The Triple Trinity Bridge in Crowland. Sightseeing in England

Devil’s Triple Bridge

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Interesting Architecture

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The Devil's Triple Bridge

About 15 km from the English Aberystwyth sprawls, Devil’s Bridge or as it is also called, Devils Bridge (from the English Devils Bridge). It is located in the village of the same name in Wales, County Ceredigion on the way to the Abbey of Stratha Florida. In Welsh Devils Bridge would sound Pontarfynach, which means “bridge over the river Mainach.” As the name implies, the village’s most prized attraction is the bridge. In Welsh, Pontarfynach means bridge over the river Minach (Mynach). Here the river has cut a narrow and very deep crevice.

I hope I have understood and processed correctly, information from various sources.

By the way. Welsh (Cymraeg) is one of the Celtic languages, spoken by about 659,000 people in Wales and a few hundred people in the Welsh colony in Patagonia, Argentina. In addition, native speakers of Welsh are found in England, Scotland, Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

Devil's Bridge

I think the Welsh language will be another interesting topic and a detailed breakdown. Now back to our bridges.

The bridge was started by the Knights Templar at the end of the 12th century and 600 years later another bridge was built over it. At the beginning of the last century a third bridge was built here.

Devils Bridge

The interesting architecture of the bridge is in its structure. It consists of three bridges of different eras. One can say without exaggeration that each new bridge grew up on the old one. An interesting architectural solution.

Devils Bridge Village

The original and smallest bridge was built in the 12th century. When its time came and it began to crumble, the construction of the next bridge was started. The construction of a new interesting bridge, was carried out in the 18th century.

Interesting Bridge

In order to save money on materials and simplify the work, the old bridge was not destroyed. It was used as the foundation for the construction of a new structure. If you think about it, everything in our life starts on the foundation of something old, which has fallen into disrepair and it is time to change.

Bridge of three bridges

The third and last iron bridge, was built in 1901. Again, the previous two bridges remained intact. They also served as a good support for the new one.

Interesting Architecture

But why is it called the Devils Bridge? An interesting legend tells about it.

They say that the first bridge was built by the devil himself. He wanted to get his soul that way. Once a local woman lost her cow. She searched for her nurse for a long time. And when she found it, she was even more disappointed, for it was on the other side of the river Mynach. But then the devil himself appeared out of the bushes. And he offered a deal. He promised to build a bridge, in exchange for the soul of the first person to walk across it. The woman agreed.

Bridge of Interest

When everything was ready, she threw a piece of bread over the bridge, which her dog chased. So the devil got the soul of the dog. There is another interesting legend among Christians that dogs have no soul. Somehow the deal was made, by the result of which the cow was unharmed and the devil did not get a soul.

Facts about Bridges

Under the bridge the brook falls down quite a spectacular cascade. You can go down there (for a fee) on iron bridges and stairs. There are two separate staircases on both sides of the bridge There is plenty to see on both sides.

Hvitserkur - stone monster of Iceland. Description, photo, legend.

The Triple Trinity Bridge in Crowland. Sightseeing in England

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Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Iceland

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall is located in the south of Iceland. This waterfall descends 60 meters into a tranquil pool below, which is located on a flat area with meadows. The path that leads to the waterfall actually leads behind it, making it one of the few waterfalls you can walk behind. There is also a small cave in the area behind the waterfall.

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The Tower of the Winds in Athens – The world’s first weather station The Tower of the Winds, or Horologion of Andronikos Kyrrhestes, is an elegant octagonal marble tower in the Roman Agora in Athens. It is considered the world’s first weather station and has eight sides corresponding to the eight main wind directions. Each side of the building is oriented by compass and decorated with bas-reliefs, symbolizing winds that blow from this direction. The tower also has a sundial and a special water clock (or clepsydra), which were used to keep track of the time when the sun was not shining. In ancient times a weathervane in the form of a bronze Triton was placed on the roof of the building.

Web page: The Tower of the Winds in Athens is the world’s first weather station According to some reports, the tower was built by the architect Andronicus of Cyrhus around 50 BC. Others say the Tower of the Winds may have been built in the 2nd century B.C. It was originally used as a weather station, but not for long. During the Roman Empire, the tower was looted. Later the building became the bell tower for the Eastern Orthodox Church. It then came under Ottoman rule and was used as a place of worship by Sufi Muslim whirling dervishes. At that time the Tower of the Winds…

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Haiku Staircase – Oahu, Hawaii

Also known as the Stairway to Heaven, the Haiku Stairway is a steep hiking trail on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. It has a total of 3,922 steps and runs along the Koolau Mountain Range on Oahu.

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Ancient stone walls surround the even older city of Avila in Spain. The walls of Avila are one of the largest surviving medieval monuments of architecture.

