The Tablets of Georgia and the Ten Commandments

The Tablets of Georgia.The inscriptions in all languages consist of the Ten Principles

On a rocky hill in northeastern North America Georgia is one of the strangest monuments created in modern times. It is known as the Georgia Guidestones, or Georgia Tablets.

This structure consists of five twenty-ton granite polished slabs more than five meters in height . . [more]

The composition is called Georgia Guidestones, or Georgia Tablets, because it is essentially such granite “tablets” with injunctions. The inscription is engraved in 8 modern languages, one language each on the front or back side of the 4 vertical slabs.

If you walk around the structure clockwise from the north, the order of languages is as follows: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. There are also texts carved using Babylonian cuneiform, Sanskrit and Egyptian hieroglyphs. The inscription in all languages consists of ten principles (commandments) for those who will survive a global cataclysm (such as a nuclear winter), how to build a civilization.

I guess you’re wondering what these 10 commandments are for our descendants). Let’s not beat around the bush for long, the Russian text of the Georgia Tablets reads: 1. May the earth’s population never exceed 500 million, staying in constant balance with nature. 2. Reasonably regulate the birth rate, increasing the value of life preparation and the diversity of humanity. 3. Find a new living language that can unite humanity. 4. Be tolerant in matters of sentiment, faith, tradition, and the like. 5. Let just laws and an impartial court stand in defense of peoples and nations. 6. Let each nation decide its own internal affairs, bringing to the world’s court only the problems of the nation. 7. Avoid petty litigation and useless officials. 8. Maintain a balance between personal rights and public duties. 9. Above all, value truth, beauty, and love, striving for harmony with the infinite. 10. Don’t be a cancer to the earth, leave room for nature too!

The monument is oriented to the sides of the world, in some places holes are made pointing to the Polaris and the Sun. The entire structure was made by a group of people who are still unknown. It is only known that in June 1979 an unknown person, hiding under the pseudonym of R. C. Christian, commissioned the Elberton Granite Finishing Company to build the monument. According to one hypothesis, the pseudonym comes from the name of the legendary (14th century) founder of the Rosenkreutzer Order, Christian Rosenkreutz.

The owner of the monument is also unknown. According to the Georgia Mountain Travel Association guidebook: “The Georgia Tablets are located on the Mildred and Wayne Mullenix Farm…”

According to the Elbert County land records, the land was purchased from the county on October 1, 1979. The monument was unveiled on March 22, 1980, in the presence of 400 (and according to another source, only 100 people.

The height of the monument is almost 6.1 meters, it consists of six granite slabs with a total weight of about 100 tons. One slab is located in the center, four – around it. The last slab is located on top of these five slabs, aligned with astronomical events. Not far to the west of the monument on the ground is a stone tablet with an inscription about the origin and purpose of the Tablets.

Gozek Circle in Germany, photo and description

These stone giants are sometimes even called the “American Stonehenge”, although officially America has its own Stonehenge – the Mystery Hill archaeological monument, consisting of a group of large boulders and stone structures scattered over an area of about 120 square meters in the town of Salem, New Hampshire in the northeastern United States. So some people even confuse these two sites that have nothing in common.

The Tablets of Georgia have become a subject of interest among proponents of conspiracy theories. One conspiracy theorist, conservative Christian Mark Dice, has demanded that “the (monument) be broken (into a million pieces and then use the debris to build (something else).” According to Dice, the Tablets are “essentially of Satanic origin,” and the monument’s client, R. C. Christian belongs “to a secret Luciferian society” associated with the idea of a “new world order.” At the unveiling ceremony the local priest said that in his opinion the monument was ordered by “sun worshippers, idolaters and devil worshippers”. In general, the churchmen distinguished themselves again and made themselves look like clowns in the minds of reasonable people).

In 2008, the monument was vandalized: its surface was defaced with drawings and inscriptions in polyurethane paint, such as “Death to the New World Order”. Wired magazine described the event as “the first serious act of vandalism in the history of the Tablet. The results of the vandalism have not yet been resolved.

Apparently it was some religious fanatics, because on the central plate there is an inscription that reads “Jesus will beat U, satanist” and on the Spanish side of one of the plates – “Council on Foreign Relations is ran by the Devil”.


And of course these “geniuses” stuck to the phrase about birthrate control to keep population under 500 million – like the “elite” wants to exterminate 80% of us… At least I have the impression that the plates were painted by some dull-witted American schoolchildren, who didn’t even have the brains to understand that if the purpose of these plates is to help the survivors of the world catastrophe to build a new civilization, taking into account historical experience – the plates don’t tell anyone to exterminate anyone, they just assume (completely logically), that if suddenly some tragedy happens on a global scale, there will be very few survivors after it…

I could argue every comment left by these “smart guys”, but it would be boring, I will just give below pictures of some of them, and you can judge by yourself about the level of intellect of those who wrote it)

And at the end there is another inscription carved in the stone of the Tablets of Georgia.

Roughly it translates as follows: “Let what is written be the rules for the Age of Reason”, that is for people who will live much later than we will be able to rationally assess the postulates laid down in them.

