The most interesting places in Iceland, photos and descriptions

See the sights of Iceland – TOP 30

If you have the desire to travel and see the sights of Iceland, then be prepared for fantastic discoveries! Amazing landscapes, extraordinary architectural structures, natural monuments, all this is for you to explore. Don’t waste your time and start your journey!

Historical sights in Iceland

1. Hadlgrímskirkja


The most important landmark in Iceland, located in the city of Reykjavik. The temple was named after the poet Hadlgrímur Petursson. He was one of the spiritual leaders of the country. Looking at the incredibly tall building, it seems as if it pierces through the sky! No matter what part of the city you find yourself in, this Lutheran church is always visible. The powerful appearance of the building is astounding. The main tower is 73 meters high and its massive wings that cover a lot of ground.

2. Reykjavik Cathedral

Reykjavik Cathedral

The church is presented in the Danish colonial style, is a symbol of the capital and the most important temple. The exquisite white and gold interior immediately catches the eye, impressing all visitors. Locals love this place because it feels close to God and feels secluded with oneself. Listen to the extraordinary singing of the church choir combined with the amazing sound of the organ. Have no doubt, you will leave the building with a completely different feeling and a smile on your face.

3. Skaugafoss Waterfall

Skaugafoss waterfall

A place that is simply impossible to pass by. Perhaps the most spectacular attraction in Iceland. Once you find yourself at the waterfall, you immediately understand why travelers love to come here. From a height of 60 meters rushes powerful streams of water, splashing several meters. It’s a stunning sight! In clear weather, the shining sun forms a rainbow. Usually this is the start point for exploring the unparalleled nature of Iceland.

4. Tingvellir


Arriving in the southwestern part of Iceland, you will find one of the most beautiful places, the Tingvellir Valley. Because of the junction of the plates a deep crack in the earth’s crust has formed, which increases by 2 cm every year. You have a unique opportunity to cross from one continent to another. One of the attractions of Tingvellir is a large natural lake. It is in this place, the inhabitants of the first settlements elected parliament. Currently, the natural monument is protected by UNESCO.

5. Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights, come to Iceland. A natural attraction for which hundreds of thousands of tourists come. Of course, not everyone manages to catch this natural phenomenon, but if you are lucky, you will find an indescribable beauty. It seems as if the colors spread across the sky, as if the artist is painting on a canvas. Shades of pink, blue, and green cover the blue sky. For this spectacle it is worth, best of all, choosing winter. Do not miss the chance!

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6. yokulsadlon


This glacial lagoon has always been visited by tourists, but it became especially popular after the movie “Batman” was filmed there. The glacial lake is astonishing in its size. This landmark of Iceland is considered a true natural wonder. The lake appeared here at a time when the glacier retreated from the ocean and left behind blocks of slowly melting ice. Imagine what a stunning view awaits you during sunrise and sunset, when everything is reflected in the glaciers!

7. Valley of Geysers

Valley of Geysers

For over ten thousand years there is a natural wonder where hot water rises from the ground to a height of 70 meters. Deeper geyser reaches about 2000 meters. It is in Iceland where you can see firsthand how the water moves upward with a powerful stream, leaving behind only puffs of steam. This is truly unforgettable spectacle! But do not be dismayed if you visit it in the lull. The emerald lake into which it turns also leaves an indescribable delight.

8. Landakotskirkya


Once in Reykjavik, the Landakotskirkja cathedral catches tourists’ eyes. The neo-Gothic style in which the Catholic church is executed gives the building a look of antiquity. If you look closely at the tower, you will see a sharp peak, which is not typical of such architecture. There are a lot of arches in the interior of the structure and the floor is covered with painted tiles. Its location on a hill makes it feel as if the church towers over the capital.

9. Viking Maritime Museum

Viking Maritime Museum

The history of Reykjavík is continuously linked to naval voyages. Visiting the museum, visitors learn how shipbuilders developed this challenging business, from small boats to enormous vessels. The seven rooms are filled with permanent exhibits. If you come with children, the Sæfari boat is prepared for them, where they will be allowed to change into authentic nautical uniforms. Climb up on the deck of the most famous ship or go down in the hold. Look at old photos and see how it all began.

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10. Ausbirge Canyon

Ausbirgi Canyon

This canyon was formed in the northeast of the country by melting glaciers. Walking through the national park, you just can’t pass by this natural beauty. When viewed from above, the canyon is shaped like a horseshoe. Tourists especially love this place, it inspires with its scenery. To better feel the atmosphere of the fantastic place, rent a horse and take a horseback ride.

