The Odyssey Coast, resorts and recreation in Italy

Response: Holidays on the Odysseum Coast (Italy) – Come for a vacation, right? We didn’t give a damn.

The main motivation to go on another vacation to the Coast of Odyssey for me was the desire to combine a seaside vacation with a visit to two of the three largest cities in Italy – Rome and Naples.

I have been to Italy only once before, back in 2004. At the time I was in Venice and Florence, but I flew to Rome first, from where I almost immediately left for Florence by train. However, the couple of hours I spent in that city were enough to make me want to go back there again.

The cities themselves, which belong to the Odyssey Coast, also looked very attractive in terms of attractions. How about the fact that the largest city on the coast, Terracina, is older than Rome itself?

However, the Odysseum Coast is primarily a seaside resort (the sea is Tyrrhenian), so let’s start with the weather.

At the end of August-beginning of September it was not very nice. So, for five (!) days in the entire region it rained a lot. This was especially unpleasant given the details I will talk about below.

As for the beaches, they are sandy and quite all right, as well as not too steep and not too gentle descent into the sea.

Holidays on the Odyssey Coast (Italy) photo

There are both free and paid beaches. The free ones are different in that there are no sun beds or umbrellas, so come, as they say, with your tea.

Let’s go further. Food outlets.

And with this particular bummer. Yes, there is a siesta in Spain, Greece, and Cyprus, but there, first, it almost does not affect the areas of mass rest, and secondly, at 17.00, places do open again.

Italians in this sense have made extremely negative impression. Just imagine: it is late at night, there is a notice on the restaurant doors that it is open, you enter the restaurant and there, seated on several chairs, the host family gives you the slip and looks as if you have torn them away from something important. Okay, it would have been one or two times, but there is such a story is systematic.

In general, when it comes to Terratina, only the so-called fish cooperatives are more or less normal, and as for the other towns, I can’t even imagine what’s going on there.

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The same is with the stores where you can buy for a modest price very tasty and fresh mozzarella, and a bottle of Chianti in 2012, and at all cost 100 rubles in our money (2,5 euros). The store can also easily close at 12:00 and never open again.

In general, in the afternoon even on the central squares it is deserted, as though has got in a ghost town.

Holidays on the Odyssey Coast (Italy) photo

The food there is bad and expensive. If you find yourself in these parts before you order something, find out exactly what it costs, because otherwise you may be charged at the cashier’s desk not at the amount you expected.

As for the quality, I personally was finally convinced that the super tasty Italian cuisine is a myth. Fish is often overcooked, meat has veins, and the cost of all this is very, very decent.

In general, the only food I remember from that trip was a visit to a Chinese restaurant in Rome and pastries in a cafe at the railway station in Rome. Except that Rome has nothing to do with the Odyssey Coast.)

Holidays on the Odyssey Coast (Italy) photo

So, from all appearances, vacationers on the coast are supposed to eat mostly holy spirit, thanks to the Vatican is close:)))) And if you came there to gluttony, the Pope is very upset:)))).

Holidays on the Odyssey Coast (Italy) photo

The food is clear. Let’s move on. Transportation.

There are buses between and among the cities on the coast. Tickets, characteristically, tickets are sold in tobacco stalls, and kiosks, which is no less characteristic, operate the same way as the stores and restaurants, that is almost no work;)

In the end, in Sperlonga we almost got in an unpleasant situation because there was simply nowhere to buy a return ticket to Terracina.

The way out was found thanks to the same Italian egoism: we got back with impunity. The drivers don’t seem to care who rides with them, so, as they say, enjoy it ;)))

The schedule on intracity flights is not respected in principle, so do not be surprised if the bus. no, not late, but simply will not come.

In general, the locals with rare, rare exceptions made a disgusting impression.

As for the train service, the stations, as far as I know, are in Terratina and Formia. However, direct trains to Rome from Terracina and back are quite rare. In this light, the best way is to take a bus to Monte San Biagio station, where there are trains to Rome every hour and every hour and a half to Naples.