The Tablets of Georgia in the United States

There are many places on planet Earth that are obscure at first glance. One such place is the Tablets of Georgia. What are they and what is their purpose, you will learn from our article.

Black Bamboo Hollow in Heizhu, China

The Tablets of Georgia

The Tablets of Georgia – what it is in general terms

It is a huge monument carved out of blue granite, erected in 1980 in Georgia, in Elbert County. The structure is called “America’s Stonehenge.” On the five stone slabs is carved a long text written in eight modern diplomatic languages. On top of the plates is another slab, which is also carved text, but it is much shorter and is written in four ancient languages: Akkadian, classical Greek, Sanskrit and ancient Egyptian.

The height of the monument is a little more than 6 meters. There are six plates in total, their total weight is almost 100 tons. The four stelae are displayed like a large paddle wheel. They are lined up according to the annual cycle of the Sun’s movement. The blocks also point to the places of sunrise and solstice over an 18-year period. The 5th, central stone, has a hole through which one can see Polaris on any day of the year.

There is also a small hole in the upper stone block, through which every day at exactly 12 o’clock in the afternoon light enters, hits the central block and indicates the day of the year.

Not far from the monument on the ground there is a stone slab with a plaque that tells the history of its origin and purpose. The plaque also says that there is a “Time Capsule” hidden at the base of the monument. But whether it actually exists, no one knows yet, as no excavations have been conducted under the monument.

The most interesting thing is not the size of the monument, but what is written on it. This is the so-called “Ten Commandments of the Age of Enlightenment”.

The Tablets of Georgia - Russian adaptation

“Commandments” contain a certain message, which gives recommendations on how to establish a “New World Order” on the planet.

The main themes of “Commandments” are depopulation of the planet’s population, creation of a One World Government, a change of values in society, both social and spiritual. It is not clear who was the author of this text. The slabs describe the process of creating an ideal world, only not everyone is destined to live in this world, but only the chosen ones.

The monument indicates the connection between the occult communities and the goals of the New World Order. After all, only representatives of ancient occult organizations erected their buildings taking into account astronomical calculations, the movement of stars and magical knowledge.

Contents of the 10 commandments of the New World Order

To understand what is the main purpose of “Tablets”, it is necessary to read them:

  1. Let the earth’s population never exceed 500,000,000, staying in constant balance with nature.
  2. Reasonably regulate the birthrate, increasing the value of vital training and the diversity of humanity.
  3. Find a New Living Language that can unite humanity.
  4. Demonstrate tolerance in matters of sentiment, faith, tradition, and the like.
  5. Let just laws and impartial courts stand in defense of peoples and nations.
  6. Let every nation decide its own internal affairs by bringing the problems of the nation to the world’s court.
  7. Avoid petty lawsuits and useless officials.
  8. Maintain a balance between personal rights and public duties.
  9. Above all, value truth, beauty, and love, striving for harmony with the infinite.
  10. Don’t be a cancer to the Earth, leave room for nature too!
Goddess Bhairabi Well in India, photo and description

Surprising is the fact that the text is not simply translated into different languages, but takes into account the linguistic features of different peoples and their mentality. This indicates that not only occultists, but also good psychologists worked on the creation of the monument.

From the text of the commandments we can understand that the population of the planet must be drastically reduced. Also needed to restore harmony is one world language, the existence of the One International Court of Justice, and the development of eugenics, the science of improving the human genome.

The Tablets of Georgia - illumination

Such teachings were already put into practice by the Nazis during World War II. They conducted brutal tests on prisoners of war and put eugenics theories into practice. Many men, women and children were killed in these experiments. Experiments on twin children were especially cruel. As you see, ancient beliefs were already applied in practice, but unfortunately not in favor of peaceful population.

Who are the authors of the Commandments

But who is the author of “Commandments”? No one knows the exact answer to this question. But the text of “Tablets” makes us think that the creators are the members of ancient occult society. It is also clear from the text that the authors adhered to two principles of the occult:

  • All that is above also exists below;
  • The principle of Binary.

These principles were adhered to by members of the Masonic Lodge, the Order of the Rosenkreuzers, and members of other occult societies whose teachings were related to Hermeticism. The man who negotiated the order for the monument introduced himself as Robert C. Christian, a fictitious name to be sure, but that is the only clue at the moment. But it is safe to say that the man in question is in the upper levels of some influential occult organization

Anonymous Authors Statement

The names of the authors are unknown, but they have left people an anonymous message in which they state their main thoughts.

Throughout the text of the message runs the idea of creating an entirely new society, with new laws, orders, morals and government. To achieve this goal it will be necessary to use all the achievements of mankind, but here is the problem: these actions will not benefit everyone living on the planet, but only a select few.

Here is an excerpt from a message from the anonymous authors:

“We, the authors-creators of the Georgia Tablets, are a small group of Americans who want a speedy solution to all the key problems of modern society. We convey this message through the present–to the future. We take it for granted. We stand for one religion and one philosophy of life. However, despite all this, our message does have some contradictions. In order to avoid stirring up unnecessary controversy, we have maintained our complete anonymity.

