The Valley of Seven Lakes in Abkhazia, How to get there and photos

Review: The tour to the seven lakes (Abkhazia) – Amazing tour. An unforgettable hike in the mountains, 2800 above sea level.

In 2014 we vacationed in Abkhazia. Before the trip we found a message on the Internet that there is a Valley of Seven Lakes in Abkhazia. From the descriptions and photos the place seemed fabulous, and we definitely decided to get to this valley.

Excursions were offered mainly to Lake Ritsu, alpine meadows and other standard places. We wanted to arrange a private driver to take us to the Valley of Seven Lakes, but the driver was not very enthusiastic about the idea. The local man driving an imported off-road vehicle began to tell us that it was crazy idea, that we would have to walk 10 kilometers or to take horses for big money, that no one took there and that maximum he could take us to Piv Pass, but he did not see any sense in it, so he offered us Ritza and himself as an unreal steep driver. We were like flint and did not agree to this trick. Just a day later we found a tour to the Valley of the Seven Lakes at the most ordinary tour desk. We bought the regular Seven Lakes Valley excursion. We were promised jeeping and mountain hiking for a reasonable price.

We drove out of Gagra in fabulous Soviet UAZ cars. The road to the Valley of Seven Lakes in the beginning was a standard route to Ritza. Accordingly we passed all standard sights.

The first stop was Abkhazian wine and chacha tasting. We tasted only chacha of the highest fortress, for medical purposes only.

Second stop: a site on the river Bzyb. With suspension bridge and bungee cord.

Bzyb River. Abkhazia.

Third stop: honey tasting at an apiary.

Apiary. Honey. Tasting honey. Abkhazia.

Fourth stop: waterfall “Maiden’s tears”. Time was short, but we had time to buy colored ribbons, tie them to the waterfall and make a wish.

Fifth stop: Blue Lake. Had a quick run to the lake. We took some pictures, ran to the restroom and quickly got back to the van. In fact, it was good that the stops were very short, because there were a lot of people and we didn’t want to crowd into all these places. Moreover, we were going much farther – into the mountains. That’s where the nature in its original form was preserved.

Lake Elgygytgyn in Chukotka, mysteries and riddles

Blue Lake. Abkhazia. Gagry.

Then we stopped at Lake Ritsa. The stop was longer than others, so some people even had time to swim. A couple of ladies got out of our car on Ritsa. They got sick from the extreme mountain ride in the UAZ. But the most exciting ride and adventure awaited us ahead. The section of the road to Ritza, as it turned out, was the smoothest and calmest part of our drive. Then we had 1.5 hours to drive UAZ in the mountains offroad, if I can put it that way. The road was unpaved and rocky. And, of course, the driver performed all the tricks that could be performed. How nice that we had some chacha at the tasting before this road. The feeling that my heart was sinking from the Ritza to the Piv Pass did not leave me for a moment.

Even what we saw on the Piv Pass was worth rushing off-road in the UAZ and we were afraid to breathe the whole way.

The Piv Pass (about 2,000 meters above sea level).

The Piv Pass. Abkhazia.

The Piv Pass. Abkhazia.

Then began the most interesting thing, and actually what we came here for: a hike into the mountains without a guide to the Valley of Seven Lakes. As the drivers explained to us: follow the path and don’t turn anywhere, keep to the left at the fork, or you will get lost forever. That’s all. So we went. We walked down the path. By the way, not all the people who came with us walked to the seven lakes. Some went on horseback. We found the ascent on horseback much more dangerous and scary than the hike on foot. Some did not go anywhere at all.

It was a long hike. I can’t tell you in words what kinds of views we had.

Abkhazia. Trekking to the Seven Lakes Valley. The Valley of Seven Lakes.

The mountain scenery did not leave us indifferent.

Erzo Lake, a ghost lake in South Ossetia

Abkhazia. Trekking to the Seven Lakes Valley. Seven Lakes Valley. Mountains.

Someone said that happiness is not beyond mountains. This is visual proof of that.

Abkhazia. Trekking to the Seven Lakes Valley. Seven Lakes Valley. Mountains.

We could not do without a halt.

Abkhazia. Trekking to the Seven Lakes Valley. Seven Lakes Valley. Mountains.

Mountain meadows are very beautiful too.

Abkhazia. Trekking to the Seven Lakes Valley. Seven Lakes Valley. Mountains. Meadows.

The view of the Main Caucasian Ridge.

Abkhazia. Trekking to the Seven Lakes Valley. Seven Lakes Valley. Mountains.