The most beautiful places in Iceland (+ PHOTO)

Iceland is often referred to as “the land of fire and ice” because of the wide variety of local landscapes that include ancient volcanoes, rumbling waterfalls, creeping glaciers, and amazing black sand beaches. High mountains stretch to the clouds here, surrounded by rolling valleys. The sky, burning with a magical northern glow, is reflected in the clear water of glacial lakes.

Each year, thousands of tourists flock to this unique North Atlantic country to see its rugged landscapes and take pictures against the backdrop of breathtaking northern beauty. In this article, we’ll tell you about the country’s most curious places to visit.


Hryojnfossar Falls (Hryojnfossar) CC0

The Hvytau River is famous for its many small waterfalls, two of which are located just a few steps from each other, near Borgarfjordur in the western part of Iceland. The most famous of the pair is Hröinfossar. This, in turn, is a series of waterfalls, stretching down the river, for 900 meters, and making their way through the stony deposits of ancient lava. Upstream is the more powerful Barnafoss, which rushes noisily through narrow rocks, carrying tons of crystal-clear water.

Iceland's most beautiful places: Hryojnfossar CC0

Legend has it that two boys drowned here after trying to cross the natural bridge that sits above the river. Hreinfossar, is less powerful than Barnafoss, but much more beautiful. It is beautiful at any time of the year: in fall the gold and copper of the surrounding trees harmonizes with the milky blue water, while in spring and summer the bright green color of the foliage creates a strong contrast with the dark cliffs around.

Sunsets in Westfjords

Sunsets in Westfjords CC0

Although the country best known for its fjords is Norway, the picturesque Westfjords peninsula of Iceland is certainly no worse. Located in the Danish Straits opposite the east coast of Greenland, the peninsula is connected to the Icelandic mainland by a narrow isthmus. The mountainous terrain is covered with fairly steep hills and dozens of beautiful fjords.

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Sunsets in Westfjords CC0

The cliffs of Lautrabjarg, at Iceland’s westernmost point, are the largest rock bird nesting area in the North Atlantic. Whole populations of birds live here, such as tupiks, the national bird of Iceland.

Dead ends CC0

Westfjords also has dozens of natural harbors, where in the evenings the last rays of sunlight, highlight the silhouettes of sheer cliffs, and the red sunset is reflected in the clear blue water, surrounded by lush vegetation.

Misty Skogafoss

Misty Skogafoss CC0

Skogafoss is perhaps the most fabulous waterfall in Iceland: water cascades over steep cliffs covered in moss and lichen, tumbling down into the green valley far below. White clouds of water spray rise from the rumbling water, and if you’re lucky, on sunny days you might see a huge rainbow in the air, right at the base of the waterfall. Although Skogafoss is not the tallest or largest waterfall in the world, or even in Iceland, there is something magical about it.

Misty Skogafoss CC0

The magnificent scenery is like a magnet that draws the eye. The misty waterfall creates a mysterious atmosphere, enveloping the nearby lush green moss-colored hills and the clear, bright sky overhead. It seems that everything around is saturated with magic, and magical creatures from ancient legends gathered somewhere nearby to admire the beauty of this place together with you.

Volcanic Lakes of Askia

Volcanic Lakes Askja

Askja is a volcanic caldera located in the Dyngjufoll Mountains in central Iceland. There are two lakes in the calderas: the large Eskewatn and the small, geothermal Viti. The milky blue color of Viti is characteristic of the volcanic waters of Iceland, the color of the water is due to the increased content of silicone in the water. Both lakes are popular tourist destinations, although they are accessible to tourists only about four months a year, from June to October.

Volcanic Lakes Askja

During the winter, ice and snow prevent access to Askia, and the road is closed until the following summer. Volcano in the place Askia last erupted in 1961 and recently, according to seismologists, is in a state close to the active phase. Tourists can visit the legendary Dragon Canyon, as well as the volcanoes Herdubraid and Kverkfjödl.

At you can also admire other equally beautiful volcanic lakes on Earth.

The indestructible Reynisdragnar

Indestructible Reynisdragnar

Drive about 180 km south of Reykjavik and you’ll find yourself in a small Icelandic village called Vik. Vik is famous for several unique natural phenomena, including black sandy beaches, the Mirdalsjökull glacier and a series of basalt sea cliffs below Mount Reynisfjall.

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Beautiful places in Iceland: Indestructible Reynisdragnar CC0.

Local legend has it that they are two trolls who tried to pull a 3-masted ship from the sea to land, but were caught in the sun’s rays at dawn and turned to stone. Surrounded by black sandy beaches and the powerful surf of the North Atlantic seas, Reynisdagnar rises majestically above the waves, ignoring the raging elements around it.

