The Temple of Truth in Pattaya, an independent trip

Temple of Truth

Temple of Truth in Pattaya is deservedly considered one of the most popular, impressive buildings in the world. It is made of wood and is striking in size and beauty.

Are you planning a trip to Thailand? Then you must visit the famous Temple of Truth in Pattaya. This structure is famous all over the world for its beauty, impressive size, the original combination of interiors and styles, religious trends. The most important thing that immediately write about it in all the guides and the article: the impressive height and the material used to build the temple.

Wood of valuable species was used in the construction. The Temple of Truth in Thailand is made entirely of wood, and among similar religious buildings, it was the highest: the height of the building is 105 meters. Of course, this is not all that can be said about the unique architectural monument. Consider the most curious and important facts.

The highest wooden Temple of Truth in the world

The temple of truth, in English sanctuary of truth, is recognized as the largest wooden temple in the world. It is still under construction, and the work on the building began in 1981. Started to build the temple, the well-known businessman Prapai Viriyapan. He was going to rent the building to travelers, but had to abandon the idea, as insisted by Buddhist monks.

Currently, the son of the philanthropist continues to build the Temple. He did not hurry with the work, as about the Temple of Truth in Pattaya, there is a legend: the man who build it, will die on the day of completion. However, there is still a tentative date for the complete delivery of the object: 2025.

It becomes clear: the temple is not yet complete. But there are already guided tours. And the work itself is financed with the money earned from tourists. The fact is that without these funds, the construction would have been stopped, because the King of Thailand refused to finance the project.

There are doubts about the stability and durability of the building, the feasibility of the project from a technical, engineering point of view. Skeptics believe that the temple will never be completed. But even in the best case scenario it will constantly have to be reconstructed, replacing some parts. Already now some elements regularly need to be restored.

Can you imagine how buildings are usually erected, particularly in wood? Everyone knows that this requires self-tapping screws, nails, and staples. And there is not a single nail in the construction of this structure! They are only used during construction work. The nail cap is bent off, and then they are pulled out and replaced with wooden elements.

The temples of Pattaya are magnificent, but it is the Temple of Truth that has earned the love of the people with its unique statues. They are also made entirely of wood, also without nails.

Assemble the statues in layers, fixing them with elements of wood. The surface is not varnished: the wood retains its natural beauty, naturalness, continues to “breathe”. This method of construction provides maximum convenience and simplicity in the process of reconstruction. The statue does not have to be dismantled as a whole. It is enough to drill out the connecting parts, and then remove the desired element.

There is a legend that in the Temple of Truth in Pattaya you can make a wish. Many people believe that it will definitely come true. They say about the power of Buddhism, the special energy that is in the wooden temple.

There is a special place to make a wish, tourists usually go there with a guide. Two statues are located in front of the entrance. On their shoulders lies a wooden crossbar. Three objects made of iron are already attached to it. They are believed to have magical powers. To make a wish come true, it is necessary first to make a wish and then to strike these objects.

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Let’s consider what meaning is given to particular objects.

  • First, it is usually struck on the left triangle. This is a sign of greeting: a person makes himself known to the Buddha.
  • Then the bell in the center is struck. It is a magical symbol of the body, the language of the Buddha. Such a blow should help in the purification of karma.
  • At the end of the ritual, the gong, which is shaped like a circle, is struck three times. It is possible to make three wishes, the most intimate ones. According to legends and rumors, this magic ritual has helped many families: they were able to conceive and reproduce strong, healthy babies.

If you still have any questions, you can ask the guide.

Of course, you can see the wooden Temple of Truth in Pattaya in the photo. However, pictures, even the brightest and sharpest, will not be able to convey the beauty and originality of the structure, its interior interiors. A total of four halls in the Temple of Truth, made in different styles: Thai and Indian, Cambodian and Chinese.

Inside the complex there are many columns. They are load-bearing, and are made of century-old trees. Solid trunks were used for construction. It is not just wood. Monks perform elaborate rituals before cutting down such a tree. Magical rituals are aimed at cleansing the wood from spirits.

There is also the most ancient tree trunk in the temple. This column is specially allocated: near it there is a table. There they put offerings: clothes and drinks, food. According to beliefs, the tree is inhabited by the spirit of a woman who could not be expelled by monks. And it is necessary to please him, so that he did not impede the further construction of the temple.

