The Mont Rebey Gorge in Catalonia. Spain Description photo coordinates

Mont Rebey Gorge in Catalonia. Spain

Mont Rebei (original Congost de Mont-rebei) is a breathtaking gorge in Spanish Catalonia and one of the few places on the planet preserved almost in pristine condition. How stunning the views of the gorge are, so dangerous are its hiking trails.

Mont-Rabay Gorge

Mont Rebey Gorge

Where is Mont Rebeil Gorge

The Mont Rebey Gorge, created by the Noguera Ribagorchana River, runs through the Montsek Mountains, practically cutting through the mountain range. It is located in the foothills of the Pyrenees in northeastern Spain and is actually the border between the regions of Aragon and Catalonia.

Mont-Rabay Gorge

What the Mont Rebey Gorge looks like

The Mont Rebey area stands out so much for its lush flora and abundance of animals that it creates a sense of absolute natural harmony and balance. It is the largest gorge in Catalonia that is not crossed by any road, railroad or cable car, except for a small footbridge. No power lines pass through here.

Mont Rebay

Mont Rebei Gorge Bridge

Suspension bridge in the Mont Rebey Gorge

The gorge, cut into the rocky peaks, descends hundreds of meters down to the river. In some places it reaches up to 500 meters in height, with a width of no more than 20 meters. The almost steep slopes catch the eye and make you feel like a grain of sand in front of the might of nature.

Mont Rebey Gorge slopes

The slopes of the gorge

The southern part of the gorge opens up in the form of an amphitheater with impressive steep cliffs.

The Mont Rebey Natural Area covers an area of about 600 hectares. It has been owned by the Fundación Catalunya-La Pedrera since 1999. The Foundation aims to preserve the natural and landscape treasures of the gorge. On April 14, 2005 it was declared a nature reserve.

One section of Mont-rebay Gorge

Plants and animals of the Mont Rebey Gorge

The local flora is characterized by high-altitude zoning. There are two main zones here. The southern slope, where the Mediterranean vegetation prevails, and respectively the northern slope, where the Euro-Siberian vegetation of the sub-Mediterranean natural zone, with oak groves dominating. Among the numerous plant species there are endemics.

A variety of fauna is also inherent in this area. There are vultures, hawks, eagles, otters, roe deer and wildcats, as well as many bats. The Iberian and Pyrenean viper are to be feared.

Mont Rebey hiking trails

The only reminder of civilization here are the footpaths, not only traditional, but also cut right into the vertical slopes of the gorge. In some places, these trails run right along the rock, like the famous Huashan Mountain Death Trail in China.

Path on the side of the gorge

The trail on the side of the gorge

If you get dizzy or have a fear of heights, some of the Mont Rebey Gorge trails are not for you.

The trails cut right into the gorge’s slope Some hikers manage to ride their bikes there A small safety rope is the only thing that will keep you from falling down

Now imagine that there is the same road in the rock, but it is even used by buses. This is the famous and dangerous Yungas Death Road in Bolivia.

The first hiking trails have been in the gorge since 1924, but they have since been badly damaged by water. New trails appeared here in 1980.

Here are the most common trails

  1. Route 1 – from the parking lot to the Mont Rebey Gorge. This is a classic route of about 4 km (2 km there and back). Usually it takes about 4 hours to walk it (respectively, 2 hours each way). This route is ideal for a one-day hike. The trail goes along the flat slope to the entrance of the gorge
  2. Route 2 – Lo Queixigar and Mirador d’Altamiris. The route is 2 km long and usually takes about 3 hours there and back. It can easily be covered in half a day. This route is more difficult and involves small climbs from an altitude of 500 to 900 meters. You must follow the trail from the parking lot south to the Mont Rebey gorge, and after crossing the Masana ravine where you will find a metal suspension bridge, after about 50 meters climb to the Altamiris ledge. From here you have a stunning view of the entrance to the gorge. After this the path goes east where it meets up with Route 3 Obaga Gran
  3. Route 3 – Obaga Gran. Its length is about 2.5 km and the walking time is about 3 hours. From the parking lot you have to walk through the gorge. After crossing the first ravine climb the hill where you will see small ruins. From the slope you can see the whole path, which first crosses the gully of Masana, and then the second gully, where it connects with route 2
  4. Route 4 is from Alsamora to Altimiris via Obaja Gran. It will take about 6 hours to conquer it. This route is optimal for a full day. The slope is variable. It starts in the village of Alsamora, heads towards the gorge and crosses several ravines until it reaches the end point of the 2nd trail
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Naturally, for a comfortable hiking tour you need good quality shoes and the best set of food and water. In addition to hiking (called hiking), you can rent a kayak and paddle it through the gorge. The surrounding views will be just as impressive.

