The sights of the city.


Myshkin – a unique small Russian town, which has preserved the old merchant buildings and the measured way of life of the Russian province. One of the undoubted treasures of Myshkin is its unchanged ancient appearance and unique natural landscapes. It is noteworthy that Myshkin is located on the left high bank of the Volga, on 6 hills, surrounded by thick forests and pine forests, in the west of Yaroslavl region. Add that the town of Myshkin is the administrative center of Myshkin district.

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Tourism is the main direction in the development of Myshkin. The main attraction of the town is the Museum of Myshkin, but there are also other interesting museums – the Museum of Vodka by Peter Smirnov, Museum of valenki and others.

Be prepared that, having visited Myshkin, in a few hours you will know all about mice – and even more!

However, remember, Myshkin is a dwarf city. On the one hand, all attractions, eating places and accommodation are within walking distance. But on the other hand it is worth paying attention to the fact that in high season you may have problems with hotel rooms, so you should take care of this in advance! And in the peak season is impossible to find a free place in any Myshkin restaurant.

Many tourists arrive in Myshkin on motor boats and spend 2-3 hours in the town, so in the navigation season here may also be crowded.


Climate of Myshkin is temperate continental and typical for the middle belt of the Russian land. Average temperature in January is -10°C, in July it is +18°C. The amount of precipitation is about 600 mm a year, with maximum precipitation in summer. Most often, tourists prefer to visit Myshkin during the New Year vacations, in summer, as well as during other “long” holidays, such as the May or autumn and spring school vacations.


The main and most popular attraction of Myshkin is, of course, Myshkin Folk Museum, which combines five museums. However, the entire exposition of the museum is dedicated to a single character, a symbol of the town – the mouse. In addition, the exhibition includes unused retro equipment (cars, boats, etc.), which you can view, photograph and even – a little climb on it.

Fans of cozy provincial museums would like to recommend visiting the Museum of felt boots, miller’s house and Museum of family collections – here you will have an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of old times and feel the spirit of the Russian countryside. And in the case of ordering a tour inside the museum you will be shown the process of production of felt boots and the like.

Do not pass by the Assumption Cathedral, built in the 19th century. It is a must to take photo!

Undoubtedly, any self-respecting experienced tourist will certainly have a look at Peter Smirnov Vodka Museum – believe me, there is a lot to see (and taste!).

Those who like “spicy” will certainly appreciate a visit to Bogorodskoye hunting farm with traditional Russian entertainment – drinking spicy drinks, fist fights, as well as traditional walks in the open air with obligatory picking berries and mushrooms.


Of course, you can walk around Myshkin on your own, and it is enough to spend only one day. However, another option is also possible – if you are limited in time, use the services of a professional guide, who will tell you about the main sights of Myshkin in an interesting and succinct way. In addition, almost every hotel in Myshkin provides a service to order sightseeing tours. Also at each museum of Myshkin works guide. Please note – some excursions must be booked in advance!

It is worth noting that Myshkin is especially beautiful and interesting to visit on July 14, the day of town. At this time there are parades of ancient technique, theatrical performances and other entertainment events.

In addition, every year in Myshkin held such colorful festivals as the Mouse Festival (as part of the City Day), the Festival of Russian Valenoks, as well as a large-scale festival “Family Circle” (traditionally held in early June).


Myshkin town appeared in 1777 – on August 3 of that year at the highest command of the Empress Myshkino village received the status of the city. The following year the town got its own coat of arms, bearing a coat of arms shield, divided into two parts across. At the top of the coat of arms we see a bear with a hatchet, at the bottom – the mouse, the main heroine of the urban legend.

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It is said that a certain prince fell asleep during a forest hunt, woke him up by a suddenly jumping mouse on his face, which thus saved the prince from the approaching danger – a poisonous snake. In memory of his savior the prince erected on this place a wooden chapel of Boris and Gleb. Later the city grew up around the church, which became known as Myshkin.

That is why the coat of arms of Myshkin is a green shield with a French shield in the center. The top part of the coat of arms depicts a bear with a hatchet (i.e. the symbol of the Yaroslavl region), at the bottom – the same gray mouse. The basis of the modern coat of arms is the historic coat of arms of the city, approved in 1778.

