The world’s 100 largest and most beautiful cathedrals

Cathedrals of the world

Sagrada Familia is a strikingly beautiful temple in Barcelona and one of the most famous long-standing cathedrals in the world. This cathedral is the main one.

Notre Dame de Paris – the famous temple that is so passionately described in the famous novel by Victor Hugo and the works of others.

St. Peter’s Cathedral, the center of the Roman Catholic religion, is the second largest Christian church in the world. It is one of the most.

St. Isaac’s Cathedral is one of St. Petersburg’s most famous landmarks. This monument of Russian Orthodox art has.

The Cologne Cathedral is the symbol of Cologne, and the entire city is as if subject to it, like a stone guardian, this third-largest Gothic in the world.

The Savior on Blood in St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful and magnificent cathedrals not only of the city on the Neva, but of all of Russia. It is.

Hagia Sophia is one of the most visited attractions in Istanbul. It attracts tourists with its unique architecture, magnificent.

Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg is among the largest temples in the city. It is located in the heart of the northern capital and overlooks.

St. Paul’s Cathedral is a huge cathedral in London, topped with a dome, dedicated to the Apostle Paul, and is the seat of the Bishop of London.

The Kazan Cathedral in Red Square in Moscow has retained its original features only by chance.

St. Vitus Cathedral is a church that adorns the historic center of the Czech capital; the dominant feature of Prague Castle. It is one of the most famous.

St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev is one of the main symbols of Kiev. The cathedral was built in 1017-1031 in honor of the victory of Prince Yaroslav the Wise.

The Archangel Cathedral or the Cathedral of the Holy Archistratigus Michael is an Orthodox church and one of the oldest churches of the Cathedral Square in Moscow.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo - The Republic of the Congo

The Cathedral of the Assumption served as the burial place for almost all of Moscow’s saints. It repeatedly suffered from fires,

The Cathedral of the Assumption is a unique monument of white stone architecture of pre-Mongolian times. It was built in 1158-1160 under Prince Andrew.

Chartres Cathedral is a unique monument of French Gothic style, preserved intact since the XIII century. Tourists are attracted by the color.

The Cathedral (Königsberg Cathedral) is located in the historic district of Kaliningrad on Immanuel Kant’s island, the old cathedral.

St. Nicholas Cathedral is a symbol of the blessing of St. Petersburg as a city of maritime glory. The temple is one of the brightest monuments.

Rouen Cathedral is one of the highest Gothic churches in the world and the architectural dominant feature of the French city of Rouen. Magnificent cathedral exactly.

The Smolny Cathedral was built as the central building of the Smolny Convent. The name “Smolny” comes from the fact that at the beginning of the 18th century this.

The cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is a Florentine temple, one of the most important monuments of Italian and world architecture. Its history.

Dmitrievsky Cathedral was built in the name of St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki by Prince Vsevolod Yuryevich Bolshoye Gnezdo, in baptism Demetrius. The same name.

Barcelona Cathedral is located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. The spectacular facade and spire of this majestic cathedral can be seen.

St. Mark’s Cathedral (Basilica di San Marco) is among the most famous temples in Venice, a unique city in Italy.

St. Sophia Cathedral, or as it is more commonly referred to as Saint Sophia Cathedral, has been the main Orthodox temple of Veliky Novgorod for about a thousand years.

St. Vladimir’s Cathedral in Kiev is one of the most beautiful temples in the city, towering on Taras Shevchenko Boulevard. As of today.

Luxembourg. Travel and rest in a small Luxembourg.

Helsinki Cathedral is the main cathedral of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland located on the north side of Senate Square.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of the three active Catholic churches in the capital. Built in Neo-Gothic.

St. Barbara’s Cathedral is the most famous temple in Kutna Hora, the second largest and most important Gothic temple in the Czech Republic, built in the style.

St. Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk is an architectural monument of the 11th-18th centuries, the very first stone building in the Republic of Belarus. The temple.

Fyodorovsky Cathedral was built in Tsarskoye Selo in 1912 by the architect V.A. Pokrovsky who focused on traditional forms.

Santa Maria della Salute is a 17th-century Venetian cathedral, built in gratitude to the Virgin Mary for delivering the city from the plague, which.

Aachen’s cathedral is often referred to as the Imperial Cathedral. In 786, by order of Charlemagne, King of the Franks and later the first Emperor.

St. Stephen’s Basilica is rightly considered a hallmark of Budapest, along with the Hungarian Parliament and the Royal Buda Palace.

Cathedrals of the world

Cathedral is the main temple of a city or monastery, regardless of which branch of Christianity it belongs to: Orthodoxy, Catholicism or Protestantism. In large cities the title of a cathedral might be assigned to the main temple of a district, and there are also departmental and regimental cathedrals.

The Russian word “cathedral” corresponds to European terms derived from the Latin “pulpit,” so the phrase “cathedral” is usually used to refer to the European equivalent of a cathedral. Usually a cathedral is a large church, although in size it may not differ from ordinary temples. The main feature of cathedrals is that the service in them is conducted by several priests, the “cathedral.

St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev is unique for its ancient mosaics and interior frescoes, the 19-domed temple is a jewel of the Ukrainian capital.

All the interesting, beautiful, and largest cities in the world

The Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg is a place where thousands of pilgrims flock to worship the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Kazan.

The main cathedral of the Roman Catholic Church is the most capacious religious building in the Christian world. It is the work of many outstanding Italian masters.

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St. Peter’s Cathedral in Trier is a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with ancient Roman monuments and the Church of Our Lady.

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Aachen Cathedral is located in the German city of Aachen, the cathedral intertwines architectural motifs of Romanesque and Byzantine architecture.

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The Duomo Cathedral in Milan is one of the most beautiful buildings in Italy. It took more than 600 years to build the temple and during this time by human hands a true masterpiece was created.

On the Piazza del Duomo in the city of Siena stands the most beautiful cathedral, considered the most important monument of Italian culture.

Lincoln’s Cathedral of the Virgin Mary in England, long considered the tallest building in the world, before its spire collapsed in the 16th century, the cathedral was larger than the pyramid of Cheops.

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Of all the sights of Paris, Notre Dame Cathedral occupies a special place, is a symbol of France.

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The Abbey of Saint-Denis is truly one of the most famous symbols of Medieval France, a monastery, a cathedral, the tomb of French kings.

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Not only residents of St. Petersburg, admire the snow-white Trinity-Izmailovsky Cathedral, shaded by azure domes, one of the symbols of our state.

Holy Trinity Cathedral in Pskov is located behind the impregnable walls of the Pskov Kremlin – Kroma.

Cologne Cathedral is one of the main attractions of Germany. How to reach it for tourists and what excursions are held in Cologne Cathedral.

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Vladimir Assumption Cathedral or Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin today is a unique monument of architecture of ancient Russia.

South Korea - Republic of Korea a state in East Asia

Tsminda Sameba is recognized as the main cathedral of the Orthodox Church in Georgia and its second name is the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.

The Cathedral of the Assumption in the Trinity Sergius Lavra is the largest cathedral in the country, in the center of Sergiev Posad, on the river Konchury.

St. Giles Cathedral is one of the most important architectural monuments along the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.

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