Mont-Rabay Gorge

How to get to Mont Rebei Gorge

The nearest settlement on the east side is the town of Trempe. It is located about 30 kilometers away. On the west side is Binébarre, also about 30 kilometers away. From both towns you should head in the direction of Puente de Montanana. From Trempe it is the C-1311, and from Binebarre the N-230.

Then from Puente de Montanana follows the road to the parking lot. It is about 8 kilometers. You can, of course, travel on foot, but it is still much better to use a car. It is worth remembering that the road to the gorge is not quite ideal. There is a high probability of formation of traffic jams. In addition, the official parking lot fills up very quickly.

If you are departing from Barcelona, take the AP-2 highway to the town of Leida. It is about 170 kilometers. Then take the C-13 to Trempe, or the N-230 to Binebarre.

View of the Mont-Rebay Gorge from the parking lot

This is the view from the parking lot.

The Mont Rebey Gorge in tourism

The gorge has recently become very popular with tourists. At the moment, the visit is free, but it is required to get a free ticket in advance. But the parking is paid and not very roomy.

Now the flow of tourists is quite large. Only in 2016 it was visited by about 100,000 people. Often this does not exactly please the locals. The authorities are trying to limit the number of visitors to 1,000 people a day.

Mont Rebey Gorge in Catalonia: description and routes

Mont Rebey is a picturesque gorge in the northern part of Catalonia, known for its difficult trails and beautiful views from the tops of the neighboring cliffs. Over 100,000 people visit this place every year.

The Mont Rebey Gorge in Catalonia

General information

The Mont Rebey Gorge in Spain is located on the border of Aragon and Catalonia and is considered one of the most beautiful sights in the south of the country. Its length is several km, so local travel agencies have developed a lot of hiking routes for tourists to consider all sides of the place.

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In the gorge, located in the foothills of the Pyrenees, runs the river Noguera Ribagorçana, which for several thousand years has been forcing its way through the rocks. The water in this place has an unusual, bright turquoise color, the shade of which may vary depending on the angle of view.

Water in the Mont Rebey Gorge

The gorge is very popular with travelers, and every year this place is visited by over 100,000 people, which does not please the inhabitants of Catalonia. It is possible that soon the Spanish authorities will limit the entrance to the gorge to 1000 tourists a day.

However, while the entrance is free and open to absolutely everyone and thanks to the length of the gorge and a large number of ledges through which you can go to the river, here you are unlikely to get tired of the abundance of people.


Since the gorge is located in the middle of the forest, tourists who want to admire the nature and walk among the rocks are extremely numerous. There are different types of recreation for different categories of people, and below you will find a detailed description of the routes in Mont Rebey.

The shortest and easiest route in Mont Rebey, which is suitable even for beginners, starts at the parking lot, and its end point is considered the gorge.

The first part of the journey is along a wide gravel road in a valley lying between rocks. Here you can meet donkeys and different kinds of birds. It takes about 30 minutes to walk through this area, after which hikers will reach an observation point and can see a small part of the Mont Rebey Gorge in Catalonia. This is a relatively new route, developed only in the late 1980s.

The road along the Mont Rebey Gorge

Next, hikers are welcomed by a suspension bridge, after which the most interesting thing begins: now you are right in the middle of the gorge and walking on narrow paths (it takes 25-30 minutes), carved directly in the rocks, you can get to the final point. You can go back by the same route, or you can walk forward to the next suspension bridge. After it you need to turn right and walk to the end point.

  • There are no strong drops in elevation, so the trail is easy to handle;
  • there are no fences along the route, so you should be vigilant;
  • there is a strong wind in the gorge, so you should not get close to the edges of the cliff;
  • the route is suitable for children and older people.
  • Length of the route: about 5 km.
  • Time required: 2.5 hours.

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The second route is much longer than the previous one. It is categorized as purple, which indicates a medium level of difficulty.

