The Northern Fail and ancient Hyperborea

How and when did Hyperborea perish?

Now we are going to solve one of the most amazing and terrible mysteries in the history of mankind. This article is based on factual material gathered as a result of research by many scientists and does not contain fantastical or unverifiable claims. Materials from the following source will be quoted extensively:

First, a new star appears in the sky and its brightness begins to increase. Here it is already visible in the daytime, and eventually it becomes brighter and larger than the Sun. A few minutes before the “second Sun” collides with the Earth, it splits into several large and many small fragments which cross the sky over Siberia and follow their trajectories northwards until they disappear over the horizon. The sky is crisscrossed with fiery trails of thousands of small fragments as they burn up in the atmosphere. A hurricane wind rises, caused by the passage of a large cometary fragment. Fueled by the rarefied air, the wind becomes even stronger, the air fills with dust, and the mammoths, struggling against the wind, raise their heads and open their mouths, trying to breathe in the clean air.

A clash illuminates the northern horizon, a prolonged flash of light blinding. The rising jet ejects a significant portion of the heated atmosphere into space. Suddenly the pressure drops, causing the air temperature to drop, and the mammoths are surrounded by the icy void of space, beginning their super-fast freezing.

The main body of the comet was about 80 km in diameter and moved along a gentle trajectory with an angle of about 10 degrees to the Earth’s surface. Under the action of the Earth’s gravitational field the main nucleus split into many parts. It was possible to establish the places of fall of 5 large fragments, located as follows:

4 craters were found in North America and 1 crater in present-day Finland:

Hudson Bay, Canada: 480 km in diameter;

Amundsen Bay, Canada: 241 km in diameter;

Baffin Land, Canada: 120 km in diameter;

Lake Michigan, USA: 105 km in diameter;

Lake Saimaa, Finland: 290 km in diameter.

Judging by the distribution of the fragments, a significant, if not the majority, of them must have fallen in the area of the modern Arctic Ocean. This must have resulted in a giant wave that destroyed everything in its path. The total energy released by the fall was at least 10E24 J, equivalent to the explosion of 100,000,000 megatons of trinitrotoluene. The largest of the bombs tested on Novaya Zemlya was equivalent to “only” 50 megatons.

Aokigahara forest in Japan, suicides in the forest

The fact of the falling comet fragments is confirmed by the detection of a significant number of accompanying signs, in particular, the increased content of iridium. Analysis of plant remains, allowed to establish the exact date of the tragedy:

The catastrophe occurred in the summer of 12,900 years ago.

This event must have left a significant trace not only in the history of mankind, but also in the geology of the Earth.

1. There is a hypothesis that the impact of the comet has caused not a turn of the Earth’s axis, as many think, but a shift of the upper layer – the mantle. Researches on change of position of a magnetic pole give the estimation about 30 degrees, and, before catastrophe Siberia settled down on 30 degrees to the south and there, where now the permafrost was rather warm a temperate climate. Accordingly, the American continent has moved to the south. We can say that the U.S. was able to come into being only because of the cooling in Russian Siberia. By the way, at this time and began the settlement of North America.

A direct confirmation of the warm climate in former Siberia is the peculiarity of the hair cover on mammoths. Animals in cold climates have hair with specific fatty glands. Studies have shown that mammoths did not have these glands. There is plenty of such evidence, in particular, before the catastrophe, there was a type of vegetation characteristic of a temperate climate.

So, as a result of the “reverse wave” and the subsequent deflation, cold air from the upper atmosphere was “sucked” onto the surface of the Earth. The mammoths froze so quickly that some of them were left standing.

In 2013, a female mammoth was found in perfect condition on the Lyakhovsky Islands. Interestingly, when scientists poked the mammoth body with an ice pick, blood began to flow from it. Considering that blood begins to clot in just a few minutes after death, this suggests that woolly mammoths froze so quickly that their blood did not even have time to clot. According to experts, for such an instantaneous freezing of the warm body (35.9°C for elephants) of mammoths with a thick layer of fat and wool, they had to be subjected to extremely low temperatures: -115°C. Assuming that the average temperature in Siberia, which at the time was dominated by a temperate climate, was about 15.5°C, this means that the temperature dropped from 15.5°C to -115°C (by 130°C) in just a few hours.

