The TV Tower of the Oriental Pearl. Shanghai. China. Description, photos.

TV Tower Pearl of the East in Shanghai – – space theme with a transparent floor

The TV Tower of the Pearl of the East is located in Shanghai in the new Pudong district in the Lujiatsui Special Zone. Businesses in this area receive huge tax benefits from the government and it is not surprising that it was Lujiazzui that became the financial center of Shanghai, and here there is an architectural complex of skyscrapers.

TV Tower Pearl of the East.

The Pearl of the East was the first high-rise building of the Lujiazui zone. Construction began in 1991. In 1994, the tower began broadcasting television and radio, and the observation decks received the first visitors.

Then in 1994, the Pearl of the East looked grandiose. The height of 468 meters, it towered over the entire area of Pudong. Now there are more skyscrapers.

A few months ago (note: this article was written in August 2015), the Shanghai Tower was opened, and the architectural complex of the Lujiajui zone is considered complete. The group of ultra-tall buildings includes the Oriental Pearl itself, the Shanghai Tower, China’s tallest building, the Jin Mao skyscraper (Golden Prosperity Tower), and the Shanghai World Financial Center (the “opening tower”).

No more skyscrapers are to be built in the Lujiajui zone. Shanghai has finished implementing the development plan (see model).

The Pearl of the East is very different from other TV towers in the world, for example the Ostankino Tower in Moscow. Broadcasting TV and radio was not originally the main purpose of the building. The tower was conceived as a grand attraction for tourists and residents of Shanghai. To be honest, it was a success.

What sightseeing platform in Shanghai to choose?

A bird’s eye view of Shanghai is one of the top tourist attractions, along with a visit to the Weitang waterfront and a hike along Nanjing Street. Each tower in the Lujiazui district has its own observation deck.

If you want to climb to the maximum height, you have to go to the Shanghai Tower, where the observation deck is over 500 meters high, which is higher than the entire Pearl of the East TV Tower. However, this tour is the most expensive possible.

The Pearl of the East observation deck is the most popular with tourists. If you look at it objectively, it is the leader in terms of value for money.

First of all, it has a transparent floor, which the neighboring skyscrapers do not have. Secondly, the observation deck is located on the perimeter of the central sphere, which gives a 360 degree view of the city. Thirdly, you will take a ride on a transparent elevator. Fourth, you can find many other attractions in the tower, including a restaurant, slot machines, stores and others.

To complete the picture, let’s say that visiting the Pearl of the East is the cheapest of all such in the Lujiajui area. Not surprisingly, the demand to visit this particular viewing platform is the highest, and we recommend getting ready to stand in line.

Opening Hours

From 8:00 am to 9:30 pm, seven days a week.

Cost of visit

A visit to the tower alone costs CNY 130. If you want to see the Shanghai Municipal Museum in addition, the ticket price is 160 yuan. If you want to climb the highest sphere, you have to pay 220 yuan.

There is information that tickets for 130 yuan are no longer sold. At the time of publication of this article, we are still verifying this information.

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How to get there

Little dragons near the pedestrian ring.

It’s very easy. You need to take the Shanghai subway to Lujiazui Station on the second line. Immediately after the exit, you are likely to see the Pearl of the Orient. To avoid wasting a lot of time, we recommend taking the subway exit number 1. There are three exits in total at Lujiajui Station.

If you can’t see the tower, go to the large pedestrian ring or to the figures of the two dragons (pictured right). From this giant walkway you will see the tower exactly (see this photo).

Walk towards the tower (see photo on the left) until you see a large staircase. The ticket office is on the left side of the stairs.

Looking ahead a little bit, you will not see big lines at the ticket office. Many tourists are in a positive mood. But don’t get excited ahead of time, lines are waiting ahead at the entrance to the Oriental Pearl.

How much time to plan to visit

If you only want to visit the observation deck, one hour is definitely enough. If you still have a desire to sit in the restaurant, plan to spend two hours here. If you still want to go shopping and visit the play center, plan on three hours. If you want to see the entire museum exhibit, add another hour.

You can spend the whole day inside, nobody will kick you out. You will be more limited not by the time but by the content of your wallet, because all the delights inside are not cheap.