Web page: Walls of Avila. Spain The area surrounded by the wall is an irregular rectangle of about 31 hectares. Its perimeter, which is a little over 2,500 meters long, is completely protected by a stone wall. The average thickness of the walls is about 3 meters and the average height is 12 meters. There are 88 semi-circular towers located along the entire perimeter of the wall. In addition, there are 8 gates built through which you can get inside the ancient part of the city. The city of Avila is located in central Spain, in the southern part of the Autonomous Community of Castile and León.

Dune de Pyla . France. Description photo interesting facts
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The famous Moorish castle lies on one of the peaks of the Sintra mountain range. Its walls offer a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside, all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

Web page: Moorish Castle in Sintra. Portugal This medieval castle was conquered from the Moors (Muslim African invaders from Mauritania) during the Reconquista. It is often referred to as a Moorish castle. The castle is located in western Portugal in the town of Sintra, 20 kilometers northwest of Lisbon, on a rocky massif, a few kilometers from the Atlantic coast. At 9.5 kilometers to the west is Cape Rock, the westernmost point of the continent. The castle has double walls. Their perimeter is about 450 meters. The area of the castle is…

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Palamidi Fortress is one of the well-preserved fortifications of early 18th century Greece. Originally built (like all forts) to protect the region from enemy raids, its fortress walls and bastions are now an interesting attraction in the southern part of the country. It is also one of the most beautiful castles in Greece and the largest surviving fortress complex under Venetian domination.

Palamidi Castle – 18th century fortress in Greece The fortress is located in the Peloponnese region of Southern Greece, near Nafplion, on the eastern coast of the Bay of Argolikos. The Fortress of Palamidi sits on top of a hill of the same name, 216 m above the sea. The walls of the fortress of Palamidi extend for 450 meters along the bay. The location of the fortress allows complete control of the water area of the bay. The castle was designed and built by French engineers Giaxich and La Salle. The plan of the fortress is based on a system of mutually supporting, but virtually independent…

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Bridges usually cross rivers, canyons, and ravines, and tend to be two-sided. But not this time. First: the bridge in question is three-sided, and second: it doesn’t cross anything. In fact, it is a bridge on land. This interesting construction is called the Triple Bridge or Trinity Bridge.

Web page: Medieval Triple Bridge in Crowland The attraction is located in the center of the small town of Crowland in Lincolnshire, in east-central England, 15 kilometers northeast of the city of Peterborough. It is a small arched stone bridge of 14th-century design, standing next to a road junction away from the rivers. The bridge has three stairs that converge at the top. That’s why the bridge is called a triple bridge (Trinity in English) or three in one. Of course, the bridge was not built for nothing on a flat spot. Long time ago, it crossed the…

Rio Tinto is the red river of Spain. Description photo interesting facts
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Peary Land is a peninsula on the northern tip of Greenland. Despite the fact that this corner of the planet is located at a distance of just over 700 km from the North Pole, its surface is almost completely free of ice. And it has been in this state for the last 8,000 years, since the glaciers retreated at the end of the last ice age. In fact, Piri land is the northernmost extensive ice-free region in the world.

Web page: Piri Land – Arctic ice-free wilderness. Greenland The peninsula is part of Greenland and extends from Victoria Fjord in the west to Independence Fjord in the southeast, and is washed by the Arctic Ocean to the north. Pirie Land occupies an impressive area, measuring approximately 375 by 200 kilometers. The approximate area of the site is more than 57,000 km2. Here is the northernmost point of Greenland – Cape Morris Jesup. It cannot be said that there is no ice in the whole area. In the western part there is a glacier Hand Tausen Idap. The thickness of the …

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House Stone in Portugal. Almost like the Flintstones A fantastically unreal house in stone can be seen in the vastness of Portugal. At first it is not even clear whether it is a photoshop or a real stone house. The Portuguese call it Casa do Penedo. This translates as the House of Stone.

Web page: Casa do Penedo in Portugal. Almost like the Flintstones This amazing cabin is located 10 kilometers in a straight line northeast of the city of Fafe in northern Portugal. The large city of Porto is 60 kilometers to the southwest. The height of the mountain on which the house is built, is 793 meters. The house gets its name from the fact that it was built surrounded by four large boulders, which actually serve as its foundation and walls. Construction of the house in stone began in 1972 and lasted about two years. In 1974 it was commissioned (well…

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The most authentic sand desert can be found in France. It is the famous Peel dune. Millions of tons of golden sand, as if by a wizard’s spell, were transported here from the Sahara.

Web page: Dune de la Pyla – the sandy desert of France The Dune de la Pyla is the highest dune in Europe. Its highest point is at 130 meters. But this value is not constant, the strong winds that periodically correct it in one or another side. The sandy strip has a fairly regular rectangular shape. The width of the dune reaches 600 meters and is almost 3 kilometers long. The volume of sand is estimated at about 60 million cubic meters. The French desert is located near the town of La Teste de Buch (La Teste de Buch) in the southwestern part of the country, right on the coast…

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Gullfoss Waterfall - the golden waterfall of Iceland

Ponte Vecchio is an ancient bridge literally dotted with stores. It is one of the most interesting sights in Florence.

