The most unusual parks in the world, descriptions and photos

The most beautiful parks in the world

On our earth there are beautiful places created by nature. And there are unique and very beautiful parks, where man has put his hand and imagination.

Creative fantasies realized in flowerbeds, greenery, artificial lakes stun the imagination with their originality and beauty. We suggest you walk through the most beautiful parks in the world, and enjoy their uniqueness and picturesqueness of their unforgettable landscapes.

New York’s Central Park

The world's most beautiful parks: New York's Central Park. CC0

This beautiful park on Manhattan Island is one of the most beautiful parks in the United States and one of the most famous destinations in the world. In the mid-nineteenth century, New York City began to grow rapidly. Among the noisy streets and industrial plants, the park was created for the recreation of city residents and visitors.

Relatively small in size, the park is visited by about 25 million people a year. The park looks natural, but all the natural landscapes of the national park created by human hands.

Central Park. CC0

The park has playgrounds, stone hills and beautiful lakes. In the corners of the park you can have a great time with the family. For young people there are summer playgrounds where theatrical performances and concerts of musicians take place.

The most beautiful parks in the world: Central Park new york. CC0

Green plantations are truly the lungs of a huge metropolis. An interesting fact is that the territory of the park corresponds to a separate police station of New York. Statistically, the National Park is the safest place in a North American city.

Gorky Park. Moscow

Gorky Park. Moscow

The magnificent park in the heart of the Russian capital opened its doors to visitors in 1928. A monumental arch made of columns in ancient style greets Muscovites and guests of the city. There is an observation deck on the roof of the main entrance which offers a marvelous view of the city and the Moskva River.

The most beautiful parks in the world: Gorky Park

Wide alleys and small squares attract visitors with cleanliness and comfort. In the center of the park is a beautiful fountain and an amazing mosaic flower bed. There are playgrounds and numerous attractions for children. Gorky Park has also become a great sports center of Moscow. Basketball court, chess club, beach sports center are never empty. For lovers of cycling the park organizes bicycle rentals.

Gorky Park

The Pushkin embankment overlooks the river. Visitors are offered excursions on pleasure boats. In winter, there is a skating rink with equipment and equipment for rent in the park. A favorite place for Muscovites and tourists, the park has become the center of major city and national holidays.

Park Guell. Barcelona

The most beautiful parks in the world: Park Guell. CC0

Unique in its structure, the park is located in the beautiful Catalan city of Barcelona. The uniqueness of the park, built in the early twentieth century, lies in the harmonious combination of gardens and residential buildings.

Park Guell. CC0

Already at the entrance of the park, visitors are greeted by unusual and architecturally magnificent houses that look more like sculptures than dwellings.

The administration building is topped with a five-beam cross. The central avenue of the Güell Park, with its numerous fountains, leads to a beautifully beautiful hypostyle hall. This hall, called the “Hall of a Hundred Columns” consists of 86 Doric columns.

The most beautiful parks in the world: Park Guell

The beautiful acoustics of the Column Hall is used by musicians for concerts. The mosaic salamander is the original sculpture and decoration of the park. Stone walking paths diverge from the central alley in all directions. Small and original houses built into the rocks, more like bird rock colonies.

The combination in a Spanish park architecture and natural plants create a unique atmosphere of beauty and peace.

Keukenhof. Netherlands

The Most Beautiful Parks in the World: The Keukenhof

“Kitchen Park” – that’s how the name of this romantic and incredibly beautiful park is routinely translated from Dutch.

The park is conveniently located between the two major cities Amsterdam and The Hague, in the small town of Lisse, almost by the sea.


The most beautiful place on the planet delights its visitors with picturesque landscapes only 2 months a year, from late March to late May.

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It’s hard to imagine, but in the park planted more than 7 million bulbous flowers, 4.5 million of them – the symbol of the Netherlands – tulips. Beautiful flowers grow among a large number of lakes, canals and streams, waterfalls and streams, which fit harmoniously into the landscape of the park.

