The most mysterious places: the anomalous zones of the planet

The most mysterious places: the anomalous zones of the planet

Kodessewa, Togolese Republic.

The 20 most bizarre and spooky places on Earth

Akodessewa Fetish Market in the city of Lomé, the capital of the Togolese Republic in West Africa, is a place where you can find human and animal skulls and mummified remains, cooking pots and mysterious potions. The largest witchcraft market in the world is a kind of warehouse of various fetishes, amulets and everything you need for rituals. Tourists are strongly advised to avoid visiting this place.

Centrelia in Pennsylvania, USA.

Centrailia in Pennsylvania, USA.

The 20 most bizarre and spooky places on Earth

This is the place that became the prototype town in the horror game “Silent Hill”. It was once a thriving mining town until miners accidentally set fire to the underground mines. The coal seams beneath Centrelia have been burning since 1962. Now the town is abandoned, and you can see smoke rising from cracks in the ground, but that doesn’t stop some thrill-seekers.

The Bone Storage Facility in Sedlec, Czech Republic.

The Bone Storage Facility in Sedlec, Czech Republic.

The 20 most bizarre and spooky places on Earth

Ever since the earth from Calvary was scattered over this small town in the Czech Republic, people from all over the world have expressed a desire to be buried in Sedlec. Hundreds of years later, however, the number of bones in the place got out of hand, and the monks decided to redecorate the church in Sedlice using bones recovered from the graves. Today you can visit this chapel, which is made of human bones from 40,000 to 70,000 skeletons.

Catacombs of Paris, France.

Catacombs of Paris, France.

The 20 most bizarre and spooky places on Earth

Few people associate Paris with a scary place. However, beneath its cobblestone sidewalks are miles of underground tunnels. These tunnels are filled with human remains. When Parisian cemeteries began to fill up, corpses were buried in the underground tunnels. At last count, about 6 million corpses are stored in the dark, damp tunnels of Paris.

Takakonuma Greenland Amusement Park, Japan.

Takakonuma Greenland Amusement Park, Japan.

The 20 most bizarre and spooky places on Earth

After opening in the ’70s, the amusement park was abruptly closed, rumored to be due to a series of deaths on the rides. The place that was supposed to bring joy was gradually consumed by wildlife. The proximity to Fukushima and the constant fog create a spooky atmosphere here.

Old Jewish cemetery in Prague, Czech Republic.

The old Jewish cemetery in Prague, Czech Republic.

The 20 most bizarre and spooky places on Earth

Old and overcrowded cemeteries leave an eerie impression, but this is perhaps the creepiest. Built in 1478, it has been filled so many times that new layers of graves began to be added here. The cemetery now has 12 layers of graves stacked on top of each other. Although there are about 12,000 visible tombstones, more than 100,000 people are buried here.

Botswana - The Republic of Botswana State in South Africa
Plague Island, Italy.

Plague Island, Italy.

The 20 most bizarre and spooky places on Earth

Poveglia is a small island near Venice that was used as a quarantine for about 160,000 people who were sick with the plague from 1793 to 1814. Mass graves of plague victims were found here, and Napoleon kept weapons here. There was also a psychiatric hospital here from 1922 to 1986, where a doctor is rumored to have tortured and killed many patients.

Hanging Coffins of Sagada, Philippines.

The Hanging Coffins of Sagada, Philippines.

The 20 most bizarre and spooky places on Earth

For many years the Igoroth tribe buried the dead in hanging coffins attached to cliff sides. They believed it brought them closer to the spirits of their ancestors and preserved their bodies.

St. George’s Church, Bohemia.

St. George's Church, Czech Republic.

The 20 most bizarre and spooky places on Earth

This church was abandoned after part of the roof collapsed during a funeral service in 1968. The ghost sculptures created by artist Jakub Hadrava make this place a bit creepy.

Dargavs, Russia.

Dargavs, Russia.

The 20 most bizarre and spooky places on Earth

Dargavs, also known as the “city of the dead” in North Ossetia-Alania is home to many archaeological sites, including a burial ground of about 100 small vaults on a hill filled with bones. Legend has it that there was a plague in North Ossetia in the 17th century, and local people isolated themselves in these stone huts and waited patiently for their fate. When they died, their remains remained in the crypts.

18 mysterious places on the planet, about which the legends do not cease

On our planet along with the modern, technologically and industrially developed megacities there are many places created by ancient masters or by nature itself.

Each such site has its own legend and, of course, a lot of things are silent. Mysterious places cause a lot of questions from scientists, confused by anomalous phenomena and unexplored.

There are many mysterious places on Earth.

Devil’s Tower, USA

The so-called Devil’s Tower is actually a natural rock of amazingly regular shape and consists of columns with sharp angles. This truly mysterious place, which, according to studies, is more than 200 million years old, is located in what is now the state of Wyoming.

Devil's Tower or Devil's Tower was formed from the molten magma

The Devil’s Tower is several times larger than the pyramid of Cheops and from the outside it looks like a man-made structure. Because of its unreal size and unnaturally regular configuration, the rock has been the object of attention of many scientists, and the locals claim that it was built by Satan himself.