The Lava Fields at Landmannalejgar

The lava fields at Landmannalejgar

Located in the mountains of Iceland, this popular tourist area sits on the edge of a lava field, and is famous for both its natural geothermal hot springs and the surrounding landscape. Narrow trails lead hikers through the nearby mountains and volcanic deserts of the Fjallabak Reserve.

The lava fields at Landmannalejgar

The mountains are a collage of many different colors reflecting their composition: red tones indicative of iron deposits, bright patches of sulfur, and the black and gray of volcanic lava and ash. The landscape is dotted with milky blue lakes, in stark contrast to the bleak hues of the mountain peaks. These are perhaps the most colorful mountains in Iceland and certainly some of the most photographed in the country.

Sunset over the icy lagoon of Jokyulsadlon

Iceland's beautiful places: Sunset over the icy lagoon Jokyulsadlon

Jokyulsadlon is a glacial lake in southeastern Iceland, also known as the “glacial lagoon.” The lake is located on top of the Breiamerkurkjokull glacier. The lake is home to many blue icebergs, pieces of ice that have broken away from the main glacier and are now slowly melting into the water.

Sunset over the icy Jokyulsadlon lagoon

Jokyulsadlon is the deepest lake in Iceland and is considered one of the country’s natural wonders. In the evenings, the setting sun is reflected in the calm waters and the icebergs are colored in the fiery hues of the sunset. The lake looks stunning during the aurora, when the colorful sky, constantly changing, looks at us from the water depths, striking the imagination with its indescribable beauty.

Northern Lights over Kirkewfell

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Kirkjufetl is one of the highest mountain peaks located on the Snsfallsnes Peninsula in western Iceland. The area is sometimes called “Iceland in miniature” because almost all of Iceland’s most popular tourist attractions and natural wonders can be found here.

Iceland's most beautiful places: Kirkjufetl CC0

Kirkjufetl looks stunning in any light, in any weather and season, its majestic view perhaps carries all the essence of the rugged nature of Iceland. It’s hard not to marvel at the beauty of this mountain when the polar lights, illuminating the velvet night sky behind its peak. Most-beauty highly recommends a visit to this place to every tourist.

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Winter Gullfoss.

Winter Gullfoss CC0

Gullfoss is one of Iceland’s most famous waterfalls. The wide Hvytau River, striving south, abruptly turns about a kilometer above the waterfall, and descends a curved, 3-step “staircase,” breaking off into a 32-meter deep crevasse. Gullfoss is part of the Icelandic Golden Circle hiking trail, which is very popular with tourists and also includes a visit to the geysers of Höjkadalur.

Winter Gullfoss CC0

Gullfoss rushes down, despite the low temperatures, and the snowy landscape around it. Fog rises from tons of cold water falling to the ground. On long winter nights, in the light of the moon, the powerful Gullfoss rushes through the snow and ice, like cold blue blood boiling in the icy heart of Iceland.

Colored Vatnaekul

Vatnajökull. The most beautiful places in Iceland

Vatnaekul is a complex of 30 glaciers of Iceland and a lot of small volcanoes, hidden under the ice shell. The last eruption here was very recently – in 2011. Vatnaekul ice contains many sedimentary impurities, which give it different colors, from ghostly blue to deep blue.

Amazingly beautiful places in Iceland: Vatnajökull

The ice caves beneath the Vatnaekul glacier amaze tourists with a fabulous blue glow. Light falling on the surface of the glacier, passes through a dense array of crystals of pure ice, and getting into the caves, makes their walls glow bright blue color. Depending on the weather and time of day, the color of the caves can vary from pale turquoise to a deep purple hue.

Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon. The main attraction in Iceland.

This is perhaps the most popular attraction in Iceland. So much has been written about it that it’s hard to say anything new about it. It is a geothermal lake that is 40 kilometers from Reykjavik and is open to tourists all year round. Here you can not only enjoy the beautiful views of the warm springs, but also swim in them, regardless of the time of year. The water there does not drop below +38 degrees Celsius.


The most beautiful places in Iceland

Every tourist must visit at least a few of these attractions of such a beautiful and extraordinary country like Iceland. We hope that this article was of interest to you.

More pictures of beautiful places in Iceland:

Basalt rods at sunset

Photo: Basalt rods at sunset.

Northern Lights


In the photo: A beautiful landscape in Iceland.


In the photo: A beautiful cabin in Bordafjordur.

The Girl

In photo: Beautiful girl among the Icelandic ice.

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