The Sky Bridge on Langkawi Island, Malaysia

Langkawi Heavenly Bridge

Langkawi Sky Bridge

There are many beautiful places on earth, but the amazing paradise you never want to leave is Langkawi Island, located on the northwest coast of Malaysia. Nature has generously endowed this place with all the earthly pleasures of a clear azure sea, white sandy beaches, mild climate and lush tropical greenery.

But people have made their contribution. So that it was possible to enjoy the nature in full from the bird’s-eye view, it was conceived to build a bridge, but such a bridge, so it does not burden the natural beauty of the island. And the idea succeeded in full measure! The bridge was named Langkawi Sky Bridge.

Interesting bridge design.

Construction of the bridge

The Langkawi Sky Bridge is the highest feat of engineering in Malaysia. The cable-stayed footbridge spanning the gorge came out with an interesting curved shape and now proudly towers over the mountains.

Connecting the tops of the mountains

The Langkawi Sky Bridge was built in 2004 and has been open to visitors since 2005 and is unique in that it is the highest single-support bridge in the world. The bridge actually rests on a single metal pylon. All the power of the structure is firmly and reliably distributed among eight cables, attached to the same single support. It looks like it literally hovers over the abyss, and on very windy days it sways a little, too.

Steel pillar


At first glance the Langkawi Sky Bridge seems unreliable, but safety came first in its design and construction. There’s no need to worry about it falling: the bridge is completely safe for people. The designers even provided several escape routes in case of bad weather, lightning or other natural surprises. On the upper level, double steel railings were installed, and below the level of the parapet, wire nets and wood decking were stretched.

Safe steel handrails

What’s interesting.

A visit to the Langkawi Sky Bridge is a must on the island vacation program. With a length of 125 meters and a width of only 1.8 meters, it connects the peaks of the Gunung Mountains. There are triangle-shaped platforms on the edges of the bridge, convenient places where you can stop and admire the stunning views of the island. And the views are truly stunning: on the one hand the azure Andaman Sea and lush rainforest, and on the other – all the splendor of the mountains and the adjacent southern islands of Thailand. And since the Langkawi suspension bridge is curved, you can admire all the beauty of the island from different angles.

Different angles from the bridge

Some interesting facts about the bridge:

  1. Skybridge was among the special suspension bridges, and its construction was very unusual. First its component parts were taken by helicopter to the tops of the mountains and then they were connected and secured with ropes.
  2. You have to go all the way to the top of the mountain to see the two observation decks. The view from them is more spectacular and picturesque than the ones below. You can see not only Langkawi and the islands of Thailand, but also a small piece of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The most important thing is to be lucky with the weather and not to have a cloud covering the mountain peaks.
  3. The height of the bridge is approximately 700 meters above sea level, and the steel support is only 87 meters.
Mostar, old bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina

How to get there?

Langkawi is a small island with good roads, understandable interchanges and signs. Therefore, it is not necessary to buy tours, but it is easier to rent a car or a motorcycle and you can rush forward for the experience. The Langkawi Sky Bridge and the Langkawi Cable Car are popular attractions on the island. The cable car deserves a special mention as it is the only way to get up to the bridge. It consists of 2 sections with a length of 2.2 km.

Gondola Cabins

To get to the cable car you need to go from Chenang Beach along the sea to the west. Your landmark is Oriental Village, located at the foot of Machincang Mountain. From here you will climb to the first lookout point, then walk to the second one, which is right on the bridge. It takes about 20 minutes to climb the entire climb, but it is time well spent compared to the surrounding beauty seen from the top.

Triangular platforms

Visit Features

Admission to the Oriental Villige, which is a large amusement park, is free. But you will have to pay for the climb. It will cost $7 for adults and $1.63 for children. Those who do not like to wait, can in the village or at Langkawi Cable Car complex to buy a VIP pass for $11.66 and pass everywhere without queuing. At the entrance of the food and water will be taken from you, they are stored in a special box until your return.


The Sky Bridge is a central landmark on Langkawi Island that attracts tourists. It is extremely scenic and overlooks Langkawi, the neighboring islands and the Andaman Sea from a height of 660 meters.

Sky Bridge

Located between two mountain peaks in a jungle-covered ravine on the northwest side of the island, this is the Sky Bridge. You can reach it by taking a 10-minute cable car ride from the base of the mountain, where the tourist complex Oriental Village (East Village) is located.

To get to Heavenly Bridge, you must buy a cable car ticket. There are viewing platforms at the last station. However, the entrance to the bridge itself is also not free and must be paid for at the top. Below I detail the cost of tickets.

