in numbers.

  • Length up to 90 km (counting both lakes)
  • Width of up to 18 km
  • depth up to 378 meters

The surface of the Dead Sea is 425 meters below sea level. Therefore, it is safe to say that it is the lowest place on earth.

Dead Sea on the map

  • Geographical coordinates 31.573152, 35.495744
  • Distance from Jerusalem, the capital of Israel – about 25 km.
  • Distance to Amman, the capital of Jordan 40 km
  • Distance to the nearest airport of Jordan Queen Alia approx. 40 km
  • Distance to the nearest airport of Israel Ben Gurion 65 km

The unique chemical composition of the lake makes it one of the best health resorts in the world.

The chemical composition of the Dead Sea

  • magnesium chloride – 50,8%
  • sodium chloride – 30.4%
  • calcium chloride – 14,4%
  • potassium chloride – 4.4%
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The abundance of salts and minerals made it impossible for life to exist in the body of water. Therefore, the name “Dead Sea” was firmly attached to the status of the Sea. But, as in any rule, there are exceptions. The Dead Sea is home to several varieties of bacteria and one type of algae, tunoliella.

The Dead Sea as a source of health

Known for its therapeutic properties and unique climate, the Dead Sea attracts a large number of tourists wishing not only to see the ancient salt water, but also to be healed here. From the bottom of the Sea are extracted curative silt sulfide mud with high content of iodine and bromine.

Dead Sea for your health and rest.

In the vicinity of no enterprises and large cities, so the air is very clean. Plus, you can safely sunbathe, because because of the low location of the sea, the sun loses most of the harmful ultraviolet rays here. The combination of these factors make the Dead Sea an amazing place to both relax and heal.

Why you can’t drown in the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea has a very interesting feature – it is almost impossible to drown. The water is so salty and thick, that just pushes a person to the surface. It is even difficult to dive here. Although you can hardly walk on the water like Jesus Christ, but to lie on the water as in a hammock is quite possible. The water is like a thick oil, which pleasantly envelopes the body.

Dead Sea is practically impossible to drown in.

Because of the high salinity, diving into the sea is not recommended, because there is a chance to damage the mucous membrane of the eyes. But if you do get water in your eyes, the people on duty on the shore, who always have clean fresh water, will come to your aid. Also, time in the water is limited. For the Jordanian coast it is 20 minutes, and for the Israeli coast only 15 minutes, because the salt content is higher on this side.

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The Dead Sea retreats and leaves salty footprints.

Every year, the water level in the sea drops by about 1 meter. As the water recedes, it leaves a surface oversaturated with salts and minerals. Gradually the salts are washed away by the rains and dangerous cavities up to 25 meters deep are formed. To date, there are more than 1,200 such fissures known. If you are going there for the first time, it is better to visit the Dead Sea as part of an organized tour.

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