And finally we saw this valley. The valley of 7 lakes.

Abkhazia. Seven Lakes Valley. Mountains. Seven Lakes.

Very beautiful view.

Abkhazia. Seven Lakes Valley. Mountains. Seven Lakes.

And then we were caught up by the caravan of horses with those who were too lazy to walk on foot.

Abkhazia. Seven Lakes Valley. Mountains. Seven Lakes. Horses.

On the way back we saw another caravan. Beautiful.

Abkhazia. Seven Lakes Valley. Mountains. Seven Lakes. Horses.

The final picture. The sunset at the altitude of 2800 above sea level.

Abkhazia. The Valley of Seven Lakes. Mountains. Seven Lakes. Sunset.

We returned to the base at Piv pass where our drivers were waiting for us, treated us to tea, fed us tasty Caucasian shashlik and gave us some wine and chacha. We drove back after dark. The way back didn’t seem so extreme because it was dark, and we didn’t see dangerous turns and precipices, but, in fact, the way back in complete darkness over the lack of roads was the most extreme in this entire tour. But to us, after our hike, it didn’t seem like any big deal anymore. The only thing was that it was cool at night in the open UAZ. That was all for us.

The Valley of Seven Lakes in Abkhazia

The Valley of Seven Lakes in Abkhazia is a beautiful plateau at an altitude of over 2,000 meters, on which there are several beautiful mountain lakes. In fact there are more than seven, and depending on the season there are up to 14. The lakes are formed by melted water of the mountain snow caps and rain. When you get to the valley along the mountain path through the alpine meadows and still unspoiled nature, you will have a breathtaking view of the lakes, mountains and ridge of the Caucasus Mountains. The views here are wonderful and definitely worth the trip. The whole valley stretches for 3 kilometers, and to see all the lakes, you will have to go all the way around, because some of the lakes are hidden behind the hill. However, usually tourist groups are limited to see only the first part. The water in the lakes is cold, and only the most “frost-resistant” can swim.

Kelimutu, tricolor lakes in Indonesia

View of the Seven Lakes Valley, Abkhazia

View of the valley

The height at which the valley is about 2200 meters and the ridge passing along one side of it is 2400 meters. Along with Lake Mzy, the Valley of Seven Lakes – another wonderful high-mountain natural attraction of Abkhazia, which can be visited by any tourist without special training and equipment, you need only good physical form, because you have to climb up on foot. Although this is not necessary, because the locals at the end of the road offer a ride to the lakes on horseback. But do not think that the trip to the lakes is just a hike, as it is a hike in the mountains on mountain trails, which takes almost a whole day. You should dress warmly, because even in summer it is cold here. Obligatory good hiking shoes, headgear, a bottle of water. It does not hurt to take a raincoat.

Opening hours: 24 hours a day, better to visit the trail during the day, in the morning or early morning, from May to October. Keep in mind that this route is quite long, and it is better not to go there in the afternoon, otherwise you might not be able to get back before dark.

Entrance fee/ticket price: the roads and the trail pass through the Ritza National Park, where you must pay an environmental fee to enter: 350 rubles for adults; 150 rubles for children 8-12 years old; free of charge for children under 8 years old. The fee is paid at the park entrance at the checkpoint. The cost of the tour is from 1800 rubles/person. We also offer full-day excursions from 2000 rubles.

How to get there: Seven Lakes Valley is 75 km far from Gagra, 68 km of which are on a satisfactory asphalt road, and the remaining seven will have to be overcome on foot (Seven Lakes Valley on the map). To get here can be by own transport or guided tours (from 2000 rubles per person in the case of the full group). You will be brought practically to Piv pass by UAZ (UAZ), whence you will reach the valley by foot for about four kilometers, but you will reach it on foot.

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If you take your own transport, then you have to drive along the road to lake Ritsa, and after it 11 kilometers on asphalt to unpaved road, which is just 200 meters before the camp site “Auadkhara”. Then depending on the passability of your car you will either have to leave it on the road, or you can drive on up to the pass Piv. You can also leave your car under supervision at the “Auadkhara” camping site and spend the night there before setting off in the morning. The walking part of the route is not complicated and takes 2-4 hours in one direction, but you will have to climb and descend a lot. You can also take the route on horseback for an additional fee of 1,000 rubles.

Panorama of the Valley of Seven Lakes

Very beautiful place, but difficult to reach for the standard tourist. Not everyone dares to go and not everyone will reach, so really assess their strength and do not listen to sellers of excursions, which you will tell anything just to sell.

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