The Langkawi Sky Bridge

These are the views from the Sky Bridge

Oriental Village at the foot of the sky bridge

Oriental Village is a small tourist complex at the foot of the mountain near Pantai Kok Beach. It is a great place to relax with children. There are restaurants, and souvenir shops and playgrounds, and you can also ride a pony and feed rabbits, monkeys, and even the fish that live in the beautiful ponds.

Brooklyn Museum in New York City, exhibits and photos

There is a large guest parking lot nearby. Admission to the East Village is free. The cable car ticket office is a bit deep in the grounds, but it’s pretty easy to find: most tourists walking through the village go there or back. As well as by signs and navigation arrows.

By the way Oriental Village is also the start of your trek to one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the island of 7 Wells. Learn more about the island’s best waterfalls in this article.

Opening hours

The Heavenly Bridge is available from 09.30 to 19.00 on weekdays and weekends. On holidays and school vacations, the schedule may be changed to increase opening hours. Every year, most often in April, the bridge is closed for maintenance and cannot be accessed during the week. Also, access may be limited in bad weather conditions (thunderstorms, typhoons, storms). It is advisable to check the exact schedule on the official website before your trip.

Tip: Do not visit the Sky Bridge on weekends, national holidays and school vacations. On these days is just a huge number and there are queues everywhere. The ideal time to visit is in the afternoon on a weekday.

Ticket prices for the funicular to Heavenly Bridge

The Langkawi Sky Bridge

This is the ticket office for the funicular, you can see them from afar by the big sign and the queue.

Tickets vary in cost for children, adults, there is also a separate price for Malaysian citizens, plus there is a surcharge for getting to the funicular outside the queue or a surcharge for a trip in a clear-floor booth. Ticket prices in 2020 are as follows:

  • Adults – 85 MYR (1,300 RUB/20$).
  • Adults with priority passage – 135 MYR (2050 RUB/32 USD)
  • Children (2-12 years old) – 65 MYR (1000 RUB/15$)
  • Children (2-12 years old) with priority passage – 115 MYR (1750 RUB/28$)
  • Admission to the transparent floor booth (same price for adults and children) – 105 MYR (1600 RUB/26$). Please note: This is per seat. If you are travelling alone, multiply by two.

Langkawi Cable Car Prices

Full price list for the cable car to Heavenly Bridge

When you buy a ticket, you get a wristband that also allows you to visit the entertainment facilities for children and adults SkyDome, SkyRex and a rather interesting 3D Art Langkawi gallery for free. By the way 3D Art Langkawi is one of the best 3D drawing museums in the world. And the entrance with a wristband is absolutely free.

Note: Get the Basic Entrance package, it’s the cheapest and has everything you need. In the photo with the prices you probably got confused about what is what. At the end of the article there will be a brief description for your understanding.

Tickets for the cable car and Sky Bridge can be bought online. Their biggest plus is that you don’t have to stand in line, saving you more than an hour of time. In terms of price, the difference is not significant, online is cheaper by 2-3 dollars.

Charles Bridge over the Vltava River in Prague

Practical information on the Sky Bridge in Langkawi

So, after buying a ticket, you will surely need to wait in line for the booths themselves. Below I’ll tell you separately how best to time it so you don’t have to stand in line.

Keep in mind that it is forbidden to bring drinks, food, empty bottles or bags onto the cable car and the Heavenly Bridge itself. Before entering the cable car, you will be asked to show that there is nothing in your bags or backpacks that can be thrown away at the top.

Tip: check bags and generally inspection is pure formality, if you want you can sneak a bottle of water easily. At the top there is a cafe, but prices there are higher than the average on the island by 5 times. Therefore, the same water I recommend to take with you. And I believe that an empty bottle of water you will not throw down the mountain

Sky Bar Prices

Menu with prices in the bar at the top of the mountain at the last cable car station

A ride on the cable car is a separate and exciting mini-trip, you can’t find such scenic views when you climb the mountain. Cable car will bring you to the first observation deck, where you can get out of the cabin, take a couple of photos, use the binoculars to examine the neighboring islands.

Sky bridge

This is the view from the cable car on the steep cliffs

All in all, it will take 10 minutes at this site and you can take the same funicular further up.

You hop into the cabin, which will take you to the second and last station at the top of the mountain. There are also two more viewing platforms, a café, a souvenir store, and a small shop that sells loveseat locks that can be engraved.

The Langkawi Chairlift

Here we arrive at the very top, at the end station. The two circles on the left and right are free viewing platforms, and the sky bridge itself is 150 meters to the right below and was not included in the picture.

However, such a lock is not allowed to hang on the Heavenly Bridge itself, for that there is a smaller bridge nearby. By the way, these two observation decks are located above the bridge itself, and I personally think that the view from here is better than from the bridge itself.

Sky Bridge Lookout

The view from the free observation deck. Note how much lower in the photo is the sky bridge, and you have to pay to get in

Important information: There is a fee to enter the Sky Bridge itself. Pay at the ticket office at the very top at the last station.