Description and interesting facts about the TV Tower of the Pearl of the East

The basis of the construction of the Pearl of the East are three columns 9 meters in diameter. These columns are also part of the foundation of the building. Along the columns there are spheres, 11 of them in total.

The Oriental Pearl on a grand scale.

The largest sphere is down at a height of 95 meters. The diameter of the sphere is 50 meters. It is called “Space City”. The whole Pearl of the East TV Tower is stylized under the theme of space. You will see it in the names, interiors and staff uniforms. We will be paying attention to that.

Above are five small spheres and this is a 20-room hotel. Five spheres of four rooms each. It is called the Space Hotel. Settling in this hotel is a challenge. This hotel does not cooperate with booking sites, and you will not find it on or Reservations can only be made by phone.

Higher up is the second big sphere at 265 meters. It is called “Space Module”. All the most interesting things are located here.

From the photo it may seem that this sphere is much smaller than the lower one, but this is not true. Its diameter is 45 meters, only 5 meters less than the “Space City” sphere. It is higher, and therefore seems small.

And even higher at 340 meters is the sphere “Space Capsule” with a diameter of 14 meters. Here is the highest observation deck of the Pearl of the East TV Tower. There is also a conference hall and a coffee shop.

If you count the spheres carefully, you will notice that we only told you about 8 of the 11 spheres. Three more spheres are in the supporting columns below, but we don’t know their purpose and have no idea what’s inside there.

Shanghai Tower - the symbol of China's boundless future

The rotating restaurant.

It is located in the second sphere “Space Module” at a height of 267 meters. The rotation speed is not very high – 1 full revolution per hour. The restaurant operates on a buffet system. It offers Chinese, European and Japanese cuisine.

The assortment of dishes here is very decent. Fresh sushi and rolls are prepared right in front of you, barbecue dishes are prepared here, and you can try up to a hundred varieties of Chinese tea. If you want to go to an expensive restaurant in China at least once, this rotating establishment is a great choice.

The restaurant works according to a strict schedule. Lunch starts at 11:00 a.m. and ends at 2:00 p.m. Dinner is from 5pm to 9pm. From 14-00 till 16-00 you can just drink tea here. Lunch costs 298 yuan per person, dinner 328 yuan.

The restaurant can be almost empty or overcrowded, it’s a matter of chance. It’s best to make a reservation in advance, especially if you want to sit by the window. We recommend going to the front desk of your hotel and asking to do this. If you don’t speak English well, we recommend reading our article on overcoming the language barrier in China.

First floor at the base of the TV Tower

Here is the Shanghai Municipal Museum, where you can learn a lot about the history of the city. It is better to do it with a guide or know English well enough to read the descriptions of the exhibits.

Shanghai Municipal Museum.

There is also “Number 8 Old Shanghai” restaurant, a small street in the style of the old city (see photo on the right), souvenir stores, chocolate bar, Coca-Cola bar, flower store, wedding palace and bookstore. You can walk here for hours.

In the TV Tower Pearl of the East organize different exhibitions and events. In 2012 there was one of the stages of the contest “Miss World”, in 2011 there was the world contest of models. Exhibitions of photographs are held there all the time.

The name is .

This is a very interesting point, which is worth explaining. Many tourists who do not know English very well do not understand the translation. The word “east” sounds like “east” in English, and the tower is called “Oriental Pearl Tower,” and there are no “east” or “eastern” in the name.

The word “east” has two meanings in our language. The first is only a geographic direction. The second is the direction of culture. For example, eastern fairy tales “1001 nights.” Geographically speaking, they are not Eastern at all, but Southern. Baghdad is south of Moscow.

There is a division of words in the English language. The word “eastern” translates as “eastern” if you mean direction. If culture is meant, the word “oriental” is used. The name “Oriental Pearl Tower” is more correctly translated into Russian as “Pearl of the Oriental World”.

Description of a visit to the Pearl of the Orient

To get the best experience from your visit to the Pearl of the Orient, we recommend choosing the right day of your visit. For example, if you decide to see the Shanghai Museum exhibit, the weather doesn’t matter to you, you will be indoors. If you want to see the Jade Buddha Temple or the Yu Yuan Garden, the weather is not so important, as long as it doesn’t rain. For the best view from the observation deck you need clear weather.