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Suan Nong Nuch Garden. Thailand

The Most Beautiful Parks in the World: Swan Nong Nuch Garden. CC0

The most popular place in Thailand visited by tourists. And indeed, the park, opened in 1980, has a lot to see.

On the territory of 250 hectares planted a large number of rare and original tropical flowers and plants. The pride of the park Suan Nong Nuch is the country’s largest plantations of orchids.

In addition, the park recreated the natural landscapes of different parts of the world, recreated the attractions of Thailand. The owner of the park originally designed within the park and the exhibition of his collection of rare cars.

Suan Nong Nuch Garden

The uniqueness and uniqueness of this beautiful place gives recreation almost exactly the same historical monument of Stonehenge. Tourists are also attracted by the numerous national shows held among the tropical beauty of Thailand’s park.

Gardens and Parks of Versailles. France

The most beautiful parks in the world: The Gardens and Parks of Versailles. CC0

The oldest and most beautiful park in Europe was created by order of King Louis XIV in 1661. At the same time the best architects in the world were building the unique Palace of Versailles. Now this palace and park ensemble is striking in its beauty and luxury.

Even dry statistics will amaze the sophisticated tourist and traveler. Just think, on the territory of the park are 1,400 fountains, 350,000 trees.

Versailles. CC0

The park created the most picturesque scenery thanks to the many botanical gardens. Decoratively trimmed trees and shrubs, harmoniously blended with the natural design, create an unforgettable atmosphere of fairy tale motifs.

Butchart Gardens. Canada

The most beautiful parks in the world: The Butchart Gardens. CC0

The floral garden complex was created by husband and wife Robert and Jenny Butchart on the site of an excavated quarry.

It all began with Jenny’s passion for floriculture. In 1908, a designer from Japan was invited, who created a uniquely beautiful Japanese garden. Next to him planted the most beautiful varieties of roses.

Butchart Gardens. CC0

Now the gardens and flower beds, blending into the natural landscape of Canada’s west coast, are visited by about a million tourists a year. In the quietness of the park you can stroll along paths among ponds and waterfalls, walk along wooden bridges across numerous streams and small canals, breathe in the enchanting aroma of fragrant flower beds and flower beds.

Fairchild Tropical Garden. USA

The world's most beautiful parks: the Fairchild Tropical Garden

Located in Florida, this unique park includes a museum, a research center, and a conservation center for rare plants and trees. In 2012, the Orchid Center was located here as well.


The 34-hectare park features a collection of rare tropical plants, including palm trees, flowering trees, and a variety of grapes.

Today, the eye-catching park is also a research center for the preservation of the world’s rare flora. The trees and plants are selected according to their region of growth and the need to preserve endangered species.

The world's most beautiful parks: the Fairchild Tropical Garden

Surprisingly, the park workers and volunteers manage to remove the pesky insects. Their absence in the park makes being among its picturesque scenery more pleasant.

Iguazu Park. Argentina – Brazil

Iguazu Park

The two South American countries equally share this paradise of our planet.

In order to preserve the uniqueness of this natural corner in 1934 it was decided to establish a park here. The most beautiful place on the Earth includes about 270 waterfalls on the Iguazu River.

The Most Beautiful Parks in the World: Iguazu Park

It took very little for man to cultivate the wonderful edge of the park. Wooden bridges have been thrown between the numerous islets for a better view of these beauties.

The park is also home to the beautiful Devil’s Throat waterfall. The park on the border is listed as one of the seven most beautiful and incredible places on the planet.

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Ashikaga Flower Park. Japan

The Most Beautiful Parks in the World: Ashikaga Flower Park

Hardworking and loving everything beautiful Japanese people on Honshu Island have created a wonderful park of flowers.

The pride of the park is rightly considered to be the wisteria planted here. For the convenience of viewing and aesthetics for this tree-like flowering plant were made numerous arches. Wrapping their branches around the arches, the plants have created romantic tunnels of bright and colorful flowers.

In the park, plants are thoughtfully planted in such a way that blossoms all year round. Wisteria blossoms from April to May. In February and March, visitors enjoy the beauty of blooming plums, tulips and hyacinths. In summer and fall, 1,500 kinds of roses are in bloom.