Today Myshkin is one of the cultural and tourist centers of the so-called “Golden Ring”, a favorite vacation spot of Russian artists. It is noteworthy that all modern buildings of Myshkin are outside the old town, which makes the town whole.

To this day there is a felt-rolling factory producing traditional Russian footwear – valenki, which are in great demand among tourists – they are willingly taken both as souvenirs and as a replacement for synthetic winter footwear.


In Myshkin tourists are mainly offered accommodation in mini-hotels and compact guest houses, designed for a small number of guests. There are also two large hotel complexes – “Summit” and “Koshkin house”. Due to the fact that Myshkin itself is a compact town, all hotels and guest houses in Myshkin are located within walking distance of the main attractions of the city.

Sports and recreation

Most hotels in Myshkin have sports fields, gyms, facilities for fishing. It is very pleasant to walk along the long streets of the town by bicycle. In Myshkin area there are hunting farms, where hunting is allowed.


Of course, the main souvenir of Myshkin is a mouse – in any souvenir shop of the town you will find this funny animal in one form or another. It is interesting that you can not only buy mice in Myshkin, but also give them to the museum – the staff of the Mouse Museum will gladly accept your gift!

Secondly, it is worth paying tribute to tradition and buying classic Russian valenki: they will keep you warm in winter and at the same time surprise you with a variety of models and colors.

And thirdly, Myshkin is the birthplace of Pyotr Smirnov, the creator of the world-famous Smirnov vodka! To try the local liquors and infusions and buy the most liked ones as a souvenir from Myshkin is the lot of tourists.

How to get there

Myshkin is located on the Volga in the Yaroslavl region. Therefore, travelers can get to Myshkin in several ways. By car from Moscow:

  • The first option – it is necessary to leave Moscow along the M8 highway (Yaroslavl highway), and reaching the town of Sergiev Posad, turn to the R104 Novouglich highway (turn after the restaurant MS Donalds, which is located on the right side of the road). When you get to Kalyazin, turn right and go on the same road to Uglich. Going through Uglich and crossing the plateau of the Uglich Hydroelectric Power Plant, you need to turn right and drive about 30 kilometers along the Volga.
  • We leave Moscow along the Dmitrov highway. In Dmitrov, following the signs, you need to turn to Taldom. In Taldom, turn right, then go to the village of Kvashonki, turn right to the village of Spas-Ugol (birthplace of Saltykov-Shchedrin) and take the road Sergiev Posad – Kalyazin, turning at the sign to Kalyazin. Then as in previous variant turn to the right near Kalyazin, drive to Uglich, cross Volga river by the dam of hydroelectric power station, and make right turn to Myshkin in 30 km.
  • From Moscow take a train #602 Moscow-Rybinsk to the station “Volga” and then 20 km by bus. The train leaves from the Belorussian station.
  • From St. Petersburg, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod – by train St. Petersburg-Ivanovo or St. Petersburg-Samara.
  • From other cities tourists must go through Yaroslavl. From Yaroslavl to Myshkin runs a bus to the bus stop, which is located opposite Myshkin, on the right bank of the Volga. Then you can get to the town by ferry (in summer) or on foot on ice in winter.
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Also you can get to Myshkin by river on the Volga – on a cruise ship in a group of tourists.

Distances by road from Myshkin to other tourist centers of Russia: from the center of Myshkin to the railway station “Volga” – 20 km to the south, from Myshkin to Uglich – 31 km, from Myshkin to Yaroslavl – 137 km, from Myshkin to Moscow by road – 275 km, and to St. Petersburg – 741 km.

What to see in Myshkin in 1 day

Myshkin is a small town in the Yaroslavl region on the left bank of the Volga. At first glance, it seems that this city can not compete with other tourist centers of Yaroslavl land: there is no ancient kremlin and ancient churches. But at the same time, Myshkin is no less popular tourist destination. The town charms with the atmosphere of the province of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The thing is that urbanization has not touched this corner of Yaroslavl region. Building Myshkin remained virtually unchanged: one and two-story stone and wooden houses, the lack of large shopping centers and chain restaurants. At the same time locals carefully preserve the traditional way of life and are actively involved in the development of tourism. What to see in Myshkin in 1 day? The city is famous for its unusual museums with interactive programs, but there are also historical sites. Detailed itinerary for Myshkin for 1 day – below.

