The Enchanted Well – bottom as the palm of your hand. Brazil

Top 5 most beautiful places on Earth

If, setting aside the bustle for a while, look around and take a closer look at the world around us, everyone will find something to astonish. Pay attention, for example, to the crowns of trees, to the emerald and malachite mass of leaves, moving and shining with the slightest breeze.

Our reality is filled with unspeakable beauty, both natural and created by human genius. It is clear that no one can survey all the wonders of the planet during his or her lifetime. But you have a chance to see a video selection of 5 amazingly beautiful places scattered around the globe, which are worth visiting.

Introducing the Top 5 Stunning Panoramas. Bet you wish you’d been here just once, huh?

Lake Hillier (Australia)

The main attribute of this unique body of water is the color of the water. It’s bright pink. Surrounded by eucalyptus groves, the lake surrounded by golden sands looks like a giant sapphire gem. Scientists are confused, they have no explanation for this phenomenon. By the way, one can swim here without any fear for his health.

Top 5 most beautiful places on earth

Dead Valley Dedwley (Namibia)

It’s a landscape as if copied from the paintings of surrealists: over the whitish surface, on a golden background of sand dunes their black bitch hands of dried up trees rise up into the air. But there was a time when the soil here was saturated with moisture, there was lush vegetation. But with the onset of the desert, the flora died, and only petrified pillars of black remained as a reminder of those blessed times.

Top 5 most beautiful places on earth

Zhanye Dangxia (China)

At first glance, this incredibly beautiful whim of nature captured on video or photo seems to be an effect caused by applying special filters to the photo image. In fact, the multicolored mountain ranges of Zhanye Dangxia are an absolute reality. The ridges were formed about 70 million years ago as a result of enormous tectonic changes. Before the mountains appeared, i.e. about 100 million years ago, there was a gigantic body of water. Intense evaporation led to its complete drying out, and gradually the exposed bottom as it came into contact with the air was oxidized, which eventually gave the amazing color scheme, which is so surprising and fascinating to people.

Caño Cristales - A river of five colors in Colombia

Top 5 most beautiful places on earth

The Enchanted Well (Brazil)

This fantastic place is striking with the combination of the majestic beauty of the stones and the harmony of the water surface. The enchanted lake is hidden in a grotto at a depth of 80 m. At the bottom of the reservoir you can see the remains of fossil trees. When the sun’s rays penetrate into the cave, as if by magic, the well is filled with a gentle blue glow, and the azure fills the entire space. However, you can’t swim here.

Top 5 most beautiful places on earth

Skaftafetl (Iceland)

The phantasmagoric cave strikes with the radiant luxury and delicate blue of its icy walls. The vaults of the extremely unusual natural formation are colored by light swirls and corpuscles, bizarre shimmers and refractions, and all this makes the heart sink. The science explains this poetic natural wonder in a rather prosaic way: for a long time a huge glacier has been accumulating rain water. As it froze, its streams turned into extravaganzas. There are no air bubbles in the ice blocks, which would give the walls a more realistic whiteness. That’s why it’s a bright azure.

An enchanted well in Brazil

In the center of the Brazilian state of Bahia is a national park, the Chapada Diamontina Reserve. The landscape of the park is very diverse, it includes mountain caves and landscapes, river rapids, waterfalls and pools with incredibly clean and clear water. Its main attraction that attracts tourists is the Enchanted Well and the fantastic metamorphoses that happen to it.

The Enchanted Well


The park was founded in 1980 and officially opened in 1985 with the main goal of preserving the unique ecosystem. About two centuries ago, people began to settle these places, dreaming of finding gold. Later, diamonds were miraculously discovered here, and as one would expect, settlement began to happen faster and on a larger scale, resulting in deforestation and changes to the landscape. Of course, all this did not come without consequences – the populations of many birds and animals were reduced. Many rare species such as the giant anteater, the Brazilian tapir and the giant armadillo were threatened with extinction. However, small populations of jaguars, cougars, Oedipus toadies, yellow-bellied lizards, pampas deer, boa constrictors, and rare bird species such as the crested serine, nandu, and toucan have still survived in the park. Today, the symbol of Brazil is the toucan bird.

Roraima is the famous table mountain of South America

Of course, the national park has become famous all over the world not for this reason. Curious tourists from around the world attracts unique and inimitable Enchanted Well.

The Enchanted Well

What is unique about the Enchanted Well?

It got its name not just because it is associated with a fantastic phenomenon, which repeats from year to year, starting in April and ending in mid-September. What is needed to perform the mesmerizing action taking place in an enchanted well? Sunshine and crystal clear water of a certain temperature, which has been maintained in the enchanted well for several hundred years.

The Enchanted Well

The “well” is a small lake about forty meters deep. It was formed in a small but deep enough cave, which has been “dug” for centuries by underground rivers. To see this unique natural wonder, you need to go under the ground on a narrow path at a depth of 80 meters.

After going down, you will find yourself at the extraordinarily beautiful blue lake with crystal clear water. The water is so clean and clear that at the bottom you can see the trunks of the trees, which have been underwater for several centuries, and the depth of the lake is not small – 37 meters!

The Enchanted Well

All the most interesting things begin at eleven o’clock in the morning and continue until half past noon. Here comes the moment of mystery and magic. At this time, direct sunlight enters the well through cracks in the rock and, hitting the icy water, is refracted. The water begins to glow a gentle blue and emerald glow. The entire cave is filled with turquoise light and sapphire highlights shimmering on the walls. It is an absolutely amazing sight!

The Enchanted Well

The walls around the well are colored in different shades, from brown to a gentle blue. The closer to the water, the darker and richer the blue, and the higher up, the more natural the stone returns to its own color. The whole action lasts about an hour and a half to two hours. But at this point, you fall under the spell of the lake and are no longer able to tear yourself away from the magical spectacle.

The Rock of Guatape. Colombia. Description, photos, interesting facts.

The Enchanted Well

When the sun hits, the water in the lake becomes even clearer and cleaner. Each pebble at the bottom of the well takes on its own color and comes to life. As the sun’s rays reach the bottom of the well, they reflect on the surface and walls of the cave, presenting a marvelous spectacle of light. On a hot sunny day the cool water just beckons to bathe in it.

The Enchanted Well

Restrictions for visitors

There is a huge number of people who want to see such a delightful and unforgettable miracle. Therefore, the authorities have to limit the number of visitors. Brazilians are very sensitive to the preservation of the reserve, which is why excursions to the lake are limited to groups and under a ban on bathing.

The Enchanted Well

Nature in the park and in the lake is very sensitive to human activity. The national park and the enchanted well are carefully guarded by Brazilian government services in order to preserve this miracle. And, of course, it is forbidden to swim there, but some lucky people get lucky!

If you want to explore the park, its many natural attractions, visit the enchanted well, but do not know where to stay, you can visit the small town of Lensyis, located next to the national park! It used to be the third largest town in Bahia, but people have abandoned it, and it now has a population of only 4000 thousand. Here you can taste the national food and immerse yourself in the local color.

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