You are entitled to your own point of view. You can stand up for your own beliefs.

Golosov ravine in Kolomenskoye, secrets and mysteries

In order to materialize all our thoughts, we have erected this monument consisting of a collection of carved stones. Its slabs will stand even when we are no longer in the world. We hope that, in time, society will accept our ideas, understand their feasibility, and soon make them a reality.

Since the installation of the monument, scientists have repeatedly tried to unravel the real meaning of the Commandments themselves and the message of the authors. In the end, they have concluded that those people who created the monument were acting for the benefit of the ideologues of the New Order, not the majority of the Earth’s population.

A breakdown of some of the interesting points

Some paragraphs of the Commandments contain a certain subtext, the meaning of which may be dumbfounding to the common man.

Limiting the Maximum Population

This is what the first commandment talks about. Based on this, not all people will be able to survive in order to continue to exist normally. If the world population is now about 7 billion, then in order to reach 500 million, all other people must be wiped out. The theory to reduce the world’s population was discussed back in the 1970s. The rationale was that there would not be enough resources for all the people on the planet. But who will be among the lucky ones? It is unlikely to be ordinary people, but rather the “elite” of society, who will be able to pay for their place under the sun.

The idea of population reduction was supported in 1988 by Prince Philip of Great Britain. The central idea of how to reduce the number of people is to create a special deadly virus that will help solve the problem. This idea was also supported by Bill Gates, who put forward the idea of creating a special vaccine with which it would be possible to control the population of the planet.

No matter how strange it may sound to the average person, but it seems that the “powers that be” are quite supportive of the ideas of the Tablets.

One World Government

This is the second interesting commandment in terms of meaning. The authors of the monument call for a One World Government for order on the planet. According to this theory, people must obey a certain group of people, follow the instructions given by them and not disobey them. With such a policy, it would be possible to regulate all aspects of human life: social, moral, economic, religious and other.

This is not a new theory, and it has been put forward more than once in the course of human history. Many works have been devoted to this belief by Manley Hall, and in his books he talks about his vision of the old theory.

The Tablets of Georgia are dangerous

But it is worth reflecting on the fact that for the common people this Commandment will not do any good. After all, it looks too much like the dictatorial regimes that brought much destruction and wars in which mostly civilians were destroyed.

Common Ideas with the Order of the Rosenkreuzers

After studying the message on the Tablets, we can conclude that their creators are either members of the Order of the Rosenkreuzers, or have common views with them.

Devil's Sea, Japan's Bermuda Triangle

The Rosenkreutzer Order is a secret theological society founded in the Middle Ages in Germany by Christian Rosenkreutzer. Another name for the order is the Order of the Rose and Cross.

This society became widely popular in the 17th century, after it published its three Manifestos:

  • “Fama Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis” (Revelation of the Fraternity of the Honorable Order of the Rose and Cross);
  • “Confessio Fraternitatis” (Confession of the Venerable Fraternity of the Rose and Cross);
  • “Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz” (The Alchemical Legacy of Christian Rosenkreutz).

These texts described the creation of a new society with new orders. After the harsh Middle Ages came the Enlightenment, during which feudal regimes were overthrown. As you can see, the Tablets have the same function as the texts of the Order.

The text written on the stone monuments mentions that era frequently. Perhaps it is a secret message to the work of Thomas Paine, The Age of Enlightenment, who was a member of the Order of the Rosenkreuzers of the highest rank. His work, a deistic treatise, was written in the 18th century. The author criticizes religion and the infallibility of Holy Scripture, the “Bible.” The main idea of the text is the supremacy of reason over the whole world. If one draws parallels, one can see the overlap between Paine’s beliefs and those of the authors of the Tablets.

In the United States, the Order existed before the First Revolution. Manley Hall wrote about the Order and Thomas Paine in The Secret Destiny of America. It says that the Order stands for the domination of the New Order, and promotes it in every way possible.

Analyzing the activities of the Order, scholars are inclined to believe that the authors of the monument belong to the Masons, or may still practice the beliefs of the Rosenkreuzers, or are members of the Order of the Rose and Cross.

The fact that the owner of the company which created the monument, Joe Fendley, is a member of the Masonic Lodge also indicates that the creators of the sculpture were members of a secret society. This is stated in the Precepts guide. Perhaps it was this fact that was key in the customers’ choice of this company for the monument.

Be that as it may, the doctrines of the New World are like Utopia, whose existence is realistic only on paper or in a fictional world. It is unrealistic to create conditions that will be suitable for all people on the planet. After all, all people are different, with their own mentality, moral principles, and ideas about life. It is impossible to put all these people in the same conditions, and hope for the existence of an ideal world.

Perhaps the real purpose of the monument in Georgia will remain a mystery to the general population. One thing to keep in mind is that a seemingly harmless text can become a trigger in the complex mechanism of controlling life on the planet. Do not let people manipulate you.

Watch this video that breaks down the commandments written on the Tablets of Georgia:

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