Pisarella in the Mont Rebey Gorge

First, extreme tourists overcome all the way of the route number 1. Then there is a long ascent to the neighboring rock (to get to the top will be possible in 30 minutes), which offers stunning views of the gorge of Mont Rebey. Afterwards, tourists will see one of the few man-made structures here, a long wooden staircase (called a pisarella in Spain), which can be climbed even higher.

Alberg de Montfalcó

The final stage of the journey is to climb another staircase and walk to Montfalco. This part of the route is really difficult, and only physically advanced people can overcome it. Nevertheless, travelers who have gone this way say that the incredible beauty of the views from the mountains more than compensates for all the difficulties. The end point of the journey is the Alberg de Montfalcó mountain shelter in Catalonia, where you can just rest or even spend the night.

  • If you are afraid of heights, this route is not for you – there are a lot of extreme climbs;
  • If you feel very tired, it is better not to risk, and go back – the route is difficult;
  • Before you start, calculate the time to get back to the parking lot before dark;
  • it makes sense to bring a safety belt;
  • if you have reached the end point, it is better to go back tomorrow;
  • there is the Alberg de Montfalcó mountain shelter along the route, where you can spend the night.
  • Length of the trail: about 7.5 km.
  • Time required: 4 hours (one way).
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The third route, according to tourists, is the least scenic, but many people choose it because you can walk forward and go back part of the way by canoe or boat.

Mont Rebey

For those who have chosen the third route, first go all the way through the first one and when you reach the second suspension bridge, turn left instead of right (as in route 1). There you will ascend several rocks, descend a long wooden staircase (scribes) and walk through a meadow. The final point of the route is the cliff overlooking Montfalco.

Then you can go to the gorge and rent a kayak or boat.

  • The route is easy enough and suitable for older people;
  • to think about rafting in a kayak or canoe in advance – it is best to contact one of the tour companies in Agier;
  • there are fewer people here than on the previous routes.
  • Length of the route: about 5 km.
  • Necessary time: 2.5-3 hours.

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The fourth route is very different from the previous three, starting from Alsamor and ending at Altimira. It’s a long route, and you can overcome it in 5-6 hours.

The Rock beside Mont Rebey Gorge

The path to be overcome by travelers is as follows. First, you must go from the village of Alsamora to the gorge of Mont Rebey (on the way you will meet a suspension bridge and pass through a meadow). Then you need to climb the mountains and follow the narrow paths of the gorge to get to Altimir.

It is best to stretch this route over two days, as you have to walk very fast to cover the whole way in a day.

  • A big difference in elevation;
  • a large number of climbs and descents, which is very exhausting for tourists;
  • the route is only suitable for physically fit people.
  • Route length: around 12 kilometers.
  • Time required: 6 hours.

Kayaking on the river

Kayaking on the river

One of the best ways to see the Mont Rebey Gorge in Catalonia is to float along it. Such trips are very popular, so it is worth worrying about renting a kayak in advance. You can rent sports equipment in the following places:

  1. Hotels. There are very few hotels near Mont Rebey Gorge, but almost all can rent a kayak or a boat. You should take care of it well in advance, because the service is popular.
  2. In travel companies. A few days before your intended date of travel, you can visit one of the travel agencies in Angers, and agree on the terms of delivery of sports equipment.
  3. Right near the gorge. If you are lucky, you can be included in the tour group. However, this option has a significant disadvantage – the time of the water walk will be very limited, and the cost will be higher.
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Along with a kayak you should be given life jackets, helmets and a detailed map of the area. With you should take a waterproof bag, a camera and sunscreen (if you travel in summer).

You can plan your own route by kayak, but tourists are advised to include rafting in the narrowest part of the gorge (its width is only 20 m) and to see long pisseries (from water they look even more impressive).

The river in the Mont Rebey Gorge

If you’ve never been kayaking before don’t be afraid. Tourists say that it is quite easy to swim here, and there are no strong currents. Also at the end of the day (about 17:00-18:00) lifeguards on a motorboat inspect the surrounding area and “collect” all the tourists who could not themselves swim to the end point of the route.

  • Every 600-700 meters near the shore pontoons, to which you can tie a kayak and relax;
  • Especially for those who travel by water, in the gorge installed small stairs, which you can climb to the sights;
  • look into the water – it is very clear, and you can clearly see the fish swimming up to the kayak.

The approximate cost of renting a kayak is about 40 euros.