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Our advice. Look at the weather in the morning and if it’s cloudy, go to another attraction in Shanghai, there are many of them.

You buy a ticket and go inside. There’s a line waiting for you and you have to stand in it for 10 to 40 minutes. You can see the interior around, the statue of the lion is worth your attention (picture on the left).

The queue slowly moves to the elevator. Note the uniforms of the TV tower employees, who are dressed like stewardesses. This is another part of the stylization of the “space flight” theme.

Riding up in an elevator does not promise any magical experience. The elevator rises at a speed of 7 meters per second, which is far from a record. Recall that the current speed record belongs to the Shanghai Tower, standing near the Pearl of the East, at 18 meters per second. Prior to that, the record holder was the Taipei 101 skyscraper in Taiwan – 16 meters per second. The Arab Emirates wanted to beat the record for its Burj Khalifa skyscraper, but the economic crisis of 2008 prevented them from doing so.

After stepping out of the elevator, you will go to the most interesting tourist attraction – the observation deck with a transparent floor.

The first feeling is scary, especially if you have not yet been on such observation decks. You know in your mind that it’s thick glass, and people are standing there and even lying down. You know that there haven’t been any falls yet, that the glass hasn’t even cracked once. But, it’s still scary.

See below a small gallery of photos from the observation deck.

The Chinese really like to lie down on the glass and take pictures. With a good camera and the skill of the photographer you can get a photo that looks like a person is falling down. Apparently, the Chinese are not too lazy to wash their clothes for such a shot.

The walls of the observation deck of the Pearl of the East Tower are also made of ghostly glass. Another feature is the gap between the wall and the ceiling, which means that natural ventilation is used here. Below is another gallery of views of Shanghai from a height of 263 meters.

After you have walked around the observation deck, you can go to the revolving restaurant. If you don’t need to go there, then make your way to the elevator.

This is the next attraction for tourists – a trip on a transparent elevator from a height of 260 meters down to the base of the TV tower. Below you can see a photo of what it looks like.

Immediately you will not realize that this elevator is completely transparent. During boarding, the walls prevent you from noticing this fact. No serious impressions this trip does not bring, the ride on this elevator is not scary at all.

Then most tourists follow to the exit. If you want, you can walk around the first floor, visit the museum and stores. In a separate elevator you can go up to the first large sphere, there you will find an arcade with a small “roller coaster” and a 5D movie theater.

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Some tips for tourists

First. Take your time, your time is not limited.

Second. Do not buy souvenirs in the tower, here everything is 2-3 times more expensive than in the street stores.

Third. It is easy to get lost in the tower. Follow the signs in English.

What else to see near the TV tower not to waste time

We recommend combining a visit to the Pearl of the East with other interesting places nearby. The most popular option for tourists is to go to the TV Tower and the Shanghai Oceanarium in the same day, the buildings are very close to each other.

If you like malls more than dolphins and fish, then welcome to the most famous mall in Shanghai. It’s called Super Brand Mall. It’s right across from the TV Tower across the pedestrian ring, the building looks like this.

Have a great tour, and read our articles about China (links below).

Shanghai Oriental Pearl

The Oriental Pearl Tower is one of the many landmarks in Shanghai. Its original appearance always attracts the eye. Several viewing platforms of the tower will not leave you indifferent.

Where is it

The Oriental Pearl Tower is located on a small river peninsula in Shanghai’s Pudong business district on the banks of the Huangpu River.

The Oriental Pearl of China

General Information

The main purpose of the East Pearl Tower is as a television and radio broadcasting tower. But besides that, it has restaurants, stores, great viewing platforms and a small hotel.

The Jewel of the Orient on the inside

Inside the East Pearl

Construction began in 1991. Already November 18, 1994 held its grand opening. The total cost of the project is estimated at 830 million yuan.

The design was prepared by Jiang Huang Chen, Lin Benlin and Zhang Xulin.

The Oriental Pearl of China

The Oriental Pearl is 153 stories tall. Its height together with the spire is 468 meters (to be absolutely accurate, 467.9 meters). The height of the spire alone is 118 meters.

The East Pearl. Spire of the Tower

Sad fact – Despite all the security systems, on April 13, 2010 there was a fire in the tower. At 2 a.m. the upper part of the spire caught fire. It was probably caused by a lightning strike.