Let’s look at the features of the halls:

  1. The Indian Hall. Here the four elements were the main symbol. They are depicted on the walls, one for each wall. The embodiment of water was the ocean waves. The air is denoted by the trees that sway, bent by the wind. Fire was symbolized by dragons with flames spewing from their mouths. Earth is embodied in beautiful plants and animals.
  2. Chinese Hall. In this room there are many three-dimensional statues. They embody the Bodhisattva. This being, wanted to become a Buddha, while striving to do so for the benefit of all who live on Earth. The columns here are made in the form of octahedrons.
  3. Thai Hall. In it there are seven statues. These are the so-called avatars. Each day of the week has its own avatar. Sunday is embodied in the largest statue, because it was on this day the king was born. Also here, a special stand where all the tourists calculate the day of their birth is a big attraction.
  4. Cambodian Hall. Here they ask for the birth of babies, wish that the parents were healthy. The hall is decorated with statues of three children, a husband and a wife. It is believed that you have to touch the knee of the wife or husband, for the health of the parents. And the conception of a child is asked by rubbing the handle of the wooden baby.

Only in the center of the complex does the temple truly fulfill its primary function: here one can pray. The sound of mantras creates a special and unique mood. If you read the numerous reviews of the Chinese Temple of Truth in Pattaya, you can be sure that this complex is a real delight, leaving a vivid impression. It combines religion, the power of nature, architecture and art.

Temple of the Sun, the Indian temple of the Sun God Surya

This information will be useful to anyone who has decided to visit the Temple of Truth and wants to prepare in advance. The temple is open every day, from nine in the morning until six in the evening.

There are special clothing requirements. Residents of Thailand come here to pray, which must be taken into account, treat religion and believers with due respect. Therefore, shoulders and knees must be covered. If there is no special clothing, you can rent a cloak, but for it leave a deposit of two hundred baht. Also need to wear a helmet on his head before going on the tour, because the construction work is not completed.

Tip! You will be more comfortable if you prepare appropriate clothing in advance.

The cost of visiting the temple is also better to consider in advance. Approximately it can be designated as 500 baht, but the final amount depends entirely on the intensity of the program. If you bring a child, then the baby will need to buy a ticket for the cost of 350 baht.

How to get to the Temple of Truth in Pattaya

Are you interested in the specific address of the Temple of Truth in Pattaya, wondering how to get there on your own? The way to proceed is this. The best way to start is from Central Street. There you should stop the blue tuk-tuk that goes to the fish market. Ride it to the intersection, where the main attraction was the fountain with dolphins. Here you have to press “stop”. Then you only have to go as far as Soya, 12. If you walk to the white entrance gate that leads to the park, you will have to walk 10 minutes.

At the intersection with the dolphin fountain, you can also order a cab. It costs 100-300 baht. The drivers give their phone numbers to pick up their customers from the tour later.

Tip: Experienced tourists are advised to pay for the trip in installments: before the tour and after it.

If possible, it is best to pay a little more and drive straight to your destination. To do this, simply stop the tuk-tuk and show the Temple of Truth in Pattaya on the map. The English spelling is The Sanctuary of Truth. Highlight this attraction on all maps of the country, and it is easy to get a map at any grocery store, completely free. Such a trip to the exact address will cost about 20-150 baht. This will depend on the distance of the trip and the total number of people who are going to go.

Prepare for your trip to Thailand. And be sure to visit the Temple of Truth – it is a unique structure that will be remembered for a lifetime.

The Temple of Truth in Pattaya – the structure without a single nail

The Temple of Truth is a wooden structure that took over three decades to build. The uniqueness of the temple – it is erected without any nails, however, a rather controversial statement, since initially they are used, but gradually pulled out. Local craftsmen assure that by the time the construction is finished, there will not be a single nail left in the structure. By the way, the Temple of Truth in Pattaya is tentatively scheduled to be completed by 2025. Construction work has been carried out since 1981, craftsmen do not stop even in the hours of excursions. Today, some parts require reconstruction, however, this in no way diminishes the scale and majesty of the construction.

White Temple in Thailand, Wat Rong Khun

Temple of Truth.

General information

The main mission of the temple is to popularize religion, the architectural art of Thailand. For this reason, the temple is not used for its direct purpose – religious needs, above all, it is a landmark, demonstrating the attitude of the East to the world, religion.

