The Eye of the Sahara in Mauritania, an artifact and a mystery

Two perspectives on the Eye of the Sahara.

The Rishat structure, or the Eye of the Sahara as it is also called, is a geological formation with circular relief in the Moorish part of the Sahara Desert near the settlement of Ouadane. Surrounded by thousands of square kilometers of completely lifeless and shapeless desert, this section of relief in the form of concentric circles with a diameter of 40-50 kilometers is visible even from space.

For a long time, ever since the first space missions, the Rishat structure served as a landmark for astronauts in orbit because among the vast expanse of unremarkable desert it was a clearly visible object.

For a long time it was believed that this amazing natural object owes its origin to a meteorite that fell to the Earth’s surface hundreds of years ago. However, after a number of studies, this theory had to be declared unconfirmed, and it was replaced by another one – that of a completely geological origin of the Saharan Eye.

The Rishat structure is not a trace from the fall of an ancient meteor, as many had thought and still think. These concentric circles are in fact alternating layers of sedimentary, meteoric and volcanic rocks, formed as a symmetrical anticline by erosion.

The Eye of the Sahara is thought to have formed between the late Proterozoic (2.5 billion years) and the Ordovician (480 million years). The oldest ring is approximately 600 million years old.

Despite the extensive field and laboratory studies that have been conducted, geoscientists have not been able to find conclusive evidence that would indicate the impact of an extraterrestrial object.

Moreover, the Rishat structure does not have the ring-shaped depression that characterizes meteorite impact sites of this size. The Eye of the Sahara also differs from meteorite impact sites in that its sedimentary rocks are deposited in their normal, “pristine” form, not overturned.

According to a recent analytical study of the breccia (a rock composed of cemented fragments of one or more rocks) of the Rishat structure, the carbonate in the silica-rich rocks was formed by hydrothermal waters, and the structure itself requires special protection and further investigation of its origin.


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At the time of the Orion Empire’s takeover of Earth in 759-766, relatively soft technology – nuclear strikes of low explosive power, with the expectation of severely reducing or destroying populations, but not creating irreversible effects in the ecosystem – was used on most of the Earth.

In some areas, however, the surface of the Earth was scorched completely. This was purposely carried out in areas with the strongest and most highly vibrational natural energy – in order to lower the vibrational level in our time branch, after which it would be at the mercy of the Grays, since it is at or even below their vibrations.

In addition to the Sahara, part of Australia, Central Asia and South America (where deserts are now) have also been scorched to zero.

This crater cannot be of meteoritic origin, since there are no rocks with traces of impact. Also such craters do not have flat bottoms. Nor can the eye of the Sahara be volcanic: there are no traces of erupted rocks in and around it. As a result, scientific minds pushed back the date of the origin of the crater by 500-600 million years and assumed that it was formed as a result of erosion (which probably also lasted hundreds of millions of years).

But as it turns out, this crater is of very recent origin: the 8th century AD, and it was also created as part of an operation to take over the Earth. The Eye of the Sahara was the most important energy center of the territory, it has a portal to the Hollow Earth, and it is connected to many parallel Earth plans. The Greys used their technology to expose the portal to powerful low-frequency radiation and connected it to one of the already hollow Earth parallel realities, where there were only Greys and reptiloids. That is, they created a gray portal. Through the Eye of the Sahara there is a direct energy connection between the gray worlds of Orion and Earth. In the hollow Earth below the crater is a gray pyramid, about the same as on the U.S. emblem – supporting gray man-made structures by an upward flow from the earth and a concentrator of gray energies.

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There are also artificially created mini-volcanoes in the Sahara:

When the Eye of the Sahara was invaded, destabilizing effects were placed on the Earth’s core and energy fields through it, causing the Earth’s crust to crack and fracture.

Crater with black sand characteristic of nuclear explosions: Another deadly technology was used here: a nuclear explosion in places adjacent to the infernal plans. Leads to mass emergence of ABs (Anegles of the Abyss), leads to population extinction and destructive processes in a large adjacent area for no apparent reason.

By the way, the so-called “nuclear tests” conducted by the USSR and the US during the Cold War were not only tests, but intentional challenges to the AB, and the Soviet and American occultists pitted them against each other. So the Cold War was also a war of magic. And all these programs of nuclear disarmament were initiated by the Americans for this very reason – the number of ABs began to threaten their stability (see also the topic about oil). By the way, the active movements of the greys regarding “bans on nuclear testing” roughly coincide with the most aggressive actions against the Arab countries.

There were simpler craters – traces of super powerful bombs falling (on the left you can also see a black minivolcano – consequences of partly microfractures, partly atomic reactions)

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At the time of the Orion Empire’s takeover of Earth in 759-766, relatively soft technology – nuclear strikes of low explosive power, with the expectation of severely reducing or destroying populations, but not creating irreversible effects in the ecosystem – was used on most of the Earth.

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I watched a video on youtube that previously our earth was used as a source of hard rock, and such formations of various scales are simply places of extraction. Also the places of extraction are considered to be cones, I deserts are the spent remains of this very rock. Google it if you’re interested, as if the theory has a place.