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By the way, if you go to Rome, it is advisable to buy the so-called BIRG ticket, which covers both the bus to and from the station, and the train round trip, and all transport in Rome, but for one day.

And now for the good stuff. What to see?

And there is a lot to see. Terracina, as I said, the city is old, and the monuments of history there peacefully coexist with unimportant houses of the natives.

Holidays on the Odyssey Coast (Italy) photo

Moreover, on the hill above the city rise the ruins of Jupiter’s Temple.

Holidays on the Odyssey Coast (Italy) photo

From there you can see the whole Terracina on the palm of your hand.

Holidays on the Odyssey Coast (Italy) photo

In Sperlonga, be sure to visit Tiberius’ grotto, which is adjoined by a small museum. In Gaeta, there is a fortress and the rock Monte Orlando, which is visited by Christian pilgrims from all over the world, because, according to legend, it split in two at the moment when Christ was crucified.

And, of course, it is worth a trip to Rome and Naples. There’s better food and more cultural sites.

Holidays on the Odyssey Coast (Italy) photo

Holidays on the Odyssey Coast (Italy) photo

Better yet, go there alone, and I do not recommend seaside resorts in Italy. And you can travel around the cities on the coast for a day or two.

The Odyssey Coast

The Odyssey Coast in Italy is a great beach vacation and exciting excursions that will bring joy to you and your children.

The most romantic, exciting and famous Riviera of Italy is the Odyssey Coast. It is located between Rome and Naples, in the heart of Italy, on the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Hundreds of kilometers of soft sand, crystal sea, amazing scenery, a long history and great people – all this characterizes the coast, named after the great Odysseus, the hero of the same name poem by Homer. On the coast of Odysseus, Italy offers to stay in many picturesque places. It is a family resort and is famous for towns such as Anzio, Gaeta, Sperlonga, San Felice Circeo, Sabaudia, Terracina and Formia.

Basic information about the coast:

  1. The city is about 90 kilometers from Rome;
  2. Official language is Italian; French, English and German are also present;
  3. Resort season – from May to October;
  4. National composition of the coast – mixed;
  5. Religion – Catholicism.
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A small quiet town, located an hour’s drive from the capital. It is divided into two “halves”: the first – a residential area, with its mini port, the second – stretched for a dozen kilometers of sandy beaches with emerald waters. Small hotels, villas and cafes are located along the vegetation of the coast.

From year to year, the number of tourists is growing, but the main tourists are residents of Italy. With each season, the resort develops its services, offering a great variety of entertainment. The resort is famous for its national cuisine, “seafood”, tempts with its famous Italian wines. If you are looking for tranquility, solitude and silence – the quiet town of Anzio is the best option for you.

One of the largest cities in the Lazio region, located in the Gulf of Gaetano, on a rocky promontory. It is also divided into two sides: the first is the oldest city, with ancient monuments of history and Baroque architecture, the second is a metropolis, with modern buildings and entertainment venues. The main treasure is the Cathedral of the 14th century.

Gaeta is a fishing port, but that does not prevent it from being one of the most popular resorts. An ideal place for a beach holiday, with the clearest sea and golden sand, combining a bustling holiday outside the beach. Nightclubs, bars, restaurants – will not let the tourist get bored. Developed sphere of water sports: snorkeling, windsurfing, canoeing, sailing and many other opportunities.

Sperlonga – the “pearl” of the Odyssey

It is a cozy town on the Tyrrhenian Sea, reminiscent of the white stone Greece of the Mediterranean era. It got such a title thanks to the numerous caves on the rocky shore and rocky grottoes. The resort is a Mediterranean charm with arches, dilapidated staircases, intricate, narrow streets and towers.

The combination of the crystal sea, sky and warm beach, beckons tourists, night and day life is concentrated here, although the city is famous for its cozy restaurants and a wide variety of dishes. Specialties, famous restaurants, are sea fish. But do not forget about the excellent beer and cooling ice cream.