Aerial view of Devil's Tower

Mounds of Cahokia, USA

Cahokia, or Cahokia, is an abandoned Native American town whose ruins lie just outside of Illinois, USA. The site is a reminder of how ancient civilizations lived, and its intricate structure proves that this area was inhabited by a highly advanced people even 1500 years ago. The ancient city is striking in its scale, with a network of terraces and 30-meter high earthen mounds preserved, as well as an enormous solar calendar.

Sudan - the Republic of Sudan, a state in East Africa

Aerial view of Cahokia Mound

It is still unknown why the nearly 40,000-strong community abandoned their settlement, or which Indian tribes are direct descendants of the Cahokians. In spite of this, the mounds of Cahokia are a favorite destination for many tourists who come here in hopes of unraveling the mystery of the ancient city.

40,000 residents left the city shortly before Columbus' voyages

Chavinda, Mexico

This mystical place, according to aboriginal beliefs, is the center of the intersection of the real and otherworlds. That is why incredible things happen here that are difficult for modern man to understand.

Just over 6,000 people live in Chavinda

Chavinda is of interest to many treasure hunters, because according to legends this area hides unseen riches. Unfortunately, no one has yet managed to find the treasure. In many cases, treasure hunters attribute their failures to the otherworldly forces.

Locals believe they live on the edge of worlds

Newgrange, Ireland

Newgrange is the oldest structure in what is now Ireland, and is nearly 5,000 years old. It is believed that this long corridor with a transverse room is a tomb, but for whom, scientists have not yet been able to determine.

Newgrange is 40 km from Dublin

It is still unknown how ancient people were able to build such a perfect structure, which for five thousand years, not only managed to survive, preserving its primitive appearance, but also remain completely waterproof.

The stones at the entrance to the tomb are decorated with a spiral pattern

Pyramids of Yonaguni, Japan

The mysterious underwater pyramids near the western Japanese island of Yonaguni are causing much debate among modern archaeologists and surveyors. The main question is whether the structures are a natural phenomenon, or whether they were created by the hand of ancient man.

Only divers can see the city of Yonaguni

Numerous studies have established that the age of the pyramids of Yonaguni is more than 10 thousand years. Therefore, if the Yonaguni monuments were created by mysterious civilizations unknown to us, then the history of mankind should be rewritten.

Nazca Geoglyphs, Peru

Geoglyphs of Nasca in Peru are one of the most mysterious places on the planet. They have been discovered in the middle of last century and are still actively discussed by scientists who can’t say unequivocally what did ancient people wanted to express by these giant drawings of animals and what purpose they were used for?

Geoglyphs were rediscovered in 1939 by archaeologist Paul Kosock

Unfortunately, it is already impossible to ask the creators, scientists offer 2 basic versions: some, leaning to space theory of geoglives origin, believe that they are landmarks for alien ships, others argue that they are giant lunar calendars. In any case, the rock carvings of Naska are a proof of the existence on the territory of modern Peru of the most ancient and mysterious civilization, which had lived here long before the famous Incas and was highly advanced.

Cambodia. Travel and rest in mysterious Cambodia.

 They are drawn on the surface by excavation.

Black Bamboo Hollow, China

The Black Bamboo Hollow or Heizhu Hollow is probably the scariest place on Earth. The locals have nicknamed it the Valley of Death, and they don’t want to go near it for any money. The mere memory of the ravine makes them very afraid.

Heizhu is one of the strongest anomalous zones on the planet

Children and pets are said to vanish without a trace down the valley, and there is ample documented evidence to prove it. Scientists have been interested in the Black Bamboo Hollow for decades and have managed to prove that the valley in China’s Sichuan province is an abnormal area with a harsh climate and sharply changing weather conditions, all of which provoke land subsidence, which, according to scientists, is the reason why people disappeared.

In the Black Bamboo Hollow, fog often descends in a matter of seconds

Giant’s Trail, Ireland

The Giant’s Trail, or the Giant’s Way in Northern Ireland, is an amazing coastal area formed centuries ago by a volcanic eruption. It consists of about 40,000 basalt columns that look like giant steps.

The Giant's Causeway is attributed to volcanic origin.

The natural landmark is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place deserves admiration, so it is visited every year by more than a thousand tourists from all over the world.

Most basalt columns are hexagonal

Gozek Circle, Germany

The Gozek Circle is an ancient Neolithic building in the German county of Burgenlandkreis. The circle was accidentally discovered in the early 1990s, while surveying the area from an airplane.

Gozek circle after restoration

The original appearance of the building was returned only after a complete reconstruction. Scientists have little doubt that the Gozek Circle was used for astronomical observations and the compilation of the calendar. This proves that our ancestors also studied the cosmic bodies, their movements and kept track of time.

Scientists believe the find to be an ancient observatory

Moai Monuments on Easter Island

Easter Island is known worldwide for the giant Moai statues located throughout its territory. Each such megalithic figure is a large monument created by the masters of the ancient civilization in the crater of the local volcano Rano Raraku.

