The most expensive hotel on the planet Emirates Palace

Emirates Palace – a palace from an oriental fairy tale

Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi

The Emirates Palace Hotel is rightfully considered the most luxurious and expensive hotel on the planet. Its architecture and interior and exterior design resemble an Oriental palace from Arabian fairy tales. The palace was built in the traditional Arabic style. There are domes decorated with gold above the building.

Customer of the hotel design and construction was the government of the UAE, the building was planned as a state residence to receive foreign guests. But then it was decided to use the palace as a fashionable hotel. Photos of the fabulous palace and its brief description is placed in all promotional materials of the United Arab Emirates.

Guests of the hotel were the richest and most influential people in the world .

Where is the Emirates Palace

Presidential Hotel is located 200 meters from the Persian Gulf, one kilometer from the center of the capital, on the city’s Corniche promenade. Address: Al Ras Al Akhdar, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Only accessible by cab you won’t find public transportation to the hotel.

History of Emirates Palace

It took 3 years and 6 billion dollars to build the most luxurious hotel on the planet. The project was designed by architect John Riba, who had previously designed luxury hotels. Twenty thousand workers took part in the construction.

The most expensive materials for construction, decoration and furnishing were bought from many countries. Natural marble, precious varieties of wood, gold, silk. The result exceeded all expectations, more beautiful and luxurious hotel the United Arab Emirates had never seen.

The palace belongs to the government of Abu Dhabi, managed by specialists of Kempinski.


The hotel occupies an area of 100 hectares, on which there is a beach, gardens, swimming pools, golf courses, helipad, fountains, pier.

The hotel begins to impress with luxury from the lobby. An oval room with a gold ceiling going up. The doors, fittings and even the urns are covered in a layer of gold leaf. This is also where you can buy gold bars from the vending machine. Everywhere in the hotel you can see expensive handmade carpets, countertops made of rare wood, the gleam of diamonds in the jewelry store windows. Even little things like faucets, toilet flush buttons, and paper holders are all made of gold. The hotel cost the government $3 billion. For the gold decorating spent 2 tons of gold. Interesting reviews from tourists who said that they were immediately told at the reception that there is less gold in the Burj Al Arab.

This is interesting. The vending machine selling gold is equipped with a program which tracks the market price of gold. The prices in the machine change several times a day.

The hotel is lit by more than 1,000 Swarovski chandeliers. Every day the hotel is decorated with roses, and it takes several thousand of them.

The hotel does not only look chic, but also offers guests the highest level of service. The palace is equipped with the latest technology. Fabulous entourage combined with modern technology allows guests to enjoy luxury and comfort.

This is interesting. The high level of service is provided by 1,300 staff members from different countries. When the hotel is filled to 100%, the number of staff increases several times, and the quality of service remains at a very high level.

What is the shortest river in the world and where are they located?

There are business centers, conference rooms, no less than 40 meeting rooms, a half dozen restaurants and bars, sports centers, golf club and the best spa center in the capital.

The hotel consists of a central eight-storey building, east and west wings, the distance between them is 1000 meters, each of the five floors. The area of the hotel is 850,000 square meters . Banquet Hall accommodates more than 2,000 people, the conference room can accommodate more than 1,000 guests at a time. More than 20,000 people can accommodate terraces in the park, 6 of them designed for presentations and banquets.

That’s interesting. The hotel offers an all-inclusive vacation program. The program includes: a flight from anywhere in Abu Dhabi, Maybach with a personal driver, daily spa visit, underwater fishing, yacht trip on the bay. Every day guests receive gifts: unique champagne, pearl jewelry for the lady and a collector’s gun for the gentleman. The seven-day program costs $1 million.


All rooms are decorated in a designer style, luxurious furnishings and state-of-the-art technology. All rooms have Internet, plasma screens, telephones and safes. For round-the-clock service each room has a butler.

Multicolored marble and gold leaf were used in the decor. The floors are covered with handmade carpets. There are suites, in which only royalty and heads of state are seated.

The hotel offers 362 rooms of different categories.

The Coral Rooms , Pearl Rooms , and Diamond Rooms are characterized by balcony views and decorations. All apartments are 55 square meters. There are 166 of them, all with Arabian furniture and appliances. Some bedrooms have a king-size bed, some have two single beds.