Zhangjiajie Park. China

The Most Beautiful Parks in the World: Zhangjiajie Park. CC0

This beautiful and picturesque park is located high above sea level in the Wulingyuan Mountains of Hunan Province.

Zhangjiajie. CC0

We cannot believe that nature could create such fantastic scenery. Massive columns rush up to 200 meters into the sky, a network of streams wraps around the green islands of the park’s many valleys. Many of the islands and mountain slopes are home to macaws and white herons.

The most beautiful parks in the world: Zhangjiajie

A unique man-made creation of the park is the mountain elevator. He lifts tourists to a height from which a beautiful panorama of the entire wonderful park “Zhangjiajie”.

Lower Peterhof Park. Russia

Lower Peterhof Park

The palace and park ensemble stretching along the Gulf of Finland is the most beautiful place not only in Russia, but also in the world.

Stunning alleys of fountains and canals among the lush greenery of the park and the Baroque palaces are truly masterpieces of architectural art.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists come to see the uniquely beautiful “Samson” fountain or walk along the marble Voronikhinsky colonnade.

The most beautiful parks in the world: Peterhof

The beauty of the park is complemented by numerous sculptures and magnificent palaces. The lower park is part of a huge complex of the Peterhof Museum-Reserve, and is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Most-Beauty has written many times in its articles about this beautiful place, which should be visited by every Russian lover of history, culture and travel.

Zaryadye. Moscow

The most beautiful parks in the world: Zaryadye. CC0

This park of the capital of the Russian Federation was built in 2017 in the historic center of the capital on the site of the Rossiya Hotel building, which was demolished in 2006.

Opinions of the global architectural community assert that it is the best example of urban regeneration in Russia. This is confirmed by the numerous awards of the project, which was created by architects and urbanists not only in Russia but also in many other countries around the world. For the realization of the project was spent (according to unverified information) about $400 million.

Of course, Zaryadye is not perfect. This place has a lot of critics. But the number of people who visit it every day says about the popularity of the park. How good it is is up to you to decide!

Galitsky Park. Krasnodar

Galitsky Park

Photo source: Ilya Varlamov’s blog.

You can find all the details about this park in an article by Ilya Varlamov, from where we took these photos of the park. Our editorial team is very close to the opinion of this modern architect and urbanist.

But we are even closer to the opinion of local residents, who fell in love with this public place at first sight and use it for its intended purpose. The park has become a place of attraction for people of all ages and social statuses. The German bureau that developed the project has done it well. As if they were designing for themselves. Even the trees planted here were brought from nurseries in Germany. At any time of the day or night at any time of the year people are present here, and that speaks volumes about the success of the public place.

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Hyde Park. London

The most beautiful parks in the world: Hyde Park in London

Not only one of the most beautiful parks in the world, but one of the most famous and popular. Hyde Park offers views of almost every famous landmark in London, from Buckingham Palace to Big Ben. There is a beautiful lake with swans, a pond, many cozy cafes, and many other places of attraction.

Golden Gate. San Francisco

Golden Gate

San Francisco’s huge park district is one of the city’s most important cultural centers. It has everything from frequent music festivals to a Japanese garden, offering a crowded Northern California city to enjoy.

Amazingly beautiful and incredible, the parks have become more than just a corner of heaven on earth for people, but also a place of philosophical reflection. Preserve and enhance the natural beauty, not to destroy it as a result of economic activity, because when visiting such places, the words of the Russian classics “Beauty will save the world!” really come to mind. The editorial most-beauty asks you to write in comments what other beautiful parks of the world worthy to be called the best?

The most beautiful and unusual parks in the world

They say that nature is the best designer, you will be convinced of this by visiting the most beautiful national parks in the world . Any of them is beautiful and unique in its own way. Probably every country has at least one such park. So, where do we start?