San Felice Circeo

A secluded quiet town with winding streets is a favorite vacation spot of aristocrats and the local rich. It consists of low houses, ancient temples, and lots of historical treasures on a mountain hill. At the foot of the mountain are comfortable hotels, cozy cafes, entertainment complexes, and, of course, snow-white beaches and azure waters.

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The resort is famous for its attractions: windsurfing, water transport rentals, discos, canoes, kayaks, deep diving, excursions to history, exploring caves steeped in mystery and riddles, stories of local residents about the myths of the area. One of the most mysterious and exciting excursions is a dive to the bottom of the Tyrrhenian Sea to the statue of Jesus Christ of bronze. On the high ground are the most famous restaurants of the town. Enjoying seafood, meat dishes or Italian pizza you will appreciate the uniqueness of the landscape from a “bird’s eye view”.

Sabaudia – a modern “ancient” town

The youngest and smallest spa town, founded by Mussolini in the 1930s. In those years the resort was just for celebrities, so it was designed according to the most daring fantasies. Every detail was thought out, a combination of the park, blooming with exuberant colors and golden beach with the sea shimmering.

Despite the fact that the resort is not even a hundred years old and is famous for the monuments of antiquity:

  1. Chirceo Park;
  2. Piazza del Comune;
  3. Obelisk in the city center;
  4. Church of Santissima Annunziata;
  5. Villa of the Emperor Domitian;
  6. Statue of Apollo (given to a museum in Germany).

Terracina – the most colorful resort

One of the largest towns and the most famous resort on the Tyrrhenian Sea. The picturesque landscape is famous for its sandy beaches, rich historical and cultural heritage and unique ancient structures. The town consists of two parts, the Upper and Lower Terracina, and runs along the famous Appian Way. The upper part is from the Middle Ages with ancient constructions made of half-destroyed stone, while the lower part consists of modern neighborhoods, lots of entertainment centers, stores, restaurants and bars.

According to legend, this city has been known since “before Christ,” it is said that the apostle Paul met Jesus Christ here, and went on a journey to promote the precepts of Christianity. So the city would be most interesting precisely for gaining new knowledge, to uncover the mysteries of the past. But despite this, it is also suitable for a family beach holiday, thanks to its cleanliness and colorfulness.


The most picturesque place, located in a bay of the Mediterranean Sea. Its history goes back in time, as far as the 5th century B.C. and inherits the architecture, the residences of the Neopalitan kings and the peaceful atmosphere. Even the presence of a port in the city does not disturb the idyll of the resort.

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The Tower of Torre del Castellone, which survived the wars with the barbarians, the Romans, the Byzantines and the French, is its main and biggest asset. Just as in San Felice Circeo, one of the treasures is the statue of Jesus Christ, but this time, it is made of cast iron.

Every beach in the resort is suitable not only for passive recreation, but also for active recreation. From diving to water-skiing, you can enjoy it all under the hot Italian sun. The white sandy beaches with crystal sea are the perfect vacation for your family.

Unique small towns of the Odyssey coast are known even abroad, every season on their crystal sands they gather thousands of tourists from all over the globe. If you compare the climate of the coast, it is the most ideal and favorable for recreation of man. You will enjoy about three hundred days a year, soft and warm sunshine against cloudless skies.

Choose from such a variety of resort towns, it is very difficult. After all, it is not for nothing that Odysseus, once on the coast, admired its beauty, he was proud to see such a paradise place. In memory of the poem, everyone should visit the coast and enjoy for themselves the perfect purity of the beaches, the caressing rays of the sun and the crystallinity of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Every nation that has visited these lands contributed a piece of its traditions. Therefore, the resort is famous for its attractions, many of which have sunk with the invaders. On the coast of Odyssey Italy embodied all the ideas of the ideal resort. Ancient architecture, unique rocks, grottos and caves, combine with a marvelous beach and give the resort its uniqueness. Do not forget about the nightlife, because just because this is a family resort, does not mean that you have to leave the entertainment. Toy towns like Ponzi Island, hidden historical heritage like the bronze statue of Jesus Christ, unique caves filled with mysteries. Each city has its own peculiar centuries-old history, reflected in the architectural color of a unique part of Italy.

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