  • Khaleej Suites – 110 sq.m. The suites have a living room, bedroom, dressing room. Terraces overlook the sea.
  • Khaleej Deluxe Suites – 165 sqm. The suites have 2 living rooms and a bedroom. Bay view.
  • Royal Khaleej Suites – 275 square meters. The suite includes a bedroom, living room, dining room. Rooms decorated with gold, natural silk, sea view.
  • 2 Bedroom Palace Suite – 460 sq.m. Chic suite with 2 bedrooms and spacious salon. All premises are separate. There is a desk, laptop, printer. Large terraces overlooking the bay.
  • 3 Bedroom Palace Suite – 680 sq.m. The suites occupy the 6th and 7th floors. There is a large sitting-room, 3 bedrooms, a dining-room, a hall, a dressing-room. All suites are chauffeur-driven limousines.

All suites have spacious marble bathrooms, jacuzzis and showers.

The hotel-palace has several apartments with lifetime reservations for the rulers of some Eastern countries. No one else is accommodated there.


Emirates Palace offers guests a buffet for breakfast and dinner. The buffet includes many dishes including crab, caviar and oysters. The Palace Hotel has 12 upscale restaurants and bars . Stylish interior, high cuisine, top-level service can satisfy the most demanding gourmet.

  • Havana Club is located in the lobby on the 4th floor. Here guests can choose the best sorts of cognac, armagnac and cigars.
  • Anar offers guests oriental cuisine.
  • Café Le Café will delight visitors with cocktails, aperitifs and snacks. Here you can try the rarest varieties of tea and delicious cakes.

This is interesting. Every year, about 5 kilograms of food gold are used to decorate the dishes and 200 tons of oranges for the fraiche.


Guests will be helped to relax and rejuvenate at the Anantara spa center. There are programs for men and women, several types of massage and much more. Here you can try the effectiveness of gold masks. You can take a steam bath in a Turkish “hammam”. One of the programs in the bath includes peeling, wrapping, moisturizing the skin with Shea butter. Some programs involve an ice cave and jacuzzi.

Swimming pool and beach

The hotel’s white sandy beach is 1 kilometer and 300 meters long and is open only to Emirates Palace guests. The beach is ideally clean. Waiters work on the beach and take orders. The hotel provides equipment for water activities.

Guests can swim in two swimming pools. One is in the east wing. The bar in the water and the Jacuzzi can help you relax and unwind.

The pool in the west wing is perfect for those who love action. Water slides, waterfall, underwater waves will please both adult and young guests. Both pools are equipped with child-friendly areas, where the little ones will feel safe and comfortable.


It does not matter what level a guest plays tennis. Experienced instructors will prepare an individual program for everyone, taking into account the level of skill and physical fitness.

Guests can keep fit at the hotel’s two fitness centers, yoga classes, aerobics, or individual workouts.

For children

For small guests there is a playground with slides and swings, children’s pools. Every day there are interesting entertainment programmes. The hotel offers baby-sitting service.


The hotel has numerous boutiques. Guests can buy everything they need from the comfort of the hotel.

Interesting facts

  • The hotel cost the government 6 billion dollars . Half of that amount was spent on construction and half on decoration.
  • The building is decorated in shades of Arabian sand.
  • Marble for the hotel was supplied by 13 countries. Wikipedia reports that the marble covers an area of 93 thousand square meters.
  • Surfaces covered with gold – 6 thousand square meters.
  • The hotel has a jogging path on the beach, its length is 6 kilometers.
  • Tourists who do not live in the hotel, can go to the territory, to the lobby, visit several restaurants. The beach, swimming pools, residential area, indoor gardens are open only to hotel guests.

What to see nearby

Abu Dhabi has many tourist attractions worth seeing .

    Built not so long ago, in 2007. Today it is the most popular attraction in Abu Dhabi. It is one of the few Muslim temples that non-Muslims can enter. Tourists from all over the world want to see the famous White Mosque, appreciate its architecture, admire the marble mosaics and the largest carpet on the planet. An average of 2 million tourists visit the temple every year.
    Heritage Village introduces visitors to the life of local people, before the era of petrodollars. In the village tourists will see what houses Bedouins lived in, what crafts they did, how their life was organized.