Interesting to know! The author of the religious project is the millionaire Leku Viriyapanu, who invented and created the Ancient City. It was he who sponsored the construction and also dedicated his life to uniting the religions of the four countries.

Craftsmen are still doing the finishing work

The Temple of Truth in Thailand is a grandiose structure as tall as a 20-storey house and 100 meters wide. A plot of more than 13 hectares has been allocated for construction. Why did the project take so many years to complete? The fact is that all the elements decorating the facade and interior rooms were carved by hand. The construction of the main building is completed, but the masters are still doing the finishing work, which combines the culture and philosophy of the four nations.

Interesting to know! The main idea of the temple is closely intertwined with an ancient legend telling of the creation of the world.

Visitors to the Temple of Truth wearing helmets

The Temple of Truth in Thailand is the largest religious structure made only of wood. The history of the Temple of Truth in Pattaya began in 1981, but the structure looks ancient. Since the experts do not stop working, tourists are necessarily given helmets.

By design, the temple is a structure without nails. Today, however, some parts of the landmark are so decrepit that they have to use nails to maintain the temple.

There were plans to build a hotel complex on the site of the structure. The author of the project – Lek Viriyapan – asked the local monks for a blessing, but he was refused. Then the millionaire decided to invest in a new temple.

The structure is supported by 170 supports, they were cut from the trunks of trees.

In Thailand, almost all religious buildings are shrouded in myths, the Temple of Truth is no exception. The locals tell two legends.

The myth of wish fulfillment. Near the main entrance on the shoulders of two figures laid bar with tied three objects. If you hit the objects in a special way, any dream will come true.

Gongs purifying karma

Here is an interesting fact! Guides recommend writing down wishes on paper, because strange things happen to people who approach the three objects – they completely forget what they wanted to ask for. You should not ask Buddha for money; it is better to ask for something specific.

The beating should be done in this order:

  • Strike the triangle three times;
  • Strike the bell three times;
  • Strike the gong three times.

The second legend has to do with conception. Inside the temple in the Cambodian hall there is a sculptural composition of parents with a child. According to the legend, people come here to ask for a daughter by rubbing the right hand of the statue or for a son by rubbing the left hand of the statue. And also at the sculpture they ask for the health of their parents. To do this, it is necessary to rub the knee of one of the parents depicted in the wooden sculpture. Some locals say that here you can ask for a blessing in marriage.

What to see in the temple

The temple looks distinctive and unusual – every inch is decorated with carvings, figurines, narrating the lives of characters from religious myths. The principles professed by Eastern religions were used in the decoration.

At the Temple of Truth

Photo: Temple of Truth in Pattaya

The details of the temple carry a certain symbolism:

A visit to the temple introduces the mythology of four countries at once. One of the spires is crowned by a statue of a rider, the last man to reach enlightenment.

Hawa Mahal or Palace of the Winds, photo and description

The authors of the project wanted to show people how bogged down they are in everyday problems and dependent on material values. The temple should remind people of religion and philosophy. Tourists note the incredible atmosphere that reigns on the territory of the temple. Here you can walk for hours and enjoy peace and harmony with the world. It is noteworthy that every detail of the temple has a meaning, there is not a single element here that is just a decoration.

Interesting fact! Such a large number of figures on the facade and inside the temple indicates that the path to enlightenment and truth will be long and difficult. The philosophy of the temple is as follows – in order to achieve enlightenment, it is necessary to sort out the everyday chaos.

Inside a religious structure

Inside the space is divided into thematic halls, they are dedicated to the religion of a particular state.

There are seven sculptures that symbolize the days of the week. The largest one is Sunday, the day the monarch was born. On a special stand visitors count the personal date of birth and recognize the patrons.

Thai Hall

Dedicated to the four elements, respectively, there are four statues:

Interesting fact! The oldest column is carved seven centuries ago, nearby there is a table where guests leave offerings. They are collected for a reason – it is believed that the monks who drove the evil spirits out of the trees, could not exorcise the soul of a woman. Now they try to placate her, so that the construction continued without incident.

There are statues of various incarnations of the Bodhisattva, using octagonal columns as supports. The image of the bodhisattva is one of the earliest in Buddhism. All Buddhas have passed this way.