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Zhangjiajie Park, spread over an area of 13,000 square meters, is famous for its 800-meter-high limestone and quartz pillars, the place where the movie Avatar was filmed. The picturesque pillars are covered with dense vegetation, and many of the trees are over a hundred years old. This fabulous kingdom of Pandora is home to more than 500 species of diverse animals and grows very rare plants, such as the pigeon tree. It is also called the tree of handkerchiefs, because the flowers of this plant in shape and size resemble pigeon wings and handkerchiefs at the same time. You can also see ginkgo, a bipedal tree with fan-shaped leaves, a relative of the dinosaurs. Its leaves and seeds have medicinal power and can stop the aging of the body.

This park is extremely beautiful. Be sure to ride the cable car, ascend in an elevator built right into the rock, and walk along the path with a glass floor through which you can see a huge chasm. When you visit Huanglong Cave with its underground lake and cross it by boat, climb the 999 steps up Mount Tianmen and see the clouds floating at your feet, you will feel like a world conqueror.

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When Louis XIII commissioned landscape architect André Lenotre to transform the hunting grounds, he had no idea that the park at Versailles, when perfected, would become a work of art. It is one of the most famous attractions in France. Picturesque flower gardens, elegant avenues framed by statues and benches, 1400 fountains, 350 thousand trees, grottos and cascades, mirrored pools, in which the sky and the magnificent palace are reflected – the gardens and parks cannot be visited even for a day, so be prepared to devote several days to this journey. Versailles is one of the most unusual parks in the world because everything here is subject to strict mathematical logic. In the park every flower and blade of grass has precise coordinates and even orchids in colorful boxes are subject to geometric laws.

Visit Marie Antoinette’s farm, admire the “Little Venice” canal, stroll along the Children’s Alley and sit on the shore of Lake Schweitzer. Everything here is beautiful and perfect, and when the sun illuminates the main avenue, it seems to rush into eternity. Just as Louis XIII wanted.

Beaches of Vietnam.

The most beautiful and unusual parks in the world

This is the name of one of the strangest parks in Thailand. At least, people with unstable psyche have nothing to do here. The park is located 40 km from Bangkok on the territory of the Buddhist temple. Its strangeness is that it is literally crawling with sculptures that depict the dead in different ways people. Some of them are pierced by spears, others hang from the gallows, others are eaten by predatory animals. There are grimaces of horror on their faces, blood everywhere, and psychedelic music and eerie voices blaring from the loudspeakers. If you want to know what hell on earth looks like, visit this colorful place. Strangely enough, the park is very popular among Buddhists from around the world. However, it was created for educational purposes. Each visitor can imagine what awaits him behind the threshold of death if he sins.

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The Japanese know a lot about beauty, otherwise how could there be the most beautiful park in the world on Honshu Island? It’s an eternal summer here. Tulips, plums and daffodils bloom in late winter, thousands of fireworks of rhododendrons and azaleas erupt in spring, irises, hydrangeas and roses delight the eye in summer, and saffron fragrances in autumn. The fragrant Japanese paradise has a lot of wisteria – white, pink, yellow, purple, purple and blue. They are gathered in clusters and resemble moths, with some flowers more than a hundred years old! Wisteria twine arbors and form a long 80-meter tunnel, which locals call the tunnel of love and happiness.

In late autumn, the garden briefly falls asleep, only to soon wake up and fill the world with beauty again.

The most beautiful and unusual parks in the world

In Malaysia, near Kuala Selangor, there is a firefly garden that is visited at night. It is hard to say whether this park is the most beautiful in the world, but its strangeness is undeniable. Imagine – the trees and shrubs flash and sparkle like Christmas trees wrapped in garlands. Watching this magic is best done by cruising down the river in a boat – under the stars, in complete silence, interrupted only by the cries of birds. You feel as if you are in a fairy tale, and only in the thicket of mangroves synchronously flash tiny sparks of light. Colony of millions of fireflies beckons with its enchanting flicker all those who came to the park in search of a miracle.

Adobestock 137157688

Adobestock 143694870

In the photo of the most beautiful parks in the world you can see the Dubai Flower Park. After visiting Dubai International Garden the aftertaste and delight remain for a long time. It’s not difficult to guess how among the waterless desert this picturesque oasis appeared – it’s all about modern technology. Engineers have created a unique underground irrigation system, which brings moisture and fertilizer to the roots with the help of special droppers.