What to see in Myshkin in 1 day

What to see in Myshkin in 1 day by yourself

Myshkin is usually visited for a few hours – as part of a sightseeing tour on the Golden Ring or a cruise on the Volga. Half a day is quite enough to see all the main sights of the city, including several museum exhibits. After all, the area of the city is only 5 square kilometers.

The city of Myshkin was founded in 1777. But settlements here also existed in the Stone Age. And before the Mongol invasion, there was a fortified settlement in Myshkin. According to legend, the city owes its name to Prince Fyodor Mikhailovich Mstislavsky. The prince was lying down to rest on the bank of the Volga, on the site of today’s Myshkin, and a mouse ran across his face. The prince became angry, but then saw that the mouse had saved him from the snake, which was crawling toward him.

The embankment of the Volga in Myshkin

Cathedral of Nicholas the Wonderworker

The exact location from the legend is unknown, but it will be symbolic to start your walk around Myshkin exactly from the bank of the Volga, from the ferry pier. After passing by several museums (you can visit them now or come back after the walk), you will come to Nikolsky Cathedral. The temple is the oldest in the city, it is older than even Myshkin itself. The cathedral was built in 1766-69 on the money of a merchant from St. Petersburg. The father of the future merchant, who lived near Myshkin, in a difficult time laid an image of Nicholas the Wonderworker in an inn. 25 years later, a rich merchant, Berezin, found the family relic in the same inn and bought back the mortgaged image. Considering it a miracle, the merchant decided to build a temple there.

St. Nicholas Cathedral was built in the classical style, but some of the decorations have not been preserved because during the Soviet era the House of Culture was located inside. The main treasure of the cathedral is considered to be the baroque iconostasis, which has preserved the old icons. In the lower premises of the cathedral is a museum “Secrets of the XVIII century”.

St. Nicholas Church

Myshkin Chambers

The tourist complex “Myshkin Chambers” (another name – “Mysha Palace”) is a couple of minutes’ walk from the cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker – near the intersection of Nikolskaya and Ananyinskaya Streets. The building really looks like a palace, or rather like a Russian terem. A visit to the tourist complex is held in an interactive format. At the entrance to the palace, guests are greeted by guards, who ask for a password. Visitors then walk through the palace rooms, accompanied by servants who talk about the secrets of the local court. In the imperial hall, gifts presented to the royal couple are on display. Guests will be led to the refectory with a view balcony and the hall of crooked mirrors. You will also meet the royal couple of Mice in the throne room and visit the royal menagerie with adorable mice.

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There are several excursion programs on “Myshkin chambers” for adults and children. Adult tourists will enjoy the program “Myshkin spill”. It includes a story about the traditions of Myshkin drinking and lessons of the proper table drinking, tasting of Yaroslavl alcoholic beverages with appetizers, accompanied by a performance of palace musicians. The family program “In the kingdom of Myshkin we spoil ourselves with buns” includes a performance of the court theater and Myshkin fairy tales, a treat in the royal refectory with waffles and compote. During the winter holidays there is a special program “New Year’s Fun in the Myshkin Kingdom”. During it, guests watch the fabulous show about Santa Claus and participate in the mousy round dance. All programs are held at additional cost. Before visiting, check the free time for the visit – individual tourists are accepted at certain hours.

Mysha Palace

Assumption Cathedral

On the opposite side of the “Myshkin Chambers” is the Cathedral of the Assumption. It rises on a hill above the town and is one of the oldest buildings in Myshkin. Dormition Cathedral was built in 1805-1820-ies on the means of the townspeople. The cathedral was in the busiest place of town – it was surrounded by rows of shops, merchants and noblemen’s houses. The five-domed single-domed summer cathedral was built in the style of classicism which was traditional for those times. The central head is a flat dome and 4 smaller heads are crowned with round towers at the corners of the central head. A three-tiered bell tower and a small refectory adjoin the western side of the cathedral.

The interior decoration of the temple is its main attraction. The paintings were performed by an artel of the serf artist Timothy Medvedev – one of the most famous artists of the Upper Volga region. The décor of the temple is made with the help of “illusory architecture”: columns and cornices are painted on the smooth walls, pilasters and arches are placed under the dome. The skilful painting of the cupola space is often compared to the heavens. Tourists can now use the restored spiral staircase to climb to the bell tower and view the city from the height.

