The world’s top 100 resort cities

Spa cities of the world

Spa cities have the resources for treatment and prevention of diseases, as well as for general recovery. The first spas are considered thermal spas of ancient Rome, where the nature itself created therapeutic thermae – grottos filled with hot water. In medieval Europe the first spa towns were Karlovy Vary, Spa, Baltic Sea resorts, Baden-Baden, and Aachen.

The town of Swinoujscie, or in another transcription Swinoujscie, is a popular Polish resort located on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

Spa towns – Poland

The resort of Akçay, Turkey, located on the shores of the Aegean Sea, is little known among Russian tourists who prefer to vacation on the Mediterranean coast.

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  • Turkey

Well-known all over the world Karlovy Vary resort is famous not only for its medicinal springs but also for its ancient architecture and wonderful nature.

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  • Czech Republic

Da Nang is the third largest city in Vietnam. It is located on the shores of the South China Sea. The city has become the fastest growing in Vietnam.

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  • Vietnam

Mui Ne is not famous for a large number of attractions, where all the most interesting places are outside the urban area.

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  • Vietnam

Pattaya is a world famous resort city, located in Thailand, on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, where you can visit all the attractions on your own.

  • Resort Cities
  • Thailand

Holidays in Positano – the cleanest beaches with dark sand, sights, warm sea climate gather millions of tourists every year.

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  • Italy

El-Arish is located in the North of the Sinai Peninsula on the Mediterranean Sea coast, 40 km from the Israeli border.

  • Resort Cities
  • Egypt

The resort of Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the most popular destinations for Russian tourists who have decided to spend their vacations in Egypt.

  • Resort Cities
  • Egypt
The world's 100 most famous ruins of temples and churches

Taba is located on the border of Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia, a former disputed territory turned into a popular beach resort.

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  • Egypt

Soma Bay is a young resort on the Red Sea coast 40 kilometers from the center of Hurghada.

  • Resort Cities
  • Egypt

Nuweiba – a resort village in the east of the Sinai Peninsula, the former Bedouin village, in the mid-90s began to build hotels.

  • Resort Cities
  • Egypt

Mersa-Matrouh – a resort town on the Mediterranean coast, located near the border with Libya, international airport.

  • Resort Cities
  • Egypt

Marsa Alam is a young resort, a former fishing village, hotels are under construction, there are chances to see half-empty beaches without tourists.

  • Resort Cities
  • Egypt

Dahab – a resort city in Egypt, on the Red Sea, 100 km from Sharm el-Sheikh, the resort has a free atmosphere.

  • Resort Cities
  • Egypt

Hurghada is an Egyptian resort offering tourists sandy beaches, warm sea and excursions to the historical sites of ancient Egypt.

  • Resort Cities
  • Egypt

Safaga is a popular resort in southern Egypt and a commercial port on the Red Sea near bustling Hurghada.

  • Resort Cities
  • Egypt

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Best resorts in the world – TOP 12

It is often difficult to imagine a vacation without the sea or the ocean. Beach resorts on the planet a great many, but to choose a suitable resort can be quite difficult. Below we will try to still pick some of the best resorts in the world that certainly deserve this status.

1. Maldives

The best resorts in the world

Thinking about the best seaside resorts in the world – Maldives is, in most cases, the first thing that comes to mind. The Maldives is a succession of stunningly beautiful atolls in the Indian Ocean. A great place for beach lovers. White sandy beaches, blue water, warm climate, and comfortable hotels guarantee an unforgettable vacation of high class.

Country Bulgaria

Also this resort is popular with divers. Each island has an underwater reef with bright ocean creatures, and most hotels have professional diving centers. In recent years, the islands have become a favorite destination for honeymooners.

2. Rio de Janeiro


What is one word to describe Rio de Janeiro? Luxurious! A city of more than 15 million people, yet one of the most beautiful and best beach resorts in the world. Undoubtedly, tourists are attracted by famous monuments and attractions. First of all it is a statue of Christ. The famous Brazilian Carnival attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators, because nowhere else do not see a similar show. The microclimate formed here is also favorable for tourism. The temperature at the resort is almost constant throughout the year – 25-29 degrees.

3. Canary Islands


The Canary Islands are located in the eastern part of the Atlantic Ocean, are part of Spain, which is known for its magnificent resorts. The largest and most comfortable for recreation are seven islands. The climate and nature of each island are not the same. Typically, the northern parts of the islands are cooler climate and abundant vegetation. During the year the temperature of the air and water has significant fluctuations – from 10 to 40 degrees Celsius. All kinds of water sports, diving, wine-tasting, excursions, annual festivals are presented to tourists at local resorts. Traditionally, the Canaries are considered a high-class resort with a corresponding price. However, many hotels offer services for a very democratic fee.

