The longest residential house in Moscow

Top 10 longest houses in Russia

What only not come up with architects to immortalize their name. Houses that rest against the sky, unusually shaped and incredibly long. Russia is literally crawling with similar “things”. So since ancient times, began to build long houses, which are not familiar to residents of the five or six-entrance buildings.

Perhaps they did it to save space or practicality, but turned out real art objects, which resemble anthills. These houses have grown throughout our country, and they can be found not only in modern Moscow and cultural St. Petersburg, but also in the majestic Volgograd and mighty Murmansk.

In this article you will become acquainted with the horizontal skyscrapers and even know their addresses. By the way, many believe that this is the shape of the future. In China and Europe have long been experimenting with similar structures and so far everyone is happy. And the idea itself took its origin from a Soviet designer.

We present you a list of the 10 longest houses in Russia: the record holders of Moscow, Volgograd, Murmansk and other cities.

10. Skolkovo buildings, 110 m.

This house looks more like an art object, whose architect was inspired by Suprematist paintings. A true work of art from the modern world. The support is in the form of a three-storey disc, on which four horizontal skyscrapers are located. Each part was named after a mountain system.

The architect is originally from Britain and likes Malevich’s paintings, so he decided to present a similar vision of the building to the public. The Skolkovo Moscow School of Management is located in the incredible building.

The working area of the skyscraper is 80 thousand square kilometers. It is impossible not to notice the harmonious combination of colors; the house looks especially good at sunset when its glass surface reflects the Moscow sky.

9. House on Nizhinskaya Street, Moscow, 150 sq.m.

An impregnable fortress – this is the impression of a house on Nezhinskaya 13, designed by engineers Evgeny Stamo and Alexander Markelov and built in 1972 in anticipation of the 1980 Olympics in the USSR.

Because of its unusual appearance, and the house has a shape of a closed ring, the common people call it “round house”, “house-bulike”, “Coliseum”.

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8. 8. House in St. Petersburg, 370 m.

When it was built, this house was the longest house in Russia (1932), but now it has taken over the leadership. Locals kindly call this building “sausage”. With its curved shape and length the house in St. Petersburg fully justifies this name.

It has twenty-five floors and an interesting feature – only three-room apartments, but what is interesting, most of them remained communal type. You can see this unusual building at Babushkina street, 61. Saint-Petersburg as always amazes by its architecture as inhabitants of our country as well as from abroad.

7. “Flute House” in Zelenograd, 516 m.

The house was built in 1969, the length of the “house-flute” is 516 meters, and all apartments in it, except for the eight two-levels – two-room. The living rooms are on the south side and the hallways and kitchens are on the north side.

The kitchen windows did not face the street, as we were used to, but a common glazed gallery, which served as our usual corridor. The architects were Felix Novikov, who gave the house its name, Igor Pokrovsky and Grigory Sayevich.

6. House in Moscow on Grizadubova Street, 700 m

The house on 4 Grizodubova Street is one of the longest buildings in Moscow, its length is 700 meters, and it is an integral building, but for convenience it was still divided into four blocks.

From a bird’s-eye view the house resembles a crown and is part of the “Grand Park” architectural ensemble. Such an incredibly beautiful building is loved by all residents. Very much this building looks like a modern art object. And in the XXI century they love everything unusual and monumental.

5. A house in Moscow on Warsaw highway, 730 m

The longest building in Moscow is house number 125 on Warsaw highway, its length is more than 730 meters, and to pass it from beginning to end you need to overcome three stops of public transport.

The house was built in 1969, and has almost 1650 windows, for this (and for its length, of course), it was called “The Leaning Skyscraper. This name stuck to the building and now no one even names the address, but just say “lying skyscraper” and the entrance number.

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4. Residential complex in Moscow, 1 100 m.

For the title “the longest house” the block on Rimsky-Korsakov Street under numbers from 8 to 18 decided to compete. Its length reaches 1100 meters. But it will hardly be fair, because this building consists of separate houses, even if they are situated next to each other, so it seems to be a single object.

The residential complex in Moscow was built here and there in different years. So people for decades have watched the development of the longest complex in the capital of our country. Although it is not clear why the architects put so much effort into it, but the building looks very impressive and large-scale.

To walk from the first to the last entrance is a real walk that should be planned in advance. Here hardly all neighbors know each other, and maybe some of them have never met.

3. House in Volgograd, 1 140 m.

House, located in the city of Volgograd, in the neighborhood “Spartakovka” surprises with its length – 1140 meters, this nine-story building holds about half a thousand apartments, and each of the eight sections of this giant has its own, separate address.

By the way, a house in Volgograd mappers found just a couple of years ago, although they started to actively inhabit it in the 70s. Until recently the tenants had no idea that their favorite building can be listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

2. House in Otradnoe, 1 400 m.

Another huge complex, which made the top of the longest not only in Russia, but also in the CIS. Densely standing buildings resemble a single structure.

Muscovites still puzzle over why they built such an outwardly unattractive and unreasonably long building. It is possible that the house in Otradnoye is on our list, but this is only a guess. In any case, there is a lot to see and everyone should walk 1,400 meters along the endless windows and doors.