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What Orion, what interplanetary nuclear strikes?

This is a result of the war between the Atlanteans and Lemurians was formed, it is time to learn about this in school.

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When the moon began to fall on the Earth, it was the Lysians who destroyed it. It was the same with defending the Earth from the Aliens, who were thrown back after the decisive battle at Chalmerein. – I remember… I haven’t been here in a long time, so I’m not sure… But it must have been Chalmerein. – His tone was somewhat apologetic. – Chalmerein! Does it still exist? – There is. I had almost forgotten… Cyrenice once told me that the fortress lay in these very mountains. Of course, it has been in ruins for centuries, but perhaps someone still lives there. Shalmerein! For these children of two races, so very different in both history and culture, a name filled with magic. In all of Earth’s long history, there has been no epic more magnificent than Shalmirein’s defense of the invader that conquered the universe. Though the true facts long ago dissolved into the fog that enveloped the Age of Dawn, the legends continued and will continue to live on as long as Man himself. In the darkness, Hilwar’s voice suddenly sounded again: “The people of the south can tell us more. I have some friends there. I’ll talk to them in the morning. Olwyn could barely hear him. He was deep in thought, trying to remember all he’d ever heard of Shalmerein. There wasn’t much to remember, though. After so unimaginably long a time no one could sift truth from fiction. All that could be said with certainty was that the Battle of Chalmerein marked the boundary between Man’s triumphs and the beginning of his long decline.

Eye of the Sahara

Eye of the Sahara

The Eye of the Sahara (Galb-er-Rishat) is the most enigmatic site on earth, located in the Sahara Desert in Mauritania near the settlement of Ouadane.

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The Sahara Desert is the largest desert in the world, which is located in the northern part of Africa and occupies an area of almost 10 states. Large areas of the desert are not inhabited and it seemed that what could be interesting and fascinating in these areas? But nature decided otherwise and gave this place an extraordinary natural landmark.

The main fame of the unique object was received thanks to pictures from the spacecraft in 1965. And the name was given due to the fact that from space these huge rings resembled the shape of the pupil of a human eye.

Eye of the Sahara

Structure of the Sahara Eye

The structure of Galb-er-Rishat is a geological formation with circular relief. A dolerite intrusion was detected in the Sahara Eye structure. From a satellite, the object can be seen green, a result of the stunted vegetation in the desert. For a long period of time the Galb Er-Rishat structure was a landmark for astronauts in orbit as it represented the most visible object in the African desert.

Due to the erosion of the layers, the object became quite relief and circles appeared on it. In the center of the object were found siliceous breccias, which are varieties of sedimentary rocks.

Radius of the Eye of the Sahara crater

The African landmark Eye of the Sahara reaches a colossal size. The diameter of the crater is as much as 50 kilometers. The diameter of the central circle is about three kilometers.

Eye of the Sahara


According to studies, the Eye of the Sahara was formed between the late Proterozoic and Ordovician periods. The concentric circles are millions of years old. Scientists estimate that the oldest ring is about 600 million years old.

Initially, it was believed that the amazing natural object was the result of a meteorite that fell on the Earth’s surface several hundred years ago. But after conducting numerous studies, scientists have concluded that this theory is not confirmed. Then, revealed a new version that Galb-er-Rishat has a geological origin.

Plus, the structure of Rishat does not have ring-shaped depressions, which should be at the site of a meteorite fall of this size. That said, the Eye of the Sahara is different in that the sedimentary rocks in it are arranged in their natural form, not as they were after the impact.

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Eye of the Sahara

According to recent studies, the breccias of the structure of the Eye, which consists of cemented fragments of rocks, carbonate in the rocks rich in silica, was formed under the influence of hydrothermal waters. As for the structure, it requires more detailed study.

The structure of Galb-Er-Richat is able to change color depending on the time of day, this is explained by the effect of thermal emission.

Another hypothesis, which also cannot be called correct, is the opinion about the volcanic origin of the Sahara eye, as there is no dome of eruption or volcanic rocks.

The last version, to which modern scientists are closest, is considered to be the result of erosion, which was formed after the uplift of a section of the earth’s crust.

Tourist trails

Being an unusual and amazing natural object, a huge number of tourists are eager to see the Eye with their own eyes, even despite the scorching sun, incredible heat and a long flight. Thus, many tour operators have decided to create special tours that allow groups of tourists to see the object live. Tourists are offered to travel by jeep to the attractions or on small aircraft from which you can see the Sahara Eye from height. Flying by plane is usually much more interesting, as it allows you to see the African landmark in all its enormous size. However, if you go by car, you can see part of the landmark in front of you and even walk around it.

You can go to Mauritania at any time of the year. But guides recommend going in December, when the sweltering heat subsides a bit.

Eye of the Sahara

How to get there

The journey to the Eye of the Sahara takes quite a long time, but the end result of this adventure promises to be worthwhile and memorable. To get to Galb-er-Rishat you must first drive to Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania and from there drive to Ouadane. From there you can reach the Saharan Eye by car, balloon or plane, depending on your possibilities and wishes.

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