The Sayan Mountains, Secrets and Mysteries of the Sayan Mountains

The Sayan Mountains

The Sayan Mountains is the common name for two mountain systems in southern Siberia – the Western Sayans and the Eastern Sayans.

Many people live inside “their” world, but maybe you should look around? How many mysteries and secrets our planet keeps? It is not always possible to understand the nature of what we see.

On the territory of the Russian Federation there is a huge mountain system of Siberia – the Western Sayan Mountains. It is in this place on the territory of Krasnoyarsk Territory there is a mountain range called Yerdan. Historians argue that this remote place holds a lot of secrets about the ancient civilization of alien origin.

There is a huge dam created in these places. Who, and more importantly, how did they manage to build it? Platinum was erected several thousand years ago from giant stones. Even today it is almost impossible to build such a structure in such hard-to-reach places.

In the vicinity of the mysterious ancient structures you can feel the flow of powerful energy currents. People die there and vice versa completely recover their health. Can people use this energy for their benefit?

Local residents say that you should not take traveling in these places lightly, otherwise you can just die. It is worth saying that in these lands really killed a large number of people. Someone blames it all on the weather, which can change very strongly and sharply, and someone the hostility of the mountains.

There is a huge stone “hanging” on the platinum. According to the prophecy, as long as this stone is in its place, humanity will flourish and develop, but what will happen if this stone block falls? What force holds it in such a precarious position?

There is a unique natural park in the vast territory of the Western Sayan Mountains. In the mountains of the park there is a stone city that was built by an unknown civilization. These buildings are amazing, but in order to see them, you need to take a dangerous and difficult way. The ancient city is the most unusual mystery of this area.

Pamir on the world map: mountain system in details

At the beginning of the way lies a “sleeping man” – a stone Sayan. The shape of this mountain is very reminiscent of the figure of a sleeping man. This huge “giant” of stone looks up to the planet Mars.

Further, of great interest are the perfectly flat places for helicopters to land. However, at the time when the landing sites appeared, people could only dream of flying in the sky. Who created these perfectly flat surfaces? Humans, nature, or an alien civilization? Could it be that these pads were created for flying machines unknown to humans?

One of the locals even managed to take a picture of a mysterious flying machine, hovering right above one of the landing sites. After a closer look at the picture there is no doubt – it really is a flying saucer!

At present, it is very difficult to bring even a large group of people to the mysterious city. Then how, and with what equipment were delivered materials for the construction of such monumental structures such as a dam? Solid riddles and no one unambiguous answer…

The ancient alien city is located in a valley that is completely surrounded by mountains. Scientists believe that people simply could not create these ancient structures. In addition, absolutely everyone who is often in these places, feel the flow of energy and sometimes it is curative and sometimes deadly. Strange is also the fact that there are no insects in the vicinity of the ancient city.

Perhaps if we learned to use energy properly, our civilization would rise to a new, unreachable level of development.

Everyone who happened to see the mysterious buildings with their own eyes began to believe in the ancient legends and prophecies.

“Western Sayan. The Abandoned Abode of an Extraterrestrial Civilization?” 16+

Secrets of the Sayan mountains: whether the most powerful magicians, shamans and sorcerers were able to move the mountains and drive all the evil, all the demons that dwelt on earth there? Will the hanging stone fall? What are the dangers of the sleeping Sayan and what happens if it wakes up? And also – sensational details of the death of General Swan.

Ringing Rocks in the United States, photo and description

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