Assumption Cathedral

Church of Sorrow

From the cathedral, walk down Ananyinskaya Street to the Church of the Icon of the Mother of God of All Who Sorrow or the Church of the Sorrow of All Who Sorrow . The church, located at the entrance to the cemetery, was built in 1866 with funds of merchants Chistovs. The temple stands out for its architectural style – Neo-Renaissance. This style is rarely found in provincial churches. In this ancient cemetery there was another church and a chapel, but both buildings were destroyed in the 30s of last century. Along with them suffered and beautiful marble tombstones of famous citizens of Myshkin.

Graveyard by the Church of Sorrow

Old Estates

After the church go back to Karl Liebknecht Street to see the preserved historical buildings. This is the estate of merchants Chistov Jr., a house of merchants Kulagin, old post office, the house of merchants Timofeev. Then Komsomolskaya street back to the coastal Nikolskaya street. Here you should also see the old houses and other beautiful buildings: Thomson house, house of priests Poretskiy, St. George chapel, house of noblemen Sorokiny, house of merchants Sveshnikov, house of merchants Chistov seniors, house of Timothy Vasilievich Chistov. On the bank of the Volga Rotunda with a picturesque view – a favorite place for tourist photos.

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What to see in Myshkin in 1 day

River walks

Excursion walk with external sightseeing of Myshkin in 1 day ends here. Next, it is worth devoting time to see the museums of Myshkin. If you arrive in Myshkin not by ship, in the warm season it is worth to go on a river walk. The most colorful option – to go on a walk on the ferry “Rechnoy-76”. The ferry is free for passengers – it ferries to the other bank to the village of Korovino. Although the ride is short, but allows you to enjoy the views of the city from the water.

What to see in Myshkin in 1 day

The route

One-day tour of Myshkin begins at the pier. After passing museums (Museum of Rural Architecture, Peter Smirnov Museum, Myshkin Samokhod, Makhayev Yard, Museum of Pilots Capital, Mouse Museum) and maybe visiting some of them, you will come to Nikolsky Cathedral. From the Cathedral of St. Nicholas follow to the “Myshkin Chambers” – the residence of the Mouse King. After visiting the residence, go to get acquainted with two more churches of the city: Assumption Cathedral and Skorbyashenskaya Church. Then walk along Karl Liebknecht and Nikolskaya streets with historic buildings, mainly of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The walking route around Myshkin ends at the pier.

What to see in Myshkin in 1 day

Myshkin museums

Myshkin city can be called a museum capital. In the historic center in many manors and old houses are open small thematic museums. Most of the museums in Myshkin are devoted to the life, traditions and trades of Russia of the XIX and early XX centuries. To visit one museum usually does not take more than 40 minutes-hours. For 1 day in Myshkin, you can see most of the museums. But keep in mind that not all museum collections are equally interesting – in reviews of Myshkin tourists often write that there are too many museums and their exposures are unoriginal. What museums of Myshkin still worth visiting?

Museum of the Pilots’ Capital

In past centuries, when the Volga was not such an easy river to navigate (not so wide and deep, with shallows and clay ledges), experienced pilots were needed to navigate. In Myshkin, standing on the banks of the Volga, pilotage was very well developed. In the museum of the capital of pilots (the second name – Myshkin Museum of local lore) you can see old objects related to this difficult business: anchors of the XIX century, steering wheels and markets. Another part of the exhibition is dedicated to the history and life of the ancient town of Myshkin: here visitors can learn about the famous merchants and noblemen of Myshkin, see objects of everyday life of citizens of the 19th century and even artifacts of the first people in this land.

Museum of the Pilots Capital

Peter Smirnov Museum

The creator of the famous Smirnov vodka was born in Myshkin County. Pyotr Smirnov went his way from a simple peasant to the “vodka king”, who supplied his products to the Russian Emperor and the Swedish King. In the museum of Peter Smirnov, a vodka maker, you can see the first labels of wine products, as well as antique shot glasses and glasses; get acquainted with the achievements of the Smirnov dynasty. Visitors can choose one of the excursion programs with an interactive program – you can take part in a tea party, tasting of spirits or in a master class on making pancakes.