There are 45 million flowers in the garden, striking the imagination with the richness of colors and shapes – columns, towers and statues are made of them. One of the flower walls, 800 meters long and 3 kilometers high, made it into the Guinness Book of Records. There is also a flower pyramid 10 meters high, a flower clock 15 meters in diameter, buildings with walls made of flowers, flower arches, mills, boats and cars decorated with flowers. If you visit the butterfly garden located here, you will not only see bright and spectacular beauties from Africa, Asia and South America, but also touch them with your hands.

If there is a heaven on earth, it certainly looks like Dubai International Garden!

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A list of the most beautiful gardens and parks in the world would not be complete without Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, which the Croats themselves call the eighth wonder of the world. Sixteen picturesque reservoirs are located in the mountain trough, surrounded by moss-covered slopes, spruce and beech forests. Lakes, arranged in a cascade and connected with each other by 140 waterfalls, delight the eye with magic emerald and turquoise hues. There are many streams, rapids and mysterious caves. One of them will really surprise you. The cave Shuplara, located under the waterfall, is called a hole, because it has no bottom and no ceiling. By the way, the largest waterfall, located at a height of 72 meters, you can admire from the rock, on which there are hiking trails. Because of the sheer number of waterfalls over the lakes forms a mist of tiny water droplets – an impressive spectacle. It is no coincidence that wedding ceremonies and weddings are held under the waterfalls. This park is a real water kingdom, because water is everywhere. It rumbles, gurgles, bubbles, splashes and drips!

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The nature reserve in Croatia is a true land of unspoiled nature, untouched by civilization. Rare plants and animals are preserved here, and 50 species of local orchids are recognized as the most beautiful in Europe. The Plitvice lakes are rich in fish; the local trout even swim up to people fearlessly, eating bread crumbs. In winter the park turns into a real snowy fairy tale reminiscent of the realm of the Snow Queen!

The most beautiful and unusual parks in the world

One of the most unusual parks is located in Manhattan, 10 meters above the ground. Once the site of The High Line was a railroad, then they created a picturesque park that became a favorite walking spot for visitors and residents of the city. The green alley with flowerbeds, trees, shrubs, benches and tables for relaxing stretches for 2.3 km. It offers stunning views of the Hudson River and the Chelsea neighborhood. So out of the ruins grew a masterpiece of modern urban architecture, and the most interesting – many cities and countries have adopted such an original idea and created parks in a similar style.

The High Line is a popular art scene in the city, where bohemians gather and hold exhibitions and installations. On 10th Avenue, part of the park has been converted into a glazed area with amphitheater-style benches for coffee, street-side traffic, and chatting with friends.


Jardines m s bonitos s creativo


Every inhabitant of the planet Earth should visit the Space Reflection Park in Scotland, which has no analogues in any country of the world. Here there is no usual flowerbeds, alleys and pavilions, but a rich variety of futuristic structures – artificial hills, stairs and bridges of unusual shape, aluminum sculptures and “black holes”, which you can fall in if you do not look under your feet. This park is a miniature of the universe and not only gives an idea of the world around, but also combines different sciences – biology, mathematics, geometry, physics, chemistry and astronomy. There are many spiral-shaped symbols that represent infinity. The constellations, the Milky Way and magnetic waves are quite realistically reproduced by means of an unusual landscape design, which is not repeated throughout the park.

The Park of Cosmic Reflections resembles a fascinating quest with riddles, puzzles and challenges to pass and reach the main goal – the spiral-shaped DNA molecule. Afterwards, you can relax and meditate in the “Insubstantiality Gazebo. If you’re lucky, you might get to garden creator Charles Jackson’s science lab, which only opens to visitors once a year.

Space Thinking Park is a place where nature, art, and math come together, and seemingly very successfully!

How many of the best parks in the world are there? Each one is beautiful and unique in its own way. Nature is considered to be the best creator, but in combination with ingenious human ideas it is possible to create even more grandiose masterpieces, causing delight and admiration even to those who are difficult to surprise something.

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