The East Pearl was the tallest building in all of China until 2007. Then it lost first place to the Shanghai World Financial Center. It must be said that it is only 24 meters taller (its height is 492 meters).

Further giant skyscrapers began to grow in China by leaps and bounds. In 2016, the Shanghai Tower with a height of 632 meters “defeated” all the nearby buildings. It is, by the way, very close.

Design features

The tower contains 11 spheres of different sizes. Mostly noticeable are two of them: the lower one, 50 meters in diameter, and the upper one, 45 meters in diameter. They are connected by three columns, each 9 meters in diameter.

On the spire there is another sphere, 14 meters in diameter.

The Oriental Pearl. TV Tower

The entire East Pearl Tower is supported by three giant columns going deep into the ground. Each column also has a decorative sphere.

The Oriental Pearl in Shanghai

The base of the East Pearl Tower

The remaining 5 spheres are in the space between the three columns connecting the two largest spheres. They house the 20 hotel rooms of the Space Hotel.

The Oriental Pearl - China's television tower

The spheres between the columns of the tower

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At night, the entire structure is illuminated by LEDs.

The East Pearl in the evening

Evening illumination of the tower

For fast movement, there are six elevators inside. They move at speeds of up to 7 meters per second. It is noteworthy that these elevators are double-decked, and can hold up to 50 people at a time.

The Eastern Pearl TV Tower is a member of the World Federation of Great Towers. It is the sixth tallest TV tower in the world and the second tallest in China.

The Oriental Pearl of China

The main levels of the tower

It is worth singling out its most interesting levels.

Shanghai Exhibition Hall of History and Urban Development

Here you will see wax figures and scenes from Shanghai’s history. This hall is located on the first level of the tower.

Shanghai History Exhibition Hall in the East Pearl TV Tower

Shanghai History and Urban Development Exhibition Hall

It is 78 meters high.

A movie theater with a 240-degree ring screen is located here. It shows Shanghai’s development plans for the next 70 years. The stage is located at the bottom of the lower large sphere.

Virtual slides

At 95 meters high is a hall with a virtual roller coaster. This is China’s first and Shanghai’s tallest virtual roller coaster hall. It is located at the top of the lower big sphere.

The transparent observation deck is 259 meters tall.

This unique soaring gallery at 259 meters is the only 360-degree transparent viewing gallery in the world. It is 150 meters in circumference, 2.15 meters wide and 1.9 meters high. Each square meter of the floor is capable of supporting the weight of more than 2 tons.

The floor (about 4 cm thick) here is also transparent, which creates the impression of walking on the clouds. The platform is located at the bottom of the second large sphere.

observation deck 259 meters Transparent floor of the observation deck

Don’t forget to read about the Chinese Glass Bridge. It is also called the Bridge of the Hero. Not everyone is able to overcome it.

Observation deck 263 meters

It is located at a height of 263 meters. From here you can get an excellent 360 degree view of Shanghai.

263 Meters Lookout

Viewpoint 263 meters

The rotating restaurant.

Sky Rotating Restaurant, located 267 meters above the ground. It is the largest rotating restaurant in all of Asia. It has 360 seats (perhaps this number corresponds to the 360 degrees of a full rotation of the restaurant). Behind the spacious spherical glass windows you can enjoy stunning views of the river and the city.

The restaurant makes a full turn in 2 hours, allowing a full view of the city.

Here you will be offered dishes of South-East Asia, Japanese, Chinese, European and American cuisine. You will find the restaurant at the top of the second large sphere.

Rotating restaurant in the East Pearl

Rotating restaurant in the East Pearl TV Tower

Space Module.

This is the highest level of the East Pearl. It is 351 meters above the ground in the third and highest sphere. It is usually called the Space Module. There are 2 levels: 339 meters and 351 meters respectively.

Space module in the TV Tower

Space Module

The Oriental Pearl in tourism.

The tower is available to visit from 8-30 to 21-30 entrance fee. The cost ranges from 35 to 260 yuan depending on the levels visited. Children below 1 meter pass free of charge. Children from 1 to 1.4 meters with a 50% discount.

For more information on times and costs, visit the tower’s official website .

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