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By the way, one of the versions of the construction was such – the complex was built by the military to protect the whole area from the magnetic field, which appeared during combat tests.

1. House in Murmansk, 1488 m

The Murmansk giant house occupies the area of an entire neighborhood and is an incredible 1,488 meters long. The architect of this monumental structure was a native of Murmansk – Alexandra Rastorgueva, who celebrated her ninetieth birthday. The project was fully planned and developed back in 1920, but the construction was not started. Only 5 years later the project was resumed with renewed vigor, and as it turned out not in vain.

It is one of the longest houses not only in Russia, but all over the world. The main purpose of the building was not to get into the Book of Records, but to save space and comfort of living. The first would be a nice bonus.

The construction began very hard, in addition to the fact that the builders had to clear a huge area around the perimeter, they also worked at a depth of 22 meters. This was necessary to ensure that the anchorage was secure.

What does the longest house in Moscow look like?

In the USSR, buildings taller than 9-10 floors were very rarely built according to special projects. It is in the modern construction of skyscrapers no longer surprises anyone, previously the construction of such a structure was a real sensation. And yet even under such conditions, Soviet architects managed to surprise the public with their creations. Where is the longest house in Moscow?

NICEVT building

The longest house in Moscow

Officially, the first place in the list of the longest lying skyscrapers is occupied by the building of the Scientific Research Center for Electronic Computing Technology. This unique house is located at: Moscow, Varshavskoe Shosse, 125. The decision to build this building was made in 1969, and in 1972 part of the sections was put into operation. The longest house in Moscow on Varshavskoe Shosse did not change its functional purpose and appearance throughout its history. These days most of the internal premises are still occupied by NICEVT, some sections are rented for offices and small industries. The skyscraper has 6 floors in height and 735.8 meters in length. In total there are 1650 windows on the facade.

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The history of the lying skyscraper on the Warsaw highway and interesting facts

Why was the longest house in Moscow built, why did the architects choose this particular form? In the USSR, large industrial and scientific organizations have always been treated with special attention. Buildings of scientific research institutes were usually built “for ages” and chose bright architectural forms. NICEVT was no exception. Before the construction of the skyscraper on Warsaw highway employees of the organization occupied three separate buildings. At the same time their total number was a little less than 1000 people. The new building had to accommodate all laboratories, production and administrative departments of the organization, as well as the necessary infrastructure for work. The longest house in Moscow perfectly coped with the task. It is difficult to photograph this building even with modern photo equipment without panorama mode. But we can clearly see the house of NICEVT from a bird’s-eye view. The leaning skyscraper stretches for as many as three stops of ground public transport. These are: “Varshavskoe Shosse” (near the southern sections), “Social Security Administration” (central entrance) and “Shopping Complex” (northern end of the building). If you need to visit an organization in the NICEVT building, find out in advance in which section its office is located. Otherwise, searching for the right office may take all day.

The longest residential recumbent skyscraper in the capital

Residential house

Today everyone can find out what it is like to live in the longest house in Moscow. This is the title given to the apartment building, which is part of the “Grand Park” residential complex. Not all apartments have been sold yet, the cost of the apartments is 20-40 million rubles. The apartment building stretches for more than 700 meters. For convenience, it is divided into several buildings. Curiously enough, the numbering here violates common rules. Usually it’s considered acceptable to number only the buildings and entrances facing the courtyard. The longest house in the capital has entrances facing the main street. The building has the address: 4, Grizodubova street, Moscow. The longest residential building deserves attention also because of the original forms of the facades. According to the promises of the builder, inside the building the future owners will find premium class apartments, as well as entrances with improved planning.

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“Chinese Wall” in Moscow

The longest house in Moscow on Varshavskoye shosse

There is another apartment building in the capital, claiming to be the longest. People have long called it the “Bastille” or “Chinese Wall”. The house is located at: Moscow, Rimsky-Korsakov street, 8-18. The length of the facade is 1100 meters, but in fact the building consists of several autonomous houses. It is for this reason that the “Chinese Wall” in Moscow cannot be officially recognized as a record-breaker in length. The house was built as an experimental building for the staff of a scientific organization. The urban legend is popular, according to which the building was also erected to protect the neighborhood. The thing is that in Soviet times, opposite the “Chinese Wall” was the Institute for High-Voltage Tests. The new building was supposed to protect the neighborhood from harmful pulses and loud discharge sounds. Residents of the house confirm that the layout in all apartments suggests the placement of living rooms with windows into the courtyard.

Features of lying skyscrapers

Chinese wall in Moscow

Any modern city has its “longest house”. In settlements where there are preserved massifs of housing development of the Soviet times, it is easy to find typical five- and nine-story buildings with more than 10 entrances. Their length is usually less than the longest house in Moscow, but they are quite good enough to be called a local landmark. The construction of long houses has its own subtleties. Today such projects are rarely realized due to the high cost of land in the cities. Residents of existing “lying skyscrapers” have different attitudes to their houses. Some are pleased to live in a “special house”, and some admit that because of the long address confusion regularly occurs.

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