How to get to the gorge from Barcelona

Barcelona and the Gorge of Mont Rebey in Spain are separated by about 200 km, so it is better to come to the natural site in the evening and start the journey through the gorge in the morning.

There is no direct flight connection between Barcelona and the neighboring cities.

Train in Catalonia

The best option is to take the high-speed train from Barcelona to Lerida and change to Sellers. The rest of the way (about 20 km) can be done either by bus (from the central bus station) or by cab.

The cost of the trip: 26 euros (12 + 10 + 4). Travel time is 4 hours (1 hour + 2.5 + 30 minutes). Check the train schedule on the official Renfe website in Spain: As for the buses, unfortunately they don’t run regularly and don’t have an exact schedule.

So getting to Mont Rebey by public transport is very problematic and long, so if you can, rent a car. If you’re not going alone but with a group, it’s even cheaper to rent a car than to pay for trains and buses separately.

It is much faster and more convenient to get to Mont Rebey Gorge by car. It takes about three hours. You can get to Agier or Sellers (LV-9124) by asphalt road, and then you have to drive 20 km along the serpentine road.

Be prepared for the fact that the last few km of the road may be closed because of the landslide, which occurs here periodically, in which case you must return to the asphalt road and reach your destination on the highway C1311.

A car in Catalonia

If you come to Spain without a car, it is easy to rent one from one of the rental agencies in Barcelona or any other city in Catalonia. The prices are not high and you can find a comfortable car for four people from 23 euros.

Parking lots near the ravine

Parking lots near the gorge are many (even more than hotels), and the approximate cost per parking space is 5 euros per day, which is quite inexpensive for Spain. There are no free parking lots in Catalonia. Parking spaces are always available, so you do not need to arrive early in the morning to put your car.

The two most popular parking lots are Pàrking de la Pertusa (small, but it has a very good location) and Embarcadero (very many parking spaces).

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After paying for parking, you will be given a detailed map of the gorge with descriptions of the routes and other useful information for free.

Where to stay

There are several localities where travelers will be comfortable staying:

The Town of Aguerre

  1. Ager also doesn’t boast many hotels – just one available lodging. A room for two in high season costs 57 euros.
  2. Cellers. This is a tourist village and has only 2 hotels. The location of both is good, so rooms should be booked in advance. Room for two persons per night costs from 55 euros. Most foreigners choose this village because it is the easiest to get to the gorge.
  3. Tremp is a small town with 15 hotels. There are a variety of accommodation options, ranging from spacious apartments to hostels in the center. The average cost for a room for two in high season – 60 euros.

Also for those who do conquer the top and climb the highest rock, there is a mountain shelter Alberg de Montfalcó. It is a small and cozy hotel in an old building, which offers a beautiful view of the gorge of Mont Rebey in Catalonia. Prices per night for two people start at 35 euros.

The prices on the page are for March 2020.

Helpful tips

Tourists in the Mont Rebeil Gorge

  1. Wear comfortable clothes (preferably not windproof) and soft shoes. It will be good if you take a rain jacket – the weather in this part of Spain often changes. If you plan to swim, bring swimsuits and towels.
  2. In summer, the gorge is very hot, so if you come here in July, bring a panama and sunscreen.
  3. If possible, stay overnight at the hostel Alberg de Montfalcó, which offers a very beautiful view of the river and the mountain range.
  4. Remember that the gorge is quite windy, so you should not get close to the cliffs.
  5. If you get lost – follow other travelers, who will surely lead you to the parking lot. In the evening you can meet lifeguards on the territory of the gorge.
  6. The most beautiful photos of Mont Rebey Gorge come from the first suspension bridge and the long wooden scribble.
  7. Grab something to eat and a few bottles of water.
  8. There are benches at almost every turn in the gorge, so you can take a break at any time.
  9. At the base, near where the parking lots are located, there are several laks with food and refreshments.
  10. Pay attention to the flora and fauna of Spain – the gorge is home to many species of birds and rare insects. And if you come to the mountains in late spring, you can see the bright meadows and flowering trees.
  11. If possible, come here in the fall or spring, when it is not hot and no precipitation. Travelers at this time is also noticeably less.
  12. Do not try to walk around all the interesting places in this area of Spain in a day – it’s better to stay in a hotel for 2-3 days and gradually explore the region.

Mont Rebey is one of the most interesting and beautiful natural attractions in Catalonia.

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