Miass anomaly, the Ural Mountains near the town of Miass

The tidal wave from the meteorite impact mixed animal corpses with soil and vegetation remains and preserved them in permafrost for many thousands of years. The thickness of these deposits reaches hundreds of meters in some places. But the death of mammoths occurred in a relatively small area of the Earth’s surface.

On a global scale, global processes began to take shape. The colossal energy brought to Earth by the comet didn’t disappear. The bulk of the kinetic energy was converted into heat. The fragments that hit the area of the modern Arctic Ocean heated and partially evaporated the water. Glaciers, in particular the Laurentian Ice Sheet, began to melt on the surface. A giant wave caused by the rapid melting of a part of this ice sheet swept across the territory of the modern USA. The energy brought by the comet was enough to completely melt all the glaciers on the planet. The increase in temperature led to a rapid evaporation of water. The melting of the glaciers and the abnormally high evaporation caused incessant precipitation – it began to rain, which, hopefully, we will never see again. The water level rose by tens of meters. The world flood began. We can now pinpoint its exact date:

The Flood began in the summer of 12,900 years ago.

After a while, water began to freeze on new areas of land and new glaciers began to form, and the water level began to drop. As it is written in ancient sources, it takes a long time, possibly years, to set a new thermal balance. Reflectivity of a terrestrial surface has decreased, the climate on the Earth has changed, it became warmer. The Earth has probably lost some air, atmospheric pressure has dropped.

3. Plato was right. Indeed, about 12000 years ago there was a great catastrophe on Earth which destroyed, as some believe, the ancient civilizations of Lemuria, Atlantis and Hyperborea. Regarding Lemuria, it is difficult to say something. But Atlantis in Plato’s story resembles a virtual mirror of Hyperborea. At least the mammoth elephants must have been its real, as they say now, brand. Probably other features of Atlantis are Plato’s own vision of an ideal world order. Why was Atlantis invented and not Hyperborea? The fact is that there are many mentions of Hyperborea, but the honor of discovering Atlantis belongs solely to Plato.

Megaliths of Russia, in detail and many photos

Moderate climate, high crop yields, abundance of animals – we can safely say that this region was inhabited by people from ancient times. Perhaps there was a biblical paradise here. Interestingly, the apples from the Biblical orchard could only grow well in a temperate climate. There are many legends linking the Hyperboreans to the ancient gods and endowing them with unique abilities. Some ancient historians stressed that Hyperborea really existed. Moreover, the legends speak of its cultural ties with ancient Greece. Judging by these legends, the level of development of Hyperborea was much higher than that of other peoples. At least, Hyperboreans were spoken of with great respect.

Has this civilization disappeared without a trace? Perhaps some of the knowledge was preserved. The group of survivors after the tidal surge, pressure surges and the subsequent deluge could no longer exist on the old territory, and assimilated with neighboring peoples living to the south and west. So, if you follow the ancient authors, Hyperborea (as we now call this country) was behind the Ural Mountains. Impact of the comet almost completely destroyed all the material evidence of its existence.

Hyperborea died in the summer of 12,900 years ago.

There is still a chance to find mutilated remains in a huge mass of mud and plant remains (edomas) mixed by a tidal wave. But the probability of finding and identifying such artifacts is extremely low, especially if they are now submerged by the ocean or were near one of the epicenters.

4. We can assume that with the loss of Hyperborea was lost not just an advanced civilization, but the most ancient race on Earth, which survived several ice ages. Perhaps it was the Hyperboreans who genetically had an abnormal skull structure, which many then tried to copy by artificial deformation. Indirectly, this speaks to the attempts of the few surviving Hyperboreans to scatter the seeds of progress throughout the world.

The results of years of excavations at the Abu Hureira settlement in present-day Syria have recently been published. It has been proven that about 12,800 years ago the settlement was completely destroyed by a comet fragment (not an asteroid), with temperatures in the area instantly rising to 2200 C.