The cost of admission is:

  • 6 MYR (100 RUB/1.5 USD) for adults
  • 4 MYR (60 RUB/1$) for children.
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Also, instead of walking to the bridge (literally 150 meters), you can ride in small carriages on the mini railroad for only:

  • 16 MYR (250 RUR/4$) for adults
  • 11 MYR (180 RUR/3$) for children

A word of advice: These train carriages are a scam. First of all: they have a separate line for 10 minutes, and secondly it takes about 2 minutes to walk at a leisurely pace and there is no point in paying for it.

Sky Bridge

The queue and the ticket office for the SkyGlide coaches to the sky bridge. It’s already at the very top of the mountain, at the end of the cable car.

Also keep in mind that no more than 200 people are allowed on the bridge at a time. So if you want to get on the bridge will be more, most likely you will have to wait in line some more.

Sky Bridge Panorama

Great view from the sky bridge. Note the two photos above. In 10 minutes the weather has changed dramatically.

The sky bridge is the symbol of the island, which is depicted almost everywhere, on all magnets of any other souvenir products. Follow the link below to read what you can bring back from Langkawi as a gift for your family, friends, colleagues and yourself.

About the queues

Langkawi is a small island with many tourists. So to avoid standing in line for hours for the tickets and then the cable car and then the bridge, you need to know a few rules:

  • Arrive in the morning in time for opening (or half an hour before opening). You will most likely be among the first to arrive. Tourists come to Langkawi to rest and get enough sleep, so most come around lunchtime.
  • Come if the weather is bad. When the clouds roll in and the weather turns bad, tourists prefer to wait it out and not go to the Bridge. But just know that bad weather on Langkawi is usually for an hour and a half at most. And while you go up in the cable car, the sun will look out again. And the time at the top is not limited, you can always sit and wait.
  • The main peak of the queues is between 10 am and 2 pm. If you don’t have time in the morning, you can safely go to 16 o’clock, there will be much less people.

Queuing for the sky bridge

This is a typical queue on a normal day at 12 o’clock on the Sky Bridge

Deciphering the names of the Sky Bridge

  • The Sky Bridge itself is called the Sky Bridge. There is no way to get there on foot, only by cable car.
  • The funicular has two stations, the second of which is Heavenly Bridge itself is called SkyCab.
Interesting facts about Tower Bridge

These are the two main names you need to know. In the photo with the prices you saw that there are different packages at different prices with different set of names: Basic Entrance, Combo A, Combo B, Combo C.

Below is a map to help you get your bearings and answer your questions: where is parking, where are the tickets, and more.

  • SkyDome is a 10-minute video about space on a screen with a 360 degree view. It is like a mini cinema where there are only 50 seats, you are sitting in the center and 12 projectors create a video clip and you are in the center of the event. It will be interesting for children.
  • SkyRex – a 5-minute virtual journey on a virtual streetcar (3-D glasses) through Jurassic Park with dinosaurs. Also only interesting for children.
  • 3D Art Langkawi – one of the largest museums in the world with 3D paintings. There are more than a hundred of them here, and some are the size of a whole room. You can take cool pictures. It will be interesting for both adults and children. Plan on spending about 1 hour at this place.

celestial bridge on langkawi

Entrance to the 3D museum

3d art langkawi near sky bridge

This is what one of the 3D paintings in the 3D museum looks like. Admission for those who bought a cable car ticket is free.

Oriental village on Langkawi

And here is another one of the paintings. In the museum of more than a hundred.

  • Time Travel is a virtual tour consisting of 5 rooms with screens, each themed: Dinosaur Age, 1980, 2020, Future 3300, Far, Far Future. In fact, nothing super natural, quite boring, banal and not interesting. Only children would be interested.

Time Travel in Langkawi

This is what the entrance to Time Travel looks like.

  • 6D Cinemotion is the usual 6D movie theater that spins 5 minute clips. As we have in every mall.
  • Express Lane – what I wrote about above, access to all activities, cable car, bridge entrance with no lines
  • Glass Bottom Gondola – 1 seat out of 4 in a stall with a glass floor. Want to buy the whole stall, please: 105 MYRx4=420 MYR
  • SkyGlide is a 150m railroad with a mini-cab that takes you from the top funicular station at the top of the mountain to Heavenly Bridge itself.

In addition to the fact that Heavenly Bridge can be visited on your own. There are people who do it as part of tours. Read about all the tours of Langkawi at the link.

In conclusion: Heavenly Bridge (SkyBridge) is the island’s most important and most famous attraction. 99% of the tourists who come to the island on vacation visit it.

Clear skies and beautiful views!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Below are resources to help you save money when organizing your own trip to Langkawi:

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