Peter Smirnov Museum

Mouse museum

This is the only mouse museum in the world. The museum is located in an old wooden house on the ledge of St. Nicholas Hill. The museum is recommended for family visits – adults without children may not be interested there. The exhibition is located in four small rooms. Among the exhibits are mice from around the world, mice gifts of great people. Here is also the office of the Mouse King. Guides will tell you about famous mice – cartoon characters, travelers and book lovers. Visitors can bring their own toy mouse as a gift – for the original copies you can get a free ticket for the next visit.

Mouse Museum

Museum “Myshkin Samohod”

The museum with the unusual name “Myshkin Samohod” is dedicated to old machinery. The basis of the exposition are old, almost outdated cars: cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, boats. Also among the exhibits are other types of machines, such as lemonade and sausage machines. The exhibits of the museum can be touched, and some can even be climbed into. Many of the machines are in working condition: the museum staff demonstrates the machines in operation by appointment. On the City Day, the museum holds a parade of retro machinery.

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Museum of felt boots

Museum of felt boots is located in the annex of Chistyakov merchant manor: it occupies two rooms with a covered porch. The first room displays over a hundred pairs of boots of different shapes, sizes and colors – with embroidery, applique and even heels. Here you can also see machines for hand felting and archival photos of the production of felt boots in the XIX century. The second hall is dedicated to the so-called “valenki art”. Here you can see sculptures and items for interior decoration, tapestries and panels, created from felted boots. Children especially like the mice made of felt boots. You can buy handmade felt boots from the local artisans.

Museum of felt boots

Flax Museum

There is also a linen museum on the ground floor of the museum. The whole essence of the exposition of the museum is expressed by its unofficial name – “How the shirt grew in the field”. Visitors learn how clothes are made from linen seeds. Visitors are told how flax is grown and processed and are shown the structure of the loom. You can also take part in a master class on making a linen doll.

Museum of Flax

Museum “Mahayev Dvor”.

In the small Myshkin in pre-revolutionary years lived a large percentage of merchants, which is not very typical for a provincial town. Exactly merchant class are devoted to the exposition of the museum “Makhaev Yard”. The museum is a reconstructed house of a nineteenth-century merchant: here you will see living rooms with antique interiors, a study and even a store of the century before last. If you wish, you can visit the dressing room and try on clothes from 150 years ago.

A panoramic view of the entrance to Makhayiv Dvor.

Stories, routes, and tourist tips with photos

A list of unusual sights, what to see in Myshkin in 1 day advised by tourists, you will find in the reviews of travelers. Tourists share their impressions of the city, advise how to spend a busy day in Myshkin. You can take someone else’s ready-made route, or you can compose your own based on the recommendations of other tourists. In the tourist reports about Myshkin you find pictures of the city at different times of the year, as well as tips on where to eat and stay overnight.

  • The story “Tourist Myshkin: History and Modernity” by Maxim Ershov.
  • Story “The city of Myshkin – a magical city” by Irina Porunova.
  • The story “Hello, mice! Or a trip to Myshkin” by Oksana Mykalo.
  • Story “One of the discoveries of my July trip” from kasheev.

Royal couple of mice

Where to stay in Myshkin.

Just like the city itself, accommodation for the tourist in Myshkin is unusual and original, takes not quantity, but quality. Most of the hotels have a twist and try to create a unique atmosphere. In addition, some of them have a well-groomed territory with a small garden, which will be appreciated by travelers who come in the summer. According to the reviews of visitors, these options impress with coziness, cleanliness and hospitality.

What to see in Myshkin in 1 day

Excursions from Myshkin for 1 day

On a day trip from Myshkin most often go to Uglich. Ancient Russian city (Uglich was founded in 937) attracts with an architectural ensemble of the Kremlin with princely chambers and the Church of Tsarevich Dmitry. Also in Uglich worth seeing ancient temples and monasteries. For 2,5 hours in one direction you can reach the capital of the region – Yaroslavl. For 1 day it is quite possible to see the main sights and stroll along the embankments of Yaroslavl. For the 1 day from Myshkin you may take a trip to Pereslavl-Zalessky, standing on the mysterious shore of Lake Pleshcheevo, or to Rostov the Great with its ancient Kremlin.

From Myshkin for 1 day you can also go to neighboring regions. Nearby is a town Kalyazin Tver region, Sergiev Posad, Moscow region, Alexandrov and Yuryev Polsky, Vladimir region.

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