4. Bali


Bali is the most famous seaside resort of Indonesia and all over the world. For tourists Bali is first of all an exotic landscape with endless beaches, ancient culture and mystical temples, Asian cuisine and souvenirs, and of course, the warm sea for swimming and surfing.

Local hotels offer a decent level of service, regardless of the number of stars. Constant tides made the resort a paradise for surfers. Both beginners and experienced surfers can have a great time.

Morocco. Travel and holidays in African Morocco.

In Bali, the season is from May to October. From November to April, the rainfall is heavier, temperatures drop a few degrees, the flow of tourists decreases, and the prices for holidays.

5. Miami


Miami is the largest metropolis in the southeastern United States and one of the best resorts in the world, and America in particular. Famous Miami Beach for about 40 km pleases the eye of passersby with luxury hotels and villas.

The resort has a rich nightlife with many different nightclubs. Great choice and “day” entertainment: the largest aquarium of America, a tropical garden with exotic birds and plants, a huge zoo, the Ernest Hemingway House Museum, the police museum. Miami – warm ocean, great civilized vacation.

6. Seychelles Islands


Seychelles is another one of the best resort islands in the world. It is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, consisting of about a hundred small islands-atolls. This resort is perfect for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and who crave a light, relaxed, comfortable rest. Here are widespread recreation such as diving, windsurfing, fishing.

Local nature will not leave anyone indifferent. The unique flora and fauna, snow-white beaches and blue water constantly attract tourists. Holidays in the Seychelles combine enjoyment of pristine nature and comfort of modern hotels.

7. Dubai


Dubai is probably the most luxurious resort city in the world. Nature has gifted this place with warm sun and clear waters. But many of the attractions that are increasingly attracting tourists are man-made in the vast expanses of desert.

Often this resort attracts by its sheer scale and ambition. It is the tallest building in the world with an observation deck and a restaurant, the tallest dancing fountain, huge shopping malls. There are many magnificent mosques, the most famous is the Jumeirah Mosque. But most of all the Emirates, perhaps, man-made islands – the most impressive “buildings” in the world.

Great Britain - the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

8. Goa


Goa is the most popular resort destination in India, and one of the best in the world. Goa offers many options for both organized and independent vacation. Here are organized all kinds of water activities, excursions to natural and architectural attractions. When visiting this state, one must be sure to see the local lakes, waterfalls and picturesque agricultural plantations. The real highlight of the resort are dance nights on the beaches. A popular music trend is trance. Thousands of people gather to enjoy the music, dance, fellowship, and the beauty of the sunset and ocean.

9. Hawaiian Islands


The Hawaiian Islands are not only one of the best resort destinations in the world. This is the territory of exotic and contrasts! There are active volcanoes and beautiful waterfalls, snow-capped peaks and fern and bamboo forests, lifeless deserts and blooming orchids. On the one hand, there are many lagoons and coves convenient for diving. On the other hand, the high tidal waves make the archipelago especially popular with surfers. Tourists can also be impressed by vast lava fields, coffee, sugar cane and pineapple plantations, famous golf courses.

10. Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata is a resort city in the north of the Dominican Republic whose full name is San Filipe de Puerto Plata. In addition to the amazing jungle and snow-white beaches of 120 km long, Puerto Plata is famous for its romantic medieval architecture. Luxurious Victorian mansions and museums attract unceasing streams of tourists year after year.

The resort abounds with comfortable hotels of all levels. Golf clubs, amusement parks, rafting, horseback riding, excursions, yacht tours, cinemas, bars, and shopping centers provide excellent shopping opportunities.

11. Cayman Islands


The archipelago consists of three major and several dozen smaller islands, located in the northwestern Caribbean Sea. The warm climate attracts tourists all year round. But the best time to rest is in winter.

100 Most Beautiful Places on Earth

The Cayman Islands are one of the world’s best vacation spots for beach vacations, water sports, diving, and yachting. The tours and hikes are notable for the local ancient architecture. The buildings of the historic center are built of coral blocks and shells. It is noteworthy that there is almost no crime here, so you can safely explore the area without fear of their safety.

12. Thessaloniki

Best Sea Resorts in the World

Thessaloniki is the cultural and historical center of Greece. The resort traces its history back to the 4th century B.C. Excavations confirm the existence of life here in even earlier periods. What is very valuable is that there are no modern high buildings in the town so the spirit of Antiquity is kept. Historical sites are one of the main aspects of local tourism. The architectural calling card of the resort is the famous White Tower, the Church of St. Sophia and the Basilica of St. Demetrius. Also Thessaloniki is a great vacation spot with many concerts, festivals and the gentle beaches of the Aegean Sea.

To say that the above places are the best resorts in the world is hard, because there are so many other beautiful destinations in the world, this and Bora Bora, and the Balearic Islands, etc. The list could go on for a very long time. But nevertheless, all of them would certainly be part of it. Which resort is better? Go to each and find out for yourself!

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