The impact of the comet caused climatic changes throughout the Earth. Scientists believe that the Mezocco wobble arose from a decrease in the ice sheet in North America and the release of cold fresh water from Lake Agassiz and other glacial lakes into the ocean (the collapse of the Laurentian ice sheet). Subsequent climate change in the Sahara is one of the causes of the Egyptian civilization.

The Mystery of Eileen Mawr Lighthouse, 1900 on Flannan Island

We greatly underestimate the magnitude and consequences of the catastrophe that occurred in the not so distant past.

Why and how did Hyperborea perish?


The legends about Hyperborea, the mysterious northern continent, where many thousands of years ago a powerful civilization flourished that breathed life into everything on Earth, do not give peace to many generations of scientists and ordinary citizens, eager to learn about themselves as much as possible.

Since ancient times, descriptions of this mysterious place and no less mysterious people who inhabited it have come down to us. Ancient Roman historian Pliny the Elder described Hyperborea in one of his works as a benign world where the sun always shines, where there live happy people who do not know death and have knowledge of which ordinary mortals did not know that this particular divine people gave people everything: taught crafts and sciences, showed how to compose poems and write music, build temples and honor the gods.


Until recently it was believed that only the revelations of ancient historians and strange maps of medieval geographer Gerhard Mercator spoke of the existence of the mysterious Hyperborea, but megalithic finds of modern explorers of the far north of Russia prove that the legend is not so fantastic, but most likely real. What remains to be discovered is what actually lies beneath the massive Arctic Ocean, which swallowed the mysterious northern continent about 110,000 years ago.

So what could cause the disappearance of the ancient Hyperborea?

All converge on some man-made disaster, which provoked not only the flood and tectonic shift, but also the shift of the Earth’s axis, due to which there was a global climate change, and once fertile places have turned into an icy desert.

As if confirming this, the ancient legends of almost all nations talk about the Flood, and that it was preceded by “the descent of fire from heaven”, and then came an eternal winter, or the Great Cooling.

Everything suggests that the earth once collided with some cosmic body. According to one of the versions, it was the satellite of Earth Lel, which crashed to its surface more than 110 thousand years ago as a result of the battle of Dazhdbog with the forces of Darkness. And as a result Hyperborea was forever hidden under water (the first Flood occurred). After the catastrophe with Leela, the appearance of the Earth and the temperature regime changed.

Moving rocks in Death Valley, USA

According to another version, the event occurred not so long ago – about 13 thousand years ago, and was triggered by the destruction of another satellite of the Earth – Phatta. Its large fragment fell into the Pacific Ocean, and a giant wave along the equator went around the Earth three times (we are talking about another Flood). Increased volcanic activity led to atmospheric pollution, which was one of the causes of the Great Cooling).


In any case, the inhabitants, who had time to leave their familiar world, destroyed by the catastrophe, moved southward along the Ripae Mountains (Ural Mountains), and there already some went to the west, others to the east of the vast Eurasian continent. This global migration took many millennia. The descendants of the great people, moving farther and farther away, gradually assimilating with the tribes and clans that lived in these vast territories. Thus appeared: Etruscans, Alans, Scythians, Veneds, Russians. in a word, all in whose veins flowed the ancient Slavic blood of the ancestors.

Not in vain back in ancient times the Greek philosopher Plato wrote that the roots of the Slavic peoples stemmed from the ancient Hyperborea, while the Italian historian of the 16th century Mauro Orbini stated that “the Slavic people are older than the pyramids of Egypt and so numerous that they populate half the world.


Attempts to find the remnants of Hyperborea were made repeatedly. Everyone was inevitably looking for something giving universal power, strength and immortality, without paying attention to the most important thing – megalithic structures, which are not inferior in complexity neither stone structures of South America, nor the pyramids of Egypt, nor the statues of the Middle East. So, the north of the Karelian Peninsula is literally stuffed with them. Surprising fact, huge stone blocks, as if cut by laser and so tightly docked, that it is impossible to stick a razor blade between them. And so familiar to many Slavonic symbols are carved everywhere: runes, oblique crosses, trident, swastikas and solar circles.


Let’s hope that a little more time will pass and searchers will not look for artifacts of immortality but for knowledge and proof of the antiquity of the Slavic people.

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