The Moai are 3 to 5 meters in size.

A total of about 1000 remains of such man-made monuments have been found on the island. Most have already gone under water.

The statues keep their secrets.

Today, the vast majority of the statues are once again placed on platforms facing the ocean, from where they continue to greet visitors to the island and are a reminder of the former might of the ancient people who inhabited these expanses.

Pakistan. Traveling and vacationing in Pakistan.

Tablets of Georgia, USA

The Georgia Tablets are 20-ton polished granite slabs inscribed in eight of the world’s most famous languages. The inscriptions represent commandments for future generations on how to rebuild civilization after a global cataclysm. The monument was installed in 1979, the customer is listed in the documents as Robert C. Christian.

The slabs are oriented to the cardinal points

The height of the monumental structure is just over six meters, and the plates are oriented in the direction of the four sides of the world and have holes. In one of them you can see the North Star at any time of year, in the second – the Sun at the solstice and the equinox. A few years ago the monument was vandalized and damaged by paint, which has not yet been removed.

There is a text on the monument in Russian

Rishat (Eye of the Sahara). Mauritania

In what is now Mauritania, the largest desert in the world hides an amazing natural phenomenon from the Proterozoic period, whose name is Rishat or the Eye of the Sahara.

Rishat is the all-seeing eye of the Earth

This object has a huge size (up to 50 kilometers in diameter), so it is visible even from outer space. The structure has several ellipsoidal rings formed by sedimentary rocks and sandstones about 500 million years ago.

“Gates to Hell” – the Darwaz crater in Turkmenistan

In the Karakum desert in Turkmenistan there is a gas crater called Darvaza that looks like a gateway to hell. This fiery pit with a diameter of about 60 meters and a depth of up to 20 meters is the result of excavations carried out here during the Soviet era.

The crater of Darwaza has swallowed a Soviet drilling rig.

During these geological investigations a team of scientists discovered an underground cavern of natural gas that almost killed a huge number of people. So the management decided to set the gas on fire so that it would not threaten the locals. But the fire, which was supposed to burn for no more than 5 days, is still burning, putting fear into anyone who gets close to it.

Courageous people are ready to take selfies at the

Arkaim, Russia

The Arkaim is an ancient settlement reminiscent of ancient civilizations that was discovered several decades ago in the vicinity of Chelyabinsk. This Russian landmark is believed to be the birthplace of the ancient Aryans, who gave rise to the European, Persian and Indian civilizations.

At the end of the 20th century, they wanted to flood Arkaim.

Arkaim is not only a unique architectural monument with thousands of years of history, but also a place of concentration of healing energy flows, which can cure any disease.

Guinea-Bissau is a state in West Africa, the capital Bissau

Thanks to the monument's good state of preservation, historians have recreated a model of the settlement.

Stonehenge, England

English Stonehenge – a true pilgrimage site for tourists from all over the world. It attracts visitors with its mystery, legends and mystic beginnings. Stonehenge is a megalithic structure up to a hundred meters in diameter, located on Salisbury Plain.

Stonehenge is in Wiltshire, England

The circular stones are surrounded by a shallow ditch and rampart and in the center of this structure is an altar of centuries-old sandstone.

A bird's eye view of Stonehenge

What Stonehenge was used for, scientists have not been able to prove. It has been suggested that it was an ancient conservatory or a place for magical rituals.

Loch Ness, Scotland

Loch Ness Lake in Scotland is one of the deepest lakes of European continent. It conceals many mysteries. Witnesses claim the lake is home to a prehistoric animal called Nessie, which looks like a plesiosaur (a variety of dinosaurs which died out about 65 million years ago).

Loch Ness - freshwater loch 36 km long

To date, scientists have not been able to obtain evidence of the Loch Ness monster, but photos of it taken by Nessie hunters periodically appear in the press.

Famous photo of the Loch Ness Monster

This may be what Nessie looks like.

Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is the mystery of human lives tragically cut short in unclear circumstances. It is located in the northwest Atlantic Ocean, between Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico.

Modern history counts about a hundred mystical disappearances of people, planes and even ships in this anomalous zone. Equipment periodically malfunctions here, aircraft simply disappear from radar in clear calm weather, and ships go off course. At the same time it is impossible to find any evidence of the wreckage of the latter: no wreckage or sunken parts of the ships.

In different sources there is information about the disappearance of more than 100 large ships and aircraft

Egyptian pyramids, Giza Valley, Egypt

One of the 7 wonders of the world, the Egyptian pyramids are majestic and mysterious structures with thousands of years of history. Currently, they are one of the main attractions of the world, which millions of tourists want to see. The mystery of the construction of the pyramids, as well as their history, purpose and durability – the subject of debate more than a dozen scientists.

The Egyptian pyramids are one of the seven wonders of the world.

Around the existence of the pyramids there have always been discussions based on both real facts and myths with legends. One thing is certain, the pyramids at Giza are proof of the greatness and power of the empire of the pharaohs, which existed for more than a hundred years and left a significant imprint on the entire history of mankind.

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