Statues of parents and three children are installed. This is where people ask for children – it is enough to rub the hand of one of the babies depicted in the sculpture. Also people come here to ask for the health of their loved ones – you just need to touch the knee of the spouse of the sculpture.

Cambodia Hall

Good to know! Only the central part of the temple is used for religious purposes, here they pray, rest, and address to the gods. Mantras are always played inside.


The Temple of Truth in Thailand in Pattaya can be visited on their own or buy a tour. Guides are invited to walk around the area every 30 minutes. The first tour is at 8:00 a.m., the last tour is at 5:00 p.m. There are Russian-speaking guides. Tourists choose the entertainment program at the entrance.

Good to know! On your own you can walk for free, but to see the real beauty and talent of Thai craftsmen, you need to go inside the building. Donations go to continue the construction.

Rates for a self-guided visit:

  • Traditional visit plan – involves accompanying a guide, visiting the workshops, exciting show, price 500 baht, for children – 250 baht, the show is held at 11-30, at 15-30;
  • traditional plan and boat ride, price for adults – 700 THB, for children – 450 THB;
  • traditional visit, horseback riding, admission is 700 baht, for children – 450 THB;
  • traditional visit plan and horse-drawn carriage ride, admission for adults is 600 THB, for children 350 THB;
  • traditional visit, elephant ride, adult ticket – THB 750, children ticket – THB 450;
  • simple program, quad bike ride, visit – THB 600, children ticket – THB 350;
  • sightseeing tour, foot massage, admission will cost 620 baht;

Important: Some entertainment is purchased separately from the ticket after entering the temple.

How to get to the Temple of Truth in Pattaya on your own

Pattaya Taxi

The attraction is located in the north of Pattaya. The exact address is 206/2 Moo 5, Soi Naklua 12 , Naklua, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150. An affordable and comfortable way to reach the Temple of Truth in Pattaya on your own is to order a cab. The trip costs an average of THB 200. To avoid the hassle of finding a cab to return, get the cab driver’s phone number and call them to return to your hotel.

Helpful information! Some travelers recommend walking to the temple on your own, the road takes only a quarter of an hour, however, you will have to walk along the side of the road, and given that drivers in Thailand are not very careful, the walk can be dangerous. There are no sidewalks in Pattaya.

It is better not to walk to the temple on your own, firstly, it is dangerous enough, and, secondly, in Pattaya, many streets look the same and it is easy to get lost. If you have an adventurous spirit and want to know how to get to the temple on your own, follow the route:

  • On Central Street, take a tuk-tuk;
  • take the tuk-tuk to Lane 16;
  • Get off at the fountain;
  • From here walk (you can catch a tuk-tuk) to 12 Soya Street;
  • now turn left, walk a quarter of an hour to the park entrance.
Itsukushima Water Sanctuary in Japan

Another way, faster, to get to the temple on your own is to ask a motorbiker at the fountain. As a rule, they ask 80 baht for the ride, but you can safely haggle and reduce the price to 60 baht.

Practical information
  • Opening hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • The price of a separate visit depends on the entertainment program, the cost of a full ticket – 450 baht for adults and 225 baht for children.
  • Photography and videotaping are allowed on the grounds.
  • The official website:
Useful Tips for Visitors

Sword Fight

  1. The temple has many Russian-speaking guides, so there is no language barrier.
  2. Women should always cover their knees and shoulders, no transparent clothing is allowed. The temple can rent a headscarf – a pledge of 200 baht.
  3. At the entrance guests are given brochures, and from the gate to the temple guests are driving a trolley. Be careful – on the territory of the attractions also ride a paid vehicle.
  4. Then you have to go down the stairs, show a ticket and get a helmet.
  5. Traditionally, all tourists are circled around the temple and then invited to visit the attraction.
  6. Be sure to visit the observation deck, the best time for photos is before sunset, and in the souvenir shop pick up a figurine to remember.
  7. Next to the Temple of Truth there is a suspension bridge over the lake.
  8. The most interesting themed show is an interactive performance in which tourists take part, dressed up in national clothes Thais invite guests to fight on swords.
  9. If you book tickets in advance on the official website, they are cheaper: adults – 450 baht, children – 225 baht.

Temple of Istin strikes the volume and scale of the work. Each detail is made by hand, the talent of masters can be assessed only by visiting the attraction in Pattaya.

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