Emirates Palace does not deserve to be known as the most luxurious hotel on the planet for nothing. Everything in the hotel is made to make each guest feel like an Arabian sheik. Incredible beauty of the building, richness of decor, excellent staff, exquisite cuisine – all this makes your stay at Emirates Palace an unforgettable experience.

Emirates Palace – the price of luxury

Emirates Palace hotel is one of the symbols of the emirate of Abu Dhabi, the most expensive and luxurious hotel in the United Arab Emirates. At the time of its opening it was the most expensive hotel in the world, but has now succumbed to the record. Now Emirates Palace has also become a popular attraction, here are the excursions. Or you can come and see it for yourself, everyone is allowed inside.

In our article, we will look at the Emirates Palace from different angles. In the first part of the article we will talk about the hotel itself – how much it cost, what the billions of dollars were spent on. In the second part we will talk about what is interesting to see here for an ordinary tourist. In the third part we will talk about rooms and prices.

Luxury in facts and figures

Emirates Palace

– The construction cost 11 billion UAE dirhams (about $3 billion). The Emirates Palace Hotel cost three times as much as the famous Burj Al-Arab in the emirate of Dubai. Even the Burj Khalifa cost half as much;

– The Emirates Palace Hotel was built entirely with money from the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and is now owned by the government. Kempinski Group is only responsible for operating the hotel, but does not own it;

– The design of the building is done in classical Arabic form and even with traditional elements of Arabic architecture. In the center of the building there is a huge dome, 80 meters high. There are also 114 smaller domes;

– As conceived by the designers of the project, the colors of the building should reflect the shades of color of the sands of the Arabian Desert;

– The hotel has a total of 394 rooms – 302 standard and 92 suites. The rooms are quite modest in size; a standard one is 55 square meters, while the suites are 110 and 165 square meters. Frankly, from the most expensive hotel in the UAE you would expect something more;

– On the top floor there are 6 rooms “Ruler’s Suite”, these rooms are designed only for royalty and heads of state. Ordinary tourists and even world stars cannot get into these rooms, not for any money;

– Even at full occupancy, there are six staff members per guest;

– Marble from 13 countries covers 93,000 square meters of surfaces in the hotel. The Emirates Palace has not beaten the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in terms of volume and cost of marble;

– Part of the walls of the hotel is made of 22-carat gold (916 carat, not officially used in Russia). Gold covers 6,000 square meters of surfaces in the hotel. Six people are constantly engaged in cleaning these surfaces. Only for the operation of this gold coating 1.2 million dirhams (320 thousand dollars) is spent annually;

Main lobby

– The hotel has 1,000 chandeliers covered with Swarovski crystals. The largest such chandelier weighs 2.5 tons. These chandeliers are washed by a team of 10 people;

– In 2010 the lobby of the Emirates Palace Hotel was equipped with a huge 12-meter high Christmas tree. The tree was decorated with golden garlands and other decorations and it became the most expensive decorated tree in the world, the result has entered into the Guinness Book of Records;

– The main conference room seats 1,100 visitors. In addition to it, the hotel has 40 conference rooms of different sizes and 6 large terraces for meetings;

– There are 2 SPAs, 2 helipads, a dance hall for 2,500 people, its own 1.3 km long beach, its own marina, and 14 restaurants;

– The beach has a 6-kilometer running or cycling track, two heated swimming pools, tennis courts, a cricket field, a soccer and rugby field.

What to see

Anyone can enter the Emirates Palace Hotel, but as long as they are adequately dressed. Read about the dress code in our article “Rules for tourists in the UAE”.

You can walk through the gardens in front of the hotel, see the fountain in front of the entrance, walk up the huge waterfall staircase. Inside the building you can see the lobby and eat in several restaurants. The hotel is surrounded by 85 hectares of gardens and lawns.

Swimming pool with slides

The beach area, residential area, pool area and interior gardens are closed to outside visitors. To get into these areas, you have to make a reservation.

It’s best to come here in the evening, when the building’s magnificent lights come on. You can take a cab and it will cost from 12 to 40 dirhams, depending on the location of your hotel in Abu Dhabi. See “Taxis in the UAE” for fares and “UAE Dirham” for exchange rates.