Web page: Ponte Vecchio – medieval bridge of stores Many centuries ago, bridges served more than just as a crossing. Often medieval bridges were characterized by the construction of chapels or stores, for example. Many bridges were fortified with towers and ramparts because they were strategically important entrances to the city. In this case, the Ponte Vecchio Bridge has neither military fortifications nor chapels. Its main feature is the presence of many stores, preserved since the Middle Ages. Ponte Vecchio, or as it is called “Old Bridge” is located in Italy.

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Is it possible to visit every country in the world in 15 minutes? Is it possible to go around all the continents and see all the oceans in 15 minutes? Answer: Yes, it is. But only if you go to Denmark, on the shores of Lake Kleitrup, and see a real miniature world map here.

Web page: Map of the World at Lake Kleitrup The world map of Lake Kleitrup is, oddly enough, really a map of the world, but created from soil, rocks and grass on an area of about 4,000 m2. Interestingly, it is the creation of just one man, Søren Poulsen. For the last 25 years of his life, he created a model of the world in the field. It is located on the southern shore of Lake Kleitrup in the eastern part of the city of the same name in Denmark. The lake itself lies in the northern part of the country, 11 kilometers southwest of Hobro, and 20 kilometers northeast of…

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Do you think there is an America-Europe bridge on the planet? Well, that is, a real bridge connecting the two continents. Do you think there isn’t? Well, there is. The most real bridge between Europe and America is on the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland. It is also called “The Bridge between the Continents” or simply “The Bridge of the Continents”.

Web page: America-Europe Bridge in Iceland Iceland is located in the northern part of the Atlantic Ridge on the boundary of two giant tectonic plates, the North American and Eurasian. As you realized, these plates hold two continents, North America and Eurasia. The boundary between the plates runs right through Iceland. The plates are diverging at a rate of about 2.5 cm per year. This happens deep at the bottom of the ocean, and that’s why Iceland is slowly pulling out. In fact, it turns out that the bridge lies at the junction of two continental plates, which means you can “cross” from one…

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An interesting lighthouse on a rock can be found near the east coast of the Greek island of Andros in the Aegean Sea. It is the Faro Tourlitis Lighthouse, an impressive structure on a tiny piece of rock.

Web page: The lighthouse on the rock. The island of Andros. Greece The lighthouse got its name from the name of the bay in which it is located. Tourlitis Lighthouse was commissioned in 1887 and reconstructed in 1994. It was the first automatic lighthouse in the Greek lighthouse system. The keeper is not actually there all the time, but supervises its functioning. During World War II the lighthouse was completely destroyed and an ordinary tower was installed in its place. The present day lighthouse is a replica of the old building, erected in the 1990s with funds from the Greek …

Dunnottar Castle in Scotland. Description, photos, history of appearance.
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Wind Cave is the unique and most complex volcanic cave on the planet. It is located south of the town of Icod de los Vinos in the northwestern part of the island of Tenerife in the Canary archipelago. Currently, 18 km of the cave have been explored, making it the fifth longest volcanic cave in the world.

Web-page: Cave of the Winds. Tenerife. Canary Islands The cave was formed about 27 thousand years ago during the eruption of the Pico Viejo volcano near the famous volcano Teide. The processes of creating this type of volcanic tubes are characteristic of some basaltic flows, where the maintenance of heat within the flow makes it resistant to solidification. At the end of an eruption, the lava of these tubes continues to circulate until they are empty. In the Cave of the Winds, three levels of ducts are observed in which underground galleries were formed. The most famous of the…

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In the southern part of England, near the town of Dover, an interesting geological formation, the White Cliffs, can be found on the coast. They are also called the White Cliffs of Dover, after the nearby town.

Web page: White Cliffs of Dover It is no secret that northern France is separated from southern England by the English Channel (sometimes called the English Channel). The narrowest part of this strait, a little more than 33 kilometers wide, is called the Strait of Dover. It is here that the White Cliffs are located. In clear weather they can be seen even from the coast of France. The white band of cliffs stretches for about 13 kilometers to the east and west of Dover. But the most impressive part is east of the city. About three and a half kilometers of coastline here is a continuous …

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In 2014, the brand Always (Procter & Gamble) decided to support girls and women in the fight against prejudice. Leo Burnett’s creative team launched a feminist #LikeAGirl campaign. At first, the advertisers paid attention to the well-known stereotype: to do something “like a girl” means to do it badly. The commercial turned out to be impressive and took the Grand Prix of the Cannes Festival in the PR category and many other awards.

Since then, the brand has continued to develop the theme of feminism. The latest video focuses on the paralyzing fear of failure that girls often experience as teenagers. The heroines are doing different things – playing soccer, studying for exams, acting in a play – but they share the same fear.

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