You can also take buses 9, 34, 69. The stop is almost in front of the main entrance. If any of these buses stop close to the hotel, take them.

Upon entering the lobby, look up, it is above the lobby that the main dome is 80 meters high. Its inner surface is covered in gold. Under your feet you will have marble of the most expensive varieties, the walls are covered in gold, around the already mentioned chandeliers of Swarovski crystals.

Golden Coffee

The main attraction for tourists inside is to go to Le Cafe coffee shop and order a Palace Cappuccino. It’s a 24-carat (999 proof) gold sprinkled coffee. It is served on a silver tray with dates and chocolate. A rose is given to the ladies together with the coffee.

The price of golden coffee is 75 dirhams.

Royal Afternoon Tea is served from 14:00 till 18:00. With tea you can have a sandwich with salmon and 24-carat gold.

The price is AED 485 for two people.

Le Cafe is open from 7:00 to midnight.

Room rate. Can you feel like a king for a day?

When the Emirates Palace hotel first opened in 2005, the price for the simplest room was from $750 per night. Occupancy was low and the administration began to curb their appetites. The price went down to $650, then $600 and so on. Now 2022 and the standard price for a simple Coral room is $300-$350 in the summer season or $450-$500 in the winter season.

Prices have not yet been reduced further, but the hotel has begun to arrange promotions, seasonal discounts and the like. Now it is possible to “catch” a price of $200-250 per night. That is, a couple of days at the Emirates Palace can well afford the average tourist.

Room furnishings

Booking promotions include stricter conditions: only breakfast or no food, 100% advance payment when booking, cancellation and refunds are not possible, change of room type and accommodation is impossible. If you are ready for these conditions, then catch the low price tag.

A good price can be caught during Ramadan, when the tourist flow to the UAE is greatly reduced. Read our review of Ramadan in the UAE.

Big discounts can be found in summer when the heat wave reduces the flow of tourists. Read our review “Weather in the UAE.

And one more tip! Often there is a promotion for only one booking site. That is, only this site gives promotional prices, and the other sites give the standard price. Of course, searching through all the sites is long and tedious, so use aggregator sites, which collect the best prices from different places. Our form below will take you to such an aggregator site.

The Emirates Palace has three types of standard rooms, all with the same area of 55 sq.m. We list from the cheapest: Coral Room – garden view, Pearl Room – partially sea view, Diamond Room – sea view. The Khaleej Suite of 110 sq.m. and Deluxe Khaleej Suite of 165 sq.m.

Please note! If you want to stay in Khaleej Suite with children, look at the beds in each room. Some rooms have only one bed, so you can’t sleep there if you have children. Some rooms have three beds, and the price does not affect it.

Attention! In the emirate of Sharjah there is a hotel with a similar name “Emirates Palace Hotel Suites”. Naturally, it is a different hotel at a completely different price. Be careful not to mix up these hotels.

What do you get for the money?

Each room has carpets and comfortable beds, the bathtubs are marble. Control all the appliances in the room with a special iPad. HD TVs with 150 channels, movies are free, and free WiFi works.

The hotel has Russian-speaking staff, which is already nice.

The Emirates Palace hotel has its own private beach length of 1.3 kilometers, of course, crowds of people here do not happen. On the beach you can ride a camel, sit in a Bedouin tent and drink tea or coffee.

There are two heated pools. The first is large, with Jacuzzi pools next to it. The second pool is a whole water maze, there are two children’s slides. For children there is a children’s club, an animator works.

The hotel guests can rent bicycles for free. You can play tennis, billiards, table tennis, go to the fitness center. All these services are included in the price.

Is it worth the money? It is up to you to decide. We want to note that in the UAE there are more expensive hotels, but with a much smaller set of services.

This is interesting

– Read our article “Burj Al Arab” about the second famous luxury hotel in the UAE;

– If you are going to see Emirates Palace as a tourist, it is convenient to see other sights nearby: Viewpoint 300, Corniche Quay, Sheikh Zayd Memorial.

Have a great holiday in Abu Dhabi, and read our interesting articles about UAE ( list below).

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